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My Purpose in Life

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One of the greatest fears for college graduates are the questions, "Am I in the right field?" and "Will I find a job?" I can honestly say yes to both those answers.

My job in the field is taking over my college life. It is a blessing that my classes do not take alot of attention right now. I am always running to go to work at the Y, meet a client, do personal training work or do things for Run for Life. Lately, my days have gotten longer and seems like I am tired alot.

But, you know what? I am really enjoying it!

Tonight I did a presentation on my journey and it felt fulfilling. That is how life is supposed to be. Fullfilling. Like you are inspiring, helping them to be a better person. That is what I am supposed to do. Inspire others.

And, you know what?

I will hopefully be in a career where I can help others by teaching them to do what I did for me for themselves! In other words, I get to spark others!

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    Wow and you got it all figured out already! Way to go! Stay positive and keep your confidence. You will do just fine.

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URBU2IFUL 3/14/2012 1:40PM

    Great Blog! I am happy that you chose something that would make you happy and have a fullfilling life. I think that is what is most important. I am pretty confident that my college and career choice is right for me. As long as I don't get stuck in a call center. emoticon or the medical insurance industry.That would be a bad move. On the other hand, once I get that degree then I can afford to be picky (maybe).

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BAILEYS7OF9 3/14/2012 11:59AM

    emoticon emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 3/14/2012 11:59AM

    You'll do fine! What's the worst that can happen. You apply the education you have in one setting and it's not a good fit, so you move on. It happens. The key, at least for me, is to be flexible and compromising. Maybe one opportunity doesn't work out, but another will!

I always say I had many careers withing nursing! Started out in med/surg, moved in to ER, moved on from there to ICU/CCU, that led to an opportunity in home health nursing, then onto the insurance industry (UGH!) and got my diploma in legal nurse consulting, so that's my real love. But all the experience I gained along the way did nothing but HELP prepare me for this experience.

The trick is never stop learning.


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KKINNEA 3/14/2012 11:46AM


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NATPLUMMER 3/14/2012 11:27AM


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KANOE10 3/14/2012 9:10AM

    very inspirational blog. You are going into the right field. How exciting to be able to help others get healthy! You sound happy and fulfilled. I gave a speech at my Y about my journey..I found myeslf being very emotional!


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MYLADY4 3/14/2012 9:06AM

    You will suceed in anything you do.

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LISAINMS 3/14/2012 12:00AM

    Your sense of joy comes through in your writing. Congratulations on choosing what makes you happy!

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EJOY-EVELYN 3/13/2012 11:38PM

    I love to see this great level of confidence in you! You have accomplished great things and you'll be part of many great journeys to come. Living is all about change and how well we can adapt. I feel you're adapting wonderfully!

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HDHAWK 3/13/2012 11:19PM

    How exciting for you! If you enjoy what you're doing it's all worth it!

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ANTOSZEWSKIA 3/13/2012 10:26PM

    I'm struggling to be so confident about my career choice.. I'll graduate in May-- still don't have a full time job... Constantly wondering if this is the right field for me!

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PATRICIAANN46 3/13/2012 10:23PM

  Hi Savannah........
You have been Sparking others throughout your journey. I am fortunate to have been along for this ride of yours from the beginning.......I have watched you become the butterfly. I have agonized with you and felt the joy in your blogs, witnessed the ups and downs, and now (especially after reading this blog) I am well-aware that all you have been through has led to a very satisfying career choice. Do you know how lucky you are to have chosen something that you REALLY enjoy????? Not a lot of people can say this about their careers.
I can feel your JOY and it is WONDERFUL!!! emoticon

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Stressed out about my missed 10 mile run!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I get it. Some runs just suck. But, did I really have to have one of those runs during the last long run before I start tapering for the Get Lucky Half Marathon. Really?!

Today I needed to do 10 miles. By piecing together two different runs, I got 7 done. Um, that's not 10 miles by far! I kept running out of real estate! I am so very frustrated! So next weekend, when I run the Half Marathon, I get to make up 5 miles since my longest run has been 8 miles. In a way, I guess I can consider this training when I run the full marathon which my longest run will be 21 miles in training while the race is 26.2 miles.

The real root of the problem is I am stressed. Not about midterms like the rest of the students. Nope. About the marathon. About whether I will be able to do it. Darn my mother for saying she is having doubts about me being able to do it. Keep your doubts to yourself.

There's other things I am stressed out about as well.. like the scale. That scale is going else where. I know my counselor said I should weigh myself. I am happier when I don't so I won't.

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ERIKA05 3/13/2012 7:14PM

    Somebody once told me "Run today's race today. Not yesterday's, not tomorrow's, or every race thereafter. Only today's." It's something that you hear in various incarnations everywhere from the Bible to Dr. Seuss, and I think it's really true. The day of, That Day's Savannah will run That Day's Race, and you *will* be fine - those two were made for each other!

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BAILEYS7OF9 3/12/2012 3:16PM

    Your mother is not your best support group! Talk to your aunt!


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KKINNEA 3/12/2012 2:11PM

    We'll do fine! By the way, I totally walk when I'm drinking and when I do nutrition so if you hadn't planned on it, I would be trailing you!

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MYLADY4 3/12/2012 12:38PM

    You'll do just fine. You are doing more then probably 99.9% of the country is doing, you are running a half marathon.

As for your mom, I am sure that she did not mean to sound so harsh but does she run? If not, it would be real tempting to say "I don't see you doing it".

Well, you can also consider it a practice run for the EC one. Which I will not be running the whole thing. There is this hill at mile 5.5 that is just a beast and no way am I able to run up that.

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KANOE10 3/12/2012 7:13AM

    I am not a runner so I can't give you training tips..However, I think you are doing great by going for the HM. Ignore the negative comments and the scale. Keep your positive energy going. You will do it.


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MAGGIE101857 3/12/2012 7:02AM

    I did the 10 miles for you yesterday! I agree with the others - your body was telling you it needed the rest before the HM! You are going to be great!!! Can't wait to hear all about your race!

I'm sure Mom meant well emoticon. My youngest daughter said to me a while ago "you shouldn't do a HM unless you can run the whole way"!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I looked at her in disbelief and said "Really, when was the last time you walked a HM distance???? lol " But then she tells me how awesome it is that I ran 10 - 13 miles on my treadmill..... emoticon! Again, they mean well!! We just have to be our own emoticon

emoticon emoticon You are emoticon!!!

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LISAINMS 3/11/2012 10:58PM

    This is not worth stressing over. Have a great time at the HM. Walk before you need to and more often than you want to; run it at training pace and finish standing up. That's all that you have to do. Next week you can focus on your marathon. I'm finding that having two "A" races do add stress. Just have a great time!

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APED7969 3/11/2012 10:57PM

    You'll be fine. Walk if you need to, there's nothing wrong with walking if needed. Just make it a goal to finish and have fun! And if you don't want to look at the scale then don't! Losing weight while training for distance races is hard. I've only been down 4 lbs in 5 months while training for 2 HMs. It annoys me but I see other positive changes and I'm sure the weight will go eventually! Good luck and have a great race!

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HDHAWK 3/11/2012 10:54PM

    Take it one day at a time. The 1/2 comes first, so tackle that first. You have to run the race so have faith in yourself. Your mom may have said that because it's something she wouldn't try to do. I believe you can do it!

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1CRAZYDOG 3/11/2012 8:54PM

    Oh my dear, I have to totally agree w/SHERYL on this one . . . look @ all you 've accomplished, how far you've come!!!

Do your best and that's all you can do. FORGET about the negative comments and let them go!

As for the scale . . . ditch it.


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NATPLUMMER 3/11/2012 8:00PM

    You can always run the HM as a training run and there is no shame in walking if necessary.

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SHERYLDS 3/11/2012 6:00PM

    I am still amazed at all you have accomplished.... emoticon
and you just keep going.
You are the EverReady Bunny

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WOMANOBRONZE 3/11/2012 5:07PM

    Well, no one EVER does their training plans perfectly.

First, let's do an inventory - are your legs feeling good, are your energy levels high, and are you feeling healthy with no dull aches??

If so, GREAT!! That's the best investment for next week's starting line at this stage. A 10 mile run a week before your half is more mental than physical. If you've been running 10Ks comfortably (i.e. you have no doubt about finishing them), you've got what it takes physically to do a half. It will be hard, but you're not going to die. Now, if you're not doing 10Ks without a 10 mph tail wind and 50degF max temps, well, there is NO SHAME in walking part of the race.

The best thing you can do for your 13.1K at this point is to get a couple of fast 1-2 mile runs in this week (T-Th) to keep your legs limber, eat a few more carbs without overloading your stomach, and be rested and relaxed on race day.

Trust me, if you'd gone all out on a 10 miler today, chances are, your legs wouldn't be quite up to go all out again only a week later. For distances over 10 miles, I'm a big advocate on giving yourself two weeks between these runs (unless you're consistently doing over 45 mile) weeks.

Finally, don't forget that these races are about having fun, too. Meeting like-minded people, rocking to silly songs you'd never admit to your friends that you like, and rewarding yourself for all the training runs you did to get there is a big part of why we do it.

Be good to your legs, now -


P.S. I only did four miles today and feel pretty good about it, all in all. But You SMOKED me by doing seven!!!


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Kettlebells and beyond...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I really enjoy being a personal trainer but man, it sure is keeping me busy these days. Almost to the point I am thinking I might have to start to schedule my workouts especially my runs! Thursday's 5-mile run was a bit of a squeeze. I squeezed it in by running 3 different times! But, I got it done.

Also, on Thursday I tried kettlebells. emoticon I've tried them before but I was not impressed... with the gym. The gym was unprofessional - not even asking for a Par-Q. As a professional in the exercise field, this was/is a huge red flag. If you never have to fill out a Par-Q, RUN, not walk, away from that gym.

Anyhow, I found this new gym at a Health and Wellness Expo. In fact, my boss told me to go check out the kettle bells and TRX. I did. I liked. I liked it so much that I decided to try out a beginners class. It was cool. The environment was that everyone was super friendly and there were several others that have never been there either. It sure made me more relaxed. For me, a friendly environment and professionalism are the most important factors. They hit those for me. I hope to be back very soon!

I was thinking back and believe I have strength trained 2x each week. This is a HUGE victory for me! I have even been completing my homework assignments for my trainer! I had to to increase my weights. That felt good. emoticon Even better than weighing myself.

My counselor suggested I bring my scale in. I did. Tomorrow will my be first official weigh in. After I got past the obsession of trying to get below 160, I started to feel better about me. We will see how this goes.

Lastly, as some of you know I went out to help celebrate my friend turning 21. It was find to see her and another friend along with having an excuse to dress up. Beyond that, I did not appreciate her BF. Basically, he's a butthead and she deserves more. Wish SHE knew that! I also met a guy but I am not really interested in him. It was nice, through, to be given alot of attention. Hey, I'm a girl!

So my weekend plans...

Sleep in.
Work at noon.
Go to the local Osaka Restaurant that has a Hibachi table.

Walk/run with Becca.
Go for my long run (10 miles).
Train at 2 pm.
Bloodbourne Pathogen training 5-7.

It should be a fun, busy weekend!

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PATRICIAANN46 3/10/2012 10:48PM

  Hi Savannah.......
It sounds like you are finding the best in every aspect of your training, which means that you will enjoy it and if you enjoy it, you will continue to work at it.
You have been going through so many changes over the past year and the majority have been so positive. I am so proud of you.
Have a great "Rest of the weekend."


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1CRAZYDOG 3/10/2012 11:21AM

    Glad the class went so well! You're spot on . . . if it's not friendly or professional, it's not the right place! Glad this gym fit the bill.

The celebration with your friend sounds like it was fun! Love hibatchis. Hey, did you wear that skirt you bought????? HOPE SO!!!!!!!!

Well, bet you'll be happily surprised tomorrow, but wishing you good luck and sending you good scale vibes!!!



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NATPLUMMER 3/10/2012 10:24AM

    You are doing great with the personal trainer!! Yes, I think scheduling runs would be a good idea.
Have a fabulous weekend....bloodbourne pathogen training... fun ;-) Watch out of hepatitis!!!

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BOB240 3/10/2012 2:46AM

I'd be interested to see how your views on kettle bells evolve. I must admit I'm not a fan of them as I'm not sure what they achieve over a well designed cardio body weight workout e.g circuits.

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ON2VICTORY 3/10/2012 12:48AM

    oooooo sign me up for the Hibatchi!!! Im so happy that you had a great experience with the kettlebell workout. Being a trainer is alot like someone handing loaves of bread. Everyone else gets fed while you go hungry doing all the work. It is far to easy to work in the fitness field and not get the workouts that you need for yourself. That is what makes the KB class so exciting because you found something that you really enjoy.

Thats huge! :)

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I'm gonna be famous!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Okay, let's calm down a bit.

Yes, I am being interviewed about my weight loss journey.

No, it's not People.
Or the Star.
Or the New York Times.

Wait for it...

It's the Stinger!

Never heard of it? *gasp*

It's my small college online newspaper! emoticon

Anyhow, apparently one of my friends will be interviewing me and I will be spotlighted in the column. Well, that's FUN!

Do you know what else is FUN? Trying new things!

Tonight I tasted a new recipe with Quinoa in it. Loved it! Now, I will be attempting in making it! Key word, attempting. It has two spices I need to buy cumin and coriander. Anyone ever heard of coriander? Me either! But, the recipe has cilantro. I love cilantro! It's so fresh!

Maybe this sparked me into wanting to try new things... maybe I forgot how fun they can. Tonight I signed up for a beginners kettlebell class. I have done kettlebells before but wasn't impressed with their professionalism, rather their lack of! But the people I have my class with on Thursday I actually met at the Health Expo I was tabling at. Good times! Maybe I will even try rock climbing.

That hill for my first marathon will have nothing on me! I feel I will be one strong woman, inside and out!

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MYLADY4 3/9/2012 10:53AM

    Quino with spinach and feta is the best.

Have fun with the interview and please post a link to it.

And yes, you will dominate that hill.

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EJOY-EVELYN 3/8/2012 12:11AM

    I love that the Stinger is interviewing you. You're so accomplished and this will do well to go in your portfolio of activities that makes you a better trainer. I hope you will save me a copy when it comes out.

I just printed out Stepfanie's Quinoa-Black Bean Casserole and her Quinoa-Sweet Potato Casserole in hopes of trying a couple new recipes.

Coriander and cumin are the two primary ingredients in curry powder. Curry powder also add turmeric and sometimes as many as a dozen other spices. Curry is a mixture of spices, and in native India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, my friends' families all have their unique blend of spices they call their own. I tell people who do not have access to an Asian food store to use half cumin and coriander, with turmeric and chili (cayenne) pepper powder to make a basic curry. You might also consider adding such things as a cinnamon stick, cloves, nutmeg, anise, fennel, and as many as 24 spices in all that I've found in some Garam Masala spice combinations. Have fun!

Cumin is also an essential ingredient in the making of most American or TexMex Chilies. I make a fabulous dal where cumin seed is the primary flavor. So yummy!

Loved your blog. I'm so proud of you!

Comment edited on: 3/8/2012 12:14:00 AM

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PATRICIAANN46 3/7/2012 10:02PM

  Hi Savannah..........
You are already famous!!! Your enthusiasm for trying new things is the result of your new found energy and confidence........both by products of your fantastic weight loss.

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ABSOLUTZER0 3/7/2012 6:31PM

    You're going to be famous? You are already famous in my book! Sting or "bee" stung! LOL!

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ON2VICTORY 3/7/2012 1:07PM

    today, the Stinger, tomorrow, the Today Show! woo hoo!

emoticon emoticon

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    How awesome :)woohooooooooooooooo! Your gonna be the talk of the town :)
Also good for you for trying new things. You rule ;)

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MNGIRLIE 3/7/2012 11:12AM

    Awesome to hear about your future stardom! Totally fun! :)

Here's a link to the very first ever quinoa recipe I tried and I LOVED it!

I tweaked it a bit according to the comments and it still is one of my favorites. Coriander and cumin are a great combo. Be careful though some recipes call for whole coriander and some call for ground. I have both at home.

I think you'll love the latest KB class. I know I LOVE my KB/TRX class on Mondays. I'm still sore from it.

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KKINNEA 3/7/2012 10:41AM

    Woohoo!! Love it! Good thing to be famous for too - my college newspaper mention was a cartoon making fun of my last name (maiden name only at that time) - nice guy.

I love indoor rock climbing and totally recommend it!

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NATPLUMMER 3/7/2012 10:36AM

I love quinoa. Coriander is the seed of the cilantro plant.
Have fun emoticon

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    OMG! I never knew that coriander is the cilantro seed! WOW! I'm glad that I read this blog and all the comments! LOL!
I use coriander and cumin alot b/c I make a few Indian dishes...

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1CRAZYDOG 3/7/2012 8:03AM

    1. Congratulations! You deserve your moment in the spotlight, my dear, as you've done a tremendous amt. of work.

2. WEAR THE NEW OUTFIT! Go for it.

3. Hmmm....I think it's probably a good idea for you to see the therapist if YOU feel the need. Generallly that's a clue that it's a good idea and will help.

4. Cumin . . . adds a smoky flavor to what your cooking.

Corriander . . . that's the seeds that sprout cilantro.

Both are really good in dishes like chili. Never worked with quinoa much, but if you're making it into a savory dish, those 2 spices would be fantastic!!

HUGS and have a good day my dear.


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LALAFLOWERS 3/7/2012 7:11AM

    Good for you. Love coriander. It's usually used in indian food. I use it often. Let me know how it turns out... always looking for new ways to prepare quinoi.

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XRSIZE18 3/7/2012 4:26AM

    Congratulations on your fame. :) Who's going to be writing the article?

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CHRISSYMACD66 3/6/2012 10:41PM

    Then you will love coriander as well - it's dried cilantro seed! Congrats on the interview!

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SKYPRESMOMMY 3/6/2012 10:39PM

    I'm also planning on my first marathon to be next year and a late half marathon this year. Good luck!

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BFMONICA 3/6/2012 10:37PM

    emoticon emoticon

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Down Day

Monday, March 05, 2012

When I was a teenager, I read alot. I got so good at reading smut that I could read a novel in a day or two. Now that I am older, I realize it is my way of trying to hide from my emotions. I do it with shopping, watching movies and emotional eating.

Yesterday I watched movies all evening while working on homework. Today I tried doing some cardio before my personal training session. (By the way, according to my new PT, I have strong shoulders! So glad I switched!)

After working out, I still was feeling kinda down. Sometimes shopping makes me feel better. So, I went shopping. I love my new mini-skirt (my first) and heels! But, they didn't make everything all better. I read pretty much all evening to hide from feeling lonely. I am assuming that I am hiding from other emotions but I haven't delved into it.

More and more, I am pondering if I should go back to counseling. *sigh*

Nevertheless, it is hard to ignore how far I have come...

From lost and unhappy... sexy and confident!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

XRSIZE18 3/7/2012 4:51AM

    You are looking Superfantastic! :)

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PATRICIAANN46 3/6/2012 10:06PM

  Hi Savannah..........
You look emoticon!!!!!! I am sure you have read or heard, after losing all of the weight........some people still have problems with depression and low self-esteem. It seems like if the weight is gone, all of our problems should melt away with the pounds. But that is not the case. We need to deal with the issues that caused us to eat and gain weight in the first place, or we may repeat history.
If it were me.........I would go back to the counselor and get all of the guidance and expertise she/he has to offer. None of us has all of the answers........that is why we go to the professionals. If there is help there, why not seek it......

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    Wow, you look great! emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 3/6/2012 12:54PM

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG . . . ok that about covers it. You look better and better with each new picture you post. You should be megaproud of yourself!!!!

If you think you'd benefit from more time with your therapist, by all means . . . DO IT! What can it hurt? You know, we are not meant to handle everything ourselves, so use all the helping tools you have at your disposal. That's a sign of strength for sure.

HUGS! You're doing good!!

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ERIKA05 3/6/2012 11:38AM

    That's definitely a "Damn, girl!" outfit. You look great! But even better, you're the long distance runner, the girl with strong shoulders, the girl who tries to fit in extra cardio before her personal training session. If you're also a girl who hibernates with a book and some movies every now and then, well that's okay too - I think everyone does this to some extent, especially when there is so. much. snow.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
You know yourself best and if you feel like it might be helpful to talk to someone, you should trust your own instincts. Do what'll let you live your own awesomeness!

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KKINNEA 3/6/2012 10:43AM

    Great outfit! If you think you should go back and talk to someone, you should do so - you want to feel your best!

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NATPLUMMER 3/6/2012 9:28AM

    Definitely sexy!! Love the outfit!!
Good for you for not doing the eating part...that is my biggest downfall.

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WOMANOBRONZE 3/5/2012 11:27PM

    Yeah, you need some place to go show off that skirt...and your legs!!

Grab a couple of GFs and hang out somewhere (with a diet coke or soda water) where it's fun to people watch.


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EJOY-EVELYN 3/5/2012 10:47PM

    You've come a long way . . . what an incredible journey to health, sexy, and confident. Do whatever it takes, in the name of good health, to get your mindset wrapped around what it means to live the healthy lifestyle.

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