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Gardens, and bunnies, and pools! Oh my! (And ankles!)

Monday, July 14, 2008

So today, we talk about the major happenings in my life. When we left for vacation, my cucumbers were growing like gangbusters, with loads of cukes ready for the picking. So I'd asked my in-laws to pick 'em (and eat 'em) while we were gone. Which worked great, until we realized that we'd managed to give my MIL the house keys...then take them back. Ugh. So short of jumping the fence, there was no way my little cukes were going to get picked. I come back, and one of the plants is dead, real dead. Like leaves crumbling to dust dead. But just the one. The other one is fine, but not producing as copiously as it was. Best I can tell, some bug must have attacked it. Although I have spied signs of ladybugs, lots of them, come to move into my garden and eat all those nasty bugkilling bugbabies. Yay!

Added to that, I'm still fighting the bunnies, and now the squirrels too for my produce. Grrr. One squirrel just sat in the plants looking at me like, "Yeah, so?" As I walked up on it. Where was my champion, my attack dog, my defender from all things rodent in my garden? Sniffing under the magnolia for the known bunny nest we can't get to. Guh. Crazy dog. Wish he'd try for the ones in plain sight again. I'm seriously thinking about putting out traps and having rabbit for dinner. 'Cept, rabbit tastes nasty. At least I got a heck of a workout yesterday keeping the tomatoes out of bunny teeth. A storm knocked over our tomato stakes, so we had to put them back, and tie the tomatoes, which were then a sprawling, heavy mass, onto the stakes. Bwahahah, loverly little nightshade fruits out of reach of the rabbits.

Now for the pool. We got back and knew we were going to have to deal with the liner. My God, what a workout! We were out there for hours, raking out stones they missed the first time, then stretching the derned thing, strapping it down, bolting it in place. There were three of us (adults) and eventually we still had to recruit the kids for help. Stretch and hold and pray... we all came out sunburned. But now, as of today at around ehhh, 3:30 this afternoon, the pool will be ready for use. (We just have to let the shock circulate for 24 hours first.) We've still got a few minor drips around where things connect, but so far, so good, and those are under control thanks to the joy of outdoor caulking. I can't wait to get in, although my hubby says he'll never be able to enjoy the pool because it's been so much work. Guh, he's such a grump sometimes.

Onto other news to end this ramble. The ankle is better, although this weekend with the weather changes, it was awful! I don't think it's up to 100%, but I think I can manage picking up the excercise routine again, as long as I keep it supported with the brace. The pool will help some too, I'm sure. Gosh, I can't wait to get in. I'm having a debate with myself about my Curves goal though. I'll keep going, but I'm beginning to wonder if I should push for that 150-workouts t-shirt. Before we went on vacation, I was wiped and I knew it. I don't think my muscles were getting adequate rest and recovery, and I wonder if I wasn't shooting myself in the foot by pushing it. I haven't come to any definate conclusions, but I'm done with unrealistic goals. And if that Curves one is unrealistic, just for this year, then I'll put it aside for the next year.

In other news, I've been reading Jillian Michael's books, Making the Cut and Winning by Losing. They really are a lot similar, although I know in Making the Cut, she insists you need to use the first book if you're trying to do more than just shred the last 10-20 pounds. Really, the excercises and the workouts are similar, the body typing and how much to eat is similar, just yeah, it's a lot of the same. I like MtC better though because it came with a month's worth of menus, and lazy me, I like that. Especially when the menus involve lots of foods I'm getting from the CSA.

So today kicks off the official, back in the saddle day for me. Tracking and excercise and keeping up with all stuff Spark.

I won an Excercise DVD!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I was popping in to spend the wheel, answer sparkmail and check in with my teams, when I noticed a funny little thing on the wheel. A blue disc that said "Win Excercise DVD." And being me, I thought, "Heh, wonder what happens if you land on that. Oh well, I'm not likely too." I always land on the 1 or 2 pointers.

Well shut my mouth! I did win one! Hah! Can't wait to check it out when it gets here!

I'm back!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Actually, we've been back a week, but the last week has been a little crazy: settling back into routines, national holiday, repairing my pool for use, reinjuring my ankle....

Yep, that's right, I'm off my feet again. This time, probably only for a week, but I totally trashed my ankle this weekend. It's a long story and involves a preschooler with a tinkle accident, a slick floor and me in dress shoes. Let's leave it at that.

However, I am still working on keeping a healthy diet, even if I'm off my feet. Boy am I thankful we're getting the pool ready so I can't be a total lump. Haha. Classes are starting up again, so I may not be quite as chattery, since I'll be working at catching up.

Ignorance is Bliss

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Well, today was my W&M at Curves, doing it now since my normal day is in the middle of my trip. I wish I hadn't. I wish I'd just waited until next month, or maybe even never. I think I'd just rather not know I suck.

So, my grand total for the month was 3 inches down, 1.5 pounds lost, .3% body fat. I know I can't always have amazing stellar losses, but c'mon, 1.5 pounds for a MONTH? (cries) Sure, I can blame some of this on my period. I'm bloated, and in a heck of a lot of pain. I nearly passed out on the way back home. But still, that body fat percentage, only that much? I didn't go in expecting wowsa losses, but I thought by not looking at the scale, by not obsessing, at least maybe a little positive karma would boost those for me. Maybe I was all excited for nothing. Or maybe I just suck.

I'm so bummed. And now I'll have those depressing numbers on my brain the whole bloody trip.

The Last Supper

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So no one can truly reach quite the same bang for a final meal as Christ. That's fine, I'm not one to want to compete with the divine, you know?

I've been reading Gastronaut by Stefan Gates. It's a funky sort of food book, and what happens when I go to the library to pick up a collection of essays for a paper that end up being about food. You grab the other books around too. Oh well.

One chapter, he goes into famous last meals, like the Last Supper, or the last meal served on the Titanic. But there's something he wrote in there that somehow grabbed my attention:

"Mama Cass, the legendary vast singer from the Mamas and the Papas, did not choke on a ham sandwich bought in London, as is famously assumed. Her death on July 29, 1974, was due to a heart attack assumed to be linked to the effects of long-term obesity.

And here lies the most important lesson of all: Much as you shouldn't wear dirty knickers in case you get run over and the nurse sees them at the hospital, so you also shouldn't eat crap food in case you die swiftly afterward and are remembered for what you ate rather than what you did."

Two things there. First, dying from obesity complications. But honestly, it's not the scary thing for me. It's the second thing I took from it: What if I'm remembered for what I ate rather than what I've done?

Don't think it doesn't happen. My husband has an aunt who happened to bring up one of her first memories was of me piling on the desserts at a buffet. Now mind, the woman's an interfering busy body who makes completely uncalled for comments (that instance and how it was said being one of them). Rather than air her dirty laundry, let's just say that I'm tired of being remembered for crap I ate 14 years ago.

Ironically, I was checking all the new posts in my teams this morning, and someone had posted an alternative view on last suppers.


I love that the lesson learned here is that "There will be more meals, this isn't your last. You don't have to shovel it all down in one sitting." And even though that seems contradictory to the above, it's really not.

Someday, it will be your last meal, and you don't know when that is. So don't eat crap, just in case. But between now, and that last supper, there will be plenty of other meals. You can have more food. So eat the good stuff, but in moderation.

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