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Incredible 5k Day!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today was the All Out Run, Walk or Crawl 5k for the participants of my Summer Shape-up Challenge! We had 14 people (including my Mom) get out there and get dirty walking and running through mud, water, and trails! It was awesome! Everyone finished under 56 minutes, which is incredible considering no one other than me had ever done this before! My husband's company paid for us to get TShirts made and they came out awesome! It was just a great team day! My goal was to finish under 29 minutes to match my best time from 15 years ago. Well I didn't do that, but I do finish in 29:02, so I can't be upset. I was proud of myself. The only thing I was disappointed about was that I was only 22 seconds from placing 3rd in my age group 40-44. Gives me the drive to compete! So I'll probably do a 5k each month while I'm training for the Half-Marathon.

So my highlight was seeing my Mom do her first 5k at age 68! She even had a bladder infection and still did it. What a champion, and to top it off, she placed 1st in her age group. I can't even tell you how proud I was. When I saw her coming down home stretch, I went to meet her, and we ran holding hands though the finish line. That will definitely be a life highlight for me. (Picture of me and Mom)

So after the 5k, I had already scheduled to work with a trainer in a group of 4 less than 2 hours later! Got home, showered and dressed for the gym, went and did some strength, cardio and resistence training for an hour, came home, showered again, and have been on the couch ever since!

It was just a really great day with a bunch of really great people!

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MIAMILAW96 8/23/2009 10:09AM


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CAZ_NR_HEATHROW 8/23/2009 4:57AM

    emoticon Tia and Tia's mum emoticon

What a marvelous thing to do for your team, you're such a great motivator and look how far you've come!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well done hun

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Wow, 2 blogs in one day! Found my Goal Outfit Picture!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ok, I found a full picture of me in my Goal Outfit. This is from 2001. My husband and I were separated (fortunately we got back together and are about celebrate 19 years of marriage), and I lost a lost of weight very quickly. Of course when we got back together, I gained it all back and then some!!! I've kept this outfit because it's so cute and flattering. Once I can fit this, I'M THERE! I can pull the pants up but can't zip or breathe, so I have a little ways to go! They're a Junior Size 5. I'm posting this picture all over my house!!! So happy I found it!

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PEGUS63 8/14/2009 5:17PM

    You can do it-

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TIAGAYEPFA 8/14/2009 2:28PM

    Thank you all for your nice comments. I really appreciate them!

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KIMDONN 8/14/2009 1:09PM

    Good luck getting into that cute outfit!!! You can do it!

It's a great thing to have as a goal, I have some jeans I trying to get into!

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LILSHINE 8/14/2009 12:48PM

    You can do it. Nice photo as well

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BITSY0516 8/14/2009 12:25PM

    That is one flattering outfit!! You WILL get there!

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EVERYDAYITRY 8/14/2009 12:14PM

    I love the idea of posting it all over the house. You'll be in it in no time!

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CAZ_NR_HEATHROW 8/14/2009 12:14PM

    WOW you look amazing in that, what a lovely visualisaton goal!!!!!!!!
You can do it Tia I know you can!
Caz emoticon

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KLEE46 8/14/2009 11:44AM

    You look great. The good news is that both the relationship and the lifestyle are working. Best to you.

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ACLASSYONE 8/14/2009 11:39AM

  Nice! Happy losing! emoticon

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I'm in Training for my next goal! - Woo Hoo!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Well the 5k is next Saturday the 22nd. I'm going for getting under 29 minutes! When I was 26 I did a 5k in 28 minutes (can't remember exactly), but that was 15 years ago. I actually placed 3rd in my age group for that race (only time I placed). Now that I'm 41 it would be such an awesome feeling to match my best time! So yesterday I went running with my awesome partners Nicole (NSG4729) and Toni (NYCOLA44) and I did get under 30 minutes with 29:57. I really pushed it and am feeling it this morning in my quads. I think I'll take the 11am Yoga class at my gym to help me stretch a little more. But I'm excited!

So this week I also officially started training for the Women's Half Marathon in November. I'll be running 4 times a week, so I figure whatever weight I'm still trying to get off, will come off during this training. I actually signed up with Team in Training, which is part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. So I've committed to raising $1,800 by race time. That was my only hesitation since I had never done any fundraising and have always hated asking people for money for anything. But my Aunt Bea died of Leukemia in 2000 so I'm doing in memory of her, so I have something personal attached to it which makes me excited to do it.

So if any of you Sparkers would like to help me and the cause, here's my FUNDRAISING PAGE:


Thanks to all of you in advance, and super thanks to all my Sparkfriends who have been so supportive on my journey with your great comments. They mean so much!

Let's have a great day enjoying the process!

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LILSHINE 8/14/2009 12:35PM

    Great job

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EILAROSE1 8/14/2009 9:29AM

    Congrats Sweetie,
I know you will go all the way. You have the drive and the power to do anything
Good Luck
I'm rooting for you emoticon

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NSG4729 8/14/2009 9:25AM

    Yep, you are a rock star and I know that you will reach every goal you set. You are inspiring...and yeah, maybe one day (LONG from now - lol) Toni and I will catch up with you and your running time. I'm stil in "can I finish this without dying" mode :-)

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NYCOLA44 8/14/2009 8:58AM

    Tia, thats awesome and you are awesome maybe one day we might actually catch up with you ( doubt it lol) but maybe. I think your next goal is great, I will do my best to help.

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CAZ_NR_HEATHROW 8/14/2009 8:50AM

    What a wonderful way to honour your Aunt Bea Tia.
Good luck with your training
x emoticon

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KKKAREN 8/14/2009 8:48AM

    Congratulations to you for your fabulous accomplishments. I'm still walking with the goal to run someday, I'm waiting for the winter. Good luck on your 1/2 marathon, I know you'll do well.

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What a difference 90 days makes!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ok, I'm into the 8th month of my new lifestyle and I can only say how much I love it. I love that I didn't rely on a quick-fix diet, or a quick-fix workout or anything else considered quick-fix. I've just been doing it the old fashioned way: eat right and exercise. It sounds so simple, and now it is so simple. Makes me wonder, why did it take me all these years to realize it? But as they say "the teacher appears when the student is ready." I had to be ready to change.

Today I started my official training for the half-marathon, nice and easy with a 2 mile run. I'm going for speed on Thursday when I train with Nicole and Toni. I really want to hit that 28 minute mark for the 5k on the 22nd.

The Summer Shape-up Challenge is going very well. You can see the focus of those who will be doing the 5k, and the focus of those who have truly taken this seriously. It's a win-win!

Well, I took a bikini picture on 5/3 for the Sweatsuit to Swimsuit Challenge, and I decided to take another one this past Sunday. What a difference! I'm not where I want to be, but I'm definitely on my way. I can only imagine where I'll be in another 90 days!

Isn't it nice to proud of yourself? We usually don't take time to congratulate ourselves, as we're too busy finding the faults. So let's take today and pat ourselves on the back because we're still in the fight for the best us we can be!

Still enjoying the process!

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DROPPINOS 8/20/2009 2:26PM

    you look awesome emoticon

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NYCOLA44 8/12/2009 2:08PM

    You so totally ROCK, I'm with Nicole on this whole time constraint... you just run on right ahead ....lol. You look great who says 40 isn't the new 20 ...lol

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NSG4729 8/12/2009 9:28AM

    You go girl! Ummm, but I wont be going for time for our run on Thursday - LOL! I'm just trying to finish without passing out. But, you look amazing in your pic and the progress and hard work is definitely evident! Great job! And again, we must thank you for the 5K challenge and the summer challenge itself...it has truly invigorated us all! emoticon

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VIAFREE 8/12/2009 9:07AM

    Nice progress, your confidence and high esteem shines through your smile.
Keep up the great job, and crush that 28 min in the 5k___WOO-HOO!!!!!!!

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CAZ_NR_HEATHROW 8/12/2009 4:31AM

    Tia you look amazing girl!
How far you have come and how much fitter you are.

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JKCOPE 8/11/2009 10:37PM


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Setting new goals!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Well I haven't blogged in a bit, thought I would catch up.

So we're in the 10th week of the Summer Shape-up Challenge. I'm very happy with so many people's accomplishments. I'm especially happy about some people who hadn't been involved in a while, but made the decision to see this through! That's exciting! And there's those who have taken this seriously from day one! Many are seeing great results!

As for me, well, I've done more clothes shopping in the past month than I have in the past 3 years I think! It's so much fun buying size 6! I remember barely six months ago hating that some size 12's were tight because my thighs were so big! I specifically remember not being able to fit into a size 12 at Old Navy and I was so disgusted, I wouldn't even try on a 14. Well, on Sunday I bought a pair of Old Navy shorts and they were size 6! Woo Hoo! Love it!

So I've started training for the 5k on 8/22. Last time I did a 5k was in the '90's. I was in my 20's. Now it's 2009 and I'm 41. My best 5k I ran in 28:30 minutes and was 26 years old. So my first training run I did in under 33 minutes (goal was to finish the race in less than 36 minutes), and today, my second training run, I did it in 30:53 which shocked me! So my goal is to complete the 5k in less time than I did at age 26! I'm going for it!

On the 11th of this month, I'll start training for a half-marathon. I'm a firm believer in always having the next goal ready when you're about to complete your current goal. So I'm doing the 13 miles in November. I'm really excited. I would love to have a friend to do it with, but like my weight journey I don't mind doing it alone, because it's about me, and I'm a champion!

I just did my measurements and I'm excited that my waist is now less than 30 inches! Yay! Can I possibly get back to 36-24-36? Just kidding, I could care less about that! I just want to be the size that's great for me, and I'm almost there!

And I'm really enjoying helping others get there too with the Summer Shape-up Challenge! That has been SO rewarding! It's been a lot of work, but I wouldn't trade it for a thing! I'm loving it!

Still enjoying the process, and here's to everyone else who's still in the fight! My wish is to give hope to others!

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NYCOLA44 8/6/2009 3:25PM

    I CONCUR! YOU ARE TOTALLY MY ROLE MODEl! Thanks so much for starting this challenge and getting me motivated to become my old healthy self again, through this process I have become so educated. I hope this is just the beginning to a long friendship through weight losss! You ROCK! ~ Toni

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NSG4729 8/5/2009 12:06PM

    You go girl! You are a rock star....I am about to die training for this 5K...so, thanks for even hanging with us ameteur runners - lol! Great job on getting into a Size 6...that is awesome. I'm just trying to make sure all my size 10's fit comfortably - lol!

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CAZ_NR_HEATHROW 8/5/2009 4:29AM

    Hi Tia nice to see a blog from you I know how busy you've been with the challenges. emoticon on you sucesses hun, you've really put in the time and effort and are now reaping the rewards.
And new goals already......I wouldn't expect any different from you- good luck with them especially the half marathon!!!!!!


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HILLARY0803 8/4/2009 10:03PM

    Congratulations on all of your success! I bet it feels good!

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VIAFREE 8/4/2009 9:46PM

    Congrats on all your progress, you really got it going on girl!
I know you will crush that 5k in less time you did in your 20's.
Keep up the great work.
Nice car.

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MICHELLE6468 8/4/2009 9:41PM


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