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My Reward for Lifting

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My homework assignment from my personal trainer a couple weeks ago was to do 2 sessions each week. The first week I did THREE sessions in one week. Now for those folks that strength train three times a week, that LOVE to strength train, that LIVE for it, find it to be no big deal. For me, it was HUGE! So huge I decided to reward myself for just that week! I got myself some lifting gloves! Look, look!

Now, I am starting to feel my motivation starting to teeter downward again. Trying to come up with another reward. So far I have thought of a sports massage when I do my lifting sessions Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the month of April. But, if I miss one, than the whole month is gone. I think I need a bi-monthly reward. New dress? Saucony shoes? Sports bra? All things that are cool but feel it wouldn't be much of an reward. Maybe a running necklace...

Fun update: I have gained 1/2 pound of muscle since starting to train so I have a total of 61.1 pounds of muscle. Shooting for 62 by the end of May. Also, I did TEN emoticon on the bar last session! My lifting IS working!

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SHERYLDS 4/11/2012 2:51PM

    Oooooh emoticon

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MYLADY4 4/10/2012 2:04PM

    Cool gloves, girl power. Great job on gaining muscle too.

You remind me of my sister in that she too, also needs goals all the time.

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1CRAZYDOG 4/10/2012 1:17PM


Way to go! Awesome work. Love the gloves.


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KKINNEA 4/10/2012 12:47PM

    Great reward! I may have to do something similar to keep me moving.

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CARBJUNKIE83 4/10/2012 12:43PM

    omg How cute!! I love the pink! Good for you for adding ST to your routine! It's very important - so emoticon for getting started!!!

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EMFRAPPIER 4/10/2012 12:19PM

    Great reward!!!

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GETFIT2LIVE 4/10/2012 11:57AM

    Very nice reward--definitely set up some of those to keep the motivation going. I don't get excited about strength training, either, but since I've been doing a couple of ST group classes a week, I AM seeing changes and improvements, so it's definitely worth it. I'd be motivated by a running necklace as a reward!

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ABSOLUTZER0 4/10/2012 11:51AM

    That's a nice reward! Keep it up! Rewarding yourself does help. Woohoo!

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NATPLUMMER 4/10/2012 11:51AM

    Cute gloves!! If a running necklace feels like a reward, then it should be. A sports massage will be well deserved.
Yay for more muscle!! emoticon

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Need Motivation? Look here!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Since joining the Wellness Center staff at my local Y, I considered the gym my new source of inspiration. When I have all my cleaning tasks done, I basically watch people work out.

Today was more inspiring than usual. Today a member raised $7,160 for our Strong Kids Campaign by running 16 hours on a treadmill. emoticon

I struggle with one hour on the treadmill. Today Chris did 16 times that amount. So, if you think you just cannot work out today. I challenge you. Go to the gym. And, watch people work out. I bet you will get motivated to get moving in no time!

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JTAYLOR2011 4/11/2012 7:35AM

    Thanks for sharing! emoticon

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PATRICIAANN46 4/10/2012 10:36PM

  Great advice............ emoticon

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GETFIT2LIVE 4/10/2012 11:22AM

    How cool is that? Amazing!

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KKINNEA 4/10/2012 11:15AM

    Awesome, he's a beast! What a great way to help the community!

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BAILEYS7OF9 4/10/2012 11:04AM

    emoticon16 hours... holy cow!

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MYLADY4 4/10/2012 10:09AM

    That is superhuman.

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NATPLUMMER 4/10/2012 9:27AM


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MNGIRLIE 4/10/2012 7:31AM

    I heard about this on the way to work yesterday morning on MPR. Thanks for sharing the link!

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XRSIZE18 4/10/2012 4:34AM


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ABSOLUTZER0 4/10/2012 12:00AM

    This is the same reason why working out in a group helps. Others around you will make you push harder and it's not like they have to do anything special. Being there and doing what they normally do can motivate or inspire you to push harder. The same holds true for you, too. You never know when someone may see you and it helps them. Keep pushing!

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NADS1959 4/10/2012 12:00AM

    thats amazing

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What are my odds of keeping this weight off?

Sunday, April 08, 2012

It's a thought that I think about nearly everyday. Will I be part of the 15% that is determined to keep it off? I want to say yes. But, lately I am not too sure if I can beat the odds.

Today I was reading information about weight loss management from the American Council of Exercise, experts of the field. Honestly, it really got to me. If everything points that I will regain the weight within 5 years, why even fight it? Why not succumb it?

Than, we had Easter dinner. Well, you know I didn't eat well. In fact, it was like I was trying to shove as much food as I could in my mouth before everyone else got done. Basically, I was emotional eating. So, I am even further from being at the 160 point again.

Lately, I am not sure even why I want this lifestyle. Everyone around me seem to be heavier but happier. All I ever wanted was to be happy and feel good about me. No matter what size I am, I am fighting for myself. And, it's not going to be easier.

I need to figure this thing out before I sabotage myself even more...

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JTAYLOR2011 4/9/2012 9:12PM

    I'm just not hearing any of this. You will succeed. I know it. I see it. I believe it!! You are part of the 15%. This this is DONE. You GOT this! Period. emoticon emoticon

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MELLYBEANS0919 4/9/2012 8:12PM


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    It is a choice. Most people who are very overweight and say they are happy are in denial. I don't want to spend my later part of my life in constant pain and on tons of meds to control all the the ailments I have because I just didn't take care of myself. Yes, it is hard but you can do this when the motivation is just to be healthy. Hugs. I understand where you are coming from.

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TINAJANE76 4/9/2012 7:24PM

    Both my dad and my father-in-law had heart attacks this week due to largely preventable factors. My dad also has Type II diabetes brought on by poor diet and lack of exercise and an "I'd rather be fat and happy" attitude. Well, that attitude almost led to him being dead at 63 before he even got to see his grandchildren born. It may seem pointless to follow a healthy diet and exercise and that you'd be happier to be heavy and eat what you want, but what kind of quality of life do you want down the road? Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean you can't ever indulge or even overindulge. You just can't do it every day at every meal. To me, it's worth the sacrifice of not eating what I want, when I want it all the time if it means living longer and feeling more comfortable in my own skin.

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KANSASROSE67 4/9/2012 4:22PM

    As I watch my dad go through the horror of Lou Gehrig's disease, I am reminded every day of what an incredible blessing good health is. No, reaching a certain magic number on the scale will not necessarily make us happy all the time, but we should try our best to use our God-given gift of a healthy body to live the best possible life. Even if your weight is up 10 pounds you can still do so many wonderful things that others only dream of. Enjoy it to the fullest!

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GETFIT2LIVE 4/9/2012 4:21PM


You've already received some great input from others here. The truth is, maintenance is hard work, but it's work you are capable of. Don't let the statistics get to you; they are only numbers, and you are much more than just another number.

Stopping to examine why you want to do this is a good thing; it has to be for the right reasons, for YOU, otherwise it becomes too hard to keep going. Remember that you are worth the effort, and you're not alone. Wouldn't it be a wonderful thing to be part of a trend that starts turning those statistics upside down by not only losing the weight but KEEPING it off? We can do it!

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SHERYLDS 4/9/2012 4:12PM

    WHAT ??????

my Savannah is a woman who knows what she wants and put 200% of herself to get there. My Savannah doesn't whimp out...she marches on and pushes herself to be her best. Where's my Savannah?????
Get her back her this instant !!!

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LISAINMS 4/9/2012 3:37PM

    Baileys7of9 said exactly what I was thinking. Look at that pic and remember how you felt. You were on top of the world. Let that lift you up and determine your resolve. You are that girl. Don't let a handful of pounds and stressful marathon training undo you. You are much more than that! There will always be more marathons to sign up for that will work into your schedule. You have taken great strides to have the life you want --you are worth continuing to pursue what makes you feel great.

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BAILEYS7OF9 4/9/2012 12:24PM

    I think you need to blow up that pic of you SMILING in front of two bags of dog food...representing what you lost. It will be your strength! When you feel like emotional eating...remember that picture... emoticon

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KKINNEA 4/9/2012 12:10PM

    I believe you can do it. It's always tough to try to stay on track in weight-loss mode around food-centered holidays! I usually just go with it, try to be as moderate as possible, then shake it off the next day and get back to good habits. Maybe I need to add a "no guilt" clause to my "no heros" clause.

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MYLADY4 4/9/2012 10:48AM

    I agree with what some others have said. We you really happy 100 pounds ago, I think not otherwise you would have not lost all the weight.

Yes it is hard, it is a struggle everyday and sometimes it is just not fair when you see people eat what every they want and you look as certain foods and gain weight.

I have been able to keep at least 50 pounds off for over 6 years and it has not been easy but it has been worth it so it is possible. Am I where I want to be, no, but am I better then I was 10 years ago, hell yes.

Become one of the 15% that does succeed and change the statistic to 16%.

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NATPLUMMER 4/9/2012 9:54AM


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    I love what onekidsmom said. So ditto that. Also you are so young and have a real great chance of not being a stastic like me of being a yo-yo dieter. There are huge health issues for those of us in that catagory. Trust me you don't want to be here.

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XRSIZE18 4/9/2012 12:29AM

    I know you're just venting right now and maybe don't want advice, but I feel like I need to throw in my two cents (because I think you're awesome and want you to keep smiling - you have a very pretty smile!).
First of all, you HAVE kept the weight off for almost an entire YEAR! That's a HUGE accomplishment. Secondly, I know you said you want to be happy at any size, but I'm pretty sure being morbidly obese doesn't make ANYONE happy - if you're honest with yourself I bet you had WAAAAY more self doubt when you were 100 pounds heavier than you do now - just for different reasons. Thirdly, you've gained back 10 pounds and I think that's messing with your mind - I think it's hard to reach your big weight loss goal (and so many other little ones along the way - like a half marathon) and then have no other goal to latch on to. Suddenly, you're done. Except then you realize you're not and the realization that it is a LIFELONG battle IS a hard one. Fourthly, STOP reading those articles that make you doubt yourself!!!

Fifthly - HUG! umm... I think that is a great way to end this rant.

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ON2VICTORY 4/8/2012 9:20PM

    Studies by the National Institue Of Health and the National Weight Control Registry also state that those who have kept their weight off for a period of about 3-5 years have a really good probability of succeeding long term.

Now to define success, a 10-20 pound regain in the light of a massive loss is not a failure in my book. Life happens. If one has lost 100 pounds and regains around 15, I would hardly define that as a failure but it can mentally crush someone who is not looking at the big picture. big picture being that they still have a net loss of 85 pounds and that is huge.

I would say that your odds are very good. I dont give regain a second thought. I may get discouraged a time or two but i would never toss what I love out the window because of what a study says.

the geeks in the white smocks can take a powder, I have a triathlon to train for. You dont get to be the little engine that could by listening to naysayers....

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PATRICIAANN46 4/8/2012 9:10PM

  Hi Savannah.....
First of all........YOU are worth all of the hard work it has taken you to get to this point and all of the hard work it takes to stay here. Go back to the very beginning of your journey........were you happy? If not, why? It may not be weight-related and if it isn't, then you need to work on whatever it is that is preventing you from being happy. Losing weight is NEVER going to make anyone completely happy if there are other issues at hand. You are only 26. I would give anything to be your age and know all that I know now about how weight affects our health. You are healthy now and are able to run and do other exercises to keep you healthy. If you keep up with it now and never allow yourself to go back to your highest weight, you will benefit in so many ways. None of this is easy; but it is SO WORTH IT.

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1CRAZYDOG 4/8/2012 8:58PM

    ((((((HUGS))))))) It IS difficult. I am in year 2 (just since January) of maintenance. It is quite difficult, and I haven't been @ it as long as you have. It definitely is NOT an easy thing, and it does take a lot of self-love first of all (because we definitely ARE worth all the effort) and some days are going to be better then others. The trick is getting those good days carry us through the bad days. It's really a matter of choice to get through those bad days. Not easy.

Hang tight my dear! It IS worth it. Weight WILL fluctuate, as you know. So, that's when you look @ what you're doing and see, "What can I change up?" it's hard to do that, I know.

The other thing I would say to you is this. Were you happy before you got things in order with your lifestyle? Just a question. For ME, I have to say I was NOT. And compounding that was the health issues that I was enduring. NOT where I want to go back to. And I would hedge my bets that YOU don't want to go backwards either.

Glad that you vented, because that's very important. You know we "get it".

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ONEKIDSMOM 4/8/2012 8:13PM

    You have uncovered a truth when you said this: "I am not sure even why I want this lifestyle. Everyone around me seem to be heavier but happier. All I ever wanted was to be happy and feel good about me. "

Here's the deal: you thought that losing weight would solve other issues that challenged your happiness. It doesn't. However, losing weight does have several other advantages. Keeping it off has some huge advantages. Sounds like a good time for re-assessment.

I'm in similar shoes... having gone through three days of bad eating behavior in a row... and wondering what's up, because I know there's something up in my emotional life that is at the root of all this.

We are worth the work it takes to be healthy, to stay at a healthy weight. Let's not let a few days undermine all our hard work... but let's look at the WHY questions, all over again... because I know it's worth it. I just have to find some fresh why's!

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DOTTY7267 4/8/2012 7:59PM

    I understand what you are going through. I have been on maintenance for over 3 years now, but each day I have to make conscious decisions about things that are best for me. One of the greatest motivators for me is thinking about how hard it was for me to get to where I am today. I would hate to think that it was all in vain. I also sought counseling to deal with the issues that caused the weight, and why I felt there was safety within the pounds. If you take the time to ask yourself "Am I really hungry now? If the answer in your head is "no", then ask yourself "what am I feeling?" - that is the beginning.

I wish you the best, as I hope to be in the minority with my weight loss. I want to be one of the ones that surpass the 5 year mark, and I hope that you will join the group as well! emoticon

Comment edited on: 4/8/2012 8:01:26 PM

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PUFFIN05 4/8/2012 7:45PM

    You have already proven that you can beat the odds. You've achieved the weight that you wanted! That willpower will help keep the happier, healthier you.

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How did this weight gain happen anyhow?

Thursday, April 05, 2012

In my last blog, I admitted I gained approximately 10 pounds. That is the first step, right? Admitting you have a problem.

For the last three days, I have tracked and noticed I am over approximately 500 calories. Basically, the amount of calories I am supposed to be deficient in order to lose weight.


And, since my exercise has been squeezed out due to a busier life, the amount of calories I am NOT burning is increasing. In turn, I gained weight. Weight loss really is a numbers game.

So, I need to either eat less or exercise more. Eating less is not an option - darn, tasty food! Bring on the exercise. I really feel I can do this! It helps that next week my earliest class will be at 10 am. Just gotta get this butt out of bed earlier.

The plan?
Track everyday.
Exercise for 45 minutes everyday.
Strength train 3x a week.

And, maybe start walking to campus more. emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KRKNOCKS 4/13/2012 7:33PM

  It is sooo easy to slide back. Easter week was bad for me with the grandkids here and all the goodies just waiting to be eaten. But there comes a time to get back on track and it looks like you are well on you way!

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PATRICIAANN46 4/6/2012 10:02PM

  Hi Savannah........
Your plan sounds good to me. Unfortunately, those pounds tend to creep back when we aren't as active. I'm not worried about you know what to do and you will do it.
Have a wonderful Easter.

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GETFIT2LIVE 4/6/2012 2:55PM

    Very good plan--you got this. You caught things before it went too far, and you're doing something about it (besides whine and cry, which is what I am prone to do!). Yes, darn tasty food; it's my weakness as well!

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KKINNEA 4/6/2012 1:16PM

    It's the tasty food that gets me every time too. You've got the plan!

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JPGSMOM 4/6/2012 12:34PM

    You're right on track to meeting your goals! Congrats!

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NATPLUMMER 4/6/2012 12:16PM

    Good plan.....goodbye pounds!!

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ON2VICTORY 4/6/2012 10:59AM

    you got this my friend. if you ever need anything, you know where to find me :)


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1CRAZYDOG 4/6/2012 8:28AM

    Awww, hugs. You will get through this. Remember, you're under stress, too and that makes a HUGE difference in what our bodies do. That nasty ol' cortisol makes the body superglue that darn fat to our bodies!

So, you're right . . . hopefully next week with a schedule that allows you to get a little more sleep, things will get more in rhythm for you.



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TEDDYBABE 4/6/2012 6:58AM

    I am in ths group also. I have finally put brakes on gain. Now to get the weight off. Yes we can do this.

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IMSMILEY88 4/6/2012 6:43AM

    I am with you! I, too have been eating more and exercising less and gaining. Ugh! But, we can turn this around! We just need to do it, right?

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Gained 10 pounds! Grr!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Besides having limited time to train for Grandma's Marathon, I have gained approximately 10 pounds since the first week of February. Specifically, my weight has gone from 157.6 (February) to 165.6 (today).

I think gaining the weight and seeing my weight continuously creep up bothers me the most. Maybe mentally I wasn't as prepared as I thought to train. I say this because I used my training was my excuse to overeat.

So, I am setting my training aside and going to try to focus on losing these pounds. I want to be able to say with no but attached that I have lost 100#. I want to be under 160 again.

In fact, I started tracking yesterday. I was over 2500 calories when my range is 1300-1600. emoticon No wonder my weight is creeping up. I cannot eat more than I burn off! So, here I am, going back to the basics... tracking and strength training 3x a week. By the way, I ordered my lifting gloves today.

Overtime, I want to work on getting my Half Marathon time down to 2:30. Currently, I am around 3:00. So, I might be implementing some speedwork as I maintain my running base!

In summary, these are my April goals to work on getting back under 160.

-Maintain running base to be able to run long runs of 10 miles or more
-Track everything (Laura you have inspired me to do this again!)
-Strength train 3x a week

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JPGSMOM 4/5/2012 8:54PM

    Savannah- I have believed in your abilities even before you started this journey. Give yourself a pat on the back and appreciate yourself for all that you've given to yourself. And for all you've given others. You have inspired me to start taking charge of my life, just as you have taken charge of yours. Just like we talked about last weekend, not a day goes by that this is ever "easy". I know you will be able to get back into your goal weight zone again. Think of it this way, it shows tremendous growth that you are recognizing this now and are revved to do something about it. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!

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MSDIAMOND600 4/5/2012 11:16AM

    Clean eating, dieting, staying motivated and determination. You can do it!!!!!!!

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MBSHAZZER 4/5/2012 11:03AM

    Mango, just read this blog and your previous one. I wanted to share my story with you - I have been running regularly since 1996. I never had the desire to run a marathon, but after I finished grad school in 2002 and had a little more free time, I thought I *should* sign up for one. I started training and I had the same issues as you did - finding the time to train, saying "no" to social stuff, and compounding that was the fact that back then, there were no Garmins, no SparkPeople, no Runner's World forums and no online mileage mapping systems. I hated every step of my training. I was beyond relieved when the organizers cancelled the marathon.

I told myself at that point that I would not even think about training for a marathon unless I felt it was something that I would enjoy. I didn't even enter a race for another 5 years! Because you know what? You can be a runner without entering races or running marathons. My dad has been running for 45 years and has never run farther than 13 miles (and that was on his own - he's never raced farther than a 10k).

Anyway, in 2009, I suddenly felt *ready* to train for a marathon and ran my first in January 2010. Just as I had suspected, when I was mentally ready, everything else fell into place. Training was something I looked forward to instead of dreading and the whole experience was really great.

So, I would suggest to you that if your heart is not in it, defer your marathon training until you feel that it is something you will truly enjoy. What is the point of running a marathon if it just makes you hate running?!

Finally, as to weight gain, my suggestion is that if and when you do train for a marathon, give yourself a LONG time (I took 10 months) and increase your mileage gradually. I found that the extra mileage had no impact on my appetite (in fact, I lost weight while training) because the mileage increases were so small, my body had time to adapt. Also, try to eat or drink something with a 3 or 4:1 carb:protein ratio shortly after your run. I like a Hammer product called Recoverite, but anything with that ratio will do. It helps you to recover while satisfying your hunger.


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XRSIZE18 4/4/2012 8:45PM

    I think I'm going to join your tracking bandwagon. It's such an easy thing to let slide! One minute you're like, 'Oh I know how to eat healthy portions' and the next the scale is telling you 'Not really. Haha!' Mean scales.... grumble grumble.

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GETFIT2LIVE 4/4/2012 6:10PM

    You've got this, Savannah. I know you will kick those pounds to the curb and reach your goals. I suspect I will always need to track my food to keep a handle on my eating, personally. I do not trust myself to use wisdom if it isn't getting written down! Great plan and goals; you can do it!

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LISAINMS 4/4/2012 5:18PM

    You will knock that off in no time with that plan. Good job recognizing what was happening!

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MARIE-STRONG 4/4/2012 3:42PM

    emoticon I admire your determination!

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BAILEYS7OF9 4/4/2012 3:16PM


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SHERYLDS 4/4/2012 3:12PM

    if anyone can do it...I know you can
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 4/4/2012 2:17PM

    Good plan...that should get you back down under 160.

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1CRAZYDOG 4/4/2012 1:19PM

    My dear Savannah:

I am proud of you. You have confronted the belly of the beast, identified what need to be done, formulated your plan, and I've no doubt you'll follow that plan and get back to where you want to be.

Maintenance is a process that truely never ends and complaceney is the huge archnemesis.

That's why I still weigh and measure. I was blowing it.



Comment edited on: 4/4/2012 1:19:33 PM

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ON2VICTORY 4/4/2012 12:55PM

    mentally that stuff can really destroy your motivation. you caught it and you can totally get a grip on it. it is not the end of the world. imagine my shock when i got back from my vacation (after my marathon no less) and found that I had gained 10 lbs as well. I even let a week go by after I got home to make sure it just wasnt water weight from all of the eating out. The weight stuck for about 2 months then began to feather down again as I got back to a normal routine ( whatever than means in my upside down world).

its tough... been there, done that...bumper sticker..OWNED.

All I can say is you are not the only one and dont let it throw you, feel the feelings but then roll with the punch.

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