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Please don't co-sign my B.S.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I ask that no one signs my B.S. excuses if I ever say I can't. This is the year of NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!! Go 2010 !!!!

So I have now burned 1000+ calories on my new treadmill the past four days in a row. My upper legs and hips are a little sore. But it's a good sore. I have 1 more day that I have to burn atleast 500 cal, and 3 days to do it. I'm totally on fire!!!!!

I'm going to start to brainstorm what types of things I would like to do for a job and research my options. I know I would just love to be a personal trainer and help people. Being heavy since about 4th-5th grade I feel like I can give alot of encouragement and hope to people to know they too can lose the weight with diet and exercise. When I left being 264 lbs behind I also left behind being quiet, shy, and very sad. I would also maybe like to be a massage therapist or something. I know I definately want to do something where I am able to help people in some way. I love the volunteer work that I get to do. It's hard going from a decent job to figuring out what I would feel good about doing, but not lose my home doing so.

I just know long term I'm not happy at all right now. I could go all day most days with my job and not talk to a single soul. It's driving me crazy. I do talk to some of the people I work with, but at times I feel bad about it, like I'm not "working" when I talk to others.

I need a plan :o) My first step to "my plan" is to brainstorm some different jobs that might make my day :o) I want to feel accomplished about what I do for a living both financially and emotionally. hmmmm maybe two part time jobs. If you have any ideas please shoot them to me . Thanks

I'm off to bed here soon to read "The Spark" and get to bed so I can get up early and get my work out of the way.

MY goal to get me through the days right now is to randomly find people's pages and blogs that I don't know and post to them to try to help encourage or inspire. Every person I can help weather I'm aware I helped or not makes the world that much better of a place :o)

I can and WILL change, Thanks again for NOT co-signing my B.S. :o)

I'm leaving you with a picture from my workout tonight. Hugz love ya all. Thanks!!!!

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BOBBI1968 1/8/2010 1:34PM

    I love your treadmill display - you are doing an AWESOME job!! That is a nice idea you have to randomly choose some sparkers to post to - I bet they will appreciate the gesture, and it will probably make you feel good, too! Ah, to have a job that one loves and still allows bills to be paid - haven't found that one yet, but if you come up with an idea, please let me know - LOL!

Keep Sparking!!


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BARBARA_G 1/7/2010 11:03AM

    How cool to have a new treadmill. That in itself is inspiring. And you're certainly burning the calories!

In regards to professions it's tough to work somewhere were you don't interact with people much if you're a people person. Both trainer and massage therapist are professions you could practice on the side until you have enough of a clientel established where you can financially make it. Massage therapist you even can do out of your own house.

Wear out that treadmill!

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KRYANPRINCESS 1/7/2010 10:09AM

    WOW GIRL!!! Look at you!! You are on FIRE!! WOO HOO!!! Keep going! I love your attitude and passion to want to help other people. You are gonna find what makes you happy and do GREAT things with it!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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AFLBANDWAGON 1/6/2010 10:54PM

    YES!!! Keep the SPARK!!!!

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My 2010 Resolution is to start streaking

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My 2010 Resolution is to start streaking.................... ;o) Lol

now that I have your attention get your mind out of the gutter. Allthough by the end of the year I should have a steaking body ha ha ha!! I also just started reading the Spark and hope to finish it soon it's very hard to put down :o)

I will also continue to take pictures at the begging of every other month (to be posted maybe this summer)

When I get a streak of 8 weeks on my personal goals I will get the reward listed.

1100-1550 (2 free days allowed per 8 weeks) *vacations outside of Tucson allowed 1 free day per week instead of month
Reward: 1st Make New Years reservations
2nd Highlights
3rd Trip to Vegas
4th Jeans
5th Book snowboarding trip
S- x 5 a week
Reward: New lotion or body spray
T- x 7 a week
Reward: New lotion or body spray

500 cal burned x 3 a week AND 1000 cal burned x 2 a week
Reward: 1st New Running Shoes
2nd Trip to CA
3rd Book a trip
4th Jeans
5th New Running Shoes

Date Goals

Happy Job by 8/1
Reward: Movie and Cafe Poca Cosa

Current size 1/5/2010 comfy in 14

Size 10
Reward: by 4/1 - I new Jeans, top, and necklace
5/1- I new Jeans and top
after 5/1 - 1 new jeans

Size 8
Reward: by 7/1 - I new Jeans, top, and necklace
8/1- I new Jeans and top
after 8/1 - 1 new jeans

Here is a pic of two of the kids on Christmas (My fav.) :o)

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JACOBSS914 1/6/2010 7:55AM

    All I can say is WOW, in a good way, way to lay out a plan and reward system. I need to go back and restructure my rewards.

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BARBARA_G 1/5/2010 8:44PM

    The picture of your kids is precious.

Nice how you've planned out everything. Those rewards certainly would motivate me emoticon

Good luck!

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SALINA78 1/5/2010 6:55PM

    Love the plan and goals you have laid out!
ANd the picture is precious!

We are going to ROCK 2010!!!

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KYREE90 1/5/2010 6:08PM

    I, too, got the book, and was intrigued by the idea of "streaking." Odd how it doesn't have the same ring on the Web site as in the book, eh?

My goal for the month is to do at least 10 minutes of exercise a day ... that'll be my streak.

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    WOO HOO!!! Good for you for having a plan! We are gonna kick butt this year and finish our goals!! emoticon emoticon

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    Did you read the book?

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MMEQUEEN 1/5/2010 2:40PM

    I think Bobbi and I have the same brain - I had visions of a Sparker running nekid in public and thought I had to look... I love your goals - you have given it a lot of thought!

Cutie kids too!

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BOBBI1968 1/5/2010 2:24PM

    I won't even let you know what popped into my mind when you said you were going to "start streaking" - LOL!!

I just love your reward scheme going on. I never really implemented something like that before - I may give it some thought (thanks!!)

This is going to be a great year!!


That picture of your children is fabulous!!

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Start of Journey 12/1/09

Thursday, December 03, 2009

So December 1, 2009 is my starting point I took some pictures and will continue to take some the first of each month or maybe every other month. I will post picstures as soon as I have a few to compare. I'm focused and on track. I'm being very choosey at work and home with what eating I partake in. I actually lost 2 pounds the week of Thankgiving whoo hooo. We did something a little different and had crepes. Yum yum!!! I'll post some pictures below. I am also now down 3 pounds, way to start my new journey. I started at 184 a week ago and am using that number as my new starting weight for this chapter of my journey.

Next week I should get my new treadmill. I sold my motorcycle to get it so I got a really nice one :o) I can't wait, it's got running programs on it and everything. If anyone knows anyone with Ifit live please let me know . This will be my first treadmill, I have always wanted one. I hope to use it way more than I ever used my bike. Wait I WILL !!!!! My progress is going to be amazing, just wait and see. Nothing can stop me. Even carrot cake or buckeyes. Ha ha ha just work it in my plan if I really want it.

We also got some of the lights up last weekend, I'll post pics of the lights in a future entry. I've got our office party lunch thing today and I plan to track it all as best I can and only have small portions of everything except veggies. And me being vegetarian sure helps with that. Well I hope everyone has a great day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care and keep in touch. I'm planning on rigging up something to be able to use my laptop while walking on the treadmill !!!!! so maybe I can be around more often and make time fly by :o) ok enough rambling hugz ~Amy

my son

The biggest stack 'o' crepes I've ever made

older daughter Heather

my mommy

dh Trever :o)

here are some pics of the spread

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DEMETERSCO 12/4/2009 10:31AM

    You have a great attitude. Keep up the good work!


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BARBARA_G 12/4/2009 10:16AM

    It looks like a very happy Thanksgiving. Everyone is smiling :)

I'm glad you're ready for a new start! You sound very motivated. Woohoo for losing over Thanksgiving. I like it that you got a treadmill. Make sure you use it!!!!

Good luck on your restart!

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GRANDMAMAOF3 12/3/2009 4:37PM

    Sounds like you have it under control. Way to go! emoticon

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When it rains it pours

Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's been an unlucky past few weeks. Two weeks ago from Friday first we found out they changed the stuff for the permits that we just paid 1k to get some of the work done to fix the stuff that the company never finished when the house was diary put there. Then right after they left animal control showed up there is this dog that was hanging around our neighborhood for several weeks and at first we were going to let the pound take him but we had heard that mist were getting put down so we tried to find his owners. Then we had tried to find him a good home. After no luck we were talking about three weeks ago that he seemed like a good dog and was ok being a mostly outside dog. He is a black lab. Fast forward to a week later someone complained that we had no dog house and the dog had no water which the water was total bs but we had been taking him in at night and kenneling him. So we had to go buy a dog house within 48 hours. Since he wasn't really "ours" we didn't have shot records or him licensed, so we got a citation for both. Later that night we got pulled over for a broken license plate light. Several other little things between now and then. Today we were supposed to be in phx in the morning for the crew day meeting for the 3 day event we r helping with. Instead we got to go to court we pled not guilty and a new court date for a pre trial is December 22 and if we r found guilty it's a criminal offence and the fine is three hundred something we found out from being there that it's cheaper to be caught with drugs and the same to be caught shop lifting. How messed up is that. Well we got out and were like ok arleast we r only a couple hours late when there was a parking ticket on the van when we got out. When we regestered the van online we never got the tags in the mail last month we called them and they were supposed to resend. So it was off to DMV they gave me more tags. We did have the reciept in the glove box but since we were parked we couldn't show it. Then went back downtown to the court to show them all the paperwork and the lady said that doesn't do any good because the ticket is for not displaying the current registration tag and that's illeagal. So a have to mail in a request for a hearing if I want to fight it. Arg so now we are on our way to phx 5 hours late to help out with a cancer event and there is a good chance my dear granfather is going to pass away this weekend.

Through all this I am going to keep my head high and continue to do good things despite all the crap that has happened to us lately. I can't wait to see my three day friends they are a truely a great group of friends.

Today's challenge is to do a mile my mile yesterday was 12min45sec and I did my squats and lunges and stayed on track with eating and water. Today's challenge will also include 25 sit ups and push ups and to stay on track. My food has been good but my water needs some work. Hugz I will try to check in from my phone over the weekend.

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BARBARA_G 11/13/2009 11:19AM

    I'm so sorry about your bad luck. Things do seem to happen in streaks. I'm proud of you for eating healthy and exercising never the less. That is a real accomplishment.

I know the tickets are a real hassle. I would fight them. From my personal experience you have a good chance of winning them. It's unlikely the cop will even go to court for these minor offenses. Which gives you a get free card. Even if they show up I think the judge will be sympathetic.

It was so kind of you to rescue that dog. I'm sorry someone complained. I bet he'll have a really good home with you. I'm sure he'll pay back the money you spent on the dog house and other stuff with his love. By the way you can give your dog his own shots with the exception of rabies. They carry them at Ok Feeds for under $9.

I hope your grandpa gets better and wish you better luck!

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IMREITE 11/12/2009 7:17PM

    I was talkin to someone yesturday about how the "paper-pushing" crimes seem to have a larger penalty then violent crimes. It almost males you wqant to commit a larder crime just so it is worth the hassle.
Some days the stupid things make the really bad things harder to deal with. Hope your grandpa feels better.

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One step at a time, just keep moving forward :o)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let me know if you would like to be a tweet it before you eat it buddy with me.

I finally got my camera back this morning, but my video blog will have to wait till we come back from working the 3-day event.

So yesterday food wise went well, I tweeted everything I ate with the cal. I'm having a little trouble getting the protien up so now I will include protien on my tweets to help me be more aware. On the physical part it went good ran a mile outside last night and walked another half. Wasn't very fast but I did it!!!! Did 25 full sit ups and 25 sorry girly push ups. On a personal note things are bad, my dear grandpa is on the tail end of losing his battle with cancer. Today is his Birthday, I love you grandpa and wish I lived closer to go visit you. Through life I will remain to keep my head high and make NO excuses.

This weekend will be a little tricky due to having only food avail. that they give me so I will have to guess at the nutrition, as we are staying at a camp ground type thing. I will be realy active moving bags and setting up tents etc. but I promise to myself that I will have the three meals that they give no seconds and 2-3 snack a day. They do have vegetarian stuff yeah!!! I will also find time to run atleast a mile Sat. since it's our slower day and I won't get the heavy workout of moving bags.

** emoticon*** Todays challenge is to run or walk 1 mile min. Try to time your self :o) Also do 25 lunges on each side and 25 squats. Hugs to all and thanks for reading my blog!!!!! Cheers to losing it through the hollidays!!

PS when I am at the 3day I don't think I will be able to post on my blog here but if you want to follow my tweets I will post a challenge and various other happenings. ShrinkingTink

Have a great day and drink your water and keep a good Attitude torwards living, you ARE worth it.

"Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it"--Lou Holtz emoticon

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BARBARA_G 11/11/2009 1:24PM

    Your plan sounds like a good one! Have fun running and exercising!

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