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Mom gave me a really great Birthday present

Monday, June 11, 2012

I have mentioned before that Mom has suffered a series of strokes. Last week she was in the hospital due to some fainting. I was able to observe some of her memory loss first hand. She used her maiden name, for example, when asked her name. She didn't know her age (91) or birthday (on June 24). She doesn't seem to know the names of the two sisters who provide her most care. That girl and the other girl. Fortunately, both sisters have worked medically with geriatrics so they are not hurt. When anyone enters the room, she is introduced. When I came in they told her, "This is your son Timothy." She looked at Pat irritatedly and said "I know, I know who he is." Pat just laughed and whispered to me "But I'm just 'that girl.'" What are you gonna do?

Today was my 59th birthday. And I got all the Happy birthday wishes in email and on my Facebook page.

But no birthday greeting was better than a phone call I just got. The caller ID said "Elaine." I always take a deep breath for calls from Elaine or Pat.

Deep breath. "Hello?"
"Timothy, I have a call for you. Hold for Mom."
"Timothy, I asked her to call you for me." Then she had real trouble finding the right words, but just asking Elaine to call me meant the world to me. Finally she said "Happy birthday. It is your birthday today, right?"

How about that? She can't remember her own, but she remembered mine. Even at my age, Happy Birthday from Mom is special. And it's extra special knowing that she is in her final years or days.

I hate my children.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hate them.

If it wasn't socially unacceptable, I would have left them to be raised by wolves.

Then again, maybe they WERE secretly raised by wolves.

How else to explain why my oldest son took this video of me trying to use a hulahoop AND posting it on Facebook.

And his older sister egging him on! She's a doctor! She ought to know better.

I blame their mother. She always did coddle them.

I hate my children!

Run. Inspired.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

A discovery at the Yards

Friday, June 08, 2012

The Orioles lost last night. The world appears to be coming back into alignment with the O's having lost 9 of the last 12 games. With a single loss they dropped from first place to third place. There will be no October baseball at Camden Yards in 2012.

Yes, I knew they could not stand the kind of success they have been having this early in the 2012 campaign.

At one point, as much as I love baseball and still love the Orioles, I had to get out of my seat and walk. Oh, the smells! Esskay Hot dogs. Polock Johnny's Polish sausages, Boog's Barbecue, Roma italian sausage. Boardwalk fries smothered in vinegar and Old Bay. Crab cakes. Even a re-boot ( www.ginosgiant.com/ ) of the old Gino's brand ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gino%27s_Hambu

(Everybody goes to Gino's / 'Cause Gino's is the place to go. / Everybody goes to Gino's, / Everybody in the know ... I still know the jingle even though Gino's has been gone for 30 years. Now where did I leave my hearing aids and glasses and cell phone and wallet and keys?)

I resisted them all. But there was one store I did go into. It was called Eutaw Market. Eutaw Street is the promenade between the Warehouse and the Flag Court. Eutaw Market in the bottom of the Warehouse is a simple store where one can get sandwiches, beer, soda, and water. Water was $4.50. Ah, major league prices at a major league stadium.

Then behold! A fruit stand! Bananas, apples, oranges! All for $1 each!

I took a couple of apples, a bottle of water and headed back to my seat to witness the complete humiliation of my team.

Do you need more inspiration?

Thursday, June 07, 2012

RWDaily.com has offered us a way to be inspired to continue through those times when the going is tough.

I give you your mantra, guaranteed to get you through those rough patches, to fend off tedium or weakness or pain -- an invaluable tool while running a marathon.:

Mollie the Most Incredibly Lifelike Orangutan Toddler Ever
Is Chasing Me...

Mollie the Most Incredibly Lifelike Orangutan Toddler Ever
Is Chasing Me...

Mollie the Most Incredibly Lifelike Orangutan Toddler Ever
Is Chasing Me...

Don't like the Mollie? Well, how about:

Biker Monkey Is Hot on My Trail, and I Think
He Wants Me to Be His "Old Lady"...

Biker Monkey Is Hot on My Trail, and I Think
He Wants Me to Be His "Old Lady"...

Biker Monkey Is Hot on My Trail, and I Think
He Wants Me to Be His "Old Lady"...

Who is he "checking out" over the top of his custom motorcycle shades?

You. And he likes what he sees.

(For extra inspiration, picture Biker Monkey chasing you on a tiny motorcycle... with Mollie on the back, hugging Biker Monkey tight, her "little wisps of hair" whipping wildly in the wind.)

"He'll Own the Road...and Steal Your Heart!"

With a butterfly knife. After he drugs you.

Run on, friends.

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