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Left Handers Day! Hooray!!

Monday, August 13, 2012


We color outside the lines!!

In Latin we are Sinister. (Right-handers are dexterous. Hmm.) In French we are Gauche. Really??

Today is Left-Handers Day , a very special annual holiday during which left-handed people are encouraged to force right-handed people to do everything their way. (At least according to the event's website. This is really official, okay?) www.lefthandersday.com/

HEre is the Jezebel.com site talking about it: jezebel.com/5934262/hooray-for-left+

I went to Catholic school in the 1960s but I never had that mythical nun who would rap the knuckles of left handers. But she did always give me an F in penmanship. Which always got me in trouble which always gave me an "Oh what's the use" attitude about my grades. I always had an F on my report card no matter how hard I tried.

Sister tried to enforce a "rule" where everyone tilted their paper the same way, wrist must be straight, writing slanted the same way. For lefties, you can only get two out of three. I have a hook wrist.

But there was one girl in my class who drove Sister nuts. She followed all of the rules. ALL of them. But she did like Star Trek's Captain Kirk in the Kobyashi Maru scenario -- She rewrote the rules. She wrote UP SIDE DOWN! Starting in the lower left and working back up to the upper right.

And it irritated Sister to no end. So satisfying.

So coloring outside the lines, indeed.

Motivational Poster: Coffee

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I got a book this week:

The Little Red Book of Running by Scott Douglas


This motivational poster was inspired by tip 249 of 250 and by the fact that the start of the Half Marathon on Saturday was delayed several minutes.

Good advice indeed.

Race Report: Ben Moore Memorial Half Marathon

Saturday, August 11, 2012

It rained a lot yesterday. That being the case, I figured that ... I HOPED that ... it meant a dry cold front had passed through the area. When I got up and prepared to leave, I didn't even bother poking my nose outside, I was so sure.

And of course, I was wrong. As soon as I headed for the truck, I got a nose full of humid air. The cloud deck was low. There was a little new rain on the pavement. I was still convinced that it was going to be a cooler, nicer day than last week.

It was not. Except for the fact that it was mostly cloudy for the entire duration of the race, it was almost identical to Sunday at Riley's Rumble. And while the hills were not quite as brutal, they were not entirely different from what I run all the time in Catonsville.

In my mind, it just HAD to be better conditions than Sunday, so I started out much better but by about halfway through the course, I started to feel it and I started to drag. Everything was ok with me. No ankle or knee pain. Oddly enough, where I did hurt was in my left big toe. Weird, right?

I finished in 2:35:15. Better than the last two half marathons. It looks like as long as it's hot, my times will be not as good as I would like. My current PR for a Half is 2:06:38. That's OK. I have several races coming up in the fall. We will get back on track.

Saturday: Ben Moore Memorial Half Marathon in Annapolis

Friday, August 10, 2012

Today felt like a Saturday. It was last weekday of vacation. She(WMBO) was home. But it rained into the afternoon and I got little done except to watch some TV.

I felt like a slug.

On the other hand, tomorrow is my second Half Marathon in six days so a resting day was certainly in order. We went out to an Italian restaurant so I got my carb load.

I think I am ready. All I need to do now is get laid out, relax, and go to bed so I get a good night's sleep.

Vacation is kind of over

Thursday, August 09, 2012

We are home from North Carolina. I have mixed feelings on that score. Monday was the only day worhty of a beach visit. The other days were kind of dreary.

Today before we left for home, we went to the "oldest winery in North Carolina." I joked to She(WMBO), "Yeah, 1963."

I was off by only 13 years: 1976.

Ok, so that means that the wine industry in NC in young.

Sadly, I could only be a supporting character to everyone else's fun because I am allergic to sulfites and sulfur dioxode. And Unless it's organic wine, everyone puts it in.

My biggest problem with vacations is that we eat out every evening. I have no control over the food in the restaurant and I have to listen to comment from my brother in law like "Well, I don't care about what you think, but I'm having the french fries." Well, you know what, I don't care if you do have the french fries and I am not entirely sure why you think I care ... but I am not allowed to say that to him. I have to be polite. Yes dear.

The other problem is that I don't get enough work out in. My gear is at home. The YMCA is 25 miles away. If I disappear for a run, I am being rude.

I know! Even if I don't work out, my autonomic functions still burn 2000 calories a day and if I eat righ, it won't be a problem. But still ...

Then there was the drive home. Six plus hours in the car. Just sitting. And my Restless Leg Syndrome would kick in. I was going nuts.

I am home, on my own turf. I can set up my bike in its trainer or hit the treadmill. I have some outside work to do tomorrow.

It's all part of living the life.

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