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I got a super workout today

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I have had a Big Yellow Dumpster (that's the name of the company) in my driveway for two week. The carpet was a slower go than I expected but the tile was worse.

I finally got the last stuff into the dumpster. Still to do is pick out all the staples and little bitty nails.

In celebration, and because the weather was springlike, I ran a three mile route to the YMCA, did an hour workout on the weights and weight machines, then ran home by an different three mile.

I was famished when I got home but I managed to stay in control.

I deserved that workout. Tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice. It may rain. But if it doesn't, I will run again.

Today was different

Monday, January 28, 2013

I woke up this morning at about 4:30 after only about 5 hours of sleep. I tried to go back but it was no dice. So I got up at 5:30.

When She(WMBO) found her way downstairs after 6:00, she wondered if I was OK. Then she looked outside. I had not yet myself.

"Ohhhh, you are going to have to get dressed. Looks like we had a surprise icestorm overnight."

That meant I was going to be clearing her car. "What would you do if I was still asleep." Stupid question.

"Wake you."

I tried to straighten up around here, but I had to be over at David's house by 8:30 and the house is just too messy for a couple of hours.

I was going to babysitting today while Dave had a meeting and Carolyn had a doctor appointment. "Is it OK if I do other errands?" Does she really have to ask?

Poor Colin just wanted to be held today. Putting him down was not an option. And they don't have a Snugli.

About the Snugli: Have you ever had an idea that you should have patented? 38 years ago, when Dr Dani was a baby, we came up with the idea of the Snugli. We made it out of an pair of jeans! So not only could you carry the baby on your chest and have your hands free, it had pockets! The Snugli was not around in stores 38 years ago.

So anyway, I was carrying that baby around all morning just walking around the house. If he went to sleep and I tried to put him down he was awake.

The upside was, I didn't snack and I did walk around a lot.

And I get to do it all again on Thursday.

I love being a Pop-pop.

Big Duh-scovery

Sunday, January 27, 2013

When I made Lifetime at Weight Watchers is was at 153 pounds. To maintain lifetime status, one mus remain within two pounds of goal. I did fine for about a year.

Then my weight started to creep up as I began Marathon training. Not a big deal. I was able to redefine my Goal weight to the top of my BMI range, 160. I stayed there for a while.

But then I started to creep up again. I got a Doctor's note for 166.

Are you getting the picture?

By the first of this year, I had crept up 20 pounds over goal. 173. I was telling myself that I was doing everything right. But when I hit 173, I realized that I was lying to myself.

I was lying to myself and I was just dumb enough to believe me.

I did a little soul searching and I realized that I was "rewarding" myself a little too often. And copping an "Oh what difference does it make now?" attitude.

So since I got back to basics, I have been trying to stay busy and keep my nose out of the kitchen ... except when I am cooking of course. But I am working on getting back to no nibbling. I threw out a bunch of boxes of cracker we had left from Christmas. Looking at the labels, I realized that they were very tasty empty carbs.

It's back to basics for me. I am never going back to where I was almost 5 years ago.

I am better than that.

I Want to… Do a Pull-Up!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

In my life I have never been able to do pull-ups. I remember in high school I always felt like the weakest little girl because I couldn't do pullups like the rest of the guys. And I was weak. I was the prototypical 98-pound weakling.

Add to that, I started high school at a place that had phys ed two days a week every year for all four years. In second year I transferred to the public school where we were required to take PE five days a week for at least one year. So by the time you got to second year who was in PE? Jocks. And me. The wrestlers, football players, basketball players, runners, guy who liked to sweat. So when Coach asked for 20 pull-ups, I was the only one in my class who couldn't do 30. Or 10. Or even 3.

And that is so today. There is a perfect pull-up bar in the doorway to our family room. And I hit it often. But I squeeze out one or two several times a day. Push-ups? I'll give you twenty and ask if you want more. Pull-ups? Yeah, no.

I saw a fellow at the gym recently. Great big guy. One of the "I pick things up and put them down" guys. A meathead. The guy could lift 200 pounds no problem.

But he couldn't do a pull-up. Well, he could do one and struggled for two.

I felt so much better to see that the (metaphorical) big strong guy who kicked my ass in second year gym class couldn't do three pull-ups either.

Today Greatist had a good article called "I Want to… Do a Pull-Up!"

Illustration by Christopher Hardgrove


It's a three week plan that is suppose to build me up to doing pull ups. It makes the following claim:

"To nail that first pull-up or tack on a few to our personal record, (Greatist Expert and Equinox trainer Kelvin) Gary created a three-week plan to strengthen the back, chest, shoulders, arms, and core, so we can get up and at ‘em— literally. His prediction: After three weeks, we should be able to add up to five pull-ups to that total. Yep, that’s even if we can’t do one to begin with."

I figure like this. Even if it's balderdash, if I do the exercises, I will be getting a good workout. It is something I am going to try.

Three weeks.

Let's roll. Or pull.

Project Progress

Friday, January 25, 2013

Another cold one here today, but I decided to get out anyway. Normally Friday is 13+ miles, but my project has been progressing slowly so I decided out the door that I would time limit myself to 90 minutes.

And 90 minutes was slow today. The inch of snow was still on the sidewalks and some of the melt/refreeze was on the streets. Besides, it was cold.

Here's my question, Professor Science: It was well below freezing all day and all night since the little bit of snow fell. What was up with the melting? It happens all the time, but I have never figured it out. One chemistry Professor went on about "sublimation" but that made little sense either because I thought sublimation was passing from solid to gas without going through liquid, like dry ice to CO2.

Never mind.

There was much ice. So careful running was slow. 7.5 miles today, 22+ miles for the week. Not too shabby.

The real issue was when we took up the terracotta tiles near the laundry, we discovered that the subflooring was rotted through. Apparently several years ago when the Washer had a leak, water got trapped and in addition to mold that is still making me sneeze, it rotted about 12 square feet of the floor. At least the joists are good. But that means carpentry. Luckily, I have the skills to do it myself. Unluckily, cutting outside is going to be COLD.

Ah, well, I got all the rot gone (I watched as my son's dog was too dumb to stay away and he fell right through the insulation to under the house) and I can start filling it back in tomorrow.

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