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Is this Farewell to Savannah?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dr Dani has a new position come this summer.

She is a resident at Mercer Memorial Hospital here in Savannah, GA. For the last three and a half years, that has meant a visit or two here. I have really enjoyed my visits because everyone is just dripping with southern hospitality and the city itself just oozes southern charm.

It doesn't hurt my kids (young adults really) that it is also a par-tay town. I like to walk it, run it, bike it. I don't think I have ever driven it much.

When her term runs out in June, she will be taking a position in Corpus Christi, TX. That is not a simple road trip. Or even a long road trip. Almost have to fly from Baltimore. That will make our visits less frequent. emoticon

She assures me that Corpus is every bit as charming as Savannah. About the biggest difference I will see will be the ratio of African-Americans to Latinos. She says except for the fact that those percentages are flipped, I will barely notice the difference; the people are every bit as charming and hospitable and the town is just as beautiful.

Still, it makes me sad as I pack up tonight to think that this may be my last visit here. I am going to try to squeeze one more in before next June. Maybe to help them move.

Fountain in Forsyth Park

Walking around Savannah.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I took a walking tour with my camera of Savannah on Thursday. I love how pretty this town is and how accessible it is. I can walk just about anywhere. I will miss it when Dr Dani moves.

This was my first nght picture on my new camera. It's across tthe street from the Hyatt.

This is City Hall right next door to the Hyatt.

The iconic Talmadge Bridge across the Savannah River.

Talmadge during the day.

What would a trip to Savannah be without stopping by Paula Deen's?

A streetcar in its shed.

I took hundreds These are just a few of my favorites.

Thanksgiving in Savannah

Thursday, November 24, 2011

OK, let's just start off with the shiner:

Wear a helmet everyone.

This morning I started the day by riding my bike, I was wearing my helmet, to the turkey trot. I ran that thing in 26:10. The bike ride was really cold!.

Then She(WMBO) and I went for a walk along River Street. I dropped her off at the room and I went out for more walking. Picture tomorrow. It's late I'm tired. But Savannah is a beautifu city and I have some great pictures.

Dinner this year was the buffet at the Hyatt. It was great but having everyone together was even better.

There was Patrick:

Mike (whom Danielle seems to think is "the Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything.") and his buddy Kevin:

David and his She(WMBO), Carolyn:

Our Son-in-law David:

Danielle, aka Dr Dani, and She(WMBO), aka Mildred:

and moi;


This trip to Savannah -- not as great

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My last time down to Savannah went as smooth as silk. Zero problems on the drive down. Almost boring. Ditto the drive back.

This time, not so much.

First Patrick and I wanted to leave Baltimore at 6:30 AM as soon as we dropped She(WMBO) off at the airport. But Our oldes son Dave, who was going to come down by Amtrak, asked if he could ride with us to save his fare.


The we find the they can't leave until 7:30 -- PM. AND. He wanted to bring his dog! That wasn't relayed until the last minute!

Great. So the car is all loaded, just waiting for Dave and his wife and bags and dog and he shows up with large dog cage. Everything ahd to be rearranged. It all barely fit.

As we were filling up with gas, he asks (demands) that I go back to the house to get his radar detector. He won't go anywhere without it. (Just on't go so fast!)

It's raining which even on the best of days means DC is hosed up. More so the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It was hosed up through Richmond!.

A little after Richmond/Petersburg, I took my RLS medicine, ate an orange and started to fall asleep. I woke sweaty, Nauseous, and for no particular reason panicky. I had them stop the car. I got out but standing was difficult. Was this a heart attack? Medicine plus and orange on an empty stomach? Simple car sickness? I took some low-dose just in case. My son is the one who asked me if I was carrying any. Heck yeah!

After a few minutes I felt better and we continued to the next rest stop. I had fallen asleep again and when I woke, there it all was again. Same deal, just less intense. We went on. Third and fourth time I woke it happened again with steadily decreasing intensity. It was likely the meds and acidic fruit or car sickness. If a heart attack, I would expect it to get more intense.

Today, I wanted to get my bike from my Daughter's house so I ran from the hotel to her house. It felt good. 5.25 miles. I couldn't carry my helmet on the run so I rode back to the hotel without. Of course! the one time in ten years without a helmet, I cross paths with a driver who runs a stop sign. We didn't hit, but I braked so hard I fell off on my head. Now I have broken glasses and a shiner.

So today, I had to take some ribbing from family about how stupid I was to ride without a helmet.

View from the back seat (a haiku)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Typing and bouncing
With a bad 3G linkup
But the rain did stop

Daughter in law drives
Son is playing chess online
I need to sleep soon.

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