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WOD's for week of April 9th

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Work Outs starting on April 9th

Great work out on the 9th. Lots of weights!!


1. Snatch (70%, 75%, 80%)x2 (85%, 90%, 95%) x1
So we were to lift a percentage of our max lift.
I thought my max was 70 pounds. BUT after attempting this realized it was more like 60 pounds.

My weights were 50#, 55#, 55#, and 60#. It didn't go quite as directed. 60# was tough for me and it was ugly. So working on that being my max now.

2. Clean and jerk: (80%, 85%) x2 adn (90% and 95%) x 1

My max before was 70 pounds. So my weights were going to be 55, 60, 65 and 65 again. Well when I stared it was easy. I blew past the 65 pounds and ended up lifting 80#. A new personal record for me! Very exciting!! Woo Hoo!!!

3. Front squats: (85%x4)x2 (90%x2)x2
I think I left the bar at 80 pounds. Was working on my form more then weight. I didn't really do this as written due to that. But my squat is getting better. Able to get down lower and keep chest up.

Then we did a partner pull
5 sets of up and down. About 100 meters I would say. Used rubber bands to hold partner back.

3 rounds for time:
fence run about 200 meters
15 box jumps
10 wall kicks

finished in about 11:30 or so. I didn't get an exact time on that one. My running/jogging is getting better though!!

April 10th:

We did a modified Annie

Supposed to be 50-40-30-20-10 reps of
Double under jump ropes
ab mat sit ups

However I don't have doubles yet. So if we did single jump rope we had to add 75 jumps to each rep.

I finished this part of the wod in 14:36
With out resting we immediately had to go and run a mile. This is NOT my strongest thing. But managed my fastest mile ever. Finished the whole thing in a time of 28:46. So my mile was 14:10. Not very fast but it was for me! I was exhausted. We then worked on some skills. I did some pullup work.

Friday 10th:

5x3 @80% of max
My max is 200 so I lifted 160#

We had to lift it 3 times in a row with out stopping. And do that 5 times. I killed this one. Deadlifts is my favorite lift. I feel very strong doing them!!!!

We then did a 20 Amrap(as many rounds as possible)
15 push ups
10 burpee box jumps
15 toe to bars

I manged 5 complete rounds. I was doing more knee to elbows. Can't quite get the t2b thing yet but getting closer.

In the last 2 days I had some crossfit booboo's! Doing the abmats on Thursday night I rubbed a spot on my butt raw!! It was very!! Then doing the deadlifts and bar work I ripped one of my callouses. My hands were killing me. BUT it just meant I was really working hard. Kind of made me feel proud!! Everything is all better now!!!

Monday April 13th:

Worked on back squats first. Lifted 70 pounds. Still working on form. It is much harder then it I can't seem to get down low enough and keep my chest up. But it is better.


20 minute timed wod:
30 push presses
40 hang cleans
50 crossfit push ups
40 over head lunges
30 toe to bars

Not a bad wod. I did the weight work at 35 pounds because it was a lot of reps. And I did the lunges with a 15 pound plate. It wasn't bad at all UNTIL you broke up a set. Every time you broke something up or rested you had to do 50 jump ropes. I did good until the push ups. And had to break them up. Then the lunges killed me. I am not a lunger. For some reason it is a really hard movement for me. BUT I did finish in the 20 minute time cap. So was happy about that part!!

Today is a new day! I am involved in a new challenge that I think has energized my efforts. I'm very excited about it. I measured myself this week too. First time since August. Since I have started crossfitting I have lost 7 1/2 inches. Where there was fat is now muscle. So I might not be losing weight or many inches but my body is transforming. I want to lose another inch this month. Will push hard for that. Would love to get 10 more pounds of fat off!!!!

Anyway thank you if you took the time to read this. Kind of long. But really need to document my work outs so I can see my progress and what I need to work on and what I am doing good in!! Yall have a good day!!!

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NERDLETTE 4/16/2014 6:12AM

    emoticon You ROCK!! emoticon

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PEWTERBUNNY 4/15/2014 5:58PM

    Don't know what all that means but you seem to be doing Fantastic!!!

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CHRISTINEBWD 4/15/2014 5:44PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
Keep on keeping on - this is GREAT!

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WORTHEYMOM 4/15/2014 3:00PM

    AWESOME WODS! woot woot on losing 7 1/2"!! that rocks!

Can't wait to hear how this week goes!

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Week of March 31 WOD's

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

I am way behind in blogging my work outs. So here it goes:

April 2nd:

We worked on lifts first:

Front squats

Set 1 5 reps @ 60% of 1rm
I did 65#

set 2: 3 reps @ 80%

Set 3: 1 rep at 90%

Set 4: 5 reps at 75-80%

Set 5: 5 reps at 80-85%
I repeated the 75#

I didn't lift heavy because really trying to work on form more. Keeping elbows up. getting below parallel.

Then we did 5 reps of 3 position cleans:

Ground, mid hang and high hang
I did 75#


7 minute AMRAP( or as many rounds as possible)
10 pistols
10 pullups
10 dips
10 box jumps

I managed 2 rounds. The pistols and pullups beat me up!!!

April 3rd at the Box

10 OHS
10 box jump overs
10 Thrusters
10 power cleans
10 hollow rockers
10 burpees/ c2b
10 hollow rockers
10 power cleans
10 Thrusters
10 box jump overs
10 OHS

I was totally jazzed because I went to the box to do this one. I have been a few times on free Saturdays but not for a regular night work out. I managed to finish this one in 16:27. I was not last AND I smoked some of the times from the morning class. They were in the 26-28 minute range. So was very happy with my time.

We then worked on back squats trying to reach our 1 rep max. I though was working on form more then weight. I did 85 pounds. But got some help on keeping my chest up and getting below parrallel. Felt GREAT!!

Friday March 3rd:

Another chipper:
15 power cleans
30 t2b ( I did knee to Elbows)
30 box jumps
15 pull ups
30 du/tuck jumps
30 wall balls
30 burpees
30 OH lunges
30 kbs

Time was 28:51

Pretty happy about this WOD too. During the burpees I slammed my pinkie finger into a bad part of wood. Started bleeding all over the place. Didn't stop me though. Might account for a few minutes though while I had to get a bandaid.

Monday April 7th:

3 part WOD

Started with an 10 minute EMOM or (every minute on the minute)
4 hang power cleans
last minute was max effort

Started with 60 pounds and did a few rounds but got down pretty quickly. So added 5 pounds. My last minute managed 8 cleans!

15 minute or 3 round which ever comes first
50 sumo deadlift high pulls at 35 pounds
10 Power snatches at 45#

managed 2 rounds plus 36 more sdhp's

15 minute time cap or 3 rounds of:

50 double unders or 150 singles
10 clean and jerks @ 45#

Managed 2 +96

All were great work out's. Feel myself getting stronger all the time! Loving crossfit! Oh and I did yoga 3 days last week too. Monday kind of sucked. Friday was better!! Doing that for a few months at least. Trying to stretch out some of these muscles!

OK you all have a good day!! Thanks for reading!!!

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WORTHEYMOM 4/9/2014 10:08AM

    Oh I am going to have to borrow some of these WODS for my at home workouts when I can't make it to the box! Love them! You just keep kicking booty girl =) gotta try to add some yoga into my schedule too - at home of course hehe

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    Don't you just love Crossfit? I know I do and your WOD's look a lot like ours. Keep up the good work. Front squats are quite a challenge. I still have problems keeping my elbows and chest up too.

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PEWTERBUNNY 4/8/2014 5:12PM

    You're such an iron woman! I'm so proud of you!! emoticon

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WOD 14.5

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Well this was the final week of the Crossfit Open. Here is a link to the actual work out if you are interested.

It was basically:

21 Thrusters
21 bar facing burpees
18 thrusters
18 burpees
15 thrusters
15 burpees
12 thrusters
12 burpees
9 thrusters
9 burpees
6 thrusters
6 burpees
3 thrusters
3 burpees

This was a timed workout. No cut off limit. A thruster is basically a front rack squat and as you come up you thrust the bar over head and lock out your arms. The work out called for a 65 pound thruster. Unfortunately I was not able to get 65 pounds. I did the work out at 50 pounds.

The only requirement for the burpees was your thighs and chest had to hit the ground. And when you got up you had to jump with both feet over the bar.

My time was 37:54. Now this is not great but not horrible either. This was a very difficult work out! It kicked my butt. Especially the middle. The 15 and 12 rounds were probably the most difficult. It is however a great benchmark on where I am and where I want to go. I am planning on repeating this one again to see how I improve. I hated and loved it all at the same time! Super excited I finished it!! I came very close to puking for sure!!

If you are daring give this a shot!! I know it will challenge you!!

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PKCTTS 4/3/2014 10:07AM

    emoticon I am truly impressed by anyone who would even tackle this! You new passion is definitely paying off.

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WORTHEYMOM 4/2/2014 1:46PM

    Love!! You are so right - the 15 & 12 rounds were HARD! i barely remember them I just going till my judge told me when to stop thrusters and start burpees! LOL

You are for sure a BADA**! using that for a benchmark chickie!

There is no other feeling like finishing that wod!

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LOSE4LIFE47 4/2/2014 1:01PM


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WOD 3-19-2014

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Had a good work out last night!!

Started with a 12 min. every min. on the minute of:

6 snatches (odd minutes)
6 clean and jerks (even minutes)

By about minute 8 I was gassed. It was much harder then it appears on paper. I did it with the 45 pound bar. I didn't want it to be so heavy I couldn't work on my form.


10 min as many rounds as possible of:

12 burpees
12 wall balls

I increased my wall ball weight to 14 pounds. I have been steadily using the 10 pounder. The 14 pound ball was heavy but if I don't push myself more I won't improve.

I manged 3 rounds + 12 more burpees.

I am feeling it today though! Great achy feeling when you know you had a good work out!

My weight wasn't too bad yesterday either. I was very worried because I ran out of water pills this week. But I am trying some herbalife products to help with that. Hoping that the natural herbs control the water weight as well as prescriptions. I know that over the weekend I gained so much water weight that my ankle bones disappeared Sunday. I hate that!!!

Anyway, if you are reading this...THANK YOU!!! Have a GREAT losing day!!

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TWNOMWE 3/22/2014 6:02PM

    emoticon TERRI, Great workout

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PKCTTS 3/22/2014 12:37PM

    emoticon Terri!

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WORTHEYMOM 3/21/2014 10:11AM

    sweet! nice job chica! I can't wait to work on my snatches some more. I am still working with the 10# ball - ugh wall balls! but I guess I better get use to the 14# ball sooner than later!

I hate water weight - every freaking month! ugh!

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JO88BAKO 3/20/2014 8:48PM

    Terri - great job!! Sounds like quite a workout!! Hope all is well, and Happy Spring!!

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XFITSTRONG 3/20/2014 5:33PM

    Great job! Our trainer has us going easy during the weekdays to save us for Fridays (the day we do our Open workout)... I trust he knows what he is doing, but man... I miss those kind of workouts! Oh well... it's almost over.

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TRINIITY1 3/20/2014 3:06PM

    emoticon emoticon on the snatches and the clean and jerks! I miss doing double kettlebell snatches and clean and presses as I have bilateral tendonitis from T2Diabetes. Hopefully someday, I will get back there again. awesome workout you had! emoticon

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WOD 3/17/14

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Work out for Monday was good. I am feeling it this morning.

We did a 1 rep max bear complex:
My max ended up at 55 pounds. I was having trouble with the last jerk from the back rack.

front squat
jerk or press
back rack
back squat
jerk or press

I wanted to do more. I really believe I have higher weights in me but it is a mental thing and a technique thing. I for some reason am having issues with the jerk.

Our WOD was a 15 minute amrap:

20 bottlecaps ( i did 25 pounds which was an increase for me.)
5 burpees
20 reverse overhead lunges. ( started with the 25 pound plate and went to 15) I am not a lunger. It is one of my worse moves. I was so mad at my coach for adding them because she knows this. And then I got home and realized if she never made me do anything I hated well I wouldn't make much progress at all. So will keep working on them.

After the WOD we did L sit hangs on the bar for 2 minutes total. I had to break it up into smaller increments. But I can for sure feel that in my abs.

Feeling pretty good. Tonight will be walking. I have a 5K on Saturday that I am not ready for at all but hopefully it will still be fun!

You all have a great day!

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WORTHEYMOM 3/18/2014 1:47PM

    LOVE! Kelly was mean this am! But on the brighter side, my back is feeling tons better!

What are bottlecaps? never heard of those before! =)

Oh I love L sits - but never done them on the bar before - must try that thursday am!

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PEWTERBUNNY 3/18/2014 1:26PM

    I don't understand your lingo but as long as it's working for you, I'm happy.

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