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An Interesting Volume of Cookery

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I have started reading a book.

I would like to call it a new book, but I really cannot. It's "The Original Fannie Farmer 1896 Cook Book."

If looks were everything, I would not want this one to be my teacher. She looks positively fearsome.

This is a neat tome that was used late in the nineteenth century to teach new cooks at the Boston Cooking School.

The writing of this book is somewhat dated. It also should be used in a course on technical writing. It tells the reader how to cook without any flourish or flair. The facts, and just the facts.

The first line of the text, to me, is classic:

"Chapter 1
"Food is anything that nourishes the body."

The second paragraph begins similarly:

"Food is necessary for growth, repairs, and energy; there fore the elements composing the body must be found in the food."

How often we forget these important, simple facts is one of the reasons we eat so badly.

Words have changed over the years, a little, but the basics have not. "The daily average ration of an adult requires:
3 1/2 oz. proteid. (98 grams proteins)
10 oz. Starch. (280 grams carbohydrates)
3 oz fat. (84 grams fat, but we recommend about half that)"

I will continue to read this fascinating book over the next few weeks and I will let you know other things I find.

Everything Old is New Again.

Race report (with pictures)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rock 'n' Roll Arizona was such a bonus run for me. After RnR Savannah, I asked She(WMBO) if she needed to go to Phoenix in January. She generally goes every six weeks or so. In particular, 15 January or so. She allowed that could arrange that. So we had a nice little get away. It doesn't happen often, so it was a nice opportunity.

Saturday we went to see a National Parks Historical Site, Casa Grande Ruins. It was Hohokam village from 300 CE to about 1450 CE.

The drive through the dessert was just grand. Along the way, She suggested that we go to dinner at another fascinating historical site, Monti's. It was built up form the first home in Tempe and was once the ferry house when the Salt River was a running river.

When we go to Monti's we could see the crews setting up for the next days events. In fact, my corral assembled directly in front of Monti's. The start line was a good block beyond that.

After dinner (which was a bust. The waitress couldn't get anything right. When the filets mignon arrived medium and medium well instead of both medium rare, we called the manager over and left. We went back the next night. it is a good restaurant. One bad night is not reason to never return.) we went back to the hotel.

That gives a whole new meaning to "Christmas Cactus" right?

I had to meet the bus at 6:00. So I wanted to get up at 5:00. Alarm set, I still had trouble falling to sleep. So I grabbed my iPad and headed for the gym. There I could chill or workout if that would help to calm my jitters. I finally hit the pillow for good around 12:30 MST. That would be 2:30 EST, remember.

I woke, seemingly ready to go and as I often do in situations where I MUST be up by 5:00 and I awake to no alarm, ready to go, I nearly panicked. It was 4:51. All my gear was laid out the night before so I quietly got myself over to the bathroom area, and hoping I was quiet enough and the lights not too bright, I shaved and got dressed. As I shut off the light I heard She(WMBO) roar off a beauty of a snore. Ah! She is still asleep. I reached for the door and BANG! the night latch was flipped. Oops!

I made my way up to the lobby and the Market Cafe where breakfast goodies were available. I snagged a banana and an oatmeal bar. Back down to the buses. First bus I got on I noticed the other passengers had no legs and wheelchairs were being loaded. Wow. I will never complain about $120 shoes again! These things are space age racers, really.

The next bus the driver said he was pulling out at 5:45. "No! I was told 6:00." That would be the half marathon bus. This one goes to Phoenix. I, and four others, stood up and got on another bus.

We left at 6:00 and it was a short 4 mile drive to the venue in Tempe.

There the first order of business was to find the start line.

The second order of business was to find the potties. Since I spent enough money at the expo, I was able to "Potty like a rock, Potty like a Rock Star, Potty like a rock."

Lights! Real porcelain fixtures.

Cold AND Hot running water!

Not to mention toilet paper. I didn't need to waste one of my towels! Lucky me since I forgot to bring them.

I found my way to my corral. As the crowd built, so did the excitement among the runners.

The corrals were going off like clock work, but too slowly for me. I had to run back to the potty, one more time. Boy, it sucks getting old. No problem though, by the time corral 8 (I was in 11) went off, the local Light Rail train blocked our path.

The poor locals were f-f-f-freezing in 55 temps. Overcast. Perfect running weather. Perfect.

Finally, it was our turn. Those wear Ravens gear (not me, I had Maryland flag shorts) hollered Go Ravens when our horn sounded. Not too many Texans fans there, odd. And we were off.

We ran through part of the Arizona State University campus. The crowds were sparse and quiet, which was kind of sad. Rock 'n' Roll is all about the fun of the crowds. But on the campus, some people were out.

Generally it was a pretty good run. I ran flat out for the first 5k, which is not my usual method. Then I did a run walk for the middle and at mile 10, I resumed straight running. Except my knee was speaking to me also I dropped to a short walk a couple of times.

Early in the race, I passed the 2:15 pacers. That had been my target pace. But I felt so good, I ran ahead and I never saw them again. Coming down through the Papago Pass, past the Botanical Gardens, I realized that I had a real shot at 2:10. As it was, we made the turn at Monti's and head for Sun Devil Stadium parking lot where the finish for the Full and Half ran along parallel paths on separate roads, pretty neat to be racing the first marathoners, even with a parking lot in between. Ok so it really was no contest. They are FAST!

Anyway, I crossed the mat at 2:11:12. I smashed my PR and I did much better than I had hoped.

The official results are in from Arizona

Monday, January 16, 2012

Very tired tonight after flying and un packing and getting Mike off back to college.

So the shorty blogs tonight will be my official results from Competitor Group.

Overall: 6066 out of 15663
Division: 191 out of 420
Gender: 3273 out of 6158
5 Km -- 28:01
10 Km -- 1:02:11
10 Mi -- 1:38:42
Pace -- 10:01
Chip Time -- 02:11:12
Clock Time -- 02:30:16

Rock and Roll Arizona Marathon

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I did the Half Marathon today. It started in Tempe AZ, ran up to Scottsdale, back down to Tempe, crossing the Salt River (Rio Salado) twice, and finished up at Arizona State University's Sun Devil Stadium. The featured band was the B-52s ... I'm pretty sure I didn't like them much in the 1980s. It was confirmed by the third song they played. Nope, I didn't like them. So I walked back out to Tempe's main street and called She(WMBO) to come get me.

The day started early. I was expecting it to be in the low forties but it was more like the mid 50s. And the locals were calling it cold.

AS the crowd built, so did the excitement among the runners.

I would love to post more picture that I took along the route, but my little camera failed and I do not have a card reader with me. What I have are iPhone pictures. And not many of those.

I was able to run the first 5k straight through, no walking breaks. For the middle part I did a 1 mile run/1 minute walk. I kept a pretty steady 10 minute mile. Finally we entered the home stretch, the final 5k. It was my plan to run that, but one of my knees started to talk to me ... not badly, but enough that a couple of times in the last 5k I dropped to a walk.

I got a pretty cool GPS watch after Christmas, a Garmin Forerunner 210. I knew I was going to break my PR as we entered the final 5k. A quick figuring told me a 2:10 or so was possible.

As it happened I did 2:11:20 (my my handy, dandy GPS watch) and ran 13.23. Where does that extra 0.13 come from? Lane changes, wider turns, they all add up. Actually when my watch said 13.1 miles, I was at 2:10. But it doesn't count until you cross the mat.

That's fine I set a new PR by nearly 10 minutes.

One thing I will say about Phoenix. The crowds were thinner and less vocal than in either Savannah or even the other big city run I did in Baltimore. They just weren't as into it. I think Savannah really appreciated the fact that their city was chosen for such a famous race series. Phoenix was a little blase. I can usually get the crowd going by whooping it up with them: fist circles, jazz hands, whooping it up. Not this bunch.

Maybe tomorrow I can have pictures from my camera card. I have no idea how many I took that were worth having.

More from Tempe; Changing Time Zones; Raceday Tomorrow

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Actually, raceday today, but ....

That confusion is because I cannot find how to change timezones with SparkPeople. So as a consequence, by my watch it's only 10:00 PM Saturday 14 January 2012. But That's on Mountain Standard Time. Spark thinks I am still on Eastern Standard Time, so my day has already rolled. As a consequence, I get to start a whole bunch of new streaks. It's not a big earth shattering thing, but I have been doing my part. //shrug//

Today She(WMBO) had us scheduled for massages at the spa. The guy I had paid particular attention to my hamstrings, my pesky IT Band and the parts of my back, neck, and pecs that are out of whack because I am favoring my hurt shoulder. I wasn't even aware they were so bad until they weren't anymore.

After that we went back Downtown Phoenix to see if I could find the ear buds I wanted to find yesterday. Instead, I spent a little extra and for some Bluetooth earbuds. So now I will be untethered.

All my gear is laid out for tomorrow. I am ready for this. I catch the bus at 6:00 which mean I have to get up at 5:00. The Hotel is including a complimentary snacks bar starting at 4:00. Just little stuff like fruit and the like. No breakfast. I may miss my oatmeal.

I am not feeling the excitement I felt for Savannah. (1) It's not my first time to the rodeo. (2) I won't be running as far as before. I can do this almost anytime I want. (3) Phoenix is a BIG city, especially when compared to Savannah. Rock and Roll Marathon was by comparison a way bigger deal for little Savannah than it is for Great Big Phoenix. So the buzz is not here.

That's OK. They'll start buzzing as soon as we totally screw up their traffic for the day.

Just about when I am finishing, the Ravens will start taking apart the Houston Texans.

Go Flacco! Go Ravens!

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