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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let me know if you would like to be a tweet it before you eat it buddy with me.

I finally got my camera back this morning, but my video blog will have to wait till we come back from working the 3-day event.

So yesterday food wise went well, I tweeted everything I ate with the cal. I'm having a little trouble getting the protien up so now I will include protien on my tweets to help me be more aware. On the physical part it went good ran a mile outside last night and walked another half. Wasn't very fast but I did it!!!! Did 25 full sit ups and 25 sorry girly push ups. On a personal note things are bad, my dear grandpa is on the tail end of losing his battle with cancer. Today is his Birthday, I love you grandpa and wish I lived closer to go visit you. Through life I will remain to keep my head high and make NO excuses.

This weekend will be a little tricky due to having only food avail. that they give me so I will have to guess at the nutrition, as we are staying at a camp ground type thing. I will be realy active moving bags and setting up tents etc. but I promise to myself that I will have the three meals that they give no seconds and 2-3 snack a day. They do have vegetarian stuff yeah!!! I will also find time to run atleast a mile Sat. since it's our slower day and I won't get the heavy workout of moving bags.

** emoticon*** Todays challenge is to run or walk 1 mile min. Try to time your self :o) Also do 25 lunges on each side and 25 squats. Hugs to all and thanks for reading my blog!!!!! Cheers to losing it through the hollidays!!

PS when I am at the 3day I don't think I will be able to post on my blog here but if you want to follow my tweets I will post a challenge and various other happenings. ShrinkingTink

Have a great day and drink your water and keep a good Attitude torwards living, you ARE worth it.

"Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it"--Lou Holtz emoticon

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BARBARA_G 11/11/2009 1:24PM

    Your plan sounds like a good one! Have fun running and exercising!

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Video Blog may be delayed

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

hopefully I can find the time tonight with getting ready for the 3-day, working, homework helping, and getting my daughter to and from tumbling.

So last night I ran a mile on a friend treadmill. Step one to running again. It was a slow mile, but hey when I first started I almost stopped at a half of a mile but I stuck it out. Yeah me!!!!

I did weigh-in this morning, but for the life of me don't remember it. Thankfully my scale saves it so I will look when I get home and update I think it was 184ish. In the right direction, but still mad at myself about how high it is.

For dinner last night we wanted nachos pretty bad, but I stuck to it and didn't eat out for them. We got some baked scoops (only 1 serving), 2% cheese (1 serving), refried beans, since I'm vegetarian (1/2 serving), lettuce, ff sour cream (1 serving), tomatoes, onions (which we forgot about til it was too late). The veggies I piled on and weighed out the other and didn't go back for more. I'm so proud that I had something I really wanted the healthy was. Yeah my healthy ways are coming back. I knew they were there. :o)

Last night I stayed up a little late though and remembered right before bed about my vitamin and not thinking about how long it had been since dinner took it. Arg, needless to say 10 saltines later I finally managed to keep it down. Vitamins on an empty stomach make me so sick. It will make me think more next time.

Today I will run another mile!!!!! I promise myself and challenge anyone reading this to walk or run atleast a mile today :o) I will also do push ups and sit-ups tonight 25 of each no matter how long it takes. I'll start low since it's been a while and do either girly or wall push-ups depending on how my shoulder feels. Gotta re-start somewhere.

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday and remember to track your food and drink your water !!!! Hugz Enjoy this wonderful veggie/fruit pic from my kitchen emoticon

*****Follow me on twitter ShrinkingTink emoticon emoticon

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SALINA78 11/10/2009 1:23PM

    Great job on getting your healthy ways back!
ANd, on running, WOOHOO!!!
I think I'll take your challenge and force myself to run a mile today!

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BARBARA_G 11/10/2009 11:52AM

    I love the way your kitchen counter looks! You truly are eating healthy. Congratulations on starting up on running. I'm just walking but will take you up on your 1 mile challenge! emoticon

Have a fit day!

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AMMIE_SMILES 11/10/2009 11:49AM

    Congrats! One mile at a time is the way to go!

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New Chalenge

Monday, November 09, 2009

I am making a new challenge for myself to help inspire myself and others more. I am going to start a video blog. I will get a good weigh-in tomorrow and try to set everything up. We'll see how it goes :o) I'm excited to see what it brings. Cheers to all, and don't forget to track. Hugz!!!!!


Long weekend ~ Lots of pics :o)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

We had a blast on the train. Well on the way to LA we pretty much slept through it. Woke up about 5:45 then went to breakfast at 6 after watching out the window for a few. Then at breakfast we were able to continue to watch our journey to LA. I did really good with my food while we were gone, and even got hubby to go to 2 vegetarian resterants while we were there.

The first day we went and checked into the hotel. Our train was supposed to get in at 9:30 am and was early so we hopped in the rental car and decided to find the hotel and see how early we could check in (we had requested early check-in) We were in our room a few min. before 10am , I was impressed. After that we went and found the veggie place I think it was called Pure Luck, after that we went down to the farmers market walked around there for a couple hours, got some peaches, and went to our favorite place... Coffee Bean :o) We don't have those in Tucson. After that we went to Whole Foods across the street, man am I jealous of the size of that store, it was amazing!!!! Then we went to find The Viggie Grill for dinner, yum yum!!! After that we picked up my mom and her boyfriend at LAX.

Sat. morning we didn't all get hot water for our showers :o( but they gave us the breakfast buffet to make up for it. Boy was that nice. I was able to get an egg white omlette with veggies, and I got some fruit, and a light and fit yogurt. Then we were off to out drive to Hearst Castle. We had fun there and got back to our hotel about midnight.

Sunday we decided to go find a crepe place for breakfast, after not being able to find two places we were excited to find the third then when we saw they were closed we went next door to Jinky's. After we got seated we realized that it was aparently a place that the stars frequented. We recognized one person, but I'm really not one for recognizing people. I was able to get a healthy breakfast tofu scramble then we were off to go walk around the farmers market again (where I got my Moose) before we went home. We had fun and were able to go back by Coffee Bean Befor we went home :o)

On the train ride home we played a couple games, read, and went to dinner. They even gave me something off the menu, because there veggie dish was cheese pasta. I got a baked potato, salad, with a bunch of steamed veggies :o) Before we knew it we were back to Tucson, what a great way to travel.

Now we are back home to work :( but our garden did well with the drip system we installed :o) I really hope we get some stuff to eat from it :o)

Gym update. I went Tuesday and did about 45 min of cardio and yesterday I did about 30 min of cardio whoo hooooo!!!!!! I also plan to go today. Last night we ended up going to Pei Wei, didn't make the best choice but I did only have half of it and saved the other half for lunch today I got the Pad Thai Tofu bowl :o)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and week so far. Cheers to the Summer!!! I better get back to work, here are some pics from the trip

A pic from the train us playing our game. This is my Mommy :o) lol

Hubby and I at the outside pool at Hearst Castle. This time the other side of it.

A painting that is going to be made into a Chistmas stamp this year from Hearst Castle

The beloved Bean :o)

The cafe we went to Sunday morning, where we saw one of the guys that use to play in ER

Looking out the back of the train

Arriving back in Tucson with my Moose :o) (he slept almost the whole way back)

Moose watching the game for a little while

A Elephant Seal Having fun splashing around

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DANCETAXI22 5/29/2009 12:26AM

    I love the moose! And it was useful as a pillow on the train, I would bet!

My daughter and I took the train from Portland, OR, to Monterey, CA. She was about two and brought her favorite stuffed animal, Ucky. (He was a big yellow duck) I definitely used that thing as a pillow on the way. Bad part of the story, my little girl got the flu, started throwing up (thank goodness for the diapers), hit the duck on occasion, I'm using it as a pillow. We were a walking disaster area when we got off that train. Typhoid Danette and Leah! Sorry, bad mom story!

So anyway! Good for you eating so healthy on the trip. That can be so tough! It helps if you can just find the right things to eat. Sounds like you did.

Thanks again for adding me as a friend! Talk to you soon,


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SALINA78 5/28/2009 7:47PM

    What a GREAT trip!
Thanks for sharing!
I love the train idea too!

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TINK9305 5/28/2009 5:45PM

    Funny thing about the moose when we were on the train they asked about kids we said nope then he looked confused at my moose. When I said oh this is my moose, he looked at me wierd and laughed. lol ha ha ha :o) I love my moose that my hubby got me outside of the farmers market :oD I've got a thing for them this past couple years. This one is cool, he turns into a pillow.

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BOBBI1968 5/28/2009 5:37PM

    Thank you for including all of the pictures - what a nice trip you had!! You were exceptionally well-behaved with your eating on your trip - good for you!! I hope you had a wonderful time! Glad to have you back and loved reading about your trip!!

BTW I love your moose!!

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KRYANPRINCESS 5/28/2009 2:23PM

    Such a great trip!! Lots of yummy food choices you had! We should try the train sometime it sounds like a very unstressful way to travel! So glad you had fun! emoticon
And great work on the gym!! Keep up the great work!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yes I'm a scale-a-holic , even though I only officially weight in once a week a weight myself once or twice a week. It seems to keep me in check and I know my body can fluctuate 3-5 lbs from night to morning. It works for me. Once upon a time through my journey a wrote a story about being a scale-o-holic, I think it was at a point that I was stuck despite my honest efforts. I'll try to find it sometime and post it.

So anyways on to the point I was 169.6 whoo hooo, now I just need to maintain on our trip. I can!!!! It will be easier since I have decided to eat mostly fruits veggies and beans, no meats. It make healthy choices easier for me and I love the food. :o)

I have about 5-6 more hours of work before we go home to pack, the day is going by very slowly. Aftr work should go by fast getting kids dropping them off, packing, etc. Atleast I don't have to give my seedlings extra water now since mother nature decided to take care of that task for me. ha ha Our garden is doing good for a late start, we got some shade up this past week and hope to finish it Monday when we return, I will post more pics of it soon :o)

Here is a couple pics from the Breast Cancer 3 Day event that we participate in. Last year we both were a part of the crew in Phx and the year before we both walked. ***This year we are crewing Phx and hope to be able to start fund raising to be able to walk in Denver, if not we will crew there too

This first pic is me and our dear friend Karin

Here is a pic of dear hubby and me day one waiting for the walkers to start arriving so we could load their bags

This last one is a picture of us with all the gear and tent crew after we finished unloading and sorting the bags, so much fun and great people!!!

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DANCETAXI22 5/22/2009 12:09AM

    That is great that you are planning ahead for what to eat! I just got back from vacation and perhaps should have done a little of that type of planning. I just dove into the frosting instead. Ha!

Have a great trip, and I'd love to hear how it goes.

Take care!


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SALINA78 5/21/2009 10:37PM

    YAY for 169.6!!!

That 3 day thing looks SO neat!
How great that you guys are a part of it.
Thanks for sharing!!!

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