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Are these really my awkward limbs?

Friday, June 11, 2010

I am so frustrated right now. I thought I'd mix things up with a video. Most days I either walk or do the elliptical. Today would be a great day to do the elliptical but I thought I'd try out two workout videos I have. Quite honestly it didn't go so hot.

First, I tried yoga. The gal really irritated me and some of the stretches hurt. I just wasn't feeling it! I cannot believe people actually do this and ENJOY it, haha.

Second, I tried Country Line Dancing and the girl in that one didn't annoy me as much. I was able to do that okay but felt so AWKWARD and uncomfortable. Maybe I will try that one again when I have more patience.

I would have been tried a kickboxing video but hey wait my friend which I never talk to or see has that video. They were going to JUST borrow it months ago and now they will claim its theirs! Argh!

I think I might see if there is SP Video that I would like. Maybe the third time will be the charm.. I can hope. *sigh* I least I am stepping out of my comfort and trying something new!

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MELLIEK2010 6/11/2010 3:02PM

    You can check out some of the Biggest Loser DVDs from our Hayward library or possibly even Superior! That way you can try them before you buy them!! Just a thought!

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THECRAZYMANGO 6/11/2010 2:51PM

    UPDATE: I did Nicole's Day Boot Camp Video and now I feel like I actually did something today!

Thanks Nicole!

Thanks SparkFriends for listening!

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Stop the madness...

Friday, June 11, 2010

..and the weigh-ins.

As you probably can guess I weighed myself today. It seems that as soon as I come to terms that I need to relax about losing weight and even lowered my goal to 2# for every 10 days, I lose weight. Why is that?! It has always been like this.. so frustrating.

This morning I weighed in at 201.4 after my shower, than went to the bathroom and weighed in again at 202. How in the world did I gain weight in like 10 minutes? Oh who knows! I do know that my scale is a tease. A tease, I say. No matter what.. I did lose a pound no matter how it is put!

Anyhow, I really need to stop this madness of weighing myself everyday. I really want to know.. but in the end it is just no good. It puts me on a roller coaster. I am supposed to be on a 100-day challenge but I think I may stop that. Part of that challenge was to ONLY weigh myself every 10 days and I SOOO cheated on that. I also having been going to eat on a regular basis.. so I cheated on that too! On the upside of things, I don't seem to eat out as much. So, that is a plus!

In other news, the BBQ was postponed due to the rainy weather. It's really pouring. I was really excited for it but it is probably for the best. Now I am debating on what to do. I want to go grocery shopping but (1) do I want to go out in this weather and (2) I will be leaving for a week on Sunday. I will probably just pick a few items up like fruit that I will bring with me on Sunday. I think the plan for today will be to go grocery shopping, try out the line dancing video (I didn't get a chance yesterday), and than try to finish Unit 1 for my summer online class!

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SHERYLDS 6/11/2010 5:31PM

    Hey Savannah. Your guardian angle is looking out for you. the postponement will give you a little chance to get back on track and plan for the BBQ treat. Like they said in MADAGASCAR 'MOVE IT, MOVE IT, MOVE IT'

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DLDROST 6/11/2010 11:54AM

  I couldn't agree M:ORE

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Lifetime Goals.. for all areas!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here is an assignment I had to do for my online class and thought I'd share! emoticon




List Your Goals/Wishes/Desires



1. Graduate UWS with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science by June 2012.

2. Attain a Master’s Degree in Counseling.

3. In 2011, do the National Student Exchange (NSE).

4. Raise my GPA above 2.5 by Spring 2011.

5. Graduate from UWS with a 3.0 GPA

6. Get more involved on campus.

7. To speak up in my undergraduate courses for the next two years.

8. To have a good working relationship with my professors.

9. For my professors to know me as a bright, enthusiastic student.

10. To be in good standing with the University.

11. Complete two internships – one while I am on NSE and one in the Twin Ports.

12. Complete my Exercise Science internship with a race event by 2012.

13. Complete an internship with a hospital by 2016.

14. To learn how to manage my time before I do NSE.

15. To become a Team Leader for Weekend of Welcome for 2010.


1. Regularly talk to my parents and sisters.

2. Married by age 32.

3. Have a girl named Charlotte Kay after my Grandmas.

4. To have two dogs, one for each of my children.

5. To have two children.

6. To have a devoted marriage.

7. To still be in love at age 90.

8. To fit “me” time in while balancing a family.

9. Teach my children good healthy eating and fitness habits.

10. Encourage my children to do everything and be an active part in their support system.

11. To get married on a beach, near water or in the Twin Ports.


1. Develop a better relationship with God.

2. Develop a relationship with Jesus.

3. Develop a better understanding of the Bible.

4. Develop a habit of attending church on a regular basis before being married.

5. Have my children baptized.

6. Read the Bible more.

7. Pray more.

8. To be not fear the unknown spirits.

9. To listen better to God.

10. Be patient with God.


1. To visit Mi-Jung

2. To learn how to be myself with new friends by 2012.

3. To learn to let go of old friendships by 2012.

4. To learn to shine as bright as I can by 2014.

5. To find good people to be friends with.

6. To be confident in myself to date anyone I want.

7. To know my worth and to not settle on a guy that does not treat me like I am worth.

8. Accept more invitations to events without hesitation.

9. Attend more UWS campus events.

10. Embrace the NSE campus 100%!


1. Gain more networking in my field before I graduate UWS.

2. Volunteer at the local hospital to gain experience

3. During summer 2011, volunteer at Grandma’s Marathon.

4. Work at a Fitness Center as a personal trainer and instruct group exercise.

5. Work as a weight loss consultant/counselor.

6. Manage a fitness center by 2016.

7. Counsel individuals that have eating disorders by 2020.

8. Open a SparkPeople Fitness Center

9. Once I graduate, acquire careers that have good benefit such as health care.

10. To have a salary of $30,000 and more

11. To buy, fix and sell houses when I am retired.

12. To instruct computer and/ or fitness classes at a Technical College before I am 40.

13. At least once in my lifetime, plan events as a career.

14. To write an erotica novel and maybe, publish it by age 60.

15. Keep all the certifications that I earn at UWS up to date until at least age 40.


1. By 2012, have good credit.

2. To have $2500 in savings by 2016 (age 30)

3. By 2012, have my main credit card paid off in full.

4. By 2012, manage finances successfully.

5. By 2014, no longer have a loan with my parents.

6. By 2014, no longer living check to check.

Physical Growth

1. Run one full mile without stopping on a regular basis by August 2010.

2. Run three full miles without stopping on a regular basis by October 2010.

3. Run regularly.

4. Run my first Half Marathon by May 2013.

5. Run Grandma’s Half Marathon in Duluth, MN before May 2014.

6. Run Boston Marathon in Boston, MA before I am 30 (April 2016).

7. Weigh 160 by September 2011.

8. To be considered in the normal range for my BMI.

9. To run up Bunker Hill Tower without struggle and out of breath.

10. Complete the 18-mile walk in Cable, WI in October 2010.

11. To be strong.

12. To be an expert in fitness.

13. To inspire others to lose weight and to follow in my steps.

14. To be a Sparkpeople motivator

15. To attend a Sparkpeople Convention

16. To be fit before I have children.

17. Completely run my first 5K by October 2010.

18. Become a running coach.

19. To be a size 10 or smaller on graduation day from UWS.

20. To complete a triathlon by 2020.

21. To live until age 100.

22. Run five 5Ks and place in the top three runner in at least one of them!

23. Learn how to eat a balanced meal without counting calories and overeating.

24. Celebrate reaching 100# loss.

25. Learn how to ride a bike.

26. Learn how to surf.


1. Travel to Europe by 2020.

2. Touch the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

3. Spend two weeks visiting Ireland and Scotland staying in Bed & Breakfasts.

4. Visit all 50 U.S. states in my lifetime.

5. Go to Vegas by 2016 (age 30).

6. To embrace life!

7. To love oneself!

8. Visit Germany in my lifetime.

9. Buy a house by 2016 (age 30).

10. To learn how to sail boat before 2016 (age 30).

11. To write 100 goals before I go to bed and to reach ALL of them before I die!


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CASSCAMP 6/11/2010 3:44PM

    Sav those seem like some awesome goals! Now its time to do work and achieve them! You have been such a motivator! HUGS!

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I hate mental plateaus!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yes, another blog. I know I have gone a smidgen over board with blogging.. but I just have SO much to say, good and bad.

Today I am writing to tell you how I am at 203. For me, I was disappointed when I got on the scale. I am not sure why. The day before 202.8. And yesterday I didn't really do any formal exercise. I can't really expect changes on the scale, if I don't work at it, right?! I gotta say that this week has been quite a roller coaster with my weight - up, down, up, down. I really wanted to get closer to leaving behind the 200s.

At first I was like maybe I am at a plateau. Okay, probably not considering my weight is all over the place. I have noticed that I am getting kinda bored... with walking. Uh-oh. This is bad.. for so many reasons. Walking is one of the few exercises that I could do all the time and anywhere. With going home so often, the anywhere part is important. Also, how am I supposed to train for a 18 mile walk if I am getting bored..

Lately, I have been incorporating doing the elliptical with weight lifting. I have noticed it has a helped a little bit but still I am not excited about walking. To help deal with that, I have been trying to find new walking partners which is hit and miss.

I do know the signs of mentally plateauing so I want to deal with this.. like.. NOW! I think I should find some new trails to walk because that always freshen things up. Maybe I should have a different path for each day. I also need to incorporate different exercises into my routine. With being on a college budget, time to get creative! Some ideas so far are swimming and Group X classes. I can do this.

Besides mentally plateauing, I know I get excited, stressed, focused.. whatever you want to call it.. when I get closer to an even number. For example, 250, 240, 230, 220, 210.. and now 200 is an even bigger deal. I think it would help if I distracted myself for a while. There is a 5k at the end of the month that I am wondering if I should try to run. Right now I can run a mile if I take a two minute break in between. I am figuring if I have a new goal than I won't be so focused on the weight loss and it will just happen. Right now, I am kinda frustrated about it... probably because I want it so bad.

The good news is that next week I will be out of town all week so that kinda throws my routine out of whack with new walking times, and new walking areas. Than, I can come back and start a new routine.

As for today, I think I am going to get Unit 1 done for my online course, change my room around, and work out on the elliptical/lifting.

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SHERYLDS 6/11/2010 9:03AM

    Walking is certainly great, but you can strengthen your cardio in all sorts of ways. stairs, zumba, stepping. improvise. You can do these even without equipment. And i gain and lose a pound of fluid every time I drink a glass of water or go to the rest room. You can do this

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PATRICIAANN46 6/10/2010 12:28PM

  Mixing it up is a great idea to help relieve the boredom and to signal to your body that something new is happening and it better work harder. The new surroundings should also help. Also, remember that, especially as a woman, your fluctuations in weight could easily be water. Maybe weighing yourself once a week would be less discouraging. Just some ideas......
You are doing such a fantastic job. Don't get discouraged!!!!! And if you do........just look at that beautiful face in the mirror. emoticon

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Great News!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Great news!

I'm not crabby anymore.. okay, that is not THE great news I am talking about but it is still pretty amazing! Walking around the mall with Heidi distracted me from well, me.. I guess I forgot to be crabby anymore. Thanks, Heidi!

Now onto THE great news.. I am going to a good friends BBQ. I was already excited about it because I have never been to his house. I planned on drinking so I was riding with a mutual friend that was going..

NOW my close friend asked me to come early and help with food. He is going to pick me up and the mutual friend is bringing me home. I can drink without worrying about driving. YAY! Okay the real reason I am excited is I get to help and feel special that he asked ME! Hehe.

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HEIDISO 6/10/2010 12:04PM

    I have fun walking around with you too! We will have to get together again sometime. emoticon

My pedometer registered 3.5 miles yesterday by the time I left the mall.

I hope you have tons of fun at the BBQ.

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SHERYLDS 6/10/2010 8:12AM

    Sounds great. Have a blast. No dancing on the tables. emoticon

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MYSHARONA6 6/10/2010 6:32AM

    Life is good!!! I hope you have a great time!! Nothing like an evening with friends! emoticon

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