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Just checking in...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Well we're starting Week 8 in the Summer Shape-up Challenge! This will show who's in it to win it! And not just to win the money, but to win their life back! I'm so excited about doing the 5k with everyone! It will be such an accomplishment! I remember my first one and how incredible I felt for finishing it even though I went at a snail's pace. Whether slow or fast, it's something most will never accomplish and we will have many who will do it!

From the personal side, I actually worked today - all day! Whew, don't want many of those days, but it was productive except for the fact that I didn't get my workout in. I missed my window of getting it done this morning since I got up at 4:15am with my hubby, then tried to get back to sleep then got up to go the office for a 10am meeting. I'll get better with my Monday schedule. Fortunately it's my only "work day" of the week. But at least when I checked my body fat, it was at 24.9%! Down almost a full percent! Most people are a scaleaholic, I'm a measureaholic! I measure myself every week and check my body fat every other week! I can't help it! This is where I've seen the most results!

I can't wait until I'm under 20% body fat - that's my goal.

I'm heading to NJ beach to hang out with a friend this weekend, but she doesn't realize she's going to have the workouts of her life while I'm there! I'm going to have a great time, but exercise is now just a part of me and I'm not going to not do it because I'm away! I'll be on Sparkpeople tracking everything! I love it!

Well, I think that's it for now! Still enjoying the process, and enjoying my size 6 pants even more!!! I'm NEVER going back!!!


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CAZ_NR_HEATHROW 7/21/2009 9:09AM

as always an uplifting blog, you are doing so well hun and a size 6 emoticon emoticon emoticon
OMG your friend won't know what's hit her emoticon
have a great time

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PAMTAMYOUNG 7/21/2009 1:11AM

    Congrats!!! That is so awesome. I am excited about my first 5 k. I am on week 6 and I have yet to run outside. I will though. Congrats on the new habits, size 6, courage and dedication. You got it and your doing it. emoticon emoticon

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Getting Tired...NOT!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Well, we're halfway through the Summer Shape-up Challenge and I'm really revving up the workouts! Trying to do a minimum of 90 minutes a day.

It's a little disappointing when I see some challenge teammates "dropping out", meaning, they're not showing up, tracking or communicating. But I guess that's life. It shows those who have made a decision to change their life for the better and those who are just trying something and quitting something else. So I choose not to focus on those, but to focus on the ones who are putting their heart and soul into making the right decisions for themselves. It's not about being perfect, goodness knows we all mess up from time to time, but it's about being consistent with effort! And there are so many who are still so focused! The Challenge has become so personal to me. I want each person to reach their goals, but I can't want it more than them. I've tried to be a good coach, cheerleader, and motivator and I just get so excited when I see people who felt like they wanted to give up, but didn't. They keep going as CHAMPIONS DO!

So, these are the ones who motivate me! So it makes me want to set the best example. I'm loving it!

Went swimsuit shopping today for a weekend trip I'm taking in a couple weeks. Still don't like this process. Not ready for a bikini but not loving the other styles either. Oh well, I'll find something!

Still enjoying the process!

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JUDY6431 7/27/2009 10:23AM

  Hi new to sparks but in you're area thanks for the encouragement emoticon

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PAMTAMYOUNG 7/16/2009 4:16AM

    I understand, I started my journey with about 5 people and now I am on my own. Its great to see you and others on Spark people who has stayed the course. I can always look on your pages for encouragement to help me go that extra mile.

Thank you!!! emoticon

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EMATTHEWS37 7/15/2009 11:11PM


Your doing a great job! Keep it up!

Believe me I've though about quitting (long hour, kids, etc.), but I just keep seeing you with that "You Can Do It" look on your face, and it makes me keep going.

THANKS for all you do! E :-)


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Amazing Results!!!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

I haven't blogged in a few days, but wanted to check in. I look at myself in the mirror and I can see how people get anorexic because they still see the "same old person" in the mirror. I don't really see a difference when I look in the mirror. But when I extended my legs this morning, my thighs looked so thin. It was weird. I remember thinking I looked like a cartoon character because my thighs were so big and my lower legs so small. Now they're actually proportionate. It's when I put on clothes, even underwear, that I can tell the difference. Things fitting SO big on me. Was I really that big? Yes I was. And six months later, six months of hard work and eating right, I've gone from size 12 to size 6. I can barely believe it. I haven't even lost 20 lbs of the almost 40 I wanted to lose. It shows that by doing the right things, eating right, exercising, strength training, tracking, consistently, it DOES PAY OFF! This is my life, I'm not done yet, have a little more body fat to lose. Not wanting to be skeletal thin, but I have a small frame for 5' 3" so when I can wear my goal outfit, I'M THERE! I know I'll do by end of summer!

The Summer Shape-up Challenge is teaching me things as well. Like in life, you learn who makes a decision to change their life, versus those who are not yet ready. I want each person who signed up to get healthy and create the right habits, but I can't do it for them. I go back to a previous blog where I mentioned how easy it is to eat wrong, to not exercise, to procrastinate. IT'S TIME TO NOT HAVE IT EASY!!! It's so worth it! It's okay to "fall off the wagon" AS LONG AS YOU GET RIGHT BACK ON!!!

I'm happy I made the change from diet to lifestyle. It wasn't easy, but wasn't as hard as I thought it would be ONCE I MADE THE DECISION. I wish the best to all of you out there who are MAKING THE DECISION!!!

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EMATTHEWS37 7/12/2009 12:15PM

    You are awesome Tia!!! Congrats on your results! Thanks for being an inspiration!

TTYL, Eva :-)

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DIVAFROMSC 7/11/2009 9:40PM

    Wow...you look great. Good job on your weight loss success. I can't wait until I am where you are. I am also 5'3", so when I say I want to lose 40 lbs, people look at me like I'm crazy, but I'm short so this much weight on a short person is not cute. You are an inspiration to me. Thanks.


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GONABFIT 7/9/2009 2:10PM

    You look GREAT! Keep it up! Isn't it amazing that you can see great results BEFORE you reach your goal! Weight loss is hard but DEFINITELY worth it!

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NYCOLA44 7/9/2009 12:47PM

    You look awesome Tia!!!! Hot mama!

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DELIGHT54 7/6/2009 5:17PM

    You're looking great! I'm inspired by your drive and persistence. You are an inspiration to me.

Warm regards,

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JALENS_NANA 7/6/2009 12:31AM

    You go, girl emoticon

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What a Workout!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Today, did not want to go work out. I rarely have those days anymore, but today was one of those days. But I did what champions do: I DID IT ANYWAY REGARDLESS OF HOW I FELT. And it ended up being a great workout! Did my strength routine and like normal was sweating like a pig when I finished it, then was about to get on the Glider when I saw a class was starting. I inquired and it was Kickboxing so I did it. It was a serious cardio workout - I loved it!

Glad I went. Gotta do it even when I don't feel like it. I don't feel like brushing my teeth every morning, I don't feel like taking a shower every day, but I do it because I need to. That's how exercising has to become for us. I'm getting there and enjoying the process!

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DELIGHT54 6/28/2009 4:54PM

    Way to go! You've inspired me to get downstairs and walk. I've not worked out in over a week -- time to get back on the stick. I think what got to me most was your comment about having to do it when you don't feel like it. I haven't felt like it but I gotta get going.


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LETOIYA 6/23/2009 1:32PM

    yay you!!!! emoticon for pushing through and doing it anyway. I like that its what champions do!!! i will say that over and over. Keep it up emoticon

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Wow! Was I that big???

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Went to a business conference the past two days. I can't even tell you how many people commented on how great I looked and how I've lost so much weight and what am I doing, etc. I have two reactions to this: 1) Wow, this really strokes my ego, I'm looking GOOD! and 2) Was I really that big that it's that noticeable??? It's funny that we don't really notice when we're losing weight/fat as much as others. I don't look in the mirror and think "Wow, I've really lost a lot." My clothes show it, and since I see myself in a mirror every morning, I don't look so different. Funny, I've lost less than 20 lbs, but the inches are so obvious! So my message for today is, don't let the scale get you down!!! Keep noticing your clothes and your body fat! Mine was 35% in December, 25% now. So many of us feel so discouraged when the scale doesn't move. I still have almost 20 lbs to lose, but I've got from close to size 14 to about size 6 in less than 6 months. It's hard work, but I've been enjoying the process so much I haven't noticed.

I made the decision to ENJOY THE PROCESS! So here's to you enjoying the process as well! - Tia

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KMYERS4 6/23/2009 5:45PM

  Thanks for the inspiration/motivation. :D :)

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CAZ_NR_HEATHROW 6/22/2009 4:16AM

    Tia hun
I've been reading your blogs for a while now and know how much work you've put in. You deserve to hear these compliments hun.
And you are right about the scales; feeling good about you feel in your clothes and feeling fit and healthy are the main things (easier to say when you're well on the way to goal though eh?)
I am always uplifted when I read your blogs. Thank you

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ONE6OH 6/21/2009 11:36PM

    You are such a motivator. You are right about the scale not being the only tool for measurement.

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