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E is for Emotional Eating

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I always thought I kept my emotions in control. I don't mean I was some kind of Vulcan, exhibiting no emotions. I was just able to handle them appropriately. Most specifically, I didn't think I engaged in emotional eating.

During my second summer of Weight Watchers, a very dear friend died. I did my best to remain mindful through his last week and the week of the funeral to watch my eating. Honestly, no one would have blamed me for over indulging, I knew that, but I was careful none the less. One of the boys, Patrick, had a long planned trip to California and we insisted that he not miss his opportunity. He took long with him my rather expensive camera. One afternoon as we were attending yet another family reception between viewings, I had just served up a small portion of lasagna when I received a phone call. It was Patrick. He was fine, but he had lost my camera, my expensive camera, in the Phoenix Airport. I was upset. After about 5 minutes on the phone with him, I looked down at the plate. There were TWO plates. Both were empty. I had eaten the planned small portion of lasagna and I have no clue how big the second portion was. I had apparently eaten a bunch of pasta without even knowing it.

So the emotions there let me just start to eat unconsciously. How weird. Boredom, happiness, sadness, anger, loss name an emotion, we use it to eat.

If we are aware of it, we might be better armed against it.

Yesterday, after I fell from my bike (doing well today, thank you) I went to the Weight Watchers meeting I was going to. They handed out samples of a new pretzel thin. I was hungry, make no mistake, but not so hungry that I wasn't able to wait 45 minute to get home for breakfast. Nevertheless, I busted open that bag of chips. Why? Partly because I was hungry. But mostly because I was upset about the accident. It wasn't food, it was a snack. ANd not even a particularly good one.

I crumpled up the bag and put it into the trash.


I need a new Brain Bucket

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I got up this morning to a fabulous day. Deep blue sky, little brezze, temperature around 60F. I decided to ride my town bike to the Weight Watchers meeting. About 3/4 mile from my front door.

I hit Frederick Road and was pedaling so smoothly, I felt like I could go all the way to the Inner Harbor. I was so in the groove. Nice.

I turned onto Mellor Ave and I passed the first entrance to the parking lot because I don't like the bump in it, choosing instead the second entrance. There is a third is I take a left onto Bloomsbury, but the second was good enough.

Something took my attnetion for a half a second, maybe the two ladies who were walking to the meeting but when I came back, I was almost right next to the entrance I wanted.

Did I slow gently and double back if I passed it?


Did I opt to go to Bloomsbury because I missed my turn?


Did I grab my brake levers with both hands?

Hell yes! Otherwise there would be no story.

I felt the sickening feeling of losing control of my bicycle. I tipped over and I was down. As I was getting up, the two ladies came running over to help me up. "I'm alright! I am all right." Then I felt my legs crumple under me and I saw the tunnel vision. I had nasty scrapes on both hands but I knew I had landed on my right side.

The was relatively good. I didn't mess up my healing left side, right?

I walked my bike the 25 yards or so and used the bathroom inside to clean up the blood. I dropped my pants to discover scrapes on my knee and my hip. My only thought was "She's gonna kill me."

So I had scrapes also on my right knee, right hip, right hand, right forearm, right shoulder, and left palm. I discovered that my neck hurt like the devil on the right! And I had a headache. And no wonder! There was a crack in my bike helmet.

I say again: I BROKE MY HELMET!

That's not good.

I sat through the meeting, even participated. I rode home ... slowly. I even brough the bike inside. As I was fixing my breakfast, I found I was shaking enough that I couldn't separate my eggs.

I decided to go to the emergency room. I got Mike out of bed and had him drive me. Bonus! He knoew where the Care First was so he took me there. No one wants to spend ALLLLLL day at St Agnes ER.

They did the eye check. The asked me who I was (I'm Batman. No I didn't.), where I was (Ha! can't fool me there was a sign that said Care First Catonsville), and today's date. What? Nobody told me there would be a test! Um It's Saturday. In April. Week after Easter. 13th? 14th? I don't know. That was close enough.

X-rays, no fractures. Neck soreness? Headache? Hello? I just had my bell rung. You betcha I have a headache and sore neck.

In spite of early symptoms of a minor concussion, by the time the doctor was done with me, I had no lingering signs. Go home. Rest. Watch TV. Here's a list of bad things to look for.

She(WMBO) says she's taking away my bikes. David (oldest son) is already clling dibs. I don't think so.

I am OK.

But wow am I sore.

2012 -- A matter of perspective

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm just sayin' is all.

D is for DOMS

Friday, April 13, 2012

I worked out hard yesterday and It felt great! It felt so good I tackled getting rid of some trash from the attic and garage. When I got home from the dump, I mowed the lawn. All in all a satisfying day of exercise.

This morning I woke up to an unpleasant surprise. Youch! I was sore all over.

I was suffering from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS. It is a common side effect of a hard workout.

When muscles are repeatedly stretched and stressed, small microtears occur within the muscle fibers, usually leading to inflammation. In the days following a tough workout, the body starts rebuilding itself by creating new, stronger muscle fiber to compensate for the damage (making it better, stronger, faster). And so the soreness we perceive is caused by inflammation within the muscle during this rebuilding cycle.

Fortunately, I am not new to hard workouts and a little stretching and some light activity helped me to quickly recover. I also took a little Aleve which I have been taking for my shoulder pain and stiffness since December. So I am feeling much better tonight.

For new exercisers, however, the effects of DOMS may last for several days. In fact She(WMBO) was suffering from continued shoulder soreness as a result of our new trainer. She had to go to Phoenix and skipped a couple of session and has come home good as new and ready to get back to work.

SparkPeople explains DOMS and other exercise sorenesses here: www.sparkpeople.com/resource/fitness

And amazingly, my left shoulder is steadily improving. Where only a few weeks ago holding my left arm out horizontal was painful, now holding it almost straight up is only uncomfortable.
emoticon emoticon

C is for Calories

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The biggest trick to weight loss, regardless of the regimen you have selected, is more Calories expended than consumed. If you do that, really do that, you will lose weight. (Please do not get me started on the bogus starvation mode myth. That's a discussion for another time.)

We burn about 2000 Calories a day just being. Men more than women. Bigger people more than smaller people. But the point is, we burn Calories breathing, holding our bodies up, beating our heart. Just being.

We could lose weight by cutting our intake. Cutting out just 500 Calories of food a day should result in 1 pound of fat a week. But we really need more. We need to move. Exercise. Get that heart pumping.

Walking is good. So is running. Or cycling. A place many start is at the gym. The treadmill or exercycle has that handy-dandy Calorie monitor on it. Excellent!

Calorie monitors may be the necessary motivation to keep on truckin through a tough cardio workout, but are they really 100 percent on the money? The experts agree: Calorie monitors often overestimate burn, and may not be equally accurate for all exercises (and exercisers).

Do Calorie Monitors Really Work?

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