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Weather Dangers.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

A couple of years ago the Baltimore area was hit by four major blizzards. We recorded a record 79 inches of snow that year. One was before Christmas, two were within a week of each other. Lots of time being shut in. And what do we wind up doing? Yup! Eating.

This week has been a challenge. I am a retired Stay at Home Dad. That means my boys are grown and the economy is too ight for me to find a new job at my age. So I work for She(WMBO).

Lately I have been buikding aroof but with Irene passing through followed a week later by the much longer event of Lee, I have been spending a lot of time away from the project.

And boy do those chips look good.

So I must keep working. Yesterday I framed a window that needed framing. And I painted the boards I will be using for fascia on the roof. The day before that, I cleaned the cellar == more or less. Now I have to do the tedium of sorting my tools back to their proper homes.

If tis rain keeps up, I may have to look even harder for something to keep me busy.

And out of the kitchen.

Clearly I have nothing to talk about.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Today it has been raining like crazy! Work on my roof has come to a screeeching halt.

I want to get my fascia boards primer painted but I think it's just too damp to even do it in the garage.

I am not getting in a work out and it is bugging me. (Who said that?)

My son called today and wants me to start working out with him. That's good because I could use a buddy and he seemed to indicate that he could use one too. Tomorrow, we are going to meet in the evening aver at the YMCA at the former site of Baltimore Memorial Stadium.

I cleaned up my cellar so I can move my Stationary cycle downstairs. That will make Herself happy. I just hope She doesn't look in the tool room. It looks like a bomb went off.

Just a few Kitchen Pet Peeves

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The kitchen seems a fairly safe domain. There are no politics or religion. What could possibly be frustration in the kitchen?

When I look at a recipe in a cookbook, what is stopping authors and publishers from including something so simple as the Nutritional Information? I can enter that recipe into any number of recipe generator, including the one on SparkPeople, and generate a Nutritional Information box. Why can't publisher?

When I pick up a can of beans or corn or any vegetables in a standard size can, they tell me that a standard size serving is 1/2 cup. In the can there are 2 1/2 servings. What? So I have one serving and my dining companion has a serving and I am supposed to leave 1/4 cup in my pot? Why can't they simply change the size of the can to fit 2 or 3 servings?

My children used to like PopTarts. They come packaged in envelopes, two to an envelope. One serving of PopTarts is one PopTart. same thing with Fig Newton Bars. Two to a pack, one bar per serving. It's not just with sweets. Morning Star Farms vegan sausage patties are two patties to a package, one pattie per serving.

The Nutritional Information label on popcorn always tells me about the unpopped kernels. Why? I do not eat popcorn that way. Some brands don't include data for popped corn. That is hardly useful. And those full sized bags are 5 servings! Really? It's pretty hard dividing that up and saving the other four for later. So I eat the whole bag. And so do you. So why don't they tell me the Nutritional Data for the whole bag?

When I purchase a pint of ice cream and I am buying four servings (!) of ice cream. Show of hands -- who splits up that pint of Haagen Daz four ways? Two ways? I didn't think so. You eat the whole pint.

Why is organic food always over priced and over ripe? When I go down the natural food aisle at the supermarket, could someone tell me where that granola bar tree is?

I'm just sayin' is all.

The morning after

Monday, September 05, 2011

I saw a great video on YouTube called The Day After the Marathon:


Watch it to the end. I laughed 'til I cried.

Today was not nearly that bad for me. Of course, I was 10k shy of a marathon. The only part of me that was painful this morning was my big toes. Oh, I was sore all over, but not sore enough to stay in bed all day.

I will say this though: the marathon had better be worth it.

Mondays are usually a short run day. We will put that off to tomorrow.

20 miles today

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Marathon training is the toughest thing I have ever done physically.

After that first 10 miler, it got rough.

My Saturday runs started at 5:00 AM:
5 miles
12 miles
5 miles
14 miles
5 miles
17 miles
6 miles
6 miles

Friday night I ran the Baltimore Grand Prix 5k in a PR 25:06. So that was great. I rested my legs Saturday by getting work done around the house.

Today, Sunday, at 8:00 AM Charm City Run sponsored a 20 miler from near the Mason Dixon Line to just outside Baltimore City.

As a part of it, I checked my time at 13.1 miles: 2:11:36. That would have been a PR half -marathon, if this had been a half-marathon. It was not.

It was 20 miles. I was able to maintain about 10 minute per mile pace through mile 17. Then I slowed down ... a lot.

Final time was a 11:27 pace. Total 20 mile time was 3:48:54.

No pain. I am sore and happy with my results. See line 210

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