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It all seems to catch up

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Last night I noted that my sleep lately has been extremely poor.

Today, I was dead on my feet most of the day. And now I cannot even stay awake at 8:30 to watch the Orioles beat up on the Yankees. That is sleepy.

Let's see, if I go to bed now, eight hours will be 4:30.

Hmm. I hope I get ten.

Sleep is important I know that ...

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

... but what if you just don't sleep.

Since I got back from Los Angeles nine days ago, I have been wide-eyed at 0100 and when I do fall asleep, I wake several times a night.

This morning, I had had such a terrible night that I woke to the alarm to go to the trainer, bt I just COULD.NOT.GET.OUT.OF.BED.

I made the mad dash out the door when I did get up and I forgot to even grab a banana, which is my minimal breakfast for morning I don't feel like breakfast. Not to worry, I always get a proper breakfast before 0900.

But today? Not even the banana. Short on water too. I was about 30 minutes into the workout and my stomach was grumbling and I was sweating and I felt a little cold. I don' like that feeling. Suddenly, I got a terribly familiar metallic taste in my mouth.

"David," I said, "that's it for today. If I don't get out of here and get some food, I am going to embarrass myself." I felt like I was going to vomit, but from an empty stomach, it would have been most unpleasant.

Fortunately, I am a short 5 minute or less drive from the YMCA and I was stuffing my face with a banana almost as soon as I got int he door. And a proper breakfast followed.

Note to self: A banana is the original portable food. Even on the worst mornings, you have time to snag one and have it eaten before you get to the Y.

Don't be dumb again.



Mike called from LA tonight. He wants me to fund his agent until he gets a gig and gets paid for it. I told him to get a day job too. You know. One that pays the rent?

The boy has never done any acting, but he thinks he can make a go of it.

I hope he does, I really do. I don't want him to come back to live with us ... sorry, I am so ready for them to all be gone.

I expect that come March I will be flying to LA and helping him drive back to Baltimore.

I hope not.

The Klingon Word for One With No Honor ...

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

... is Paul Ryan.

No, it's pataQ.

Please bear with my while I explain. I know all your liberal spins and those are not germain to this post. I know all your conservative crushes on Romney/Ryan and those are not germain to this post.

I generally try to keep politics and politicians away from this area. I get into it with my sister on Facebook, but you know something broke this weekend that just got so under my skin.

I will say this: I disagree with President Obama's policies and I was planning to vote against him. And you know what? I am not comfortable voting against a candidate. I always want to vote FOR a candidate.

And here's the problem. I was not all the hep on Mitt Romney, but hey, he isn't President Obama. He picked Paul Ryan for his running mate. I heard all the hysterics about him and I pretty much discounted it because it was long on emotions and short on straight facts.

Then Representative Ryan did an August interview with NPR. HH = Hugh Hewitt, PR = Paul Ryan.

HH: Are you still running?
PR: Yeah, I hurt a disc in my back, so I donít run marathons anymore. I just run ten miles or yes. (TIM'S NOTE: He said marathonS)
HH: But you did run marathons at some point?
PR: Yeah, but I canít do it anymore, because my back is just not that great.
HH: Iíve just gotta ask, whatís your personal best?
PR: Under three, high twos. I had a two hour and fifty-something. (TIM'S NOTE: A sub-3:00 marathon? Really. Note what HH says, he understands.)
HH: Holy smokes. All right, now you go down to Miami UniversityÖ
PR: I was fast when I was younger, yeah.

In fact Runner's World investigated. Representative Ryan ran one, uno, a single, not two, just a lonely marathon .... no 's', not plural!


He ran it in 4:01:25.


Look, if you ask me if I had run any marathons, I would say that my first was technically the Baltimore, but it fell on the same day as my training go-the-distance run so I really count my Rock 'n' Roll Savannah as my only REAL marathon. And what was my PR? I might say About 5:20, 5:22. Not certain. Actually, if you look it up it was 5:21:58. But I would never claim a sub-4:00 PR. Even 25 years from now, I would know the difference between a super-5:00 and a sub-4:00 marathon.

Come on! You know your time. You do! Even twenty plus years later. Ryan's co-runners, those who finished near him, in that race knew theirs. Read this article from New Yorker.


You may consider this a minor thing. But it is not. Golfers judge others by how honest they are on the golf course. I never understood that feeling.

As a runner, now I do.

Paul Ryan has no honor. He is a pataQ. Hey, Paul Ryan! You didn't run that.

Now who was that Libertarian candidate? I took a recent poll that said that is where my real political feelings lie.

Some Strange Things About Our Bodies

Monday, September 03, 2012

I like the site Listverse.com. You really ought to go there. Last week they featured a list of 10 Amazing Facts About Our Bodies.


In number 9 they talked about our "second brain". It is in out alimentary canal -- from our mouth to our anus. It doesn't contain memories, but it there are about 100 million neurons. It may be responsible for our feelings of butterflies and the gut-punch feeling we get at bad news. But it also may be responsible for our moods when we eat. It seems our big brain may have nothing to do with our cravings.

Number 1 talks about how for each pound of fat, our bodies produce about 7 miles of blood vessels. As our bodies lose weight those blood vessels get reabsorbed by our body. It's not just the excessive weight we carry that affects our coronary health, it how much blood vessels we need to push our blood through.

The article was interesting all around, but those two really caught my interest.

Today's Charm City Run 20 miler.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

I ran this one last years as part of my marathon training and I did it in 3:40 something. It was a very warm day, as I recall. But it was a well run race by Charm City Run and it was part of their Baltimore Running Festival Marathon training. They always run a good race.

There was plenty of water, every three miles, but I carry my own. No police were present except at Monkton where the NCR crosses a busy road and near the end at Paper Mill Road. And really no directions needed except at Paper Mill. We got dropped off at Freeland Maryland and ran that-a-way down the North Central Railway (NCR) trail. At Paper Mill, we crossed the road, went about 1/4 mile down the road turned around back to the road and finished the last mile to the Ashland Shopping Center.

The only issue I have is that Paper Mill Road has almost no shoulder and although cones were set out, drivers continued to drive entirely too fast on that road, as they always do.

This year, I should be listed as a DNF, but they let it go. I was fine, really, through 13.5, maybe even 14 miles. But by mile 16.5, I was toast. I dropped to a walk, running only very occasionally, just enough to keep my time to a 16 minute mile. At Paper Mill, I was directed to take the trail. "You know what? It won't matter to anyone but me that I don't do that half mile. I am finished and since you don't have a wussy wagon, I am just walking this last mile." Hey, it was really a training run. "Yeah man, it's not like you're Paul Ryan or anything." (What a weasel. That's a whole other blog.)

What this focused for me was that my decision last year to "retire" from full marathons was wise. 13.1 is my distance. there is no need to prove anything to myself on that. I can do 13.1 and anything greater is not necessary. (Retire allows me the option to be really pathetic and make a comeback at some later date.)

Next Sunday is a 5k in the City for 9/11. Then Philadelphia Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon the following Sunday. Will I ever go to church again? Will I be struck down by lightning?

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