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Friday, August 03, 2012

Im back!!!

I feel so great now! I have beat my shoulder/neck injury!!! Still taking it kinda easy so I dont reinjure it, but all is going well. Beat my ear/sinus infection and was finally able to get outside and run again! It was wonderful!!!

I just wanted to go for a walk tonight to blow off some steam. Got my music and started walking, before I knew it, my body decided it was time to run! Not on the track like usual though, I actually was able to run up hills and down hills, around the neighborhood. Like a real runner! I was stoked!!!

Thought I was out for like 45-50 minutes, but ended up only being 30, but got 2.45 miles done!! Ran for almost all of it! I am so proud of myself tonight, forgot that I was ever upset!!!

Yup. All that after a busy day of dr appts, attempting to get some school shopping done, avoiding eating at mcdonalds where the kids had lunch with their papa and swiming after we got home from that!

Thanks for stopping by and reading this! Lots of love to my spark friends!!!!

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SAMI199 8/4/2012 8:34PM

    She's baaaa-ck! Awesome- you 've left me in your dust!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CHICKPEA23 8/4/2012 9:20AM

    That's awesome -- and seriously fast! Glad to hear you're feeling well again! What a great way to zap stress and squeeze in your workout! Especially on the hills - I find those to be really intimidating too. Sounds like a fabulous start to the weekend :)

Thanks for your support on my blogs! I actually did pop a piece of gum when a craving struck yesterday, and it worked! This weekend I'm planning to really prioritize sleep.

Have an awesome Saturday!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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50 fitness facts....great article!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Fitness Facts
1.Carbohydrates, protein, fat, and alcohol have 4, 4, 9, and 7 calories per gram respectively.
2.It takes a 3500 calorie deficit to lose 1 pound.
3.Insulin and growth hormone have an inverse relationship.
4.The average person can store 500 grams of glycogen.
5.Only fat and protein are essential macronutrients – carbohydrates aren’t.
6.Muscle glycogen is about 3 parts water to 1 part glucose.
7.You burn more calories during the 23 hours you don’t exercise than the 1 hour you do.
8.You don’t need to do cardio to lose weight.
9.The fat burning zone does not burn more total fat calories – only a higher percentage of calories from fat.
10.You’re never too old to do squats.
11.Weight loss is not a physical challenge – it’s a mental one.
12.The scale cannot measure body fat percentage.
13.You can eat anything you want and still lose weight – but weight doesn’t always equal fat.
14.You can’t target fat loss – fat loss is systemic.
15.Muscle does not weigh more than fat – it’s just denser than it.
16.0 grams of fat on a label doesn’t always mean there’s no fat in the food product.
17.Whole grain bread is still a processed food.
18.Eating healthy is not more expensive than a junk food diet.
19.You can’t calculate body fat percentage from height and weight alone – you need to physically measure it.
20.You can get glucose from both protein and glycerol – not just carbohydrates.
21.Just because a box says “whole grain” on it, it doesn’t make it healthy.
22.You should never attempt weight loss at the expense of your health.
23.Being vegetarian doesn’t just mean you don’t eat meat – it means you follow a plant-based diet.
24.Workout times and negative side effects are positively correlated.
25.Gym membership prices are negotiable.
26.Cooking your food can both lower some nutrient content, and make some more bioavailable.
27.There’s a high correlation between the fitness level of the people close to you, and your own physical fitness.
28.It’s harder to put on 10 pounds of muscle than it is to lose 10 pounds of fat.
29.Once an adult, fat cells can be created, but they cannot be lost – only shrunken.
30.Eating at night does not make you fat – overeating does.
31.You don’t need to do curls to get good biceps.
32.Being skinny does not automatically mean you have a low body fat.
33.The perimeter of the grocery store is where 90% of the healthy food is.
34.If bad food is in the house, you’ll be more likely to eat it.
35.Thyroid hormone output and exercise intensity are positively correlated.
36.Healthy levels of testosterone are good for both men and women.
37.You don’t need a gym membership to strength train.
38.Unless you weigh less than 100 pounds, it’s unlikely you need less than 1000 calories to lose weight.
39.Workout intensity is positively correlated with the degree of EPOC – the afterburn effect.
40.There are 3 types of skeletal muscle fibers – type I, type II-A, and type II-B.
41.80% of people who begin an exercise program will quit.
42.The body has 3 energy systems – ATP-PC, anaerobic glycolysis, and aerobic.
43.Strength gains come from muscle hypertrophy and improved muscle fiber recruitment.
44.Dehydrating a muscle by 3% can cause a 10% loss of strength.
45.The thermic effect of food (TEF) is highest for protein.
46.Lactic acid is not the cause of delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS).
47.The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn at rest.
48.Direct abdominal exercises are not necessary to get good abs.
49.You can lose weight and still gain muscle; likewise, you can also gain weight while still losing fat.
50.Consistency and patience are key to long term successful weight loss.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TISTEN23 8/2/2012 1:11PM

    Sami, of course you can!!!!

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SAMI199 8/2/2012 1:36AM

    Awesome- May I post it on the team?


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2HAMSDIET 8/1/2012 9:02PM

    Good stuff. emoticon

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SASIKHASI1 8/1/2012 2:54PM

    Good article. You did some research. Very helpful.

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Improving slowly but surely!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I am almost at my 2 week mark for my doc. My arm is feeling much better, and I even was able to start my stretching. I have been doing a walk/jog around the track for my cardio, lower body lunges/squats/etc for strength training. I rode the sit down stationary bike for 2 days just for a change in pace. Didnt use the handles that are up high because that would hurt my arm. So I just kept them down and shoulders back.

I had the mom in law walking for a few days, but she quit again. Waking up with 'headaches' or 'nasea'. So, I just go without her. I cant stress myself out trying to get her to do something. Oh well. I wont ever give up, but I gotta focus on me now.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

RAINCLOUD1996 7/23/2012 10:21AM

    I am happy to hear that your arm has improved, and you are making your life better for you. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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2HAMSDIET 7/23/2012 8:30AM

    Happy to hear that you arm is improving. It sure is a hard job motivating other just remember the most important person in this and that is you. Just keep moving and asking is all you can do. emoticon emoticon

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SAMI199 7/22/2012 7:27PM

    I'm glad your arm is doing better.Focus is what it's all about. Hopefully your MIL will follow your lead.Hope the rain let up.

emoticon emoticon

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Crystal Light....its OVER!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I have always had a super bad sweet tooth. Just recently I have decided to take things into my own hands and try to solve my issues myself. (breakouts on my face and upper back). My mom said it was something in my shampoo, but I didnt agree. So I cut off crystal light, cold turkey, just stopped. It was hard. OMG, so hard. Couldnt get enough water down for a few days. Then it got easier. Now I cant even drink bottled water, it just doesnt taste right! But since I stopped drinking crystal light, my sweet tooth has almost gone completely away. I was so amazed/surprised! The artificial sweetners really do make you crave more sweets.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

NENELALA 7/19/2012 10:47AM

    Congratulations! Dr. Oz said that artificial sweeteners create strong sugar cravings. Obviously, that's true.

An additional thought about water: Chris Powell (from Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition) said that you should drink ice cold water to hydrate and warm water if you just want to feel full. He said that your body just processes ice water differently; it leaves your stomach really quickly and goes to the rest of your body. Warm water hangs around in your stomach longer and makes you feel full (in a perfect world, it would keep you from eating as much.)

It's possible that I watch too much TV. :-) Anyway, congratulations on your revelation. And thanks for sharing it.

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TISTEN23 7/18/2012 10:38PM

    Yes, I tried lemon water because thats what I used to drink...but for some reason, I just couldnt get it down. But ICE water really helped me!

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2HAMSDIET 7/18/2012 6:08PM

    emoticonHave to tried adding slices of fruit to the water? It is our special water in our house. Most of the time is is straight up warm or cold doesn't matter. emoticon emoticon

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TISTEN23 7/18/2012 4:27PM

    I have drank CL since I was young. But then as I started my fitness again, I needed more water, so I turned to CL. The water just wasnt going down very well!!! I have been drinking it non stop for the last 4 years. Cut it out and the energy levels have gone way up, sleep has gotten better, its just been an amazing thing to go through!!

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3016DEBRA 7/18/2012 4:17PM

  WOW...I didn't know that! My daughter loves that stuff - I'm gonna have to let her know. emoticon

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SAMI199 7/18/2012 4:01PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Good for you! I stopped the sugar this past April. The first week was awful-but now I have more energy-skin cleared up,too.
I think the thought of how hard it was to quit has kept me from cheating-lol.I do NOT miss the cravings.

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LAURELSPARK 7/18/2012 3:02PM

    Congrats on kicking your habit. I love water..........I just can't see having to deal with the extra calories or additives involved with many drinks.

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PICKIE98 7/18/2012 12:56PM

    You are so right!! We have a Brita pitcher and that water tastes wonderful!! Our water is so clear and no funny taste!! I was never a big water drinker until I had to go in the hospital and be NPO(Nothing by mouth) for two weeks.. I NEVER complain about drinking water now:I love it!!

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Ok...I gave in and went to the doctor.....

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

But only after I had a great 4 days of riding my KFX 700 quad on the beach!!! That is such a stress relief...almost wish we lived closer to the beach, I could totally do that EVERY DAY!!! Had a great time with the hubby and one of his best buddies. Made a few new friends who are much younger, and much better than we are!! But its all good, all fun!!!

So I went to the doctor yesterday. She said I either have a pinched nerve in my neck or did something to my rotator cuff. She told me NO UPPER BODY strength training, or upper body anything. UGH!! How am I supposed to deal with that for 4 WHOLE WEEKS?!?!?!? She gave me a bunch of stretches to do and if it is not improving in 2 weeks go see her again. But really? 4 weeks...its already been 2.5 since I have done upper body...Im slowly losing my mind!!!

Cant play the wii, cant play pool or darts, cant ride a bicycle. Its gonna be a long 4 weeks.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SAMI199 7/18/2012 4:06PM

    I'm sorry to hear you are sidelined-but it's better than really messing it up.You have some great advice- and I know you will be into something you can do-I can't see you sitting still for very long...I wish I had your energy!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MYOWNHERO 7/18/2012 3:20PM

    Man I hear ya! I'm sidelined from a surgery and boy do I miss ST. I'm using the time to concentrate on nutrition but I'm looking forward to the day I can sweat in the gym again.

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S3XYDIVASMOM 7/11/2012 11:01PM

    Just think of stretching as a new challenge. Focus on flexibility and relaxation. You never know, stretching may end up as a new love.

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SKINNYPOWELL1 7/11/2012 1:22PM

    Don't focus on what you CAN'T do, make it a positive experience....focus on what you CAN do. Give your lower body a super workout. Hang in there.

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LADYJ6942 7/11/2012 1:10PM

    That does indeed stink and it will be a long 4 wks however it is better then possibly doing more damange and needing surgery or something insane & being out of the upper body strength game longer.

Hang tight, it'll be over before you know it.

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2HAMSDIET 7/11/2012 10:57AM

    I had double frozen shoulders not fun. Do your stretches and make your feet go double time to make up for it. Yes that is what the dr. told me when i complained. But my shoulders are all better now and it did save me from losing my mind as I couldn't do much at all. There is light at the end of the tunnel as it doesn't sound like a forever thing. Hang in there. emoticon

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ARNETTELEE 7/11/2012 10:54AM

  glad you went to the doctor....you know how to deal with your problem

Comment edited on: 7/11/2012 10:55:03 AM

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