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A whirlwind day

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Semms like only last week I was in Newport North Carolina.

Oh! Wait!

It was just last week. for a Half marathon. This week is the Newport Pig Cookin'. Oh yeah. You can google it. It's there. But they make some of the best Carolina Barbeque you ever tasted at this contest. So we came back down for the festivities.

And I have to be back home for 9:15 Mass on Sunday.

So we cleaned house this morning and piled all out stuff in the car and took off. Six and a half hours of driving and this is the first real road trip for my 2004 Toyota Avalon. I was expecting maybe 25 mpg. I was surprised to get close to 29 mpg. not too shabby.

Once we got in and I got the boys fed, I went for a run. It was dark, but I came prepared with my headlamps and relfective vest. I got in seven miles. I held my pace down because it was dark and these are not my roads, so I did a restrained 11 minute mile.

But for sure it stripped the tension of I-95 right out of my head.

I am now ready to sleep.

Is this for real?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Charles Barkley dressing like Jennifer Hudson in n upcoming Weight Watchers' commercial? Deadspin has reported it. deadspin.com/5897290/

Sir Charles is quite outrageous and I think it will be hilarious. And hilarious is not generally Weight Watchers thing.

Flexibility is great!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I went to the Y this morning to meet with my trainer this morning. It's the first time we have gotten together in 10 days but I have been doing my exercises regularly.

When Dave and I first started, I could not raise my left arm out to my side above horizontal. I can not get my arm almost to 80 degrees. I still have a shortened reach, but it's a lot better than it was. There is still a little pain, but nothing at all like it was.

I still have some progress to make. I am thinking about trying a few laps in the pool. I am not ready to do pushups or pull ups or lift weights over my head. But It looks like there is hope.

Day to day nothing changes then all of a sudden everything is different.

This and that

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yesterday afternoon, I was enjoying a yummy bag of popcorn. One of those little 100 calorie bags with a little of my own spice concoction sprinkled on. Delish. Then, CRUNCH! I bit down on an unpopped kernel. When I spit it out, along came a piece of my molar. No pain, but my tongue just loved to find it. It must have been three inches across. I was able to see the dentist today and he cast a temporary cap for it. It only took about two-an-a-half hours. The perm comes in two weeks from now.

I have signed up for two trail races this year. There is a half in April and a 10k in June, on Father's Day. The dentist is near the Fleet Feet so on my way home, I did have to let Beltway traffic die down a bit, I stopped in and got a new pair of shoes. Brooks Cascadias. the uppers are very like the Adrenalines I normally wear, but the sole is stiffer and has trail gripping nubs on it. I can't wait to try them out.

I had to hit the attic and clean it out. She(WMBO) has told me to dispose of anything I wish, except here wedding dress. "Are you expecting to need it again?" She laugh, pinched at her waist and said, "I think that ship sailed when Danielle was born." Dr Dani is 38 1/2 years old. We do hope to have granddaughters someday. But Dr Dani did wear it when she was married.

I was also able to hit the street for a run amid all that other stuff going on. It is amazing what you can squish in when you set your mind to it. Tomorrow I will meet with my trainer. So I am glad to say I am getting my workouts in. Having a trainer has really encouraged me to get it done.

I had been trying to get a PhotoPost up every day. I did it for more than 30 days in a row, but now that I am getting busy on my dormant Honey-do list, I will probably be more occasional on those.

A Gatorade bath for me

Monday, March 26, 2012

(Leftover from Saturday's race)

Not a big fan of Gatorade, here.

I was on the Half Marathon at MCAS Cherry Point Saturday morning when I made the turn into the last mile. There was a water station ... so late? Well, I never turn down water. The young Marine was holding out two cups. I thought "One for my hat and one to drink."


One of them was Gatorade.

And of course that one was for my hat. I had to use the water to rinse it off of course.

But at that point I was assured a PR even if I just trotted in. (I ran, I got a 2:06:40. Just a week prior in DC I got a PR of 2:10:52. Not too shabby.)

So I deserved a Gatorade bath, right?

Obviously not me, and a little more than I dumped on me, but what the heck.

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