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Monday, May 07, 2007

So,,, I was active with SP last fall & lost the 10 pounds that I wanted to. Then, I reinjured my back & stopped working out and slowly those BAD eating habits came back.

Now I have to lose those 10 pounds all over again & it's SO FRUSTRATING! I was going to walk the Breast Cancer 3 Day this fall, but my wife is now pregnant and due on the same day as the walk. I am so excited to meet our son, Aidan James- but one of my main motivations to eat right & exercise is gone- so I have to find a new motivation.

On top of that we are putting our house on the market to sell & that is taking up all of my "extra" time & energy. I still have my stationary bike and free weights available so working out is certainly not impossible.

I really hope that no one looks down on me for joining a weight loss website when I only need to lose 10 pounds, but 10 pounds is 10 pounds folks! I've always been thin without effort, but as I age it takes more work and that is new to me. Health is EXTREMELY important to me, as I'm a massage therapist & try to help others stay healthy- so that is why I'm working on myself... again.

Wish me luck


Friday, September 08, 2006

This poem was on my cubicle wall for YEARS. I used it as a motivation to get into massage school which became a reality 3 years ago. I had to be single to do it, but it worked.

Now maybe the poem will help with my new SP goals! (this is just the beginning of the poem).

Hold fast your dreams!
Within your heart
Keep one still, secret spot
Where dreams may go,
And, sheltered so,
May thrive and grow
Where doubt and fear are not.
O keep a place apart,
Within you heart,
For little dreams to go!

~Louise Driscoll