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Not much of a post tonight ...

Saturday, September 01, 2012

... I have a race in the Morning, a 20 miler. No bling, just run the NCR Trail from Freeland MD to Ashland MD. All but the last is a "flat downhill" so it is pretty easy. It's part of Charm City Run's marathon training for the Baltimore Running Festival.

I am still hashing out my disk problems on my laptop MacBook. I am trying to salvage all my pictures and my music an I think I am getting there but it sure take a lot of time.

Yes yes yes. Apple makes backup easy, but if you lose the back up disk it does little good. Besides, I put on about 500 pictures since last back up. I think I have it going on now but it was a learning curve.

Tomorrow, something easy and deliscious for dinner ... lemon thyme cornish hen with cauliflower and quinoa. I may do some plantain on the grill too. Mmmmm

A Father's advice to his son: How stay on good terms with the women in your home

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Mike is moving into his room tomorrow. He is renting from two women with whom he will share the apartment. Tonight, I sent him an email:

Allow me to give you some fatherly advice about how to live in a house hold that includes women.

(1) When you pee, raise the seat. That way your don't dribble where they sit.

(2) If you dribble on the rim, grab some TP and wipe it up. It is your pee and it is sterile anyway.

(3) When you are done peeing, put the seat back down.

Allow me to repeat myself because that last point is important:

(3) When you are done peeing, put the seat back down.

I cannot stress that enough.

(3) When you are done peeing, put the seat back down.

And last but not least,

(4) Flush.

If you do this, I cannot guarantee that they will love you. But if you do not do this I can guarantee they will hate you.

Hearken to my word for I am your father, married to your mother for 39 years and I know of what I speak.

Back on the means streets of Catonsville

Saturday, September 01, 2012

I got to run on my home turf again. Road and neighborhoods I am familiar with. Not at all like last week when I was running in a strange city not really sure if the neighborhoods were safe to run in.

Ok. So maybe running is the Hills of Beverly is all that dangerous, Swimmin' pools, movie stars. But I don't know, I have seen those Eddie Murphy movies. Lots of crime in Beverly Hills.

It is nice to run at home because you know every hill and pothole and you know how the drivers act.

And to be at work in my own kitchen was nice too. I feel so in control there.

Realize that part of making this a lifestyle not a diet is to be able to feel comfortable out of your comfort zone. Mostly I do, but even now, four years in, I feel a little nervous eating out in a strange place. I have all the tools but I would rather be the one who is in charge of what goes on my plate.

I must say however, the sushi we had in Santa Monica was delish.

Getting back to normal

Thursday, August 30, 2012

It was a struggle, but I was out of bed before 8:00 this morning. Tomorrow I want to run and it is kind of warm lately so I will try to be out the door before 7:00.

But, the house needed cleaning, the lawn needed mowing and my pickup had a load for the dump since before I went to LA, but a dead starter. It needs a tow to Pep Boys. Fortunately, I still have one son at home and I had him unload the truck. We was supposed to do it while I was gone ... grrr.

I did the mowing because I find it to be quite relaxing.

And I ate mostly right today.

She(WMBO) did the household laundry and her own while I was gone. "You know what? You spoil me. You sure do a lot of laundry." She has no idea how much I spoil her.

When all was done, I went in to turned on my MacBook, the one with all my pictures from the trip. Lucky for me I got them all transferred to another disk the other evening because the problems I was having were indicative of a total disk failure. I have spent this evening installing a new one, Operating System OS X and all, into my computer. I might be able to recover some other data from the "dead drive" because I can see it on my Linux computer, but not on my MacBook. The Linux computer is a recovered Windows computer that couldn't take any Win OS after Windows XP. Old computers never die, they just get repurposed.

Yes, I have a geek card and it has been punched. And yes I am watching Star Trek reruns while I do this work.

Like I said, Back to normal.

Jet Lag Hits

Thursday, August 30, 2012

One of the best pre-cures for jet lag is the same pre-cure for a hangover: hydrate before. I did all that and I got home without a nasty headache. I even woke up feeling ready and refreshed ...

At 10:30 EDT! And nothing in the way of food looked at all appetizing. I managed to eat a little, but not up to my caloric requirements.

And tonight, I am still wide eyed at 1:00 AM tomorrow morning.

I will just have to force myself to get up at 7:00 EDT tomorrow so I can get my clock to reset. I will have to eat three squares and then some to get my stomach back to normal. (And eating out didn't help a lot either, though I must brag I stayed pretty well in control except for the night in Santa Monica.)

I dislike travel anyway. Travel across three time zones and staying just long enough to get adjusted then come back is not my cup of tea.

Tomorrow, we get right.

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