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I am the 0.1%

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Here's my parody of the "99%ers" picture messages:

Hello everyone,
I went to my doctor to get checked out; to be sure that my heart, my lungs, and my legs would be able to survive and endure. After weeks of exhaustive tests, he informed me that I was fit and ready to go. So I signed up for a marathon 10 months down the road. I started training in early February. It was dark and it was cold. I continued to train. I trained thru snow and ice and sleet and wind (I hate the wind!). I continued to train through the summer in brutal heat and pouring rain under thunder-threatening clouds. I cross trained on a bike and in the pool. I hit the weights and did pushups and pull ups. I rose at 4:30 on Saturdays to get out before dawn and run for hours. 17 miles, 20 miles, 23 miles. I nearly quit at 23 miles. It was getting to be too much. But I had made a commitment to myself. I was going to do this. When race day came and that horn blared, I ran. I had trained for this. I was ready. I ran. I ran thru winds (I hate the wind!), thru fatigue, thru hunger. The I ran thru my worst enemy: my own self-doubt. I doubted I could finish. I wondered why I was doing this. But I ran through all that. And I finished!


I AM THE 0.1%

Dinner in one cooker

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I think everyone who has had a kitchen since the 1970s owns or has owned a slow cooker.

But I have been experimenting with someting else -- a rice cooker. I have a Zojirush NS-ZCC18. www.zojirushi.com/products/nszcc It has a timer cook mode that allows me to set things up, say when I want it ready and leave. This is how I make my oatmeal. Set it up tonight to be done by 6 AM.

I have also cooked beans and quinoa in it. The polenta was not quite a fail ... it was more like grits than polenta.

Tonight I got bold. I layered in rice, a broccoli cauliflower mixed vegetable thing, and breast of chicken. Set it to go and when it was about 45 minutes later, I had dinner all in one pot. It wasn't something I would serve guests, to be quite honest, but I was good enough for dinner on a busy evening.

Be Bold in the kitchen.

Stand Up to Cancer -- S^2C


Who do I stand up for?

I S^4 Jane
I S^4 Ed
I S^4 Chris
I S^4 Len

Who do you S^4?


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In this case, I built some steps off my porch. Finished them to day. Well, almost. I have to put railings on tomorrow and the weather is supposed to hold for one more day.

Eighteen months ago we had a 24 foot above ground pool and around it we had a deck ... 6 - 8 foot. Since the children got older, no one was using it. Oh She(WMBO) was cranking up the gas fired heater so the darned thing was at 90F ... or more. So I never used it. And I listened to Her complain about me leaving a lightbulb on for too long.

Also, I was the one charged with maintaining it and it was getting to be a real drag. So I convinced her that it was time.

So she wanted a patio and a gazebo. OK. But what she designed cover all of hte pool footprint and then some. The "patio" is 42 x 41 with a 16 x 16 "gazebo." This is a plaza and pavillion. The gazebo is bigger than our living room. The patio is the size of a small house: 1722 square feet.

It's surrounded by a wall that we built. The stone floor we hired out. There is a fireplace. The gazebo/pavillion was built from the ground up by me. I finished the roof the day of our son's rehearsal dinner last year at quite literally the final hour. I did not go to the rehearsal so I could get it done. The dinner was on the patio.

In the opposite corner I have a covered outdoor kitchen. I just finished the roof, gutters and all this week and the steps coming off the side of the porch TODAY.

This shows what I had on my kitchen until June, a pergola. To the left is the first set of steps I built.

What's left? Gutters on the gazebo. Electric. Water. Gas to my kitchen (no more propane). And one more set of steps.

Looks like I have work to do.

Savannah Rock and Roll Report

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wow, look at the calendar!

Less than 12 days to the horn at the Savannah Rock and Roll Marathon. It seems an age ago that I went to the doctor to get checked out for a marathon. That was in January.

In 9 days, my son Patrick and I will hit the road for Savannah. I will be staying with my daughter, Dr Dani. She is an OB/Gyn resident in Savannah. She, her husband Dave, and Patrick will be my cheering section.

Dave daughter Hillary lives in Fredericksburg, VA. Patrick and I have to go through/past Fred'burg on I-95. So I thought, call Hillary! Now we have three drivers and Dave is thrilled that I am bringing her along.

This race will be the culmination of 10 months of training. As exciting as Baltimore was, and it was exciting, it was really only ever supposed to be my last Long Run, my go-the-distance run, before Savannah. I could just as well have saved $100 and run around Catonsville, but where would the fun have been in that?

I have also made some Facebook friends whom I will meet In-Real-Life, including a news anchor from WTOC Channel 11 and the owner of the Savannah Fleet Feet store.

An I love Savannah. If I could choose any city to retire to, it might be Savannah ... except I would miss winter too much, I think (dirty little secret: I like snow).

So my countdown continues and I will get to see my step-granddaughter, too!


Stand Up to Cancer

Who do you Stand Up For? (S^4)

I S^4 Jane

I S^4 Ed

I S^4 Chris

I S^4 Len


Sunday, October 23, 2011

You know it's Pinktober. Right?

That's what Hard Rock Cafe calls it.

MLB has the campaign S^2C (Stand Up to Cancer). As reminder that cancer has affected everyone, they ask who you stand up for? 50,000 plus people standing, all holding cards with the name of who they were standing up for was a powerful message.

My father-in-law died of lung cancer. He was a smoker and worked in the Bethlehem Steel mills. There was a ship yard there too. Lots of asbestos. Smoking times asbestos got him.

My brother had a non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. The treated him aggressively and ultimate declare him clean! They had gotten it all! But he treatment was so aggressive that his immune system was totally compromised and he caught a cold and died a week later.

My mother-in-law had breast cancer. I loved her dearly. I miss her terribly. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Len, a close family friend who is godfather to three of my boys, passed 27 months ago of colon cancer.

I S^4 Ed.
I S^4 Chris.
I S^4 Jane.
I S^4 Len.


Who do you S^4?

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