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Wasting Food? (inspired by a Spark Poll)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm a sucker for a poll. So when I saw the poll about "Does your family waste food?" I had to take it.

Honestly, we don't waste food. At least, not anymore. We used to buy veggies and fruits that would languish and die in the bottom of the fridge, forgotten and neglected until they turned to piles of putrid mush. (Grossed out yet?)

Anyway, things are different now. With our food supply coming mostly from the CSA and the farmer's market, I never get more food than we'll use between food arrival days. CSA is on Wednesdays, farmer's market on Saturdays. Aside from that, finding creative ways to use what we get is fun!

But truthfully, I'm a fairly frugal person. I even make stock out of dinner's chicken carcass. If we have leftover smidges of veggies at dinner, they go into a hodgepodge container and become soup later in the week. (The best time this happened, it worked out into a chicken fajita soup.) Sometimes the little bits of this and that become quiche fillings instead.. you know, that last 2 slices of bacon in the fridge, the 4 mushrooms that didn't get used for omelettes, the teensy smidge of brie that needs to be eaten ASAP.

I even save the ends of my asparagus, trim off just the outside and turn it into soup, or toss it in the stockpot along with the green parts of leeks and the stems off the shiitakes.

Now if only I could save the pool liner, but alas, it's a lost cause.

Apparently all the problems we were having with it over the summer was actually caused by a leak, albeit, a leak we didn't find until the water level dropped over the winter. Someone slashed the pool. Grrrr! We tried to patch it, but the damage is just too much. New liners are $500, not including the labor to get it installed. I am seriously pissed off.

We're thinking about just covering the thing and ignoring it for the year. It feels stupid to have a pool and not use it, but we just don't have the money to replace the liner, and by the time hubby's bonus comes in so we could afford it, it'll be time to close it for the year. Ugh. Maybe I'll take the money we woulda spent on chemicals for the year and go buy a family pool pass from the city.

Surprise surprise

Monday, October 29, 2007

This weekend, I ate like crap. Total crap. Crap enough I refuse to even track it, not out of shame but because it was so much that I can't keep track of it all.

Did I drink water? No.

Did I lose weight? No.

Is anyone surprised by this? I didn't think so.

Back on the wagon today. At least I heard something on "I Want to Look Like a High School Cheerleader Again" that made me put down the carton of ice cream. Something along the lines of you don't have to like excercise, you just have to do it. That and the coach yelling that it wasn't his body fat so if they didn't want to move it, it wasn't going to hurt him any.

So off I go to excercise hell. Joy.

Not my week... or is it?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I woke up this morning with a terrible cold. My throat is so raw it feels like it's been attacked by a Brillo pad. I was actually starting to suffer through all this last night... when the hubby was tossing and turning so much that I couldn't sleep. Bleh.

Speaking of hubby, I could slug him right now. My deadline to copyedit was last night at 5. Well the second computer is down and who knows if we'll ever get it fixed. So he took over the one I work on and wrote his whole stinking research paper yesterday. So here it is on a Sunday morning and I'm scrambling to get work done... when all I want to do is pass out in bed. I kept trying to get him to go work on it on campus since the kids were being highly distracting for him, but no beans.

On the upside, I took my measurements today. I lost 1.5 inches off my hips and 1.5 inches off my waist. Yay! I guess even if the scale is at a crawl the inches are moving, so that's a good thing, yes?

Someone hand me the Dayquil?

Do I dare and do I dare?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ok ok, so I'm super bad about quoting T.S. Eliot. The man was brilliant though, I'm telling you!

So life is a little calmer this morning since I turned in my fiction last night and I'm suffering through the eternal wait between now and when we workshop it. Waiting is the worst. But I guess not all waiting is bad because I'm finally seeing an improvement in my heel. So maybe it's been worth the wait after all.

I have to say, I felt sorta bummed this morning though. I saw someone who'd joined SP almost the same day as myself. They're down 20 lbs. I'm down 3.5. It's been two months. I could seriously cry. Now I know a lot of that can be called my fault, with snacking and not drinking water... added to the sudden drop in my activity. But it still stings and makes me wanna bawl.

The last two days, my start page has been asking me to move to Stage 3. I don't feel like I should, or like I'm ready. A lot of those building habits things? Yeah, they're not built into my life yet AT ALL. Like the excercise habit...showed up the week I was first ordered off the foot.

I suppose I could plunge on and go ahead and switch, but I think it'd be pretty self defeating to do right now since I'm just now getting to the point I can resume the active life again and I'm -just- getting to the point where I can really concentrate on my choices.

Maybe I don't dare after all. At least... not yet.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

So, I sat down with my calendar to try to plan out my next eight weeks, since that's the duration of the biggest loser contest at sparkpeople. It encompasses Halloween, NaNoWriMo, Thanksgiving AND finals! At least the family progressive dinner isn't until the week after the challenge is over. Phew! I'm super excited about this challenge though, maybe because I've started watching "I want to look like a highschool cheerleader again." I could just imagine being "voted off" because I slacked off on BL and meeps that's scary! What's more scary though is SIL's future wedding. 601 days left. (She told us today. LOL!)

Anyone besides me scared of the Halloween problems? Thanksgiving never sends me into a diet tailspin. I figure it's one day, it's over, and I can take a turkey-induced nap in the afternoon to stay away from unneeded noshing. It's that prospect of 15 some pounds of candy entering my home that's got me running scared. Am I the only one who can't stay away from the Halloween goodies?

On a more cheerful front, I got the week's shopping done and only spent $35 of my $50 for this week. Then again, I was using up meat we had in the freezer and not buying any. I hope I can stick to this grocery budget. Funny thing is, I really thought I'd miss the sodas more, but so far, not really. And I'm really pleased too that I seem to be full from meals and not wanting to snack. (Although now that I've said that, watch that change!)

Well, I've got a story to finish and a hubby to cuddle. Can't wait to start C25K tomorrow with one of my friends! Woohoo! I'm gunna be the biggest loser!

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