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Back to Savannah!

Monday, November 21, 2011

My travels take me back to Savannah tomorrow!

That of course resembles a danger zone for me because we will stay in a hotel this time. That means we will likely eat in restaurants a lot. And every cook in that town wishes he could imitate Paula Deen.

Last year, I ordered an egg white omelet. When it arrived, I thought they had made a mistake. It appeared to me that they had used whole eggs rather than just the whites. Egg white omelets generally do not have the same yellow color that this plate had. No, the cook had simply used that much butter.

She(WMBO) flies to Savannah. I think she cannot tolerate the more leisurely pac of an 11 hour drive. The original plan called for me and Patrick to leave Baltimore after dropping Herself off at the airport ... about 5:30 AM. We would arrive in time for dinner. Now son David and wife and dog want to save Amtrak fare so we have three new passengers ... 7:30 PM! Looks like we will arrive for breakfast.

Stress time! I will likely be doing a jig instead of sleeping in the car with my RLS. And that stresses me out and that will lead to noshing. (Plan. Rehearse. Implement. I can avoid this.)

I love Savannah and I will enjoy seeing my daughter again so soon.

BWI Trail and Sad news from Philly

Sunday, November 20, 2011

On Friday I posted my status as "Holding my breath as another marathon weekend is upon us."

Some took it to mean that I was just crazy enough to go back on my full marathon retirement in just two weeks.

What I actually meant was that I have been following the marathons this fall for sudden marathon deaths. Morbid as it seems, my attention has been uniquely focused because of my experience at Savannah.

And sadly Philadelphia experience a double tragedy today as two runners died. Age 21 and age 40.

Story here:

Statistically it's a cluster. Seven is seven weeks makes it a bad year. And you will see clusters like this, it's part of "the law of large number" to find this. A normal year sees six marathon deaths. Most are preventable if runners would see a doctor.

Anyway ... that was the sad news from Philly.

I woke sluggish this morning. I usually go swimming at the YMCA on the way home from Mass but today ... not so much. Didn't feel like going to the trouble of changing out of my suit into my ... other suit and back again. I slept poorly last night. I went home and took a 30 minute morning nap.


When I got up, it didn't look so much like rain as it had earlier so I pulled on my long running gear and my bike pants and hit the road. I rode the #9 and #8 Trolley Trails to the State Park then followed the signs to the BWI Trail. It circles Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport (a mouthful if ever there was one. They should have just named the interstate into the airport after Thurgood Marshall and left the airport as just BWI, but once again I digress)

It is a nicely paved 11 mile bike road that is separated from the streets and roads around BWI. Mostly flat, it has a number of trailheads I must try one day one in particular goes to Annapolis.

The round trip around the airport and back is about 35 miles. After about 22 miles, still on the BWI Trail, I reached around to get a gel or a bar and I discovered that I had forgotten to grab any. I did a quick assessment.

I *could* make it home, even the last 4 miles mostly uphill, but it would be slow and probably dark by the time I got home.

I could fake a flat and call for a ride and not have to admit dumbassery. But that would be the coward's way.

Or I could call She(WMBO), tell her I forgot my gels, come get me if she ever expects to see me again.

I sucked it up.
I was a man about it.
I told her I had a flat.

No, no, no, no.

I told her I forgot my gels and I was hungry.

She laughed at me with her "you are an old fool" laugh and brought the pickup over to meet me at the Airport Amtrak station. (She hates to drive the pickup.)

All in all, though a good 24 mile ride.

Handling Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Humans are not proud of their ancestors, and rarely invite them round to dinner. -- Douglas Adams

Yeah! Sad to say it's the truth. We seem to only get together with our relatives on holidays. When that happens it often gets a little ... tense. We all have our reasons why that's so. But it happens.

And when it does we often resort to .....

It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes. -- Douglas Adams

.... yep. Food!

That's often a difficult thing to avoid. Especially if there is a groaning board of food.

So what can you do? Well, forewarned is forearmed. This is not the first time you have had a holiday with these people who irritate you so much that you come away from holiday dinner with a splitting headache vowing never to see them again.

Wow! Did I say that out loud? Oops.

Anyway, you know the stresses that have occurred in the past and you have a little time to practice mentally how you will handle them.

Without food.

Savannah Rock 'n' Roll Marathon 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

I have wanted for a while to make a video blog, but I just didn't know what subject matter. Then I edited this from my marathon.

A Moving target

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Honey, does this dress make my butt look fat?

Every man knows his is a minefield of a question. Every woman will ask it, or something like it, sometime. (Yes you do ladies! Don't deny it! Every man here lives in fear of being asked a question like that.)

"Yes, dear. It looks like the rear end of a bus." Ok, she ain't lookin' for the truth.
"No, honey, you are same petite flower you were the day we met." Nope, she knows the truth.

Best answer: "No, dear, that *dress* does not make your butt look fat." What is not said: The french fries, and cheese burgers and cinnabon and Starbucks ... they make you butt look fat, but the dress is not the problem.

When I started WW, She (WMBO) booted me in the butt and ordered me to go. She went with me for a couple of months then dropped off. She didn't like "rah-rah" meetings because she does those at work. She also wasn't losing as fast as me.

In the intervening months, she has taken to her recliner every evening.

Recently she started WW Online. She had joined the YMCA but the convenient one wasn't health-club nice and the new health-club nice one wasn't convenient. So she joined Gold's Gym which is right down the street from her office. Every day for the last two weeks, she's been out the door at 5:00.

I gave her encouragement.

Then yesterday, over the course of the day, I commented on (1) counting points, (2) a WW Video on moving, and (3) asked her if she'd made any progress. It was the first time I have said ANYthing. (Noticing is minefield ... if she has lost, I'm "making a big deal." If she hasn't I'm "insincere." But if I don't notice, I "don't care." Hence the moving target.) Boy did I get in trouble. "If you don't stop bugging me, I may just quit completely." Those few thing came out over the course of the entire day!

Yes she has lost some weight. Yes I do notice. Yes she is satisfied with her progress. But geez.

Adaptability! The rules change. As a guy, I'm use to that. It is up to me to guess ... or know ... when they change and what the new rules are.

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