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Too much GSD, not enough ME

Friday, October 23, 2009

v. GSD ( t), 1. To get stuff done. 2. Got stuff done (past tense) 3. Getting stuff done (present tense)

In the last few weeks I have completely run myself into the ground. I went to Cabo then 4 days later 5 girls came to stay at my house for 3 days so I was entertaining and running around the city of Boston. The past two weekends have been filled with going out, having people over, cooking, cleaning, watching football for hours at a time, working out, studying, getting my car to pass inspection, trying to figure out where the money is going to come from to pay for my exhaust to be fixed, doing long distance runs, etc. The week days generally go from 7am to work, running errands on my lunch hour, coming home, going straight to yoga, then to CATZ, or just to CATZ, then coming home, showering, doing laundry, cooking a small meal for dinner, setting up my website, trying to study and the stupid little things like painting my toenails and watering my plants just aren't getting done. I seriously can't even imagine being a working mom, or even crazier, a working mom who goes to school! I have soooooo much respect for working mothers and fathers.

I am so fortunate to have a job where I can do so much from work. Granted I am blocked from most websites, but I can use SparkPeople so I blog, write messages back to people, log my food and such while I am at work. I also have lots of time here to email with my friends, read up on my college football and run my errands during the day. But now I feel like even doing this stuff at work there's not enough time to do it all and try to get any of my work done at all. I have no downtime at all I can definitely say that. And yes, I definitely work out more than I need to. I don't know of anyone else who goes to power yoga, then to CATZ, but I love it and I'm probably addicted on some level. I am attempting to study for my personal training certification and I've had the book since August and I'm only on chapter two. At 10pm when I'm done doing everything else, the last thing I want to do is try to study. Actually, it's not worth it because I just fall asleep.

Finally after burning the candle at three ends I decided to cancel my plans this weekend. A lot of things in my life have started to fail me, including my patience and my happiness because I'm always thinking about the things I'm NOT doing when I should just be happy. I know a lot of it is time management, and I will figure it all out, but when I just have things hanging over my head I need to just knock them out, one at a time, like baby steps. And I need to always keep in the back of my mind, if something doesn't get done today, there's always tomorrow. I hope you guys can take that thought with you this weekend or whichever day you are reading this.

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VIVA_VICTORIES 10/25/2009 11:53AM

    I'm the same way when things are hanging over my head. It's almost like some sort of illness. And the stress makes me sick-my skin breaks out and I think my hair starts to fall out too! So I think you made a smart decision to skip the weekend and just knock some stuff out. You can't be SuperWoman all week every week. Hopefully your boyfriend and friends realize that.

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KELLYFIT4U 10/24/2009 8:22AM

    I have a coworker/friend that sounds just like you but she can't get much down while she's at work since she's a hygienist. That sounds like a great plan that you stayed home this weekend. You just get burnt out when things are way too busy. Have fun enjoying those football games today!!!


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WORKTHEGOAL 10/23/2009 3:34PM

    My goodness I don't need a workout, I'm exhausted just reading this!!

Firstly you need to sleep and lots!
Then you can prioritize you weekly activities in the format of a 'menu' and always remember that when you are gone from this world you 'In Tray' will still be full......!

Keep enjoying your life - it is for living and this is not a practice run, we get one chance and thats it, so have your fun, but make time to relax too or you'll run (literally) youself into the ground.

I still think you are amazing! x

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Run.... to the hills!!!!!! Run for your life!!!!!

Friday, October 09, 2009

So those are lyrics to an Iron Maiden song and that is actually quite suiting because I love to listen to metal when I run. It is fast and upbeat and sometimes angry and it keeps me going. A good playlist is a necessity when trying to run. I always thought I should stick with hip hop and other pop songs like Gwen Stefani or Black Eyed Peas then one day I was running and my friends band came on and i suddenly felt like I could keep going. So now I loaded a lot more metal onto my iPod and I run to it... Slayer is my favorite so far.

The second weekend of January I am signed up to run a half marathon at Disney with my boyfriend and some friends. It's 13 weeks away so I'm officially in training. My boyfriend is a marathon runner so according to him going to CATZ is already training, and I do believe it. But I need to get my body accustomed to running longer distances. When I lived in Florida I would run 3 or 4 times a week anywhere between 3 and 8 miles. (The 8 miler I was with someone so my mind was occupied.) I also ran a 5 mile road race in May of 2008 and my time was around 47:45 minutes. I did the same road race in May 2009, after training at CATZ for 5 months and my time was 42:01 minutes, so clearly CATZ has helped. But I need my brain to not be so bored when I run. When I run fast for a while my chest/ stomach/ lungs hurt, so I definitely can't run with my boyfriend. Running with him makes me get really frustrated with him (he wears headphones and doesn't talk) and it makes me want to vomit and have a heart attack at the same time and I never finish the whole run. So clearly I need to run at a slower pace, especially for a distance. And running outside below 60 degrees is not something I am interested in, and there's no good places to run by my apartment so I am sticking with the treadmill. It's just what's in the cards for me.

I think with my training at CATZ 4 times a week, I can get away with running twice a week for now, and maybe around Thanksgiving kick it up to 3 times a week, and one less CATZ workout. So on Tuesdays I'm going to be running 3 - 5 miles and Saturdays 6 miles plus. I have read a lot of programs that basically tell you to increase your long weekend runs by a mile every week. And at 13 weeks out I am a little ahead of the game. So tomorrow I will hit the treadmill for 6 miles while I watch football. My goal is also on the Tuesday short runs I will not stop unless I just need to grab a sip of water or make a clothing adjustment. And my goal on Saturdays is that I can walk a little bit, and it will count as part of the full mileage.

Are any of you experienced runners who can give me some advice or how you think I should tweak this?

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    9 miles on sat 10/31 in 1:46:30

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    5 miles in just under 60 minutes on Saturday.

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THEGETNSHAPEGRL 10/14/2009 12:54PM

    4 Miles last night in under 45, and it would have been less if I hadn't walked .25 miles in the beginning.

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    6 miles on Saturday. 1:14:53. That's slow for me but I just wanted to re-acclimate my body (moreso my brain) to running again :) emoticon

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SABBAGHZADEH 10/12/2009 2:09PM

    the guy behind you in this picture looks like he is going to pass out!

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KELLYFIT4U 10/11/2009 3:54PM

    It sounds like you have a great schedule for your 1/2. It sounds very similar to the schedule I followed. I was only going to run 3 days a week but decided to follow a schedule where you ran 4 times a week. This is the training schedule I tried, check it out.

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NIK0827 10/9/2009 1:54PM

    Congratulations on your accomplishments so far, and also on your confidence for taking on a marathon!!

I use to be a distance runner, but due knee surgery, I can never train past about 8 or 9 miles without injury, so I understand your plan, which sounds great!

One thing that I found to be detrimental to my training was negating any sessions if I needed to stop or walk. I think your positive attitude about counting all the miles regardless of the speed during the distance is the perfect way to approach training for long distances.

Best of luck to you, and I hope that you'll continue to post updates on how you're doing!

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I went to mexico and all I got was this lousy beer gut

Thursday, October 01, 2009

If you've kept up with my blogs you knew I went to Cabo San Lucas all last week with my boyfriend. One time my friend of the Spanish persuasion told me that he had "beer for blood" and I never took him seriously. Well folks, he was serious. When you go to Mexico you DRINK. I think I had more beers in those 8 days than I have had in the last 8 months.

Saturday we took off early in the morning and I was too excited to sleep on the plane. So instead we drank. I started on the layover in Dallas, watching college football. I was drinking beers, had a sandwich then we went to the duty free store and they were giving out samples of tequila. Patron is delicious! My boyfriend and I also have a love for whiskey so we got a bottle of that, and some vodka for the room. We went through half the bottle of whiskey upon our arrival to Mexico. As you can imagine, i have little recollection of getting into Mexico, but our driver stopped at a store to get us beer to have for the ride to the hotel. I somehow managed to whip myself into enough shape to make it to Cabo Wabo and Squid Roe that night for more beers. Keep in mind, all I've eaten in the day was a sandwich :) But who wants to comsume food calories when you can just keep drinking?

Sunday morning started really badly. Ladies and gentlemen, this is called a hangover. Wow. It was all I could do to make it into Hooters to start drinking more beers, what I like to call a little hairof the dog! I couldn't eat, but I could drink.

Mexico is so unbelievably hot that I noticed two things: 1. you sweat out a lot of the alcohol in the beer; 2. you tend to drink so much more because it's so hot you just want a cold beverage.

Monday I didnít drink. We got up before sunrise to go deep sea fishing. I had cheerios for breakfast, they served us sandwiches for lunch with Oreos (I was on vaca.. I was eating cookies!) and I drank sooooooo much water. Iím sorry, agua. We caught 6 yellowfin tuna and 1 dorado (aka mahi mahi aka dinner.. hehe.) the largest tuna of the day was 40 pounds, and it took me 15 minutes and lots of hard work to reel in that bad boy. We gave 5 of the tuna away to the crew and took 1 tuna and the dorado to a restaurant to grill and blacken it. I opted not to fry because frying would take away from the flavor and why go for the fatty version when thereís a lower fat version that is tastier?

Tuesday I woke up before sunrise again and went to the gym. it was a nice facility and a good size surprisingly. I did about 2 hours of circuit training which I LOVE because I just think itís so fun to make things up like, ok Iím going to do 12 chest presses on the ball, then 10 lunges with each leg while I overhead press barbells, then do 30 bicycle crunches, then 20 mountain climbers to keep my heart rate up. I like to go through and hit every body part at least once and I just really have fun with that. I also ran a mile on the treadmill which was surprisingly easy, and felt really good. After this we had a couples massage and I spent some time in the spa, but itís not that fun alone and when the only magazines are written in Spanish. That day we had a few beers, nothing crazy and ate more of our fish for dinner. We had the tuna seared that night while we ate on the beach and it was hands down the best meal I have had in a long time.

Wednesday I woke up and did sunrise yoga on the beach. It was a very spiritual slow type of yoga. I never felt like it was a real workout, but it was definitely worth the experience. She kept chanting ďthis is not my body, this is my soul. My soul is floating free in the ocean. ď It was kind of weird but I try to stay open minded when it comes to yoga and Iím border lining ďyoga-hippiedome.Ē I still didnít go too crazy on Wednesday. I jumped on the elliptical for 30 minutes, then sweated even more at the pool. Itís seriously so hot there I couldnít lie outside of the water for more than 10 minutes and I LOVE the sun and heat. This is the day my boyfriend also made me go on dune buggies. I say MADE for a reason. First of all, donít tell me to leave a beautiful pool with a gorgeous view, sun and a swim up bar to go get dirty. It was a two hour ride to the location up in the mountains, in the desert. The lady who ran the operation was evil and not a lady at all. Then we get all geared up and I become FILTHY. Filthy canít even describe how gross I was. There was a film of dirt on me, so bad it went through my t-shirt. They took us to this natural pool filled with moss and algae and tell us to swim. Everyone got in and I decided too as well because at this point, anything is better than being that dirty. Thereís bugs swimming in the water and I was completely freaked out. I never thought of myself as too prissy, but I certainly would have called myself that day. Especially when one of the other carts splattered cow poop on me!!! My boyfriend was sweet enough to avoid them for me, but of course I couldnít get away with not getting it on me. then back at ďcampĒ a girl went to pee (believe it or not they had running water up there) and there was a scorpion in the toilet paper. So much for peeing for meÖ When we got back in the van I asked the driver to please stop at a store to get us beer. My boyfriend and I then had a shotgunning contest and I drank mine in half the time he drank his. I was clearly on a mission to get far from sober as fast as possible so I could endure the two hour ride home.We tried to eat again that night but it didnít really work out for me. I just didnít really want food. I mean I would eat turkey breast on wheat bread with provolone and mustard or cheerios here and there, but to sit down and eat a full meal, really only happened when we had the restaurants cook our fish.

Thursday we hung by the pool, enjoyed the 2 for 1 beers, I had a whole chicken sandwich (my attempt to be healthy in Mexico.. haha) and went on a booze cruise that night. I had about 574 beers that night too.

Friday was the CRAZY day. I made myself chug water that morning, as I did every morning before I allowed myself to start drinking beer. My boyfriend did not. He drank vodka in bed while I did by college football picks. It stormed that morning which would have upset me, but I NEVER sit in bed after I wake up so it was relaxing. The day continued with fish tacos and beer. We hung out at a beach bar by our hotel with two other couples we had previously met in the week. we did beer drinking contests, I had to give a lap dance on stage to a stranger, my boyfriend and I both got henna tattoos.. we just got really rowdy. Not a whole lot to tell about this day.. you can see where Iím going with thisÖ

Saturday we decided to continue to get after it. I ran into someone from high school in the airport and drank a few with him, trying to sleep on the plane was unsuccessful so I had some whiskey (my drink of choice when flying) and drank about 5 more beers on my Chicago layover. Mexico is so unbelievably hot that I noticed two things: 1. you sweat out a lot of the alcohol in the beer; 2. you tend to drink so much more because it's so hot you just want a cold beverage.

In the end, I gained about 3 pounds, can see a significant difference in my belly, but had a remarkable time. I learned that my boyfriend truly is my best friend and I canít wait to go on another vacation. I started back at the gym on Monday with an AM mini-workout (elliptical and abs), yoga and then CATZ. Tuesday just CATZ. Last night I officially started training for my half marathon in January by running 3 miles, and this morning I did my AM mini-workout. Tonight Iím going to the Boston Bruins season opener and all weekend I have 5 girls coming into town to go to the FSU game at BC and to do lots of drinking. So back to the bottle I goÖ.

The 40 pound big guy

Our pool

I was too mad to take off my helmet for a picture

The bodega coming back from dune buggies

El Arco, the famous arch

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GONABFIT 10/1/2009 10:11PM

    Sounds like you had fun! I LOVE Mexico! And yes it is Way way hot there!

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KLAWRE01 10/1/2009 5:27PM

  I love this blog!!!!

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Viva Mexico!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

So I leave in the morning to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Part of me is freaking out, wondering how and when I can work out while Iím there, where the other part of me says I should just chill out and enjoy the time off, living a life of pure gluttony. Itís been somewhat decided for me. All this week Iíve been having some major stomach pains, no matter what I eat. I finally went to the doctor today and she thinks itís gastritis. I got some Nexium and before I left she advised me to stay away from citrus (i.e. no margaritas Ė no biggie.. I donít care for margaritas that much), anything other than tylenol (i.e. hangover cures) and alcohol. Seriously? Stay away from alcohol. So weíll see. Last Saturday I had nachos with ground beef and beers and tequila. I think because my body is so used to eating healthy, all of that threw my system totally out of whack, causing me to develop much more acid than necessary, which is gastritis. So I have no idea what got into me eating nachos anyway, but needless to say, itís been decided for me that I have to be relatively good to my body on this vacation.
Okay, so for eating I aim to stay away from anything fried, not eat dessert and eat salads when possible. Oh, and TONS of fish. Tuna, snapper, dorado, mahi mahi and others are all in season down there so I would be crazy not to eat that stuff. We're actually going fishing one of the days so I might be able to catch my own dinner! Fish is such an excellent source of protein and other nutrients I can't go wrong eating tuna tartar and salad. I'm going to stick to eating every three hours to keep up my metabloism and only eat naughty one meal a day. When you go out to eat people are normally fine when you ask for egg whites rather than eggs, and making sure the dressing is on the side and whatnot. But I will enjoy myself... I swear! I'm sure I will have plenty of tacos and bud lights.
As for the workout, I don't really know what I'm going to get myself into. The website doesn't mention anything about a gym so I may have to make up a workout with nothing but open space. Hopefully that's not the case and there's at least some free weights and a treadmill. On Monday I am going to the spa resort next door to do yoga from 7 - 8 am. I am sure I will do that a couple of times because it's on the actual beach! I mean, seriously... what's better than being up early, by the ocean doing yoga? I don't think I could think of a better start to a day. And my boyfriend and I will go running a couple of times too. Supposedly cardio is the hardest thing to get back into once you've gone away from working out. I believe that since cardio is my least favorite thing to do, ever. But I think if we go a couple of times that will help. So I kinda came up with an idea of a total body workout that I can do in my room if in fact there is no gym...
Calves - calf raises, 3 sets of 33 (toes out, in and straight)
quads - single leg squats, step ups then kick other knee up in air
hamstrings - single leg bridges
glutes - walking lunges, squats, fire hydrants, single leg kick backs
inner thighs - single leg abduction
outer thighs - single leg adduction
lower back - super mans
upper back - arm raises, standing flat against the wall, make sure the arms are touching the wall all the way from when they're by my sides, to straight up
abs- typical ab routine, i dont need weight for this anyway
chest - push ups with arms way out
tris - push ups with arms close in, dips using chair
shoulders - planks
The only thing I can't think of is biceps. Maybe I'll get a couple of gallons of water and just curl that. I hope there's a gym. my boyfriend will probably have to come get me outta there and tell me our boat is leaving or remind me that I'm at the beach. But hey, after i find a way to do biceps, at least I'll be able to clearly advise people which way it is.... emoticon

Have an awesome week everyone!!!

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    thanks everyone for the well wishes. i had an amazing trip and look forward to blogging later on in the week :)

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SABBAGHZADEH 9/21/2009 1:56PM

    live it up, drink, eat and be merry!!!

but when you get back, its back to work!!

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REDWITCH78 9/20/2009 9:33PM

    Have a great vacation. You are wise to plan ahead before leaving.

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2BHOTNTONED 9/20/2009 5:09AM

    Hope you have a fantastic vacation, go easy on the food and booze. But enjoy yourself.

emoticonJas xx

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Blog III - I can't stop eating!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I missed my blogging action last Friday! This is supposed to be my test to see if I can stay on track and blog every Friday and I'm already failing.. But I can think far more clearly and i'm ready to write. I mean type. hehe.

So if you've read my past two blogs you know this could be otherwise titled "The life of a workout fanatic/ lunatic." I workout up to two and a half hours a day, at least six days a week, so I've got that in check. I realize I have to eat a lot. I like to think of myself as the administrative Michael Phelps because when you expend so much, you do have to consume. A few months ago I read Tosca Reno's Clean Eating Diet book. It taught me all the rules to eating. If you think there aren't rules to eating you are far from the truth. There's rules people! haha. Here's the basics:
1. Eat as soon as you wake up.
2. Eat every two - three hours.
3. Eat a complex carbohydrate and a protein at each meal.
4. Eat small portions.

I learned about all of the foods to eat, all the foods that are pure evil (aka, everything we want to eat) and I follow it. For example in the morning I'll have oatmeal with flax seed mix, cinnamon, splenda (she says don't eat this, but oatmeal is just plain nasty!) and half a banana, along with a couple of egg whites. Three hours later I have some almonds, fat free cottage cheese and pineapple. Three hours later I'll have some sort of veggies and chicken breast, for lunch. Three hours later I'll have a fat free string cheese and a fruit. Then I have a small protein shake while leaving the gym and for dinner have something like shrimp and veggies. I will be totally on track and have all of that food which is a perfect example of eating clean. But I left out all of the other things I'll have too. I failed to mention that at lunch and dinner I have a couple of Murray's Sugar Free cookies. These are sugar free, but they are not fat free! Or I'll have a delicious cinnamon twist
. but the problem is I'll have more than one. I'll have like five. And sometimes I come home from work straight to the cabinet and grab a container or peanut butter and a spoon and go to town. in that moment while i'm doing it I justify it to myself by saying "It's okay... I look good," and I'll get ready for the gym and run around in my shorts and sports bra flexing my abs in the mirror. But the problem is that when I'm brushing my teeth to go to bed I'll look in the mirror and just see fat. So I definitely go through a love/ hate relationship with my body as well as my eating. I know I could be doing much worse, but the problem is that I have goals that I'm not obtaining and I can tell anyone exactly why I'm not obtaining them. It's not just the peanut butter. It's the ice cream and cake i had yesterday. I eat so well during the week and on the weekends I completely screw myself up. This weekend I had about eight bud lights, tequila, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter m&m's and nachos on saturday. chips, stuffed chicken, cake, ice cream, more chips, cinnamon twists and peanut butter on sunday. how can I go from eating plain chicken breast and salads with almost no dressing during the week to eating so horribly on the weekends? I swear I want to start peanut butter eaters anonymous! I have however limited myself to one jar of peanut butter a week. my boyfriend and I love to make protein shakes with a little peanut butter so I buy it for that.

We (my boyfriend and I) leave for Cabo San Lucas on Saturday morning and I had a goal to have mcuh more defined abs by then but I just have to face that is not going to happen now. But I am detirmined to work towards that goal all week as if it could happen. So far today I have eaten perfectly and when I blog on friday I hope I can write about how clean I ate all week with no screw ups. Hopefully I can find more satisfaction in that than I do by digging into a jar of peanut butter!

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KELLYFIT4U 9/15/2009 8:27PM

    OMG I swear this was something I wrote. I do the exact same thing most weekends. I'm trying to get stronger. Week days I usually don't have a problem eating healthy but when the temptation is there it's so hard to avoid or not eat it. We will get stronger. You look great and just keep striving to improve. When I eat terrible I definitely have a love/hate relationship with my body too. I feel so gross and fat and when I eat healthy I feel so lean.

Have a great time on your trip. I can't wait to hear all about it. I'm going to Punta Cana this winter so that is my motivation to be good through the holidays! I want the best bikini body ever when we go!

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    sometimes when i think i want to eat something sweet i drink green tea. it's nice in the afternoons because it gives me a gentle amount of caffeine for my workouts and makes me magically forget i want anything else. but at night nothing can make me forget i have peanut butter in my cabinet. i become fixated on it!

anyway, i do eat these cinnamon twist things and I really don't think they can possibly be that bad. i get a wicked sweet tooth after meals so this helps..
Each French Twist is only 60 calories a serving (just 1 point on the Weight Watchers point scale) and contains no dairy, butter, cholesterol, eggs, yeast or sodium.

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FITKELLS 9/15/2009 8:33AM

    Hey! LOLOLOL! Sounds kind of like me at times..When it comes to chocolate I get sooooo weak! I don't know what comes over me but I just lose total focus and go to town on a brownie or chocolate cake..The sad part is that I don't just have one, I eat up to 3! LOL!

But you look absolutely great K! And it's ok to mess up every now and then because it helps you learn what to and not to do..You workout 6 days a week for 2 hours so I think that you're burning off those sweets calories anyway..Just try your best to stay along with the clean eating book and start by portioning your sweets when you eat them..If you keep making them into smaller portions, eventually you won't be craving any :) So don't feel too bad and beat yourself up..You look great and there are so many other women out there that wished they looked like you :) You'll be fine and you will get the abs you want in no time!

Have a great time in Cabo!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon


Comment edited on: 9/15/2009 8:37:46 AM

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SABBAGHZADEH 9/15/2009 7:41AM


You look great, and your workouts are insane!!! Congrats!!!

I live in Syracuse NY. Just moved here...

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    you ladies are so sweet. im so glad ive found such a supportive group!

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2BHOTNTONED 9/14/2009 2:31PM

    Hang on in there Honey, stay focused you can do this.

You have done so well.


Hope you have a wonderful vacation.

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WORKTHEGOAL 9/14/2009 2:30PM

    Great Rules, thats what I do - but find it hard to keep eating as much as I'm suppose to! Because I eat 4-6 small meals daily, I never feel hungry, its hard.

To be honest, even if you do eat a bit naughty, your workouts are phenomenal - I can't see you really have a prob!!!!

Follow those rules and all will be well.

Mandy x

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