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PhotoPost 3/4/12: New York New York

Sunday, March 04, 2012

When you visit New York City, I think there is a law that says that you have to take a picture up the Empire State Building from the sidewalk.

PhotoPost 3/3/12: Our Fireplace

Saturday, March 03, 2012

I have no real story to go with this. I always try to have one, but the best I can come up with is this:

I was walking through the parlor (yes ,we call it the parlor; it's an old house) and I liked the light on the fireplace. So I set up and took some pictures.

In the chair on the left is Tawny, just about the nicest dog I have ever had. An abused foundling who, after eight years as a member of this family, still doesn't quite trust her good fortune. Don't expect a fire this winter; it's been way too warm.

It's a fannypack!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

There is something liberating about getting "old."

There was a time when I actually cared about what you thought.

Now, not so much.

After I lost my keys, then my wallet, then my keys again, then ... you get the picture ... I started to use a fanny pack. Now I know where my stuff is.

And it's a big one! I used it in Ireland because we were touring and I needed stuff like my pass port, batteries, water. But once I got home, I didn't require it any more.

Wallet in pocket.
Passport put away.
Keys over there somewhere.
iPhone two floors away with the ringer off since Sunday or maybe in the car.

The other night one of the boys asked for some money (GET A JOB!) and I told him to go get my purse.

I said it out loud just like that, "Go get get my purse."



"It's not a purse. Men don't carry purses."

"Shut up and get my purse if you want my money which I don't have much of any way. Mom keeps me poor so other women won't be interested in me."

"Dad, you carry a purse. You call it a purse"

I glare.

"I'm just sayin', lack of money isn't the only thing going to keep other women away. Pretty sure you carrying a purse is chick repellant enough."

"Shut up and get a job."

So, you got a problem with me carrying a purse?

Yeah, well, at least I know where my keys are. I think.

PhotoPost 3/2/12: Another Other worldly picture.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Last night I posted a photo of the moon. Someone asked why it too me 108 exposures to get the one I posted. Let's just say it was an exercise in how to use the film speed, shutter seed and aperture settings.

Certainly another world.

Earlier this week, I went to the Natioanl Aquarium at Baltimore's Inner Harbor. I took this photo with my iPhone. These creature are also from another world that is very foreign to us and they look it.

If you ever come to Washington, make your way up to Baltimore to see the Aquarium. And feel free to spend your money on other things in town too! Just FYI, BWI Airport is less crowded and not as confusing as Dulles Airport and I think it's and esier drive to DC.

I had one of those days today

Friday, March 02, 2012

I stepped out the back door this morning ready for a run as awesome as yesterday's ...

... and I did an about face and pulled on some warmer clothes.

It's not that is was cold. It was cooler than yesterday by about 20F but that still made it a pleasant 40 degrees. It was breezya and damp, clammy with the approaching weather.

OK, take two.

I stepped out the back door this morning ready for a run as awesome as yesterday's dressed somewhat more warmly and I started my run. For some odd reason, the rhythm that just clicked yesterday was not there today. Not after a quarter mile. Not at a mile.

After two miles I decided to ditch the run walk pattern as I had yesterday and see if that worked any better. I went for three miles non-stop and all I got for it was hungry shakies.

I don't get them when I eat first. And I ate first today; oatmeal , orange, a slice of ham (yes on a lent Friday ham. So sue me.). I reached into my belt and took out the Clif bar and ate that.

Another three quarter miles and I was still hungry. I still had 9 miles or so left on my run. So I pulled the plug and made the turn for home. That meant I was still three miles away!

I didn't want to run any more. But I was sweaty and it was cool and breezy so I had to get going.

Then I got home. I just pigged out! I busted my Calories today. By a lot! ANd I still didn't reach my goal for fiber. WHich means that what I ate wasn't that good for me.

Oh well, we all have days like that. At least I was out on the street for nearly two hours so my calorie bust wasn't SOOO bad. But it was bad.

Tomorrow is coming.

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