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Worka worka Satirdy

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Last night I ran a 5K race on the Grand Prix circuit in Baltimore City. It was flat. It was fast. It was also about 0.09 miles short of 5k. That being the case 25:05.94 is not a 5k time, it's more like a 3 mile time. The first place finishers were 15 minutes and change. Wow! talk about a fast course! Still, my pace for 3 miles was a nifty 8:19, good enough for a 2011 PR.

And I slept late this morning, getting up just in time to dash out to my Weight Watchers meeting. I walked anyway and arrived a little late. Too bad.

When I got home, I had work to do. Last summer She(WMBO) wanted a patio and gazebo with a nice covered area from my grills. What She(WMBO) was a plaza 42' x 41' and a 16' x 16' pavilion. My covered kitchen was framed out last year except for the roof. Things kept me from getting to it this spring then very hot weather limited progress this summer.

It's nice now. I was able to work all day every day this week on that roof. It's still a slow go because as I tell Herself, I don't know what the fck I am doing. I'm makin' it up as I go along. Today I got almost all the sheathing on. Shingles before the weekend.

I worked a good 5 hours today. I hate to put down 5 hours construction. That's 300 minutes which they translate into 2011 calories burned!

Did I really do that much?

The Gluten-Free Fad

Friday, September 02, 2011

I have a sister-in-law with celiac disease. She must avoid gluten. Even when she does, the lack of gluten in her diet is causing other issues to be exacerbate, like osteoporosis. It is a terrible disease.

I just read a Spark Health article: Is Gluten-Free the Way to Be? www.sparkpeople.com/resource/nutriti

The writer points out a number of things I have observed. The over marketing of gluten-free as a fad diet.

My nephew's wife (niece-in-law?) went gluten free. She had no diagnosis, she just did it because she read an article from LATimes that claimed that schools where gluten was banished showed an improvement in behavior. (correlation is not causation)

She swears that it had improved her children's behavior. I keep trying to tell her that it's not the gluten free, but the elimination of the fast food, dyes, eating out, and overly processed food that has helped.

But her gluten free diet does not mean they are eating more healthful. She still shovels the bacon onto the table.

Three days after posting an article on Facebook that trumpeted a study connection suicidal tendencies with aspartame (when one read the article they found that all the test subjects were unmedicated depression patients receiving aspartame equivalent to 24 cans of Coke Zero per day), she bragged about the corn dogs she was feeding her kids. When I pointed out how odd this was, she defended that the batter was gluten-free (of course, it was corn batter), the meat was organic chicken dogs (fat and skin from organic chickens is not better), and deep-fired (great) in organic canola oil (really? not likely since almost all canola in GM).

That is the kind of silliness we are currently seeing in the gluten-free arena. That, and fresh fruits being marked as gluten-free foods.

Where does it end?
When will it end?

Sometimes they surprise you.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Couple of days ago I posted Mike's picture from first day of school. That was one week ago. On Friday the school told everyone that they wanted to minimize campus population in anticipation of the storm. If you lived close enough, you should go home. So Miguelito came home for the weekend after one day of college.

This weekend, the college is closed for a four day Labor Day weekend. He was supposed to come home tonight.

A little background on Mike. He is educationally "differently abled." He has multiple learning disabilities. He was in a special program at Mt St Joseph High School and even then I was not entirely sure he would graduate. He got into Alvernia through the back door. They had sent him a letter saying "we need to review your application some more" which is registrarese for not interested. Then they sent us a letter saying, "Now that your child has been accepted we want to talk about tuition." When we called we got "Oops, we didn't mean to send that to you." We responded "That's pretty disappointing." Which translates to "Make this right or our attorney will be in touch."

Mike is in Alvernia class of '11 as a probationary student. Good news is they have a special program for learning disabled freshmen.

Back to the four day weekend. I texted him asking if I would see him tonight. He responded "Tomorrow. I have way too much work to do. And if I came home I wouldn't do it. Haha." I do not know what the Haha means but I do know that he seems to be taking this opportunity seriously.

He makes me proud.

Gettin' the carbs in.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

I was in the store recently and I was looking at the Nutritional Information label trying to come up with the PointsPlus Value. Another fellow came by, ran his finge down the label to the carbs line (there were less than 20g) and set teh box down. "way too many. " he muttered.

I found out much to my surprise that there are folks out there who avoid carbs like they were poison! To them all carbs are empty calories. I will grant that most processed grains and processed sugars are pretty empty but, you cannot avoid them entirely. Can you?

The last couple of days I was hitting my PointsPlus target during the day. I was having fruit and protein, but I was naggingly hungry ... not starving, just that little growl ... and incredibly sleepy. I went to my Sparkpeople tracker and behold! I was way out of balance with my carbohydrates. I decided that I would treat myself to an afternoon snack of a small baked potatoe with black bean salsa.

It worked like magic.

How do people go through the day without carbs?

My baby's first day of school (Picture!!)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mike started college last week. We have pictures for the baby book. He promises that he does not want to gain the freshman 15. I would settle for sober and no unexpected grandchildren. And yes I gave him a special "care package" from Dad to help ensure the latter. Must be a realist.

I did give him the link for SparkTeens, but knowing him I seriously doubt he will take advantage of it. One thing I have started doing to encourage him is to send him a Daily Affirmation. Not sure if he appreciates it or not. I'm just waiting for the "ENOUGH ALREADY" post from him.

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