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Survived the Holidays and a Fresh New Start - 28 Day Challenge

Monday, January 03, 2011

I don't know why we put ourselves through all this insanity every year. And I don't know anyone who sees all of the self induced hoops we have to jump through as a joyful and meaningful way to spend a month. Why can't we all agree to STOP???

OK - enough whining for now. I have made a pact with myself to do a better job of taking care of things ahead of time this year. We'll see how that goes. I've already ordered a bunch of stuff (half price) that will be used for little gifts for next year and I ordered greeting cards to have on hand so I can keep up with birthdays better. I'm ready with Christmas cards and little gift bags - so I'm already half way there! Going to try and keep my eye out for good deals on things that I know people will actually want to have throughout the year and my goal is to be done shopping by October.

I've signed up for the SP 28 Day Challenge. I sent the link to my friends Christie and Margo and posted it on facebook. Hopefully they'll join too and we can all work on it together. I'm counting today as my official start to the new year (too many parties and football games this weekend to be serious about sticking to the plan). I did all of my planning and list making (my version of resolutions) while I was off on my break. And I plan to actually keep the list visible all year so I can see how my progress is going. I'm working out with Shauna after work today. I had the alarm set to get up this morning, but just couldn't do it. I had a hard time sleeping last night. But I ended up mostly awake anyway, so I should have used the time to get my circulation going. I'm not particularly energetic this morning and I would have been better off if I had worked out instead of staying in bed.

I know I feel better, sleep better, think better, eat better, etc. when I work out. It's way more important than another 30-45 minutes of laying down.

Day 1 - Lethargic
What will Day 28 bring?

Big Goals for the Year

Lose 50 pounds
Finish my BS


Stop the Madness!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

This holiday season has been pretty tame compared to last year, but it's still way too busy. I'm bringing some of it on myself - it's school break, what's a girl to do?? Today is pretty much self induced. I' m starting out at 1 p.m. at a sports bar run by a guy from Buffalo. It's a good place to watch a Bills game, and since I haven't seen one since the preseason , I figured I'd get one in while I can. After the game, we'll visit a friend's open house in the neighborhood and then head across town (several towns actually) for another friend's birthday party.

We had two parties yesterday. We were supposed to drop in at cosmic bowling (that I'm never awake for) afterward, but we stayed at the parties too long and didn't make it. NOT a normal day for me to be awake until after cosmic bowling shuts down.

I didn't fit in a workout yesterday - not happy about it and no excuse really. Just was a vegetable all day until it was time to go pick up a few things and then get ready to go out. So I'm headed down to workout now. As far as the nutrition goes? Didn't really have anything very nutritious, but I didn't totally blow the plan either. Today I'll vaguely try not to blow everything out of the water, but I'll be in authentic Buffalo wings territory and following it with two parties, so no promises. But back on the straight and narrow tomorrow. :)

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JHADZHIA 12/19/2010 8:52PM

    Wow! Busy, busy party girl! Can't see how you can stay on track with all of that going on. All I can suggest is drink a lot of water so you don't fill up with too many bad choices and booze..Better yet, be the designated driver and all your non alcoholic drinks are free..
Those late hours would make anyone a zombie all day.
Enjoy yourself, its your time to cut loose and left off steam!

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Sleeping and Stuff

Friday, December 17, 2010

Last night was supposed to be the usual Thursday happy hour, but with the snow and bad traffic, we decided to skip it. I ate at my company Christmas party, sticking to the no sweets plan and not busting my calorie limit too much, and was home before 6:30. And I did 45 minutes on the treadmill reading a book for my next quarter. Go me!!

We curled up in the blankets and played on the computer for awhile and I was ready for sleeping by 9:30. I actually slept from about 10 until 7. Amazing. If I keep this up I'm going to have to turn in my insomniac badge - but I'm ok with that. :)

This weekend is a little hectic. I'm not sure if we have anything tonight, but we have two parties and cosmic bowling tomorrow night. On Sunday, we're going to see the Bills lose at Jimmy's Old Town Tavern and then two more parties - Christmas open house and a birthday party.

My boss is out next week from Wednesday until after New Years. I'm planning on taking a bunch of that time off too. Might come in on a day or two to get some organizing done while it's quiet, but mostly I'm going to sleep in, read ahead for my next quarter, and make sure I eat right and work out every day. :)

Stay tuned to see how that goes.

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JHADZHIA 12/17/2010 10:07AM

    WOW!! you are sure going to have a pile of temptations with all that party going! Good for you finally getting a good sleep! I sure can't, only had 2 broken hours last night, worst yet, but stressing over losing two hours of work when something went wrong in my new Office 2010 word program :(( Interrupted by a phone call, when I reached for it, must have hit some strange button and started getting weird stuff on my paper I was unable to get rid of or delete. The back up was no help either, gave me the same thing :((
I hope to finish that project today, but lots more to do. No parties here, I have a working holiday this time around, preparing for a big change over at year end. Have to totally rewrite instruction notes, redo the computer program to a fresh start, etc. etc. A pile of data entry is in my future :(( All I must get done before I go in the hospital for my long awaited elbow replacement surgery..
Enjoy your fun times!!

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Maybe I'm Doing It Wrong?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I think we've had this discussion before, but I don't remember getting a good answer, so here we go again. . .

When someone responds to my blog entry, will they get notified if I respond to them on my blog entry? Or is the only way to communicate to go *all* the way over to their blog?

Thanks for any help . . . . :)

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THJORA 12/16/2010 3:50PM

    I think this is my biggest problem with SP. Having to go back and forth between blogs, you lose the thread of the conversation. :(

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JHADZHIA 12/16/2010 3:39PM

    No we don't get notified if you respond on your blog. You just have to go leave a comment on their page, that is the way its usually done.

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So Far So Good

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 3 - 4 if you count workouts because I had to walk 4 miles to get my car from the shop the other day. But third day without sweets. My boss even said, "Boy, you picked a bad week to quit sweets!" Exactly what I was thinking as we opened his gift box filled with premium caramel corn - and the day after the Georgetown cupcakes package arrived. I passed. I'm still working on the sweets experiment. I know I have to make changes that I can live with forever and not try to do drastic things that won't stick, but for the time being, as long as I can manage to pull it off, I think that cutting out sweet stuff is a good thing. I am having a much easier time with my appetite and haven't been eating when I'm not hungry. Lets see if I can stick with it for awhile.

I went out to celebrate the end of my quarter last night. There's a new bar in Herndon that some of my friends have been going to. It was interesting - not some place I'm going to go on a regular basis, but nice that we have a place to go that doesn't require a drive into the city and paying someone not to steal your car. I had wings and three beers - don't usually have that much, but it was a celebration, right?? Figured I blew my calorie count out of the water, but didn't go over by very much - so I'm pretty happy about that. Got a short workout in too - so keeping that streak going as well. Only had half an hour and I usually would have decided that wasn't enough and skipped it, but I went ahead so I could keep working on locking in the habit. :)

I ended up seeing a lot more friends than I thought I would and the bar is starting a ladies night with karaoke on Tuesdays, so maybe I'll do that once in awhile. There are only three weeks before school starts and I won't know how the workload will be until we get started, so my social life between January 10 and March 18 is tentative.

I have three more quarters to go before I graduate. I can hardly believe it. On my birthday 2011 I'll finally have my BS. Then on to complete my MBA.

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JHADZHIA 12/16/2010 2:37PM

    Well done! That is the only way to get it into habit, do what ever you can, each and every day.
Yes, you did pick a horrible time to lose the sweets. If you can do it during this season, it shows you have the strength of character to make it a lifetime commitment!!
Go Kim GO!

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MNCYCLIST 12/16/2010 10:04AM

    Wow, sounds like you're doing well, hang in there one day at a time--you can do this!

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