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A few random thoughts

Monday, January 23, 2012

This morning when I got dressed, it was the first time since Friday that I put my left arm through my shirt sleeve. It was hard to do, but it was doable. The only issue was limited range of motion, not pain. I knew it was going to be a good day.

I haven't washed my hair since Thursday night. I pulled on my cowboy boots because they do not require tying (and boots, after all, are made for walking), a slicker, and a hat, and I walked up to the Hair Cuttery. It was just raining too much for me to go the next half mile to the barber. There they washed my hair, cut it, and trimmed my beard. It felt so good, I gave the girl a big tip ... Stay in school!

I cooked breakfast this morning. It was a good thing that I had liquid egg whites because I could not find the separator and just using the egg shells to separate them is a two handed operation. Mmmm. Faux-ver easy eggs on Thomas' bagel thins.

I simply was not hungry for lunch. I don't know why. So I had a pear.

Nothing for pain today except two Aleve. Maybe I'll take the rest of the Oxycodone down to the high school and make a little side money. KIDDING! I will flush it if I don't need it tomorrow.

I got really cocky at dinner and I tried to eat with my left hand. Now my shirt has a snack on it for later. Of course, eating with my right hand has been yielding the same result, but at least it reaches my mouth.

I have been wanting to join Half Fanatics. Minimum requirement is to run three half marathons in 90 days. Since I ran RnR AZ on 1/15, I have to run two more before 4/15. RNR USA (DC) is on 3/17. Need one more. Hmm March 31-April 1 is out because I always read at Palm Sunday Mass. April 7-8 is out; that's Easter. That left April 14 or March 24-25. Today I found the Cherry Point Half Marathon on March 24 at MCAS Cherry Point, NC. That's about 10 mile from my sister-in-law's home in Newport, NC. It's only $25. Probably no medal at that price, but it's cheap. I won't require a hotel room, I get to cross NC off my 50 states. It's only one week after RnR USA (DC) but I can do that if I don't worry about setting a PR for either race ... just take it easy and run for fun.

And yes, my orthopedist said I can start running again as soon as I feel like it. And that DC should be no problem. Bonus! She(WMBO) gets to visit her sister.

Notice I and using upper case letters tonight!

I am feeling better.

staying on track during injury recovery

Sunday, January 22, 2012

now comes the real challenge.

i have been two days into this recovery mode and it is driving me crazy.

i can dig not being able to go out running. heck, it's been cold and slick around here so i probably would not have been out running anyway. but when i take my arm out of the sling to flex my elbow, the twinge in my shoulder reminds me of the wisdom of the sling.

it's only been two days!!

i will have to kill something in another week.

but my main concern is to not eat too little/too much.

friday, i ate virtually nothing but i was so doped up i probably would not have kept it down.

saturday i simply was not hungry and i sort of made myself eat some soup and some fruit.

today, sunday i wanted to cook, but me wielding a knife one handed, in my right hand no less, would have been all at once comical and frightening. so i wound up eating some crappy takeout. she-wmbo- didn't want to cook, but recognizing that i wanted something substantial decided it was a good idea.

tomorrow i am allowed to drive. 72 hours will be over. i am going to the barber and get my hair washed ... not done since thursday night and shower are not allowed yet. then i may take a jaunt around the mall.

i found this advice on a blog. Maintaining Fitness Goals During Injury
By Luke


"When striving for fitness goals you may have setbacks. Just remember, these things happen and itís no big deal. Hereís some things you can do to keep you on track:

1. Maintain a healthy and strict diet
2. Stay Positive
3. Keep Busy
4. Adjust your Workouts
5. Stay Positive!

"One thing that has really helped me is keeping an ultra strict diet. Iím not burning as many calories as I was before my injury. Make sure to adjust for this so you donít gain too much weight.

"Also, adjust your workouts so you can stay on track towards your fitness goal. Iíve been putting a ton of time on the rower, the stationary bike, and the weights.

"Itís all about staying positive and keeping your sights on the Ultimate Fitness Goal."

so that should be painted on my walls.

it also seems like i already intuited the right answers.

except that part about staying positive.

recovery day

Saturday, January 21, 2012

i apologize in advance for the lack of uppercase letters. one handed right handed typing is not something i am used to.

today i did nothing. that is, i did nothimg for as long as i could. she-wmbo- was busy watching lost dvds all day and there is just so much i can take of that.

i had wanted to go for a walk, even a short one, but we had about an inch of snow followed on by a glazing of ice. i saw no need to risk a fall on an unexpected patch of ice, but watching tv all day glazed me over as much as the drugs did yesterday.

the doctor gave me a couple of pretty powerful pain relivers. one i don't know what it is, the other is oxycodone ... not to be confused with the highly addictive oxycontin. taking the made me feel very dopey. between the droning of the tv, the pain meds, and the unnecessary gas fireplace sucking all the oxygen out of the room, i could barely keep my eyes open.

around 1400 when i was due another dose of meds, i decided tp try aleve instead. i actually think it did a better job without the sleepies.

she-wmbo- helped me bathe and get dressed this morning. good lord, i felt like an invalid. when i put together a bowl of soup and a yogurt for each of us, she told me that she was supposed to wait on me. 'you are waiting on me ... you are waiting on me to get supper on.' hah ha ha. but at least i was able to do that much. of course knowing how i like to cook, i felt handcuffed doing even that.

i will go to church tomorrow, but because i am not allowed to dive until monday afternoon, it means i have to go to early mass at 0700. i much prefer 0915. at least we will go out to b'fast at the biker's bar near church. this is a neat place, i have to blog about it sometime. and no i am not a biker.

tomorrow should be fun what with the ravens playing in foxboro against the patriots for the afc title. i have llittle expectation for flacco against tom, the baby, brady. in fact i have pats 37 ravens 17. i hope i am wrong. don't think i am.

and maybe i can go for a walk tomorrow.

Home from surgery

Friday, January 20, 2012

it it going to be a short blog tonight. almost a long status.

For one thing, I am typing slowly so you will need to read fast. And with only one hand. My right hand, my wrong hand at that

Yes, I am still come off the drugs. I don't know what they gave me, but it has been six hours and i am only just now stable enough to go to the bathroom without an escort. And not sleep.

I have eaten grapes today. yes, that's it. Just grapes.

Dr said I should commence brisk walking tomorrow. Surely not swinging the arms back and forth. And he said I can probably run in a week if I want. Just be smart about it.

Oh and no shower until Monday! P. U.

As the block wears off, the pressure increases on my shoulder!

Thank you all for your good wishes and prayers.

The night before ...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tomorrow is the day I go to get my shoulder repaired. Torn Rotator cuff. It probably happened when I went off my bike to avoid hitting a car at Thanksgiving in Savannah. At the time I thought I had smashed my glasses, got a black eye, and wounded my ego, and that was it. I did learn my lesson about wearing my helmet on my bike. I never really made the connection. But I did brace my tumble with my left hand.

It wasn't until several days later, I thought I had pulled a muscle. My sister who had rotator cuff surgery in early November was the one who told me to go to the doctor when it hadn't gone away in more than a week.

I guess I am as ready as I will ever be. I am looking at it like this: I hear about sports stars getting this same repair all the time. Some come back. Many do not. My orthopedist told me that that is because the cannot play at the level they were playing before, not because they can't use the arm.

On one level it make me feel like a "real athlete" to have the same surgery that the pros have. On another, I am not sure I will get full range of use back. I am 58 years old after all.

The doctor told me to not worry about training for the swim part of a triathlon.

But I could walk for three weeks and resume running.

He did say that I can no longer do military press. Weight straight armed over my head. I never did that anyway. Hated it.

All other exercises I will be able to resume after a period of physical therapy.

Still ...

They gonna knock me out and carve me up tomorrow.

Not really digging that.

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