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There's no place like it.

Monday, November 26, 2012

I was sitting here this evening looking over my living room. There was She(WMBO) dozing in her chair watching Dexter (I don't get it ... a lovable serial killer?) my dogs were sprawled across the floor between my chair and the door tot he room, the cat was ... where the hell is that cat, I don't trust him, he may be in league with The Squirrel ... and I was home.

Three weeks away. I never go homesick, but I sure did miss it.

Oh, and I ate food I made in my kitchen and ran on my favorite route in Catonsville.

It's good to be home.

Musings from a lazy Sunday

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Well not all lazy.

It's Sunday so I got up to get me off to Mass. Good start so far. After Mass, the pool at the YMCA. Then home to finish unpacking and do my nasty laundry. And food shopping since clearly I am the only one in this house who can do that! No fruit or bread. Little meat. Spoiled milk.
I used a function on my browser that I never used before. If you right click on an image (or control click for Mac users) one of the functions you can do is "Google this image" and it tries to find similar images. Cool when it works.

So I looked at this one of me:

Google this image and this is one of the choices it offers:

Hmmm. I think that algorithm needs a little tweaking.
Ancient Nohe family discussion:

How many is a pair of twins?

Wow did that blow up on Facebook among us.

Maybe I shall post it on Sarcastics Unlimited. Just for fun.

Get away day

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our flight out of Corpus Christi was not until almost noon. Dr Dani's gym opened at 8:00. Only mile from the house. I was there for the door to open. I got 10 minutes on the indoor track (!) and nearly an hour on the machines. I was home by 9:20 and we were out the door for the airport before 10:00. Showered shaved and dressed.

It is so cool to get a gym session in before going to the airport. Especially if you can shower,too!. I did it before I came to Corpus from Baltimore, then again before I got away from Tulsa, thenagain today.

And now I am home. Listening to my XM radio. Drinking my tea. Getting ready to sleep in my bed.

Sadly She(WMBO) had to split off from us in Houston because one of her people at the Phoenix office lost her husband last night. So She had to go to pay her respects. I think I will see her on Monday.

But then everything will be back in place.

Winding Down

Friday, November 23, 2012

Wow. It has been a long month away from home. Since October 31 I have been home for all of three full days. But in that time, I have visited Phoenix AZ, our son in Los Angeles, and voted. I also spent time with our Daughter, ran two half marathons, one in San Antonio and one in Tulsa, ran a 5k in Tulsa and a 4 miler in Corpus Christi and enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner that I didn't cook.

It will be so good to get home tomorrow night and sleep in my own bed, eat in my own kitchen and watch my own TV. And I miss my dogs.

It has been fun, but also exhausting. I need to get back into my own environment and back to my routine.

So looking forward to it.

My little girl is no longer a virgin ...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

... she ran her first race today.

Ha! You thought I was talking about something inappropriate.

She has decided that she wants to run a half marathon with me and so today she ran her first race. It was the Corpus Christi Turkey Trot 4-miler. It was a big thrill for me to run with her.

I had gotten that bike jersey in San Antonio but I bought a women's XL since they had no men's L. It was a little tight at my waist, but fit like a Euro or racing fit. She needed a running shirt, so I gave her that one and it looked so good on her I told her to keep it.

Before the race started I asked her if she wanted me to run with her she said "No, you go ahead and run your race." I hate when women do that. It could mean "Go run your race." or it could mean "I think you should run with me, but I want you to make the right decision on your own." But I verified that I would run my own race and I did. (35:59)

After I was done, I went back to catch her and run her in. (49:07)

Fortunately for her, they had some fun bling.

And, It was a beautiful morning in Corpus.

It was so much fun we are planning on our next race together already. Probably a half marathon in March.

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