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And the Streak Continues!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 4
38 Days Until Key West!

So here I am again. Little changes can hardly seem noticeable and are not very motivating, but if you can look back over days, weeks, and months and see that you stuck with a plan? Pretty awesome! So I looked back and I've been working out at least four times a week for 18 weeks. A lot of the other stuff that was on the list - Stick to the food plan, X amount of time on organizing the house, X amount of time every day on homework so I don't have to lock down for the entire weekend trying to catch up, etc. - not so much. But I have stuck with what I think is the most important thing. And now I'm starting to work on the other stuff.

The protein seems to be making a difference in my eating habits. I don't notice myself feeling as hungry or having cravings. It's only four days so far, but seems to be working for curbing my appetite. We'll see what the scale says in a week or two. Yesterday wasn't a great day - hamburger and fries for lunch and met Christie and Linda at Glory Days, (5 wings, half a salad, and 2 beers). Could have been worse, but could have been WAY better. I have GOT to quit getting two beers when I'm out. Particularly when I haven't worked out yet. I went home and did my walk anyway, but it was rough.

So I have come to the conclusion that I can NOT go to Glory Days on Mondays, because the hamburgers are $5 all day and who can walk away from that?? I know that having a drink shuts me down for the day and I have to quit doing that - at least before I'm ready to be shut down for the day. Probably would be better if I didn't go out to eat at all. Not really an option, but I should limit the times I do it and plan really carefully ahead of time for what I'm going to order.

Really need to get drastic if I want to see a difference before Florida. Stay tuned.


3 Day Streak - But Who's Counting???

Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 3
39 Days Until Key West!

Still doing the protein shakes twice a day (three whole days, but have to start somewhere, right?). Not sure if they are supposed to have an impact on my digestive system or if this is my normal system disturbance that happens when I stop eating way too much junk, but I'll be happy when things settle back down. I will need to do more protein, but considering how things are going, I'm going to wait before I bump it up much higher. Aiming for 100 g per day. Getting over 50 per day so far.

I don't have a lot to write about so far, but I'm pretty happy with the shorter length of time it is taking me to get back on the wagon when I fall off. A week like last week would normally have knocked me off track for up to a year, but here I am, back at it again. Considering how bad I was feeling after spending about three years on the couch, it's a real incentive to not go back there again. My energy level is exponentially higher. I'm able to do way more after work than just drag myself into the house and onto the couch.

Still need to cut down on the vitamin B (beer) to save calories and keep my energy level up later into the day and need to really really really stick with the food plan to see how much I can accomplish between now and Key West.

Like I said, nothing substantive to write about at the moment, but wanted to keep up the streak. Maybe I'll get back in here a little later.

Over and out!!


Two Days in a Row!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I know - I know . ..two days isn't a streak. But I've been living in DC for long enough and in this town *one* win is a streak for any of our sports teams, so why not me?? I've been tracking my exercise for a few months now. Even though I just started tracking in August (give or take) I've reached my goal in minutes for the year. Imagine if I had been tracking all year! I've tried several methods for tracking food. I was doing pretty well with a little notebook, but I lost it and I don't have the heart to build another one to risk losing it - so I'm trying to stick with electronic this time. I have my smartphone too, so I can keep track of things until I can get it into SP trackers.

So going into day 2 of this 42 day challenge. So far so good. I tracked all my food yesterday and met all my nutrition goals (even though I had 3 beers). I walked and I made a blog post. I'll try for the whole 42 days to:

Meet nutrition goals
Track nutrition
Track Workout
Make a blog post
Answer Trivia

See, I'm really big into making lists. Just following them is sometimes a problem. I think that once I take the time to work through it and make the list - I shouldn't actually have to *do* the stuff!

OK -typing without really much to say yet. Have to get into work and get a mountain of homework done. After today only three weeks left in the quarter!! Exciting and scary too - because I have a TON of work left before I finish the classes. Going to have to buckle down in the next few weeks to get all my projects done. *AND* these are the times that cause bad eating. When I get stuck, writer's block, etc. I always get up and eat something. And it's never something healthy. Hoping the protein shakes will help keep me feeling full and keep me from cravings and junk. And knowing that the three weeks brings me half way done with my Key West challenge and to within 2 classes of graduating . . . . THAT should be some motivation, right??

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JANSAM2 12/1/2011 9:05AM

    Get the app for sparkpeople on your phone .. thats how I keep track every meal. It also goes to the puter on its own. I even check sometimes before I eat some thing ..... Works good. emoticon

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Adjusting the Plan

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Protein - That's the new plan. My friend C. had weight loss surgery last year. She has lost about half of her body weight in the year. She has done it by following the plan, following instructions, doing everything right. Technically, I think I'm overweight enough to qualify for the surgery, but I'm thinking - why not cut out the middle man and just follow the plan without having major surgery?

She says that when she's completely on plan - it includes 2-3 whey protein shakes a day and getting the most bang for the (nutritional) buck on the small meals she is able to eat. I just lost ten pounds in a month by eating several small meals and exercising every day. Of course - as per usual - I have gradually obliterated the plan - with large meals of fried food and carbs with no nutrition. I know that if I eat a little bit of healthy food, I'm not hungry for junk. Sometimes I plan it that way. This salad would be great! Can't - won't have room for wings later. :-/

One day at a time -

2 protein shakes
Yogurt with fruit
Meal with 2-3 cups veggies
High Nutrition soup or cereal

Small meal of whatever I want no more than 2-3 times a week.

Back to workouts every day.

From one website (
Quality protein helps you sustain muscle during weight loss, improve muscle fitness, improve immunity, improve antioxidant function, build HDL Cholesterol High-density lipoprotein that is one of five lipoproteins that enable cholesterol and triglycerides to be transported within the bloodstream to the liver and to the adrenals, ovaries, or testes for the production of steroid hormones. , and enhance insulin and leptin function all of which contribute toward optimal weight management efforts over time.

Supposedly - according to my friend's nutritionist, protein boosts weight loss - for lots of reasons. The article excerpt above appears to agree. It won't hurt that I'll be having at least 3 cups of dairy a day, which is also supposed to help with weight loss. So the focus isn't on what I can't have - it's on what I *need* to have. I won't have room for junk while I'm trying to get all of this nutrition in. Had the first protein shake for lunch today. Doesn't taste as bad as I thought it would - so that's a good thing.

Let's regroup in a couple weeks and see how it's going. Afraid to get back on the scale to see where I am, but I guess I'm going to have to so that I can see what progress I'm making. :)


Sticking with the Plan

Monday, November 14, 2011

I've been sticking with my workout plan since July. Should be jumping up and down about that. Actually it's pretty impressive progress I think!! I've been walking 3 miles a day at least 5-6 times a week since then. Hoped to be running by now, but my body isn't happy with the idea yet. Signed up for a 5K on 12/3, but will probably be walking most of it. I'd rather be walking healthy than injured from trying to run too soon, so my body is the boss of me.

But (always one of those, isn't there?), not sticking to the eating part of the plan as well as I'd like and I only lost 10 pounds so far. Did that all in Aug/Sept and then quit paying attention to the details. A month before my birthday, I got a little notebook and started writing everything down in there. What I was thinking, what I was eating, how the workouts were going, what the plans were for keeping things going, etc.

I was doing great with that and then lost the notebook. :( For some reason, I got derailed around that time for the overall plan - which was eating five small nutritious meals a day and cutting way back on alcohol and fried stuff. Had a long streak of wings and beer type meals for awhile, but I'm back on the behaving wagon for the time being. Haven't weighed to see how much of the 10 pounds I might have gained back - hoping not too many.

I'm planning to go to Key West with Maura when she runs the RAGNAR relay in January, and hoping to look much better in a bathing suit by then, so I need to really be serious for the next two months. Should be able to lose at least another 15 by then and be on track to get to my goal by May. No reason I can't make the goal unless I just don't do it, right?

Graduating in March. Would be awesome to be close to my weight loss and fitness goals by then. Excited about the thought of going into the sailing, kayaking, camping, hiking, and biking season without homework and without 30-50 of the extra pounds I'm carrying. :-D


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