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I inspire myself!?!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Isn't that what it boils down to - we have to insprie and motivate ourselves. Others can say and do all the right things, but if we don't internilize their example and make it our own, it will never benefit us.

I was just reading over my old blogs, and wow some of them are GOOD! Where did I lose myself? I sure haven't been living with that kinds of attitude in the last few weeks, okay months.

I gave up on any planned intermittent fasting. I found myself becoming more obsessed with certain foods when there wasn't time during my eating windows to eat it all. (Mostly breakfast foods.)

I gave up on eating only 100 calories at a time. Great theory - does not translate in real life. Maybe if I lived alone, worked alone, and never went out. But that is NOT my life.

I gave up on calorie counting and diet foods a LONG time ago.

After giving up on all my "plans" and putting the scale away I happily ate my way to back to my starting weight. YUCK! Once I got that out of my system, I decided to KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid. No formal plans that lead to failure. No daily weigh-ins that dictate wether I have a good or bad day. I'm simply trying to be a healthy.

Goal weight is re-set to my "Happy Weight" not the number that sounds good in my head. Eating is based on how I feel. If I'm not hungry I don't eat. If I want a treat - I enjoy it (in the correct serving size. ) I am simply trying to move more and eat less/better.

So far I'm down 5 pounds (only weighing ONCE a week). Best of all...I feel free-er than I have in a long time. And I can't fail because there is not a "plan." I'm inspired to be the best ME!

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DAWN_B 7/24/2010 10:59AM

    healthy is GOOD. :) The best inspiration is yourself, I have come to realize. Because, at the end of the day, you are the only one in your skin. You are the only one who can do it for yourself. Good for you! Keep it up!

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KERANTHOMPSON 7/24/2010 10:57AM

    Great blog tight tummy...I can say I've been in the same boat that you are in. I'm 39 now and have hit the heaviest I've been in my life. I've come to terms with being over weight and now I see my self losing it.

Good luck with your goals, all the best.

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BUGLET- 7/24/2010 10:31AM

    It's all about finding what works for you! Good luck.. emoticon

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An end date?

Friday, March 19, 2010

For years I 've been trying to slim down. Trying to eat healthier. Trying to get a body different from the one I have.

At what point do we say enough is enough. Do I really want to spend the rest of my life wishing I could lose just a few more pounds. If I've come this far and haven't crossed the "finish line" what makes me think I will next year.

Goals are most effective when they have an end date. You know the party starts at 6 so you have to leave home by 5 if you're going to make it. Goal met.

If my goal is to lose 10 pounds but I don't have an end date - then what. No incentive. No consequence. So far I've been coasting on wishful thinking. Not giving it my all, but always thinking about it. So...

I've decided to set an end date. If I don't meet my goal by Dec 31, 2010 then I will stop obsessing over it. I will just live my life the way it is and accept my body (cellulite and all) the way it is. If I can't do it by then - it will never happen! At that point I need to change goals.

Someone remind me next year that I shouldn't be here!

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NATHANJOSUE6 3/19/2010 8:29PM

  hmmm...I think that is a very good idea. I am also now 9.5 pounds away from my goal. I have not lost much after hitting 139.5. I am stuck there. On Monday I will start exercising to see if that makes a difference. I need to tone up regardless. I think I might try the whole 500 DD one week and maintenance the next. It might do something to our body and make us lose those extra pounds. I might try that next week when I start my exercise..Good Blog!! emoticon

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DAWN_B 3/19/2010 2:42PM

    wow. that is almost a mind blowing concept! seriously - good for you!

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ROBSMOM2 3/19/2010 1:38PM

  It is sooooooo funny that I was thinking about this same thing this week I decided that I am going to try DD of 500 or less one week and Maintaince DD next week to change it up for me I also am almost at my goal 5 pounds away I set a goal by my birthday in July So emoticon for this blog It just verified my exact feelings about this issue

Mary Jo

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KRISTINCASA 3/19/2010 12:04PM

    maybe the best way it to break it down really really small. look at your past progress and see how long it took you to lose let's say a pound. based on that info then you can make realistic smaller goals for yourself. it's what i do.

for example, i noticed that for me i can lose around a pound or so everyone 1.5 - 2 weeks. so i told myself that from about a week ago to april 17 i want to lose 8 lbs. and that works for me. it's obtainable :)

find what works for you and don't be discouraged!

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If you don't like it...

Friday, March 12, 2010

If you don't like it don't do it! If you don't like it don't eat it!

Why do we make ourselves miserable doing things that other people tell us we SHOULD do? Just because so and so runs 5 miles a day doesn't mean I have to. Just because brussel sprouts are healthy for me doesn't mean I have to choke them down.

I'm in this for the long haul, and I want my life to be a happy enjoyable one. I don't get enjoyment out of boring workouts that end in pain. Eating oddly shaped soy curd does not make me happy.

If I want to have a cookie, then it will be my favorite. I refuse to waste calories eating a dry fat-free, sugar-free, chemically altered "snack" cake.

If I want to exercise, it will be on my terms. Sometimes I want my abs to burn, sometimes I just want to stretch.

There are plenty of alternatives in life. No one way is the right way. Starting today if I don't like it, I won't do it. If I don't like it, then I won't eat it.

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*EARLENE* 3/12/2010 2:56PM

    I feel the same way! If I don't like it, I'm not going to do it.
The same with food...I eat what I like, I'm not going to waste my calories eating things that I don't like!
emoticon emoticon

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What are YOUR fitness goals?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I work at a corporate fitness center and spend my days watching/helping people with their work-outs. People will rarely ask for help with machines/programs mostly because they want to do whatever program/machine their friends/online recommendation is.

When they do ask (usually, "what machine will _____?) my first question to them is: What is your goal? To lose weight? To increase strength? To run a 6 minute mile?

99% of people respond that they want to shrink their middle/butt. We all know that means lose weight. Regardless of what I tell them, they proceed to walk on the treadmill at a 10+ grade. Mosey from machine to machine. Do some bi-cep curls. 50 crunches and call it good. They can spend hours in the gym and only accomplish the exact opposite of what they really want.

Is your goal to get bigger legs? A larger stomach? Yes, you should strength train, but if you're goal is to lose weight, choose a more effective workout.

Walking/running as fast as you can will burn more calories than walking uphill. Uphill resistance builds muscle.

Working through your weight routine as fast as possible will elevate your heart rate and burn more calories than doing the exact same amount of weight/reps with 30 minutes of cardio.

Holding a plank position for 1 minute is more effective than endless sit-ups. And while I'm at it...you will not see any more definition in your abs with 200 crunches than you will with 50. The more you work your waist the bigger it will get!

So really, what is you fitness GOAL?

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GMALNL 10/25/2010 10:19AM

    I need your help. What is a plank position? Because of osteoporosis, sit-ups are out for me. Plank position sounds like isometrics which I can do.
Your fitness center patrons don't realize what a treasure you are. emoticon

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DAWN_B 3/10/2010 4:24PM

    love this! Thank you! This is telling me that my routine is right in line with my goals right now. I do the Curves circuit, which combines the cardio and the strength training, and then on my of days I run/walk (depending on my energy level that day) on my treadmill. I just want to lose weight. And build some muscle, of course, but let's not get crazy. :)

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What is important to you?

Friday, March 05, 2010

What is really important to you? How do you treat it? If an event (your wedding day) is really important, you plan for it, you invite others to share it, you take the time to fully enjoy it!

Is food important to you? Then why do we eat in the dark, on the run, or in secret. If we can't give up certain foods because they are THAT important, then treat them that way. Plan for it, share with others, sit down and enjoy the meal. If it's not that important - skip it.

You are important. Your health and well being is important. Let's treat ourselves like we really believe it!

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DAWN_B 3/5/2010 12:05PM

    love that!

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ROBSMOM2 3/5/2010 11:40AM

  Great post Thank You

Mary Jo


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