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Mirror, Mirror On the WALL @#%@#$%$^$^%#%

Monday, February 14, 2011

I AM THE FAIREST OF ALL !!! Ok, I broke down today. After making countless phone calls to some unknown STRANGER on Craigslist, I finally made contact with them. They came to my house today. I gave them Money to come over to My house.

Well, since its kind of hard to get out very much with this dang disease I trusted the picture they posted on line. Yes, I bought a Mirror to put in the exercise room. Its 60" high by 3.5' wide. These kind folks wanted to get rid of there ancient, mirror and they delivered it to ME !!!

Is it VANITY ???? NO !!! I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I never ever though I would want a mirror to look at myself when I exercised.

Then a lightbulb came on when I was doing my workouts trying to get into some really weird positions that P-57 has you doing while holding on to the chair. You stand on one leg on your tipie toes mind you while lifting your other leg leaning forward on your forearm with your other arm extended and your other leg bend and your swiveling it up and down in different positions. Meanwhile I am trying to quietly hide my moans of pain by muffling them by biting into the sleeve of my shirt.

Then I realized that a physical therapist I saw a long time ago said that my brain doesn't always realize or connect where my body is in space. So by having a mirror maybe It will make some ne neuropathways and redevelop some connections. . . HOPEFULLY it will work.

Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it.Ē

Behavior is a mirror in which every one displays his own image

Today's workout was a 1.9 mile walk around two large ponds. The ornamental pear trees were covered with puffy white flowers. The squirrels were out observing the humans walking briskly on the trails today. There was a larger than normal crowd due to the rain storm coming tomorrow. The daffodils are in full bloom. The temp. again was around 75 degrees.

Later a little bit of time was spent working on planting a few more flowers around the Zen Garden. We placed a large mirrored orb on a white roman looking pedestal under the flowering purple plum tree that started blooming today. Some Iris were planted under the flowering plum tree today.

Oh, Happy Valentimes day !!!

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HANKENSTEIN 2/14/2011 11:46PM

    Great job getting the mirror because of what it will do for you instead of how much you dislike looking. Think of it also as an investment in witnessing your transformation!!!!

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REDHEADMOM2U 2/14/2011 9:04PM

    The mirror is a good idea....I know for me, I have better form when "it's" watching me LOL

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TABALICIOUS 2/14/2011 8:42PM

  Good luck! I hope it helps! I hated the mirror too, still do at times but I found when working out in the gym with mirrors I found myself staring at the mirror when I started noticing results.

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 2/14/2011 7:59PM

    It's so tough to look at one self in the mirror. However I realize I must bite the bullet and do so in order to improve. It used to seem that what was below the level of the mirror didn't count. It wasn't there. It shows up in the photos though and still is there. LOL. Hopefully it helps me to figure out the movements.

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MONTY68 2/14/2011 4:37PM

    Great blog. Some good ideas about the use of a mirror. I like what you said about the mirror helping the brain see what is going on. In my Zumba and Tai Chi , and balance classes ,the room has mirrors on all 4 walls. It does help.
Glad your weather is good, really sounds like spring where you are. Your Zen garden is sounding so beautiful.

Thanks for sharing


emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KINCAISF 2/14/2011 2:50PM

  That's great! It's amazing how we think our body looks one way, but the mirror can show us that it's not quite spot on. I know I appreciate the mirrors in the yoga studio, even though some people don't like them because it's not about looking perfect. But it's also not about injuring yourself! A mirror is a great way to help yourself exercise safely! Hope it helps with the neuropathways! You're such an inspiration!!

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APIRLRAIN888 2/14/2011 1:33PM

    lol I want mirrors too but can't bring myself to do it

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JESTICJADE 2/14/2011 12:44PM

    Wow, a mirror. I hope it helps

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DUTCHPETE641 2/14/2011 10:17AM

    I know the feeling! I don't think that many people like to look at themselves either, but it will help your posture though!
Happy Valentine's!

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NATPLUMMER 2/14/2011 10:06AM

    It's a good idea to have a mirror so you can check your form.
What a nice workout. It's great to get out and see flowers.
Happy Valentine's Day!!

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KAZINMICH 2/14/2011 9:54AM

    Excellent Idea! I've bought a few things off Craigslist. I convinced one man to deliver me the patio table & chairs too! It's hard without a truck, and someone to help. I tend to stick with my gut feeling, and so far no issues.

75 degrees - I am jealous! It's warming up here - supposed to be in the 40s soon. We will all be wearing shorts if that happens!

I love when the weather breaks and things start blooming, so beautiful. Your descriptions painted a beautiful picture for me!

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MONTANA_ED 2/14/2011 9:30AM

    That's a great idea! I have a mirror in my exercise/bedroom - but I had put it there because I wanted the room to feel bigger. Maybe next time I'll actually look at myself! Keep up the good fight!


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PANSYLADY2 2/14/2011 9:02AM

    I love hearing about the flowers blooming! It's almost 40 degrees here today, but still three feet of snow plus on the ground. I know there's grass under there somewhere!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

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LAURIE-RN 2/14/2011 7:38AM

    Very good idea to work with a mirror. It does wonders for being aware of your form. And your Zen garden sounds wonderful!

Happy Valentine's Day!!


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CAROLYNVIL 2/14/2011 7:23AM

    emoticon emoticon

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TERRI289 2/14/2011 7:19AM

    Happy Valentine's Day!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CLUMBOY 2/14/2011 6:24AM

    smart move! a mirror can be a terrific help. dancers use mirrors constantly to check their alignment. it is one of the best tools you can have. the trick is not to look at yourself, but to look at the characteristic you are trying to achieve--be it alignment, foot position, whatever. forget the person you are looking at and concentrate on your position. it will help you greatly to build muscle memory of what your body parts feel like when they are in the right place. chris

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KELLY40222 2/14/2011 5:01AM

    I never thought of using a mirror! Great tip...thanks!
Happy Valentines Day! emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 2/14/2011 4:24AM

    Hi Cindy
I do all my ST in front of mirrors to help keep proper form and you'll find it really does help.

We have snowdrops and crocuses coming through so spring is on the way

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    You know what I can't stand my image in the mirror either! I feel absolutely fabtabulous slimmer, energetic and pshycologically the wieght I should be and then reality bites when I pass a mirror. So I don't often do or did. Now there's no getting away from it because I have no choice as to where my treadmill has to sit in the master bedroom! LOL You guessed it right across from the bureau mirror. And not direct on either It's profile! and for a half hour every day! But you know what else I now look at that blob in the mirror and give it the finger with every step I take because I know I'm doing what it's going to take in getting the body I want!
So you keep looking in that mirror honey cause we're giving these old bodies the heave ho to be replaced with the hottest sexiest bods anyone will ever see!

Comment edited on: 2/14/2011 3:35:25 AM

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DRB13_1 2/14/2011 2:59AM

    the plant life sounds beautiful! Some of my bulbs are starting to sprout - poor things, they don't realize it's only February, not April! emoticon

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CASSIEFROGGY 2/14/2011 1:42AM

    It is amazing how seeing yourself do something can connect thing in your brain and muscles. When you see yourself doing something correctly you brain tells your muscles to remember what that feels like and then you start to retrain yourself to feel the correct way of doing things. Good luck and enjoy your mirror.

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WENDYJM4 2/14/2011 1:18AM

    emoticon emoticon
I love the picture behind your page.

Comment edited on: 2/14/2011 1:19:11 AM

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Whooshes and Squishy Fat LOL !!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Of Whooshes and Squishy Fat

A few weeks back I answered a question about Not Losing Fat at a 20% Deficit, What Should I Do? and among other things, one comment I made had to do with a water retention that often occurs during fat loss which can mask fat loss and make it appear as if the diet is not working. I also mentioned specifically that I had written (with a straight-face no less) about whooshes in The Stubborn Fat Solution, along with a related phenomenon which I call squishy fat.

In any case, to expand on that issue, Iím going to excerpt the chapter section from The Stubborn Fat Solution dealing with both phenomena. With that introduction, I give you (again, with a straight face)Ö

Of Whooshes and Squishy Fat

Before you freak out and think youíve entered some weird Internet forum where people talk about stalls and whooshes, please bear with me; thereís actually some physiological rationale to what Iím going to discuss.

Many people have noted that fat loss is often discontinuous, that is it often happens in stops and starts. So youíll be dieting and dieting and doing everything correctly with nothing to show for it. Then, boom, almost overnight, you drop 4 pounds and look leaner.

Whatís going on? Back during my college days, one of my professors threw out the idea that after fat cells had been emptied of stored triglyceride, they would temporarily refill with water (glycerol attracts water, which might be part of the mechanism). So there would be no immediate change in size, body weight or appearance. Then, after some time frame, the water would get dropped, the fat cells would shrink. A weird way of looking at it might be that the fat loss suddenly becomes Ďapparentí. That is, the fat was emptied and burned off days or weeks ago but until the water is dropped, nothing appears to have happened.

For nearly 20 years I looked for research to support this, I was never sure if it was based on something from the 50ís or he just pulled it out of thin air as an explanation. Recently, one paper did suggest that visceral fat can fill up with water after massive weight loss but thatís about it.

Somewhat circumstantially, people using Bioimpedance body fat scales (which use hydration to estimate body fat levels) have noted that body fat appears to go up right before a big drop. This implicates water balance as the issue here.

As well, women, who have more problems with water retention, seem to have bigger issues with stalls and whooshes than men. Further, some individuals who have done dry carb-loads (high carbohydrate refeeds without drinking a lot of water) have seen them occur; presumably the body pulls water into the muscles and out of other tissues (fat cells). In lean individuals, appearance is often drastically improved with this approach, it doesnít do much for those carrying a lot of fat.

Iíd note that dry carb-loads suck because youíre so damn thirsty. Interestingly, even normal refeeds often work in this regards, perhaps the hormonal effect Ďtellsí the body to chill out and release some water. So not only do refeeds seem to improve stubborn fat mobilization the next day (as discussed above), they may help the body drop some water so that you can see what is happening.

Finally, many have reported whooshes following an evening which included alcohol. A mild diuretic, this would also tend to implicate water balance issues in the whoosh phenomenon.

Iíd also note that this isnít universal, lean dieters often see visual improvements on a day to day basis; a lot seems to depend on whether or not they tend to retain water in general. Folks who do have problems with water retention tend to have stalls and whooshes, those who donít show nice consistent visual changes.

On a related topic, I wanted to discuss something else that often happens when people are getting very lean and dealing with stubborn body fat: the fat gets squishy, feeling almost like there are small marbles under the skin. Yes, very scientific, I know. Thatís the best I can do.

As folks get very lean, down to the last pounds of fat, the skin and fat cells that are left will often change appearance and texture. It will look dimply (as the fat cells which are supporting the skin shrink and the skin isnít supported) and feel squishy to the touch. This is bad in that it looks really weird, but itís good because it means that the fat is going away. I have nothing truly profound to say about this topic, just realizes that it happens and usually indicates good things are happening.

I got this from bodyrecomposition.com I though it was a neat article on how people loose weight and maybe if it's correct, explains how I loose weight.

Now for some INSPIRATION !!! Please watch this adorable little girl do her daily affirmations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR3rK0kZFkg
&feature=player_embedded I guess you can copy and paste this. I am not sure how to do this right.

Well I am off to exercise.

Hugs everyone. Have a Great day.

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RECLAIMSEXY25 4/12/2011 2:29AM

    I came looking for a reason why my entire body feels like a pillow and the scale isn't budging. Thanks for the explanation!

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DRB13_1 2/14/2011 2:55AM

    My Tanita scale gives me an estimate of body fat percentage, and it is known that the number is SMALLER when we are well hydrated (thus the advice to weight in the evening) and higher fat when we are dehydrated (as first thing in the morning). Something else to think about...
Here's to squishy fat melting awaay... emoticon

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POORGIRL_DIET 2/13/2011 6:24PM

    A very interesting blog and something to keep in mind for future. Thanks for that, great thought has been put into it!!

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GINGERTATE0706 2/13/2011 4:59PM

    Just dropping by to wish you a great week.

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CHRYS13 2/13/2011 4:04PM

    Very interesting! Thanks for the information!

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    I couldn't stop chuckling at the cat in leg warmers! emoticon

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REDHEADMOM2U 2/13/2011 3:00PM


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JAMIESTITES 2/13/2011 3:00PM

    Awesome blog!! Thank you for posting it makes total sense to me :)

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ALISHAB3 2/13/2011 12:23PM

    What a great blog post. I have experienced this phenomenon. As a matter of fact, I was looking soft last night. Lets hope I get lean soon.

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JESTICJADE 2/13/2011 12:19PM

    Wow that is kinda cool. So scientific. But seems to explain a lot when it comes to my husbands weight loss

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MYLADY4 2/13/2011 11:42AM

    Interesting. One week it will show nothing then the next week 3 lbs lost.

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KITTY_WHO 2/13/2011 4:51AM

    Very interesting thank you. emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 2/13/2011 4:26AM

    Great blog Cindy emoticon for the info emoticon

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GAILSQUEST 2/13/2011 12:55AM

    Thank God! You have given me a glimmer of hope.
I`ve noticed that when putting my hands on my hips when doing hip circles,i`m reminded of mashed potatoes.Very squishy.

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KKLENNERT809 2/12/2011 11:52PM

    Interesting blog, something to think about. Thanks for the info

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NATPLUMMER 2/12/2011 10:55PM

    Thank you for the info!

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TERRBEAR12 2/12/2011 10:12PM

    Okay, Whooshes and Squishy fat - It just made me smile. The article is really interesting and I thank you for posting it. Losing weight is such a challenge and knowledge helps us keep on track.

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APIRLRAIN888 2/12/2011 9:46PM

    OMG I think it's true! last week when I dropped to 156.6 I swear my fat % was 36! this week at 156.0 my fat % is 38-9??????
I was at first WTH??????? but reading your blog..MAKES SENSE!!!

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I am ME !!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

My butt has been kicked Royally. Its been rough lately. My system has been through a wringer. However, I am still Kicking and a Screaming Loudly and not rolling over without a fight. My labs came back normal so I am having a multiple sclerosis flare. Talking to the company that makes my meds, they said I should be doing better than I am on the medication. It has not stopped the progress so next month maybe it's time for the neuro to order some MRI's and see what is going on. From there I have to decide what medication to take if any to try to slow down the progress of the disease.

The other day I took a shower and didn't realize I had the temp. on too high until I washed my hair. It was scalding hot. Fortunatly no lasting damage. My skin has been very numb, its been very difficult to walk, and get up out of the chair. My legs have been buckling, there has been extra dizziness, and nausea, vision issues, headaches, and other issues, including wonderful slurred speech which I really love because I sound like a drunk woman. I have never, ever been drunk in my life. Maybe one of these days I will have to try it just to see what its like. LOL. Na. I just don't like the flavor of alcohol and even more I hate nausea and headaches.

Even with all the challenges I have been walking most days with the help of my husband. The walks have been reduced to 3/4 of a mile this month with a few longer walks but not many. They have been labored, very slow, and I need his assistance to do them. I can't balance alone walking. My foot drop has been bad so I have been stumbling. My quads have been pretty weak so Its been hard just to move my legs. My arms feel like lead as do my legs. I have gotten in a few dvd workouts but not as many.

Today Tracy Anderson's new dvds came !!! I grabbed them away from the UPS man and screached. My husband never saw me so excited to receive a package or the UPS man !!! LOL. My husband said it looked like a Jenny Craig package because it was all pink. Next I have to see if the dvds will play as they were loose in the package and scratched. I told my husband I am excited because other than the cardio section they are workouts that I can do with MS on most days. I think he was rather amused by my sheer excitement. Did I tell you I was excited !!! I just wished I had gotten the abcentric one. Some lady says she lost 5 inches off of her waist in a couple of weeks.

My plans are to still do P-57 dvds and barre type workouts as they are working for me. I also will add in some Tracy Anderson Workouts and see how they add to the results. Again I hesitate to switch just to T.A. because P-57 works. I had results that surpassed much of what was posted by T.A. fans. I do want to add the big range of movements that T.A. does and the different exercises. I think they complement each other.

Over the last few days, I continue to add a few plants each day to the Zen Garden. My husband has been working outside putting in a french drain and some drip irrigation for the flowers. We are going to go shopping for some containers for our roses soon before they leaf out.

Donít compare your goals.

Donít compare your training.

Donít compare your accomplishments.

Just Be

Do what you can each and every day to the best of your abilities.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KAZINMICH 2/12/2011 9:23PM

    WOW! A huge congrats for pushing through all that MS crap and still walking and trying!! You are a very strong person! I'm so sorry that you are going through such difficult times!! I hope you feel better soon and they help you! I just had my MRI last month and started avonex this month. I've used both Rebif and Copaxone before.

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 2/12/2011 8:56PM

    Thanks everyone for the great tips. I never thought of the rubber duckie tip. LOL. I will have put a a bath temp. gage on the must find list. As to the MS meds. I do think I need to find something else. There must be something that works better. I realized its almost every other month that I am flaring. That is just too much time not exercising and making as much progress as I would like.

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TWINSMOMMY607 2/12/2011 4:00PM

    You are such a motivation! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

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ANEPANALIPTI 2/12/2011 3:00PM

    Omg. this was such a great blog with such a beautiful message. I agree 100% and I really admire you girl. Thank you for sharing.. xoxo emoticon


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1_AMAZING_WOMAN 2/12/2011 12:34PM

    Since I can't feel how hot the water is until I am scalded I take only baths and use a thermometer. Since baby bath thermometers only tell you if the water is the right temp for a baby, what I do have a meat thermometer stuck through a rubber ducky which then floats in the tub. The nurses have chastised me for doing this for fear I will get stuck with it, since I let it float in the tub while I am bathing (to keep the temperture where I want it). I am careful, but once I almost did stabbed with it when I thought it was near my feet by it was up near my chest, and when I rinsed my hair I felt the thing agains my ribs. So, there is a risk, but I still do it cause I need to know what temp my water is.

To me the water temp can read 104 and it doesn't feel hot to me at all. Without the thermometer I know I could easily have it 110 degrees or more before I would realize it was too hot.


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JESTICJADE 2/12/2011 10:31AM

    good for you stay strong

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APIRLRAIN888 2/12/2011 8:31AM

    thanks for the just be! i needed that!

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CLUMBOY 2/12/2011 5:26AM

    your blog is wonderful and i admire you. i recently purchased a DVD for my parents and the instructor has MS. its mostly seated exercise--if you aren't aware of this dvd let me know and i will get the name for you if you want it. i got it on amazon. chris

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NEW-CAZ 2/12/2011 3:19AM

    Cindy I remember well the cocktail of meds I was put on and how some just didn't suit, it was trial and error for a while (and frustrating) but hang in there kiddo, thr docs will see you right. I hate MRIs by the way- the flippin noise!
I love your positive outlook and your thoughts on no comparing- so right.
Be the best Cindy you can be, that's all you can ask of yourself.
Good luck with the new DVD, hope you like it! emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 2/12/2011 1:10AM

    "Do what you can each and every day to the best of your abilities."
I really like that.
Have fun with your new DVDs. I just got ChaLEAN Extreme DVDs the other day and two of them were off the spindle and scratched. I hate that. I'm almost finished watching them through and so far they're find. The good thing about DVDs is that they're pretty durable.
Have a great weekend!!

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MAMABUGAZ 2/12/2011 12:56AM

    Sorry to hear about your MS flare and your meds not being very effective. I changed from Betaseron (5 years) to Copaxone in 2008. It seems to be working better for me. I know they all affect different people differently. Hope you find one that's good for you.

~ Faith

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MONTANA_ED 2/12/2011 12:53AM

    All I can do is echo what all the other Spark buddies have said. You are awesome and an inspiration to me.

emoticon emoticon

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LADY_JOSIELOT 2/12/2011 12:27AM

    What a fantastic plan and outlook. Sometimes with the fibro I get the slurred speech, trouble finding words, and I sound drunk (or so I've been told). Also never having been drunk, I've thought about trying it out to compare it, LOL! Often the dizzy spells will knock me on my butt, though, so I don't think it's such a good idea to try it, hehe.

- Josie

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JANTWO 2/12/2011 12:19AM

    What a strong and motivational person you are!!!! Thank you for sharing this blog!!!! emoticon

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SARAHNICOLE__17 2/12/2011 12:15AM

    Nothing can stop you and I love it. Thank you for being such an inspiration. I hope that your discomfort subsides soon.


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FREELADY 2/11/2011 11:59PM

    Hooray for your focus and motivation!

Report Inappropriate Comment
TIME2BLOOM4ME 2/11/2011 11:47PM

    I must get busy, busy, busy !!! No MS flair must stop me. I must win over the weakness. I can do it. I must do it.

In fact I am busy previewing the dvds !!!

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JESSHAB1 2/11/2011 11:45PM

  Your an inspiration. Your drive and positive attitude is awesome! Mind over matter.

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ROCKYCPA 2/11/2011 10:51PM

    Sounds like you have your share of challenges but you really have such a positive attitude. You are really an inspiration. Keep up the great work and enjoy your new dvd's.

Report Inappropriate Comment
TIME2BLOOM4ME 2/11/2011 10:24PM

    Thank you. The neuro said he would order some acthar gel to stop the flair.

Report Inappropriate Comment
REDHEADMOM2U 2/11/2011 10:17PM

    Glad you are well!,

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SOPKAMANJU 2/11/2011 10:05PM

    You are an inspiration to me. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
LAURELSPARK 2/11/2011 9:45PM

    You have a great, positive attitude!!! I hope that you enjoy your new DVD's.

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GINGERTATE0706 2/11/2011 9:43PM

    Just read your post. Sounds like your health is a challenge. Just remember "all things are possible". Hope you have a blessed week! emoticon

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Better Communication Please !!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

It is so hot here. I feel like I may need to pull out my cooling vest for when I go for walks soon. Its 75 degrees most days lately and is supposed to get up to 78 degrees. My skin is getting a tan from all the sun. The skies are blue. The flowering plums are in bloom along with the pear trees, iris, paperwhites, the manzinitas, and many other plants. Spring is here in California already. It is hot and dry. It hasn't rained in forever.

Ok, I haven't posted in a while. I haven't wanted to sound like a complainer. My body isn't working too well. My neurons aren't communicating well with my muscles. Which makes exercising, taking, writing, and thinking a challenge. My appetite has been decreased. My body has been stiffer or spastic and there has been more pain lately. Hopefully it passes soon. On the brighter side . . .

Overall I still get in my exercise the walking almost daily and the dvds most days. However it is with great difficulty. It takes all my strength to walk at the moment. My husband has to help me stand when I get out of the car and to get my legs moving. Its so fusterating. Today I feel really sad from how weak I feel. If the messages could just be communicated better to the muscles all would be well.

Yesterday I spent the day running around town with my husband going to antique shops having fun and going for a 2 mile walk. I do struggle to make the walk and it talks all my energy to do it, but I am determined to keep on moving and stay on my weight loss journey.

Today we managed to get in a 3/4 mile walk. It was very slow and difficult, my legs buckled, my feet were dragging, but I got it done !!! The rest of the day I spent sleeping. I am back to sleeping most of the day and night from the multiple sclerosis. When I do wake up I try to get in some nutrition and go for a walk or do a workout. It does take all my strength to do it and to be totally honest I feel like not moving at all. I feel like just curling up and doing absolutely nothing. That I found is not the best thing for me. Even though I am as weak as a baby and I need help getting up out of the chair I still need to exercise to try to keep those neurons communicating to the muscles.

I decided not to participated in the P-57 facebook challenge this month. The challenge was set so high that I would be doomed to failure from the beginning. I did try for a few day but my body became weaker. I realized I was only harming myself by not giving it the rest it needed when it needed by trying to keep up with people who were healthy.

Instead I will set myself up for more reasonable and achievable goals. I need to be able to work with my bodies abilities rather than what everybody else is doing. My plan is to continue on with barre DVDS, P-57 and the new Tracy Anderson DVDs when they come. I will mix her in to the rotation a few times a week as I don't want to stop doing what is working for me.

My husband and I will continue on our walks as much as possible and if I can get in some kettlebell swings that will be great. In addition I do try to add on some stretching, yoga, and additional ab work.

We have been working outside in the garden since the weather is so nice here. We are making a retreat in our small backyard. My husband named it the Zen zone. We found an ancient statue of virgin Mary that we hope to bring home to place in the area. I relocated some iris and flower under the mulberry tree. My eyes are on the lookout for a piece of driftwood to make a crystal windchime to hand in the tree.

My husband installed an irrigation system for the flowers. There is going to be some real looking artificial grass that will be eco-friendly over part of the area where we do some of our outdoor exercises. We invested in a Beauty Manduka Pro that we will use for doing yoga outside. We are going to get some containers to put some gardenia by where we sit to rest between reps. He has been busy designing a system to take our body elastic resistance band system outdoors by making a frame that attaches out on the back of house. Its rather exciting to see it all coming together. Hopefully we can get a fountain or something to add to the peaceful, tranquil feeling back there.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GENKI_WARRIOR 2/13/2011 4:32PM

    Your drive is inspiring; I'm grateful to you for sharing your struggles here. Your zen zone sounds fabulous!--will there be pictures?

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FITJEANS 2/11/2011 8:33PM

    THIS IS AWESOME, love it. sounds like you got a great plan doing what works for you. love the zen area, its absolutely emoticon idea!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ZIPPYARTIST 2/11/2011 3:57PM

    Your positive attitude inspires me!!!! Thank you for sharing your outlook.

Report Inappropriate Comment
MONTANA_ED 2/11/2011 7:17AM

    Despite your weakness, I hear the determination in your thoughts and that is so inspiring to me. Thank you - you are amazing. Your back yard sounds so wonderful and peaceful.

emoticon emoticon

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APMAC_D 2/10/2011 8:52AM

    I am so sorry you have been feeling so weak. Keeup up the positive attitude. You inspired me to push a little harder today, thank you

Report Inappropriate Comment
SWEETTOOTH10 2/10/2011 6:44AM

    It is amazing all you do with MS! Your Zen zone sounds wonderful. and so does your husband.Your determination is extremely admirable, and awe inspiring.

Report Inappropriate Comment
TRI_BABE 2/10/2011 6:33AM

    Thanks for the inspiration! I need to go at a pace that is good for me and not what everybody else is doing too. You are in my thoughts! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
100LBLIGHTER 2/9/2011 7:05PM

    Wow....your garden sounds wonderful...as for the weather...spring is just around the corner...but today it is winter here. Sleet, rain and snow...not much to measure but it makes the roads treacherous....I tend to curl up and just stay warm. You make me ashamed that I don't do more exercise. You sound like Hubby is a sweetie too. I know you will do well just listen to the body and do what you can then rest...Blessings, Gracie
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
AZURELITE 2/9/2011 6:40AM

    Thank you for the inspiration. You are amazing!

Report Inappropriate Comment
DEANNATN 2/8/2011 10:15PM

    You are an inspiration!!! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment

    like those before, i want to offer encouragement as you cope with the challenges of dealing with m.s. but i also wanted to say, i can't wait to see some pictures of your zen zone!

Report Inappropriate Comment
29MOMOF4 2/8/2011 5:32PM

    You motivate me :) You don't give up even with what you are going through. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
JELLEN726 2/8/2011 9:04AM

    Sorry to hear about the body pains but keep in mind there is always silver lining in the clouds and you are a strong person.

Your backyard sounds like a dream! Your hubby must be one hot smart man for doing all that amazing work for you!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
JULI1061 2/8/2011 6:19AM

    The best challenges are what you make for yourself.THat sounded really corny...hahaha, but that's me! Hang in there, you need to do what is best for you! Even just doing a small walk or just eating the best you can. Take pride in the small victories! I'll be thinking of you! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
JAZZID 2/8/2011 1:54AM

    Take care of yourself... You are blessed that you have a husband that loves and supports you. Stay focused and encouraged. Believe that you can, and you will, and understand that the steps may be smaller, but they are steps moving forward and allowing your spirit to soar just the same. Embrace all that you can take in, what you can't, let go... you will have all you need. As you nurture your garden, nurture yourself and know that being still is ok too, as long as you don't give up!

Challenges make us stronger, so keep that positive attitude... emoticon, I am rooting for you... Thank you for your encouragement... ~ Dee emoticon

Comment edited on: 2/8/2011 1:58:12 AM

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JILL313 2/8/2011 12:05AM

    You truly are an amazing and courageous woman--always doing the best you can!! I really admire the inner you--as you're determined to be as healthy and active as possible.

I complain because I had 2 very painful knees that need replacements but it's nothing compared to what you go through. I'm about to start an aquatics fitness class at the YMCA. It was recommended to me by my Dr. and other friends. They have a lift right by the pool that puts you into the water if you need help. I have mixed feelings about it but I know it would be good for me. Have you ever taken any aquatics exercise classes? God Bless You Dear Friend!

Report Inappropriate Comment
DUTCHPETE641 2/7/2011 10:16AM

    You are an inspiration to everyone with your determination!


Report Inappropriate Comment
RACHELSBAMA 2/7/2011 9:42AM

    Congratulations on your success and wonderful attitude. I am in Canada and I am looking at snow right now. I wish it would be spring here too!
Thank you for your kind remarks on my blog, you have helped me get my rear in gear again. God bless you in all you do.
Love Carol

Report Inappropriate Comment
AGENTNER 2/7/2011 12:55AM

    you are amazing for continuing to do what you do everyday! My aunt was diagnosed with MS 4 years ago and has been digressing rather quickly since the diagnosis. She uses a wheel chair on most days but walks when she can! she also has a heat vest. I sent her an article not to long ago that talked about how exercise really helped postpone MS symptoms, it specifically talked about yoga and swimming and the benefits of both! I wish you the best of luck with everything! thank you for your words of encouragement! Your garden sounds peaceful and amazing! I bet it is wonderful! I wish the weather was nice hear but we are still in 6 inches of snow and ice and I am miserable and cooped up indoors due to all the excess bad weather! thank you thank you for your encouragement!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
DGFOWLER 2/6/2011 1:19PM

    My heart goes on to you. MS must be very difficult to deal w/when you are feeling so tired all of the time, but you my lady, are an inspiration to me. I am so thankful I ran into your blog. God bless you for continuing on your journey ~ Donna

Report Inappropriate Comment
SUNNYARIZONA 2/6/2011 12:55PM

    You know, reading your blog....makes me ashambed I have EVER complained about this and that....whether it be pains or tiredness or what not. When I am down, I am DOWN, when you are down, you are UP! WOW.

Report Inappropriate Comment
JESTICJADE 2/6/2011 11:17AM

    Good for you for listening to your body and knowing its limits. I am sorry to hear how hard it is for you but you are doing so great even through the pain. Great job!

Report Inappropriate Comment
DAWNDMOORE40 2/6/2011 11:15AM

    emoticonHang in there! emoticonbecause you are worth it! WE are here to emoticonsupport you always! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
APIRLRAIN888 2/6/2011 10:24AM

    you can do it! keep it up

Report Inappropriate Comment
PANSYLADY2 2/6/2011 9:28AM

    I am so inspired that you don't give up when most of us would be just vegging! You push your body as far as you can, and that is the important thing: not that you go far, but that you go! Be blessed today, and enjoy the warmth! It's 25 degrees here, and the snow is coming down . . . again.

Church this morning, then the Packer game this evening. It will be a full day, and tomorrow we celebrate the home-going of our church's "Caleb," a 91-year-old preacher who when home to see "Daddy." He attended our church and prayed for and inspired many. A loss to us, a gain for heaven.

Report Inappropriate Comment
DJPERAZA 2/6/2011 9:02AM

    Oh yeah please post pics of Zen zone! It sounds awesome!!! Hope you start to feel better! You truly are inspiring! You should submit your story to P57! I'm sure they'll love it!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SHELLEY202 2/6/2011 8:56AM

    That's inspiring! Makes me realize how little I have to complain about. I love your zen zone, can't wait to see pictures when it all comes together!

Report Inappropriate Comment
REDHEADMOM2U 2/6/2011 8:32AM

    Your backyard sounds like it will be divine! Way to go on planning that space.

I'm sorry about feeling weak, but I'm so proud that you aren't giving in and still walking and working out. I'm sure that it is hard like you say, which makes you even more remarkable!


Report Inappropriate Comment
NEW-CAZ 2/6/2011 5:06AM

    Cindy hun I understand totally where you're coming from; trying to exercise with a medical issue is hard but you are amazing....you keep going and that is good.
You listen to your body and do what you can and then rest up.
And I would never think of you as a complainer- you're just explaining your circumstances and anyone reading this, especially a fellow MS sufferer would be inspired and take comfort from what you can achieve.
Your garden sounds lovely and I think the watering system is a great idea and taking your exercise outside is good for mind and body!
Have a great Sunday and take care emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 2/6/2011 5:08:21 AM

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    Wow! You are amazing. You're doing all the right things. Please post some pictures of your zen zone. I would love to see it, but you do such a good job describing it I can close my eyes and "see" it. (We tell our students to make a mind movie of stuff they've read. May I share your first paragraph with them? It would be really easy for them to make a mind movie with it.

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Giving Up on Yourself ?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Do you give up on yourself? It's easy to with our lives filled with so many things we have to do on a daily basis. It's so easy to Procrastinate and put off doing things for outselves that we need to do and before we know it we have created bad habits.

Each day, I consciously choose to make the choice to get up and do some form of exercise even if I don't feel like it. What do you do to show that you are taking steps to take care of yourself?

Yesterday's workout was P-57 Arm and Ab Booster for 30 min. Later I did P -57 Butt and Thigh Booster. My husband and I got in a 2.5 mile walk. The Canadian Geese had relocated for the day to the middle school. Maybe they were going to practice up goosing all those kids.

Today my workout was P-57 full body workout volume 2.

"Give up on yourself. Begin taking action now, while being neurotic or imperfect, or a procrastinator or unhealthy or lazy or any other label by which you inaccurately describe yourself. Go ahead and be the best imperfect person you can be and get started on those things you want to accomplish before you die." -- Shoma Morita, MD

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DEANNATN 2/5/2011 10:21PM

    Motivating blog. Thank you!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
NPDSLEUTH 2/4/2011 10:27AM

    So true!@

Report Inappropriate Comment
JELLEN726 2/4/2011 8:57AM

    Thank you for the motivation and inspiration. You rock!

Report Inappropriate Comment
KTRIBE808 2/3/2011 8:51PM

    Great blog! I love the quote
as well!


Report Inappropriate Comment
KAELBEE 1/30/2011 3:40PM

    Sometimes it takes a bit of 'self lecture' to get the work out done, but usually it is worth it. Great quote.

Report Inappropriate Comment
MISS_FIT_ 1/29/2011 9:20PM

    i love the quote! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
YELLOWBIRD01 1/29/2011 6:04PM

    Great blog!! Thank you for the inspiration!!!

God bless and hope you had a wonderful day!!


Report Inappropriate Comment
MONTY68 1/29/2011 5:32PM

Great blog, I love it. You have a awesome attitude and are motivated to create a better life. Sometimes we don't feel like doing anything but liked you said Do it anyhow.
Interesting , I posted a small video today, that showed how we can be successful and not have the need to be perfect.
Thank you for sharing and continue your great work.

Monty emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
SIMPLELIFE4REAL 1/29/2011 12:57PM

    Great blog!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ALISHAB3 1/29/2011 12:03PM

    I love 'goosing up' the kids! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
DJPERAZA 1/29/2011 10:03AM

    Awesome job doing your workouts AND making no excuses! I agree with you. I have to get up at 4:10 am each day to get my barre workout in. It's the only time I get to workout to my dvds. I could easily go to sleep but I dont because it's my time! No interruption from the kids! I have no excuses because I can do it!

Report Inappropriate Comment
REDHEADMOM2U 1/29/2011 9:19AM

    My friend told me she always tells her kids "we can do it easy or we can do it hard, but we are going to do it"

funny thing is, she told me that ONCE...years ago....but lately I think about it all the time. It's true, we just need to do it, so we should choose a good enough attitude to accompany it I guess!

I agree with the imperfect part too. I'll NEVER be perfect,and there will NEVER be a perfect time, so start now. WooHoo!

Report Inappropriate Comment
KASEYCOFF 1/29/2011 3:50AM

    The phrase 'I don't feel like it' always makes me smile to myself. I've been known to say (as my kids will attest) 'If you wait until you "feel" like it, you'll never do it, 'cause you're never gonna feel like it, so - just get up off your butt and go do it--!'

This applies to taking out the trash and homework as well as exercise and walking dogs, lol!

Report Inappropriate Comment
NEW-CAZ 1/29/2011 3:41AM

    I'm with you; don't keep bellyaching about doing something, find the time and do it.
I step into my workout clothes straight from bed to motivate me to something everyday- it's worked for 4 years! emoticon emoticon

I'll not be around much now (see blog) but I'll do my best to respond to your blogs til Monday

Laters babes emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
SARAHNICOLE__17 1/29/2011 3:22AM

    I love the Picture!!

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