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PhotoPost 3/1/12: Shoot the Moon

Thursday, March 01, 2012

I looked up this evening into a crystal clear sky on an unseasonable warm evening and I saw this First Quarter Moon over head.

I put out my Nikon on a tripod and I started shooting away, experimenting with f-stops and exposure speed and "film" speeds. I loaded them on my laptop and found theone I like best andcropped it out to this one.

Imagine the thrill Galileo must have felt when he first saw those mountain shadows. (I tried to get Mars but It wasn't sharp enough.)

One of the beautiful thing about these digital cameras is that I can see my results now. Also, the memory is large enough that I didn't have to shoot three rolls of film ... yes I shot 108 exposure ... nor do I have to wait for processing.

I want it NOW!

Instant gratification.

PhotoPost 2/29/12: Handing off the torch ...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

... not quite, but Patrick is starting the same way his dear old Dad did.

He mad a couple of pretty good loaves of bread.

Of course in 2012, he had the distint advantage, or not, of preparing the dough in a bread machine. I did it by hand 38 years ago. He just put the ingredients into the bread machin, set it on the dough cycle, came back in about an hour. The first rising was done for him. Then he shaped the loaves and put them in pans to raise a second time and cook thed them.

I am not really sold on trusting the bread machine. When you are doing it by hand, you can learn how to adjust the mount of flour and how much kneading is required.

Then again that could just be old-fartism speaking.

It turned out quite good! A little yeasty, but that happens with some recipes. As he makes more, he'll learn how to deviate from recipes to get the results he wants.

He likes cooking. When he gets his GED, I am trying to get hoim to go to the community college and get his associates in culinary arts. So far it's a hard sell because he says he likes to cook and having it as a career might suck the fun out of it.

How true.

PhotoPost 2/28/12: A Cryin' Shame

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today's picture is one I took of a 1965 Ford Mustang.

More than twenty three years of ice melting chemicals, sun, rain, road dirt (it is on a numbered Maryland route, a very busy road) and just plain neglect have taken its toll. Surely there is a special circle of Hell for someone who does this to a classic. It must be a sin.

And I am not particularly a car guy.

Who really cares about a stupid old car? Well, the Mustang was introduced in the second half of the 1964 model year. So the 1965 was the first full year of production. Today it would be worth anywhere from $9,000 to more than $40,000.

This one belongs to a neighbor a few doors down from us. It was parked on the street when we moved into the house in 1989 and it has not moved since. He keeps renewing the registration and keeps current stickers on it, but he has done nothing else.

I actually got to thinking about this car when I read a member's blog about how the change of lifestyle that is being taught here was sparking her to get up and finish some project that she had languishing.

I wish I could somehow light a spark under my neighbor's chair so that he would do something about this mid-life crisis gone awry. But if his sweet, lovely wife (and she is lovely and sweet) cannot move him, what hope do I have.

I've half a mind to offer him $100 just so I can have it towed away.

Fortunately the better half of my mind, whom I call She(WMBO), thinks I am out of my half of my mind.

Why fish is not meat. An answer?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Last night I did my little rant about "pescitarians" not being any kind or variety of vegetarians. As one commenter pointed out, we humans are all omnivores. Some of us just choose to eat no meat or to only eat vegetables.

Still, the idea that fish is not meat exists and I wondered why. I recall back in the early 60s, we Catholics observed all Fridays of the year as days of abstinence from meat. After Vatican II, the rule was relaxed so only Fridays in Lent were days of abstinence.

Our calendars have a fish symbol on those Fridays. The cultural notion that fish is not meat seems to comes to us through the Catholic Church.

But why is fish not meat?

I had heard three theories.

1) I was taught this in high school religion class. In the Renaissance, the pope wanted the rich to do penance simply for being rich. So he said that they should eat what the poor people ate at least one day a week. The rich had access to beef, etc; the poor had to get what they could and that was often by fishing.

It explains fish on Friday but not why fish is not meat.

2) From many sources, mostly cynics. The pope's brother had a fishing boat and wasn’t selling enough fish. The pope helped him by saying everybody had to eat fish on Friday.

Cynical, but it doesn’t explaining why fish is not meat.

3) Many Church Traditions date all the way back to the Apostles. They were all Jews who were careful about keeping kosher. To be kosher, an animal must be killed in a certain way so that it would bleed out entirely. Most fish and other cold blooded animals don't bleed in the same way that mammals and birds do. Their flesh is not considered meat because of that.

Something the Apostles were doing at the time of Jesus (an Apostolic Tradition, which the Catholic Church observes), ancient, and an explanation of why fish is not meat. I have heard of modern Jews who want to keep kosher in an unsure situation simply punting by ordering the fish.

I may have found the answer!

Of course if any Jewish member wants to correct me ...

PhotoPost 2/27/12: Niagara Falls ...

Monday, February 27, 2012

... from Goat Island.

I took Patrick and our exchange student Bernhard to Niagara Falls late last spring. While they slumbered in the hotel, I went for an early morning run out on Goat Island which lies in the middle of the Niagara River and has the American Falls on one side and the Canadian Falls on the other. Because it was so early, I was able to get this rainbow ... fallsbow? ... over the Canadian Falls as the Sun peeked over the hills and throught the mist.

As if the run wasn't reward enough.

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