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Monday, January 14, 2013

Today is my Dad's 88th birthday. Never in a million years did I ever think last year would be the last birthday we would celebrate with him. Nor did I realize how hard it was going to be to lose a parent. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him, think about him, thank God that I was graced with this man as my Dad!

I know he is flashing that huge grin of his. After all he is with the brother he lost in the Korean War, his parents that he was so very close to, his grandson Kevin, his first wife that died during child birth and his third wife that passed away shortly after they celebrated 30 years of marriage. I'm sure he's keeping the many family members and friends he re-connected with smiling, too!

Till we meet again! I love and miss you, dad!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

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BIGT_56 1/14/2013 12:17PM

    emoticon to your Dad in Heaven, Josie.

I know all too well how hard it is to lose a parent. Sadly both of mine are gone. I miss them terribly and I am so glad to have had them as parents. I tell people all the time to hold those you love dear and tell them you love them. If just might be the last time you get to do it.

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STUDLEEJOE 1/14/2013 11:45AM

    I am sorry for your loss. I have lost both my parents. Praying for you and your family

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Trying to understand

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I am just beside myself wondering how a mother can harm their own children. A handsome, well dressed, sweet looking 3 year old died in Cleveland sometime over the past few days. The only suspect..his mother! I would love to hold on to the hope that she didn't do it but I know that would be rather foolish of me. Ok, even I am not naive enough not to know that kids can test your last nerve. DEAL WITH IT .. they're kids !!!!! Some of the sweetest looking kids are hellions, DEAL WITH IT .. they're kids!!!! They have no one to protect them but you, their parents !!!!!!!! How can you let them down ?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?! Why is it in today's society it seems ok to so many people to resort to violence instead of walking away?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! Sorry for the depressing nature of this post; my heart just goes out to this little boy and to all abused kids {and adults}!! Come on people wake up, leave others alone!!!! IMHO we NEED GOD back in our every day lives !!!!!

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CATLADY52 11/28/2012 3:13PM

    emoticon I know parents are the ones who are supposed to protect youngsters from bad things happening but too often they are the least qualified to do the job.

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THENEWJOSIE2 11/28/2012 7:43AM

    Russ this baby boy's mother reported him missing Friday from a park they were supposedly at. Thank God it didn't fool the FBI, when they saw a garbage truck leave her apartment they had the contents searched. She could have gotten away with it if not for their quick thinking. This just makes me sick and makes my blood boil!!!!!

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HEALTHYINNOOGA 11/28/2012 6:18AM

    I was just up there this past weekend. Was this the abducted child??

At any rate, it blows my mind when I think about anyone hurting a child.

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WORKOUTWITHPAM 11/27/2012 3:29PM

    Good blog..Josie! I agree...We need GOD back in our every day lives. It is happening more and more often now...those who are supposed to love children and take care of them are hurting or in some cases killing them. I have no idea what is causing this kind of behavior, but it breaks my heart to hear or read about it. It is almost beyond belief. It is very sad, and if I had small children, in today's world, I would not feel comfortable leaving them with anyone. Let's keep those small innocents in our thoughts and prayers.


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DOLLFACEDX 11/27/2012 11:06AM


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Needing to get this going !!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

I feel like a roller coaster! Up and down!! Up and down!! Wish I could just make it down 2 or 3 hills at a time !!!!


Even my internet provider trying to keep me honest!!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

As many of you know I am active on SparkPeople, Facebook and Yahoo!! As I do every morning I checked Facebook first thing today. I do this because my daughter will leave me messages there and I always look forward to her messages. Of course I couldn't leave FB without harvesting my crops!!! Since the time I left FB at approx. 8 am this morning I have not been able to navigate on the net at all except SPARK!! I cannot get on FB, Yahoo, our local newspapers site, my banks site, nothing except SPARK!! After about 2 hours of unplugging all the plugs, checking Linskys, going back and forth between both computers, I decided to call my internet provider. Sure enough their message was "if you're calling from the D-NP area and cannot get internet data or a picture on your TV" we are aware of the problem and are working to correct it as soon as possible"!!

TOO STRANGE ... the only thing I can do on the net is Spark!! Even TW is trying to keep me honest!! lol

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JOSI1959 10/4/2009 12:16AM

    That means you had more time to spend here with us! That is of course if we could get on.
I could get on Spark last night or this morning.

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CLASSY76 10/3/2009 7:05PM

    That is really strange. You would think that everything would be down if they are having problems. I'm so glad you can get here.

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ARTHURTOM 10/3/2009 5:51PM

    TW is not my favorite bunch of people. When the switch here in Cleveland was made from Adelphia to TW, my payment got lost in the shuffle although I made it as instructed and was still shut off for non payment. I never paid what they wanted above what I had sent them and when they did find the error 4 months later after several trips to my bank to obtain electronic transfer data and trips to TW's office, they finally credited my account and wanted to turn me back on. I told them thanks but no thanks...just issue a refund for the amount overpaid...which they did about 45 days later.

That was my last dealing with them...ever.

I have been online with att (formerly and ameritech) although I'm not thrilled with them, their service is leaps and bounds better than TW. If I ever do decide to start watching cable television again, it won't be through TW...I will call DIRECTV.

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PAMELA984 10/3/2009 3:26PM

    I had trouble w facebook today too!

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BIGT_56 10/3/2009 2:52PM

    If you are like me, you need as many people as you can get looking out for you!


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KAYMOM 10/3/2009 1:59PM

    Funny... You never know who's looking out for you!

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It's time for new leadership for our Cleveland Indians!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I just saw on the Indians website that they are announcing today that Eric Wedge and his coaching staff will be dismissed. They will continue to coach the last 6 games of the season then they will be gone.

I don't want to seem heartless but it is time for a change! I don't know these men personally, I am sure they are great human beings. I don't want to bad mouth them, I know from being the aunt of football coaches how much fans words can hurt everyone!! But at the same time I have been hoping for this change to come all season.

Good luck Eric and staff in the future. And to the incoming Indians manager, whomever you may be....PLEASE we are desperate for a winner in Cleveland!!

A die-hard Indians, Browns, Cavs and Buckeyes fan,

Josie emoticon

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GRACE612 10/1/2009 8:26AM

    I do agree that it was time for a change. I also agree with Kosta2 alot has to be said about both the players and coaches/managers working together as a team.

In the case of the Indians though, I think it has everything to do with the ownership and lack of funds they may have, which is why we aren't getting quality players.

A fan that was interviewed on TV this morning also made the comment about the ownership, but followed it up with, "You can't fire the owners." To which my husband said, "Yes, we can, just stop buying tickets." In my opinion, I think he has a point..

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ROSEM1955 9/30/2009 5:24PM

    It is about time! Been an Indians fan for forever. I remember taking my kids to the old stadium when they were still in diapers. We always went to games and I enjoyed watching them on TV. Sorry to say that they were so pathetic this year/ didn't even attend one game. So sad. I'm the kind of fan that has an Indians pennant in my front window from the start to the end of the season. I remember going to games when they lost 100 games that year.Still cheered them on. It just seemed that the " big shots" didn't care all that much about the team. I know it's a business/ and they are rebuilding, but to let go some of our best players and trade them for mediocre players just doesn't make sense. Oh well I guess that's why I'm not a "big shot".

It's too bad they had to lose their jobs/ but any job you have if you continually get poor evaluations/ time to look for a new job.

I have vented/ thanks for the opportunity. I am both sad and happy. emoticon emoticon

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PAMELA984 9/30/2009 1:57PM

    Not much of an Indians fan, but I do know that they have really struggled this year. But, Wedge is from my home town so that makes me sad. I hope that a change in coaching staff will be good for the team.

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KOSTA2 9/30/2009 12:44PM

    while I don't profess to know much about how a coach effects a teams ability to win or lose....
it needs to be said that it is the players as much as the coach and without them giving their all, or hey, New players ...

don't think a coach or a team of coaches are gonna make those guys winners...

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