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Amazing Adventures Down to 160 :o)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

So I haven't updated my blog in quite some time. Allot has gone on :o) I'm now down to 160 pounds Yeah!!!! 150's I will see you next weigh-in :o) We went on a 12 day trip driving from AZ to OH. I visited each of my sisters that live in Ohio for a day , then we went to the Cleveland Breast Cancer 3 day to crew the event. Most of the crew was down right rude with the team we were on , but the true reason we were there was the walkers, and we totally made it about them. We met some amazing people and were able to help hundreds. We also got to see our 3 day family, the ones we crew with in Phoenix, 3 of them walked and 1 of them crewed on a different crew. They are all amazing and I wished we all lived closer. We live in CA, AZ, CO, and IA but are best of friends. We call it our chosen family, not that we don't love people in our birth familys ;o) We also got to meet up with Ali Vincent from Biggest loser in Columbus for a boot camp workout :o)

The biggest challenge being on the road and eating out for 12 days is the food for me. I made a deal with hubby that if I didn't gain weight on the trip that I could get $100 from the budget to get my hair cut and highlighted at the salon with my favorite hairdresser (it's been 4 years since I've seen him) Sooooooooo I managed to keep my weight the exact same which is totally huge for me !!!!! I was so excited!!!! Yeah I had made a deal with myself that once I went under 160 that I was going to get my hair done, so the next weigh-in I should be making my appointment, soooo close

The kids are doing good my step daughter starts school next week and my two started back on July 19th, poor things barely got out June 18th. They are doing so well this year with a new school and district :o) Almost 4 weeks in and my son hasn't gotten into trouble once, I'm so proud of how they are doing. My son joined band and my daughter joined drama.

I have been working out regularly , resting atleast one day a week, inspiring others, eating well, and just doing amazing. I'm making the best of some bad things at work and it's making things sooo much better just remember to love life

Can't wait for the wellness cruise I will be going on with my mom in October :o) I'm getting really excited about it!!! There is also some cool stuff coming up in September that I will blog about maybe when I get more details :o) Also in September I'm doing a sprint triathlon for my Birthday, so exciting!!!!!!!

That's it for now, hope everyone is doing well and making healthy choices, weighloss is just a benefit to living healthy. We can all have a happier and healthier life one choice at a time!!!!

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TINK9305 8/17/2010 1:00PM

    Thanks you guys :)

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SALINA78 8/13/2010 4:54PM

    Oh, loved reading an update on you!!!
I've missed you! Once it gets cooler you, Kris and I will have to do some more walks. :)

You sound SO SO GREAT!
What a fun trip!
And not gaining during it. CONGRATS!
Can't wait to see the new hairdo!

And, SUPER SUPER thrilled to hear that your son is doing SO well in the new school. YAY!!!!


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*AMBER512 8/12/2010 8:00PM

    WOW! I would never be able to maintain while traveling. Even if I'm working out and trying to eat right, I ALWAYS come back with at least 1-2 pounds of water weight. WTG!!!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Things have been a bit busy but I am doing great :o) I have been getting about 3 hours a day of cardio in and I started stregth training at the gym at work two days ago. I have been getting up at 3:30 am to go into the gym before work. It is sooo hard to get up but I feel great all day knowing I started with a workout !!!!!! I will never regret getting up early to exercise, but I would if I stayed in bed!!!!!!

I am making such great choices !!!!!

The kids last day of school is tomorrow YEAH!!!!! Then they have 4 weeks off. They will be going to a new school so no more extended school year and no more driving way across town. It will save on gas and allow Trever and I to go to the gym more :o) The kids will even have a bus to take to school. I'm so excited about the chages I am making. My son is off to Y Camp for two weeks on Sunday, he is really excited!!!! then a week after that they have church camp for a week then back to school.

Hope everyone is doing great!!!!! :o)

I'm almost caught up on my blogs, but I keep forgetting to take pictures, since I'm not allowed to on work property sometimes I forget when I can. Well I'm off to bed, got an early wake up call.

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    Congratulation. YOU DID IT!! Keep it up and enjoy your success.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Pray, sing and dance to life. Turn up that music.

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TURTLERAE55 6/18/2010 12:26AM

    Hi Tink9305,

You are doing great on your workout. Keep up the good work.

You can do it.!!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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My focus and blogs. Sorry I have seemed to be MIA

Friday, May 28, 2010

I haven't fallen off track I have just been really focusing on my fitness goals and after this weekend and a few people asking what I have been eating and doing I started a blog at www.tink9305.blogspot.com I'm sorry that I haven't taken the time to post them here too, but if you would like to read them feel free. I'm really trying to focus on being good and staying on track. I'm having trouble not losing it at work. It's really hard being surrounded by people but not really ever talking to anyone. I may try to fix that soon though. :o) Who knows what will come in the future. Just trying to have passion about what I spend so much time with every day again. It really sucks allot out of me. I love ya all and am greatful for my friendships. I will try to catch up more on everyones blogs this weekend between my big calorie burns ;) Hugz Amy

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KRYANPRINCESS 6/17/2010 3:33PM

    You can do it! Sorry work is tough! But you have a strong drive to change things in your life when they are not on track! I'm going to check out your blog too!

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SALINA78 6/14/2010 1:20PM

    Checking out your blog!

Hope you are doing well!

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SPLASHOFJOY 6/2/2010 5:10AM

    Where do you work? And do you guys do any hiking? I really want to get going with it again now that my knee is stronger.

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BARBARA_G 5/28/2010 9:32AM

    It would certainly be great to have a job that you have a passion for. It makes a huge difference. However, I know you are making the best out of your situation right now. And I think you deserve to pat yourself on the back for that!

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Motivational May off to a great start!!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Goals set, starting point including measurements tracked, off and running!! Come join in !!!

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WIFEALF 5/13/2010 5:19PM

    Greta goals!I am sure you will be good this week.Love the blog nice seeing you!

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    Great plan!! You will do fantastic!! We can do this...together we will make it happen!! emoticon

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TINK9305 5/2/2010 9:28PM

    Amber I am the same way but just sucked it up finally and posted it. I have recorded a couple. I finally figured what is the worst that could happen. I really think it doesn't look or sound like me, but oh well.

Barb, I'm not sure why the volume didn't work well for you :( So my goals are to drink 10+ glasses of water a day, 3 days a week of Strength Training, 3 1/2 or more a week of cardio, eat within 1200-1650 cal with 2 "free" days (I still have to track but can go over) If I allow for the free days I tend not to use them I save them, then realize I don't need them. I am going to try to cook and eat cleaner. I'm also going to video blog twice a week. I will try to speak up more next time. I'm still a little shy I wouldn't even do it in the same room as hubby LoL!!!

We can totally make Motivational May rock!!!!! :o)

I have my starting stats that I will post tomorrow that I logged yesterday :o)

Grocery shopping done and dinner is in the oven (with extra for lunches)

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BARBARA_G 5/2/2010 6:21PM

    Hi Amy,

I like your video blog. On my end I have a bit of a problem with the volume. But I think it may be my computer? I'm not sure. I turned up everything as high as I could. Maybe it's because it's a laptop and you're really supposed to listen with headphones? Nevertheless, after closing the door and shutting out the noise from the wind and listening to you 3 times I got the gist of your blog. emoticon

We both are on track and doing well! Woohoo! Good going! We can do this! Almost 2 days down! Only 29 to go.

Well I must get back into the yard and finish my exercise (yard work) for the day!


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*AMBER512 5/2/2010 5:01PM

    Very cool blog!

I did a video blog once, but I never posted it because I thought I sounded like such a goober. I just cringe when I watch myself! lol

Motivational May, I like that. =)

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Motivational MAy to start tomorrow..Wanna join in ??

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Tomorrow I will Measure and weigh in for my start of May stats, maybe even take some pics to post at the end of the month with the end of the month photos. :o) I will set some goals for the month and continue to finish my mini jump start challenge over the weekend.

If anyone would like to join in feel free and we can check in on each other and help encourage one another. It will be great to see how far a month of motivation can take us. Cheers to May

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SALINA78 5/3/2010 2:20PM

    Sounds fun!
I need a challenge for May! I want that scale to keep heading DOWN!

I took starting measurements and weigh-ins today... I should get starting pics too...

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LOVELYLOLA76 5/2/2010 1:51PM

    I think its a great idea to track food, good or bad! I don't mind posting it on my page. A weekly check is good, but daily has been working, so mid-week is a great idea! Lets keep this going! I'm loving the encouragement and accountability! emoticon

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KRYANPRINCESS 5/2/2010 12:48PM

    I'll keep going with you...Gotta keep the motivation going....so far the mini challenge we have been doing has really helped, even though my cals are not perfect it's really kept my exercise going....Thx for the encouragement and push! emoticon

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TINK9305 5/1/2010 7:11PM

    Anyone have any ideas I think maybe tracking all food good or bad drinking 8+ water. Exercising 3 1/2 + hours per week and maybe 2-3 days strength training a week then we can check in maybe on a board or I can post a checkin on my blog. Maybe a midweek check in and a weekly one. Let me know what you think :-) At the end we can all send each other a spark goodie prize :-) we can do this!!!!!

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BARBARA_G 5/1/2010 5:53PM

    I'm with you on that! I need to jump start myself also :)

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LOVELYLOLA76 5/1/2010 11:13AM

    Oh yes yes yes! Motivation here i come emoticon!

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FOXYMAMA33 5/1/2010 2:38AM

  sure would like to join u on motivational may. like it emoticon

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