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I hate getting old

Friday, October 05, 2012

My Restless Leg Syndrome was kicking my butt last night. I went to bed so tired I was "falling asleep in my soup." Then I could not get relaxed enough to sleep. I looked at the clock. 11:30. Go to sleep. PLease stop twitching, 12:00. Lay still. 1:00 Why can't it be still? 1:45. This is going to be a very long night.

10:15. Wait! 10:15? What just happened? And I wanted to get up early to run. No I wanted to sleep.

I got up and ran anyway. It was a good run.

I got home and I took off my prescription shades and put on my regular specs while I puttered around and got ready for my shower.

And here is where everything gets kind of fuzzy.

I must have taken my specs off for the shower but when I got out, I couldn't find them. So I got dressed and roamed around the house using the logic to figure out where my glasses were. When that did not work, I start to look in illogical places. When THAT didn;t work I got a flashlight and crawled around on the floor.

Finally I admitted defeat and went to get my "Dress glass," the ones I wear when I dress nice, my "Sunday Go To Meeting" glasses.

That was an hour shot to hell.

Then I went to Weight Watchers to do my October weigh-in because I hate standing in line on Saturday at the meeting and I had to wait behind three other people. When I was done, an ambulance was blocking my car. They were in the doctor's office next store. MY doctor's office!

So I stayed for a spell and chatted with the receptionist, even after the ambulance left. I saw it go. AS I turned to leave I was in time to see a second one pull in behind my car!! So walked over to the Giant to get what I needed but didn't have for dinner. Hint it was across US 40 for Weigh Watchers.

Where are my stupid glasses? I hate getting old.

A FaceTime call from my son in LA

Thursday, October 04, 2012

In August I went to LA with my son Mike. He wanted to relocate there for a number of reasons. He believed that if he stayed here, we would never get anywhere. And he wanted to get into acting. He never did drama in High School, but this is what he wanted to do. I suggested to him NYC, but he pointed out that NYC is too close. Easy to bail out and come home if things dont go well.

That was six weeks ago. He has a crappy job, but he has a job ANd he has an audition.

I know this because he called me today. He calls everyday so that is not such a big deal. But with this new handy-dandy iPhone5 we were able to make the call as a FaceTime call. It was good to see him. I think he's gained weight.

I was able to show him his room. We cleaned it. We plastered it. We threw out all the old posters. We painted. "My room!! I knew you would clean it up, but I didn't think you would turn it into Aunt Mary's room." Yep, Mom put all that frilly girly stuff in it. ALso, no socks on the floor.

It was good to see Mike today.

I just realized, I am a clutterbug.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

We have discussed our 5 year plan heading toward retirement. We have lived in this house for about 23 years. Within 5 years, we expect to sell this house and move to some place smaller. This house is about 90 years old and is typically big for a house from the 1920s. In fact, this neighborhood was a refuge from the city heat ... now it's indistinguishable from the city ... for those who could afford such a thing. Two ways to tell: it had a garage and it had a room with a separate entrance and stairway for the maid/nanny.

Being a big house, in twenty years stuff tends to expand to fill the space available. I took a truck load to the dump/recycling and another truck load to Goodwill. And that was just one room!

Now I need to attack my cellar. Not a basement so it's not a living space. No, it's a cellar and that means space for stuff to gather. Add to that we have been working on a patio, gazebo (so-called -- it's bigger than my living room), and outdoor kitchen and we have a prescription for a major mess. Nothing gets put away and I have piles and stacks of tools and supplies.

So I tackled it today with a boldness I only learned last week: have I used this in the last two years? No? OUT! Some of the stuff I put in the truck today would not have passed that test if I had made it twenty years.

Books! Text books from my college days. That's over 30 years ago. Vinyl records ... those have become worth something: Ebay! Cassette tapes. I even found a cassette player and not a one of them was playable; every one of them the glue was gone. OK, there were almost 100 and I tested maybe 20 then dumped the rest in the bin. And National Geographics magazines going back nearly 40 years. Why???

Now if I can just convince the other members in the family that no one has looked at any of those over 200 DVD's in a long time. Please, send them to the USO. Even then, I'm not sure they would look at them either. Everything is downloaded or streamed nowadays.

I never knew I was a clutter bug ... like Dad was. (When he died he had the first TV he ever bought, non-functional, in his cellar. I am that way with computers.)

I'm de-cluttering and I didn't even need an intervention and it actually feel pretty good.

Sore, but a good sore.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The last couple of times I have worked out with my brother-in-law/trainer, we have pusshed the weight just a little more than I have gotten used to. I don't know if it's the extra weight or if it's the rainy day ... and lots of it today here in Baltimore ... but I have been so sore today.

Maybe it's a combination of both, but I am sure that there is more Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). But that would be my own fault.

I have been reading some articles about strength training for runners and they recommend working the often ignored, by runners that is, upper body. Core is important for balance and posture and breathing. But apparently upper both strength helps the body to oxygenate.

And here's the thing, I can't do more than three unassisted pull ups. So when Dave sets me up at 60 pounds for the weight machines, I have been asking for 10 or 15 more. It's hard, but I am doing it.

Oh well. A little DOMS never killed anyone. A little ibuprofen and since it was a rainy day I spent my time trying to do a little more decluttering. (I think I may have another pickup load to go to the dump/recycling and another to Goodwill by the end of the week.)

You never know until you try it.

Monday, October 01, 2012

I had needed breakfast and I didn't want egg whites again. I didn't have any prepared oatmeal when I looked in the fridge.

But there were blueberries, fat free feta, and some cold leftover quinoa.

I thought, well, why not? You never know until you try.

And it was wonderful.

The most liberating thing about learning to live a new lifestyle of eating has got to be the freedom to try new things.

Popcorn as a breakfast cereal with milk. Oh yeah ... think Kellogg's Corn Pops.
Strawberries with balsamic vinegar. Wonderful.
Tofu --- at all.

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