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Cold running inspiration

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yeah it finally got cold here in Baltimore. Last year I didn't take my heavy coats out even once. No topcoat, no parka, nothin'. This week I am in my parka ... when I'm not running.

Today we got a little snow. And by a little I mean almost enough to cover the grass. Tomorrow more snow. Maybe about the same so maybe the grass will be covered. So gald I went to the Giant today.

But if it is snowing it will be an amazing run!

And I was inspired by a little something my brother sent me:

And a few others:

And in conclusion:

Yep! It is officially cold in Baltimore.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I don't mind running in the cold. I do mind going from a nice warm house out into the cold even though I know that within a quarter mile, I won't be cold any more.

It took me a while to screw up my courage but I did it.

This year, while still warmer than normal so far, we have finally gotten hit with a deep freeze. Not like you all in the mid-west. My niece, Krissy, in Minneapolis has been reporting -18F (-27.8C) back to us. She is laughing at our +18F (-7.8C).

So today, with Krissy on my mind, I ventured out:

After a couple of miles, that scarf does get unwrapped a bit. Under the scarf is a balaclava (not to be confused with a baklava) which helped keep my nose warm but also fogged my glasses. So for long stretches, I was running with naked lips and nose.

And my beard froze.

I got down to near the house and I saw that I was "only" at 8.5 miles. On a warmer day, I may have pushed on for that last half mile, but my water was freezing. My beard was freezing. It was time to be done.

Not quit. Just be done.

A few Facebook memes I liked

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yesterday was Martin Luther King day and this one was all over the place:

This one seems to be the root of most overweight problems

A good one to remember. You have to move AND you have to eat right:

Too many people quit because of a minor setback without remembering that it is minor:

Mike called, football, and other stuff

Monday, January 21, 2013

Mike called last night from Los Angeles. "I have bad news." he began.

I hate it when you kid starts a phone call like that. Worse is when they begin "Everybody is all right." Or the one I haven't yet gotten from Mike, "I need bail money."

It turns out that his car was broken into. He had $80 cash in the glove box (?), and his GPS, phone charger, and cable. The broke a window, slashed a tire. At least they didn't cut the roof or rip out the dash. "But, Dad, I have never changed a tire before." Yeah I am three thousand miles away. You are on your own sucker.
As I have said many time before, I am not a big NFL fan. But I am a big fan of Baltimore so I did watch the football game last night. The Ravens won! The Patriots who looked before the half to have things well in hand, came out and laid a big stinky on the field for the entire second half. So while I might consider it an inferior game to the one last week (the Raven also won that one) this was good because ....

THE RAVENS WON! THEY'RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL™!!! Ooops. I don't want to run afoul of the NFL's trademarked words: THE RAVENS WON! THEY'RE GOING TO THE BIG GAME!!!
I got to run today. I still have things on my to-do list from the weekend, but doggone it, I didn't run on Wednesday (cold nasty wet icky rain) or Friday (trying to get the carpet out and tile out of here etc). Today I put it at the top of my list: 6 miles or 60 minutes which ever is more. I did 6.5 in 72 minutes.

It was almost cold. I started at 30F (-1.1C) and finished at 32F (0C)
She(WMBO) arrived home this afternoon and was pleased with my progress for the day. Laundry finished, another room knocked out, and a 6.5 mile run. I was not as pleased as I developed a headache after lunch. Usually water is the cure, but not today. So I worked slower.

She had a big bag from the Apple store. She had bought a Fit Bit Scale and FitBits for each of us. Aren't these things just glorified pedometers?

I suppose I shall find out.

Minute Motivation

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I am stuck!
I am ready to quit!
I feel useless!
This isn't working for me!

No. That's not me talking. But I do hear it from others in here and at Weight Watchers meetings. And frankly if that's how you feel, useless, it's no wonder you feel so negative about you experience.

Ask yourself one very important question:

What is it you want?
Was there any kind of negative word in your answer? Rephrase it so all the words are positive.

What do you think you need to do to reach that goal? Don't walk away without an answer.
Are you ready to do that?
Are you able to do that?
Are you willing to do that?

So if you are ready, able and willing to do what needs to be done, get out there and do it!

Success to you!

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