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Im so happy today!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am so happy today! Finally dropped under the 180lbs mark with an all new low of 179lbs! from an original massive 216lbs!

I fitted into a shirt today that I bought myself some months ago, and still couldnt fit into it, and finally did today! So asked my wife to take a photo, and as I havent been active on this site for some time while i was hovering on the 180's this is really what I needed! I stepped up my game, and the results come flooding back!

One of the big shocks was I could also see how much fairer and my skin had become and overall looking so much healthier. My wife was shocked saying looking at the old pictures now, she does think that person was attractive, but she never saw it like that then, and now... Hubba hubba she cant keep her hands of me! Wohooo!

So this deserves a new blog entry I thought today, as I havent been this elated for a very long time, I want to show everyone my comparison photos at work, but im holding myself back, incase everyone thinks im a weirdo.

Thanks for all the support from everyone, even when I have not been active, sincerely appreciated!


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SEKSUNSHINE 1/28/2010 7:30AM

    You take those photos to work and be proud of your accomplishments! They are going to be so jealous! You've done a great job. Nice to have you back, hope you stick around.

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BAYSIDE07 1/28/2010 6:39AM


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KAY-SUPREME 1/28/2010 6:08AM

    Nice job! And congrats on finally breaking that hurdle!

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REILLYGIRRRL 1/28/2010 6:00AM

  Congrats on the milestone. My starting weight was 216 as well. I remember getting under 180, it was a big deal. You should be very proud of yourself!

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KALIOPPE 1/28/2010 5:57AM

    Congrats on getting under 180! Great achievement. And a nice bonus that your skin is looking better too. As for photos, please show. No one will think you're a weirdo - well... not any weirder than the rest of us . :)

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Back in full effect

Friday, November 06, 2009

Well Ive been very quiet on this site for the last 2 months now, primarily due to My wife giving birth, and then she had an infection so things were quite tough. Work got manically busy etc etc excuse excuse....ACtually no... There are no excuses, despite me not being on the site much, I have still learned a heck of a lot from here, and that knowledge and routine has been ingrained into me. that said my weight has been stagnating between 181 and 182lbs, No more, no less!

But I really need to make this final push to get to the 160 area. That will require me to start calorie counting again and reducing my fat intake, and of course upping my calorie burn.

So today, I have refocussed myself and on a final charge so to speak!

Will post some picture soon, as I realised the last picture of me I posted was at 190lbs, so no massive difference at 10lbs, but I will wait until I get to the 170s and then post some.

Here we gooo again!


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SEKSUNSHINE 11/6/2009 6:42AM

    It's great that you are back and also that you did not gain while away, that says a lot about your commitment. Good going and good luck on the final charge!

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Slippery slope

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am writing this blog after eating two packets of crisps (potato chips) - 300 calories and I feel like crap! I was really disheartened that I didnt lose any weight last week, for the first time in 14 weeks, and the thought of stepping it up was kinda daunting.

I just came back to work and stuck my ipod on full blast. Hearing Beyonce's voice on her latest song Sweet Dreams just really made me think and made me feel like I needed to pick myself up, Absolutely love this track!

I can see from an outside perspective I am cutting corners now, and not being completely truthful to myself, and its getting tough at home, my wife is 35 weeks pregnant and shes is eating constantly, and my daughter always scoffing croissants and cookies etc. and its actually starting to depress me a little.

Ive been so strong all this time and so motivated but its taking a lot of energy out of me right now, and havent been to the gym for over 10 days now, I dont want to fall I really really dont, I need to keep my focus, and I will, I just thought I should document this, and put my thoughts into writing and be honest with myself. I am going to do this, and I will not slip back into my old ways.

Thats all I can say right now.

ThinBeanz emoticon


13 Weeks & 52 Blocks of Butter

Monday, August 03, 2009

Today I weighed myself and I have finally hit the 190lbs mark. Ive been constantly checking my weight in lbs, KG & stone, but I felt I really needed something more material to put my current acheivements into perspective.

So while I was unable / reluctant to go to the butchers and ask for 26lbs of dripping fat, I thought I would use the typical 250g block of butter...

I then drew up a little table to see how it all looks together...

I was stunned to see that I had lost 52..Yes 52 blocks of butter. I was so tempted to run down to the supermarket and understand what 52 blocks of butter looked like, but, didnt think that would be too feasible.

So I made a little picture to try and put it into context (although its not to scale of course!

OMG!!! Could I have really been carrying all that weight on me! Unbeleivable! I am not too far of my first goal now, but I know with my BF% that I will need to probably drop to 160lbs total, and will get another BF% check then.

Either way, This blog is to acknowledge that with a little focus, and determination, you really can acheive in a lot in a relatively short space of time. But its paramount in constantly evaluating your progress and in different ways, you must notice everything and you must be proud of yourself, tell everyone about how great you are, even if they yawn in your face!

I am proud to say I am obsessed with getting fitter! Wohooo!

How many blocks of butter have you lost?


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DEBBIEK60 8/4/2009 10:41PM

    Great motivator.

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    I did the same thing but with a 2.5 kilo bag of potatos. the first time.

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    WOW...great blog. That really helps keep us think of it that way.

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SEKSUNSHINE 8/3/2009 6:14AM

    Way to go!! I am right there with you. As of yesterday 27 pounds, and it really hasn't been as hard as I thought! You blow your horn and pat yourself on the back as much as you want!

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9 weeks and looking for more changes

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just weighed in for the 9th week, and ive now lost a total of 21.2lbs (1 and half stone). I am truly proud of what I have acheived so far, and but I am no where near content, its only going to get tougher from here on in, so I am on the constant search to keep my motivation up. I have had to buy loads of new clothes etc, which has made me feel great, and have dropped sizes in jeans, shirts, t-shirts just about everything! Took some more photos today, but there was only very slight changes in the body from my 5 week photos, but did a comparison of the photo that made me start this journey and one now, and could see quite a big difference in the face, but again, I still see this as work in progress.

At the gym I got my body fat percentage calculated using calipers and it came out as 32% body fat, so that says it all really, Ive still got a long long way to got, and right now hitting the 185lb goal seems acheivable, I think I will need to ammend that to about 160lbs to really tone down and reduce the BF%. After that, its a change of focus again as I would like to build up muscle, feeling a lot weaker these day, dont get me wrong, have loads more energy, but just not as physically strong as I used to be.

On to week 10!

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SEKSUNSHINE 7/15/2009 3:45PM

    You are lookin' good and workin' hard. You will succeed and I would say quickly! Keep it up my friend!

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JOPAPGH 7/14/2009 9:24PM


I can see a huge difference in your profile.

Great to hear you are focusing on the strength training in addition to the food.

Keep at it,


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LENNYZ 7/12/2009 2:08PM

  hi i chanced upon this blog and just had to say,i can see a BIG difference in your pics! you look great! but you sound a bit down.we can only do this one day at a time,yes i know it's a cliche, but true non the is all we have. be your own best friend,give yourself treats,be justifiably proud of your progress. smile! a lot!! x

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WATERMELLEN 7/12/2009 1:12PM

    Great blog, THINBEANZ! You are doing very very well and have to be proud of yourself -- and at the same time, it's understandable that when you see what you have done, you think about what more you might do and adjusting your goals accordingly. I'm in the same space myself right now . . . .

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CLCULLEN 7/12/2009 11:19AM

    WOW! That is a huge difference!!! I'm sure you've changed a lot more than you're letting yourself believe. We are, after all, our own worst critics, ya know? I looked at my before and after pics and learned that I wasn't giving myself enough credit when others would say I'm doing great and looking good... I'd just brush it off cuz I felt I wasn't really seeing changes. But, now I do and am giving myself loads of credit. Living this lifestyle isn't easy, so take credit where credit is due!!!!
Have a great day!

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