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Time to Focus! :D

Friday, February 25, 2011

In the last few blogs, I have been really whiney about being sick. emoticon for all the supportive comments. I truly appreciate them. Here is a quick overview of it all and what is going on with it now.

First, I got a head cold which turned into a chest cold with a nasty cough. I was prescribed a Z-pak antibiotic. After that ran its course in my body for about two weeks, I got sick with a low grade temperature. They put me on amoxicillian in which a week later I got a yeast infection. They put me on something for that. At the same time, we decided to try out antidepressant (prozac). Two days later, I broke out in hives.

Okay, that is my last month.

Now.. they prescribed prednisone and benadryl/claratin. In 9 days, I hope to get rid of these hives and sinus infection. Unfortunately, this means I might gain weight.

Honestly, I REALLY just want to stay in the 170s. But, the thing is.. even if I don't, it is not the end of the world. Whatever I gain, I WILL lose again! This is a journey, not a race. I WILL conquer this!

While being sick for the last month, I haven't had alot of energy so I haven't been working out. So, yes, this means, I haven't been training for the HM.. but rather trying to take care of ME. I was eating fine until this week came along. I have had Applebee's Buffalo Wings and Lava Cake than yesterday I had ice cream twice! emoticon

So, I am going to use these next two weeks while I am on medication to re-focus by...

-taking a vacation from the scale.
-working out consistently
-eating right

I know I can do it. It is only 9 days! It is ironic though... because the same day I am prescribed prednisone, the featured blog is "How I Cope When Pain Relief Leads to Weight Gain" which talked about prednisone. Talk about timing! Thanks Sparkpeople! emoticon

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CIVIAV 2/25/2011 12:16PM

    This time is one of 'pause and rethink'. Your bod needs loving and sometimes that looks different than working out. It never looks diff than healthy eating but ice cream can be just that!

I really hope you feel better soon. By the way, half marathon training also requires rest and down time. This is just that!

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Sometimes ice cream just makes you feel better...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sometimes ice cream just makes you feel better.

Today is one of those days. I went to bed last night after taking benadryl for hives and woke up with them being worse. They are all over my body.

This was last night. I am not sure if you can see it.

Anywho.. I did not study for my quiz and still got a 76%, C range. That is pretty darn good considering I missed more than a week of lecture and didn't study for the test.

Than, I went to a different professor before I had to be in his class and was like I have hives, can I go home? He is like, "Yes, yes. Go home." I didn't want to go home.. and the cool air felt good.

So, I went and got ice cream. It feel SOOOO good on my lymphs as it hurts to swallow. Now, I wait until 3:00, for my doctor's appointment.

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1CRAZYDOG 2/25/2011 11:38AM

    Oh my gosh! I hope you got the treatment for the hives so you feel better!


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STRIPEDTIGER 2/25/2011 7:18AM

    I hope you feel completely better today!! You must be miserable!

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CIVIAV 2/24/2011 2:07PM

    Hives are a tough diagnosis to make so you may or may not find and answer with the doc but at least you found an answer with the ice cream.

I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream!

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ANEPANALIPTI 2/24/2011 1:38PM

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah im sorry for the suckiness!!! emoticon

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TLRANEL 2/24/2011 1:15PM

    Glad you found something to help you feel a little better. Hope you get some answers/solutions this afternoon!

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WHGRN60 2/24/2011 1:12PM

    Hope you find out what's giving you the hives. That doesn't sound too pleasant!


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A Whiney Blog :(

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Okay, this is going to be one whiney blog. Hit the red x in the corner now when you can!

I am pouting because I cannot go to soccer. I cannot go to soccer because I am sick. Still. Today, during my last class, I was so exhausted. Afterwards, I came home and cried. Than, called the nurse to get yet another doctor's appointment. I don't know why. They say it is viral and cannot do anything. Mind you, if I go to my appointment on Monday, it will be like the third or fourth time in two weeks.

In addition to saying it is ONLY a sinus infection, they say it is my wisdom teeth coming in. In addition to that, they put me on Prozac, an antidepressant, so I am dealing with those side effects, too.

So, anyhow, back to my pouting. I want to go to soccer. I want to see my friends. I want to run. I want my life back!

I should do my study guide for my quiz tomorrow but honestly, I am not sure if I really care. The quiz (on the heart) is 25 points and open book because it is online. It is timed though so it is not like I have ALL the time in the world. Right now, I am getting an A in the class.. so.. it is kinda the least of my worries...

In addition to that, I am stressed about my class, Motor Learning. My professor were supposed to meet today to discuss my grade and he just blew it off. He had meetings. Apparently, he couldn't have told me this two hours before when I saw him in class. Argh! I find it really inconsiderate! Anyhow, I gotta do some catch up in that class... not sure when I will have time for that though. He didn't say when it was due... like Friday or when we hand in the paper. Argh!

Maybe I will lay down until the pain killers kick in than do at least some of the study guide... some is better than none, I guess. *big, big sigh*

My face has a splotchy rash on it. My poor, poor face. I have decided I want ALL meds OUT of my body. They are NOT helping and I just want my body do what it knows how to do... make me feel better!

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CIVIAV 2/24/2011 10:05AM

    It's hard to listen to Bob Marley saying Don't worry about a thing..." when all kinds of crazy things are happening. Right now it sounds like you are in a down spiral. What would be the most obvious thing to do for yourself to interrupt that spiral?

I always find that the toughest question to answer but it has to do with interrupting the negative and upsetting emotions taking over...

Here's to the turn around!

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TLRANEL 2/24/2011 9:34AM

    You might be having an allergic reaction to one of the meds. I don't care what the doctors say, it is never JUST a sinus infection. I had one of the worst of my life last winter, and I have never felt so horrible. That plus wisdom teeth coming in??? Crazy. And if you're not sure about the antidepressants, but feel like there is something there that needs to be treated, maybe this isn't the right time for the meds or maybe Prozac isn't the right medication for you (psst, I'm a psychologist and have a lot of experience working with psychiatrists/physicians prescribing meds).

Your professor sucks for not letting you know he couldn't make your meeting. Very rude and inconsiderate. I'm sorry you're struggling with one of your classes, and hope you are able to get some information to help you get caught up.

emoticon emoticon

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ANEPANALIPTI 2/24/2011 7:41AM

    awwwwww babe im sorry , just keep repeating to yourself, this too shall pass

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CANLOSE81 2/23/2011 11:43PM

    i totally get that
sucks that it takes time
just focus on you & relax as much as possible!
you'll be good as new in no time

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HALFFAST 2/23/2011 9:16PM

    emoticon I'm so sorry you still aren't feeling well :(

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2011 is MY year!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More and more, I realize this year is MY year.

It is MY year to reach my goal weight. Right now, I am about 12# away. Okay, I might be a bit more than considering I went to Applebees and had wings and lava cake. So, let's say 15#. Still, SO close!

It is MY year to run my first Half Marathon. In the last month, I have been asked by four different people to run four different (half) marathons. It is like opportunities keep coming up and I just gotta commit to one. The most recent marathon I was asked about is on April 30. So, maybe I will do that as a "training" marathon. Also, since I turn 25 in April, I feel like it could be a birthday present to me.

More so, my professor told me today how he signed up for Grandma's half marathon. He was super excited about it. I find it great that he was excited to share it with me.

Anyhow, I feel like my community on campus considers ME a runner! emoticon Once upon a time, no one would have asked me about any health-related advice. Now, they ask me to run, how to lose weight, to work out with them to keep them motivated. I am honored each and every time they ask.

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1CRAZYDOG 2/23/2011 10:44AM

    You go, girl!!! Fantastic. You are an example of how to do it and OTHERS are truely seeing that. Fabulous. Keep it up.

I remember being 25. Enjoy it! That's a great age.

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ANEPANALIPTI 2/23/2011 7:46AM

    You have come far!!!!!! (hug)

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PATRICIAANN46 2/22/2011 10:16PM

  Of course they are asking YOU..............
YOU are living proof of what can happen when a healthy lifestyle change has occurred. All of your success is shining through and they can't help but see it and want to experience it themselves.
I am so PROUD of you!!! emoticon

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CIVIAV 2/22/2011 2:49PM

    And how could they not ask since you are so obviously a 'player'!

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HAPPYNSMILING 2/22/2011 1:57PM

    Sounds like you are doing wonderful!!! I can see your smile in your blog.
How refreshing!! Keep it up...good attitude really helps!

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Baby Steps

Sunday, February 20, 2011

After Wednesday's night of intramural soccer, we both felt inepth so we decided to pracitce today. It was alot of fun to kick around emoticon.

Later, we decided to shoot some hoops. While in the gymnasium, I noticed a quote that I decided I really like. Probably because it can be applied to weight loss.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” -Micheal Jordan

Than, I decided I wanted to try to work out. So, we hopped on the arc trainer. 7 minutes later I got nauseus so we stopped. I figure right now my body can tolerate 20 minutes of physical activity considering we were at the gym for about a little over a hour. It felt good to do a small amount of physical activity.

Anyhow, I hope to emoticon this week!

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PATRICIAANN46 2/21/2011 10:23PM

  BABY STEPS is the way to go. You want to be completely over whatever is causing your sickness before you push your body too far. Take care of YOU!!! emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 2/21/2011 2:09PM

    You did good! Listening to your body is sooooo important (I know . . . like preaching to the choir, right!)

Keep sparking. Have a great day. Oh yeah, like the quote!

Comment edited on: 2/21/2011 2:09:28 PM

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TAMTAMM 2/20/2011 9:55PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TLRANEL 2/20/2011 9:08PM

    emoticon Glad you feel good enough to start getting some activity, and very glad you are listening to your body and taking baby steps! BTW, LOVE the quote!

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TBITCON 2/20/2011 5:34PM

    Yay for soccer! Glad you're starting to feel a bit better, hopefully you'll be able to kick the rest of it this week. :)

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CIVIAV 2/20/2011 5:02PM


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