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Road trip!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Whew! I am putting our stuff together for tomorrow's road trip to Savannah for the Marathon. From Baltimore. 650 miles. Google maps says 10 hours. At my age, I take so many bathroom breaks we better figure on 12 hours. At least when I have to go I actually go, unlike other men my age. (I know TMI, but you ladies do it all the time.)

Patrick and I will be leaving at oh-dark-thirty and picking up my Step-Granddaughter (or is it grand stepdaughter?) Hillary in Fredericksburg. Dr Dani, my daughter and her husband Dave, Hillary's dad, live in Savannah.

Packing for the weather here and there means packing a lot of stuff. Stuff to keep me busy while I am not driving. I think I will go through some CDs and DVDs I found and discover what's on them.

Good night all.

I am so excited about the race on Saturday!!

I refuse ...

Monday, October 31, 2011

... to have a bad week.

I read so many blogs and posts that say thing like "I had a bad week." I also used to work as a receptionist at Weight Watchers and I would hear the same thing at the scale.

They tell me tales of woe. I went to the club with my friends and we drank margaritas and now I gained 0.6 pounds."

You gained about a half pound and you went to the club last weekend with your friends. Sounds like a good week to me.

"Oh my God! I probably gained three pounds. My mother was in town and we went to dinner TWICE! And I didn't get to the gym."

Do you like your mom? Did you laugh and talk and enjoy your dinners? Sounds like a good week to me. Oh and by the way, you lost 0.4 pounds.

Last Thanksgiving before I went to the Saturday Weight Watchers meeting I got on the scale. I had gained ... drumroll ... 8 pounds in a single week! Did I have a bad week?

Let's see: It started badly, I will admit. We drove from Baltimore to Savannah stopping in Wilson NC for an overnight. I have restless leg syndrome pretty bad and I forgot my medication. I spent the first night unable to sleep because my legs were kicking so badly. One of the boys was following and he was able to bring the pills with him so all I lost was one night sleep ... about 36 hour straight. I got over it.

Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. Our daughter is an OB/Gyn resident there. We went to spend Thanksgiving with her. No room at here house for everyone, so we stayed at the Hyatt Regency on Bay Avenue at Bull Street. Oh boy! What a nice hotel! What a great location! I was able to run every day. I was also able to use their excellent exercise room every night (Helps my legs, even with the medication)!

Dr Dani and her Dave cooked dinner. I didn't have to do anything! We ate out several times. Every chef in town wants to be Paula Deen so we got lots of southern cooking.

One day I walked through the entire city exploring all of its squares, all 21 of them. It took three or four hours.

When I got on the scale at the Meeting, the receptionist whispered, "Um, ahem, um you um gained ..." I interrupted: How much? 7? 8? pounds?. "Not quite. 6.8."

OK! Well. I had had a terrific week. I had had a great time. I spent it with people I love. Stayed in a REALLY nice hotel. Ate some delicious food.

And oh by the way, I gained almost 7 pounds.

I'll start working on that right away.

What a difference a day makes

Sunday, October 30, 2011

What a difference a day makes. I got up late this morning and the sun was shining brightly. I was unfortunately late for breakfast with She(WMBO). She goes to early Mass, 7:00, no singing, and I go to a later one, 9:15. We meet between Masses for breakfast at 8:00.

And I was late.

Lucky for me, I was reading at the last Mass, 12:15, and that was lucky because I could dress in jeans and skip the jacket and tie. I figured I would dash out and go.

Oops. It was wet and freezy yesterday. The car was covered in ice. Scrape scrape scrape.

I was 20 minutes late, but I was forgiven.

After I went to Mass it was about 1:30 before I got home and what a day it was! Sun shining, the forecast high of 41 F was about 15 degrees short of what we got. Cyclist were everywhere!.

Me? I hit my to do list. Lots of outside work to get done every time the weather is good and today it was great.

Lots of sunshine, lots of fresh air, and lots of activity. That what I call a day of rest!

The other shoe dropped

Saturday, October 29, 2011

For the last several weeks we have been enjoying some really beautiful fall weather here in the Mid Atlantic and Chesapeake. We have had more rain than usual, no argument there, but for the most part the not rainy days have been just great. I have been calling it waiting-for-the-shoe-to-drop weather.

Take Saturday two weeks ago. That was the Baltimore Marathon weekend. Forecasters were calling for temps near 60 winds 10-25 mph with gusts to 35 - 45 mph. What we got was temps near 75 with winds 5 - 15 mph, occasional gusts to 20 mph. All in all a beautiful day to run around Baltimore in my skivvies for five and a half hours.

With weather like that, you just KNEW it couldn't last.

And it didn't.

We awoke this morning to find evidence that it had snowed or sleeted over night. It was cold, about 37F and drizzly. I went for my scheduled 13.5 mile run anyway. As I ran it got colder. The pace of the rain increased until it was a steady moderate rain. At the end of my first lap (3.75 mile) by the house, I had to leave my glasses on the porch with my water station, couldn't see. By the end of the second lap (7.25 miles) I was quite wet. I thought about stopping. I went on anyway.

The way I lay out my Saturday long runs, no lap is longer than 3.75 mile. No where on my course am I farther from the house than 1.5 mile. So I figured, let's just take it one lap at a time. I got to a critical decision point where I go onto the college campus and run the loop road or I pull the plug. But I found myself a little confused. I was shivering. My muscles were not responding as I would expect. These are early signs of HYPOTHERMIA. Most people who die from "exposure" die from hypothermia and most die when temperatures are above freezing, even in the 50s.

I pulled the plug. At that point I was only three-quarters of a mile from the porch. I gotta tell you, it was the longest three-quarters of a mile I have run in a long time. I felt like I was running in slow motion. I knew I was going to get home, I not so bad that getting home was a real issue.

I arrived home and pulled my soaked gloves off to stop my watch and gps, but my fingers weren't responding (100 minute exactly! 8.8 miles). Luckily, I had asked She(WMBO) to leave the door unlocked when She went out to her nail appointment. I would not have been able to use the key.

I hit the mudroom and stripped out of my wet clothes right there. I shivered my way to the bathroom where I cranked on the shower so hot as to warm up the room, then dialed it back to just warm. I warmed up in a warm shower; had a cup of hot chocolate.

Hypothermia is not something to mess with. It can kill you. Fortunately mine was only considered mild. But I learned the symptoms when I lived in Alaska 35 years ago and I never forgot them.


By the way, cold as it was this morning, and it was, the rain was changing to sleet when I made my decision and was going over to snow by the time I reached the porch. It did that back and forth all day and we got a little plastering of wet snow (like a dusting, but hey this stuff was more like white rain so yeah, plastering) here in Catonsville, but I hear NYC got 5 inches and Worcester Mass go a foot.

So the shoe did drop, and we dodged a bullet.

Occupy Your Kitchen

Friday, October 28, 2011

There is a guy in town with whom I share a name, though we are only very distantly related. And let's face it, it's not like my name is Smith or Jones or even something as common as McGillicuddy. And my first name usually doesn't make the top 100 names for boys list. So when I run into another Timothy Nohe in my town, we become facebook friends. I have never even met the guy. From Facebook, I am pretty sure that Professor Tim Nohe and I share very little than our names in common.

Tim posted this from Huffington Post. It's called Occupy Your Kitchen by Kurt Michael Friese: www.huffingtonpost.com/kurt-friese/o

He starts all about the Occupy (Your Venue Here) movement. OK it is the HuffPo. Then he launches into Big Agriculture. Ah! Now he starts to rip into something different.

He then proposes something I have often thought about. 50 years ago we spent 15% of our GNP on food and 6% on medical care. Now it's just the opposite. Is there a connection?

This country is one of the most malnourished in the world. We aren't starving. There is plenty of food but we don't eat the right.

Friese goes on to suggest that the next movement we should join is Occupy You Kitchen. After I read the article, I posted this blog length comment to Tim's post:
It's true! In my experience at Weight Watchers, as a member and as a service provider, if I had a dime for every time a member said it was (1) too hard, (2) too time consuming, or (3) too expensive to cook a healthy meal every evening, well, I'd be "The 1%." People are truly convinced of these statements.

"I don't know how to cook." You also didn't know how to use the remote on your new HDTV but you figured it out. Go to the library, get a book. Go to the internet and google it. Holy crap! can you boil water?? What the hell is WRONG WITH YOU????!!! (Sorry those are things I can't actually say at Weight Watchers meetings. Sorry) Start with a box of Mac & Cheese and hot dogs and a can of green beans and grow from there.

"It takes too much time." I must admit, it does take time. It takes more time to fix a good meal and to clean up from it than it does for my family to eat it. But the time spent in the kitchen is relaxing. It is creative. It is time better spent than watching reruns of CSI/NCIS/Law and Order on USA and TNT. And the time around the table, short as it may be, is priceless. (Tim, your kids are still young, hang on to that time. Mine are all grown and I miss it.)

"It's too expensive to eat healthy." It would seem so when you think that McDonalds has a dollar menu. Hmm. Not entirely sure since I don't eat there any more, but for one person you can get a cheese burger, fries, and medium HFCS-water beverage for $3.18. But that is PER PERSON! Family of 4 costs $12.72. And really and truthfully? How often do you (the rhetorical you) actually stick to that dollar menu? You absolutely can cook a meal for your family for cheaper than that, you will have more variety, it will taste better, and it will be healthier. I guaran-damn-tee it.

Someone was checking out my cart at the store and (rudely) commented that I must be one of those vegetarian health nuts. I looked in my cart and realized that 90% of my cart was not in a box. The pasta was. I think I had a bag of rice cakes - caramel flavored. I do eat healthy, now, but I am not a nut about it. And I am an unreformed omnivore, just as I was created.

I admit it, I do espy other people's carts and you know? Next to "The 99%" of grocery store shoppers, I am a vegetarian health nut. No frozen pizza. No frozen Mac and Cheese (they won't even boil water and open a box!). Actually no pre-cooked meals in my freezer that I didn't cook.

I just don't see fit to comment on their bad choices. Out loud. Where they can hear me.

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