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A Positive Vent? Hehe!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Okay, time to vent. I know this is something little but it still bothers me.

A guy that weighs in the 350s/400s I know at college told me I should go work out when I mentioned I have not worked out. Seriously?! You are telling ME? Seriously?!

Okay, I know I am no model but seriously I have lost nearly 50# and dang proud. You cannot exactly do that overnight. It has taken 9 months of hard work and dedication..of repeatly telling myself NO, NO, NO...than this guy comes along and tells me I need to work out.

Mind you, another guy, who is THIN and FIT that rock climbs and has started running again, told me last night I could have candy than go workout. Like how he said it, he wasn't telling me to like I need to but because I was worried about the calorie intake.

Putting that aside, the first guy, the one telling me to go workout, acts like he knows everything about food when he doesn't. As we all know we are constantly learning.. but the stuff he's saying is wrong..but I don't correct him. Let him believe what he whats. Than, today he is telling me there is a way to life for endurance and strength - I KNOW THIS. In fact, most the time I really like showing off how much I know about health and surprising people, lol. Also, I know I could waste him at any amount of time on the elliptical or any run.. grr.. hear me roar, lol!

Times like this, I just want to be like "screw you" (please mind the language) and work out. Not because he told me too but because it means I will be one more pound less, a clearer mind, be able to sleep more soundly, closer to my goal weight and wearing looser clothing.

One day I will NOT be the fat girl people tell to work out or I should eat less. But I WILL be the girl that everyone wants to work out with and asks how she did it. Oh wait, I am ready that girl! And, it feels amazing!!! Seriously!

I started this for ME, and I will end it for ME! One of the reasons I want to lose a total of 100# is because I CAN...and to prove to myself I can, hehe! Half way there!

Maybe this is just what I needed.. my friend and I talked about me doing the Cold Fusion Challenge again. This time it sounds like I would have more support than I did in the last challenge and someone to keep me on track. I really, truly believe I CAN win this challenge if I focus on the task at hand..meaning what I did this summer when I started. It's simple.

Cardio - 40-60 minutes
Strength train 3x week
Drink plenty of water
Eat within my range
...and have FUN!

If nothing else, I have learned I can do it with I stick with these things. Sure, there will be bumps in the roads but I CAN and WILL do it.

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    Well, he just got done working out and was actually waiting for his ramen to be ready. I don't know.. I just could not believe he was telling me to work out. Like it is none of his business, especially since I have lost 46+ lbs.

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HEIDISO 3/4/2010 12:55PM

    Well if something like that happens again you could always respond with "Why don't you join me so that I don't get lost along the way." It could be your way of promoting healthy living to others.

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THECRAZYMANGO 3/4/2010 12:04PM

    I know.. I have had people tell me to work out.. but it was the way he said? If that makes sense.. maybe I was taking it too personal.. I don't know. I guess I am kinda coming to terms that no matter my size people will comment on my size. I know people that are tiny are told that they need to gain weight. It is probably people projecting their own feelings on other people...

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HEIDISO 3/4/2010 11:54AM

    I don't know exactly what happened but maybe the big guy trying to motivate you to workout since you had already said you hadn't worked out yet?

I mean if you told me that you had skipped a workout and needed to workout my response would be "Well then get your butt to the gym". It wouldn't be a dig, it would just be a push to something you already want to do.

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THECRAZYMANGO 3/4/2010 11:40AM

    Yeah, I don't know. I didn't know to deal with this person.. like I couldn't believe it.. but in the end, it doesn't matter. I will still do what I do.. and excel at it! :)

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SUNNYDJ1971 3/4/2010 8:57AM

    I just love it when a know it all comes up to me. Especially when my husband is with me. Because he does know almost all of it! He was a professional body builder! He has been at this health thing for over 20 years. I can ask him anything, and he knows. I don't understand a lot of what he means, so we look it up on-line, and that usually makes more sense to me. He helps me so much. I love being able to defend my way of thinking to anyone. Some people just want everyone to fail, so that they don't have to change.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

So, yesterday I was very stressed out and was taking some negative things in my life to heart. Even during the day, I was trying to find the silver lining in the dark cloud and even made my status as "is having a hard time finding the light today." Well, during the day people commented on it and made me really laugh. Thanks girls! I might just go buy myself a flashlight to remind myself of this and the support that is here!

Below is the conversation.


THECRAZYMANGO is having a hard time find the light today.

BAILEYS7OF9: usually there is a switch on the wall when you enter the room. If you can't find it, make your own.

HEIDISO: Time to start a fire. They put off a lot of light.

THECRAZYMANGO: Oh you guys! You are THE best.. Bridget, I think they hide mine. :P Heidi, I do like fires but idk if I can have one in my dorm room. Haha!

JADZEAMAY: We have loads of flashlights for times like that. DH is a flashlight junkie. Hasn't found one he doesn't like. Bet he has no less than 20. He has the same problem with sprinklers.

THECRAZYMANGO: Oh, you guys are too much! I seriously I laughed for two minutes straight.. which I seriously needed after this emotion draining day!!! :


Great Workout = Superwoman Qualities

Friday, February 26, 2010

As I have mentioned before, exercising daily keeps my depression at bay. I was thinking about this today, before, during, and after my workout and I pinpointed exactly how I feel after I workout. Before my workout, most the time, I have this feeling of rushed, anxious, stressed - all jumbled in one. After I work out, it seems like my head is clear and my body is humming. I was thinking about this after I worked out and had endorphins flowing in my body - I don't think just because I have depression, I am the only one experiencing this clear headed feeling. Do you feel this way? Clear headed and like you can conquer anything?

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MS2SHA 3/1/2010 11:13PM

    I definately have that feeling. It's sometimes hard to exercise because stress throughout the day definately puts me in a 'jumbled' state of mind. But I never, ever regret exercising because of that exact feeling afterwards. A clear, confident state-of-mind and a feeling that I can conquer anything. emoticon

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BAILEYS7OF9 2/26/2010 4:03PM

    Definitely the endorphins emoticon they give you such a feel good about yourself and for me, it spreads across my whole body.

I am thrilled and proud of myself for what I have just done, pat myself on the back and say 'good for you for looking out for you'

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Time to Clean Up My Act..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Okay, the last few weeks I have been only putting in half the effort. I couldn't find the motivation and focus. This week one of my good SP friends asked me to co-lead one of the teams she is on and I decided to do so. It was a great honor and I hope I won't let the team down. In doing so, I realized I cannot lead unless I get back on track. In other words, I need to clean up my "getting fitness" act.. so today, I weighed myself today at 214.8. The things I need to do are: working out 45 minutes a day, strength train, eat right, and go out to eat less.


Conquering the Scale War...

Monday, February 15, 2010

As many of you know, I am in a weight loss challenge. The WL challenge is based on the total percentage of body mass that you've lost. Now intially, this was okay but now I am focused on how many pounds I want to lose versus my overall size or health. The reason I want to lose weight, in the long run, is to have better health, and be smaller. Does it really matter if I weight 180 or 200 if I feel better about myself, and have better health? I think not.

Anyhow, so there are about 3-4 weeks left in the challenge and I want to quit. Not because I am not winning but because I want my weight loss to be about inches and not pounds. Does this make sense? Maybe this is stemming from where if I gain a pound I get extremely upset. It shouldn't be like that.

From Friday morning to today, Monday morning, I did not weigh myself. It felt like freedom the past few days not having to weight myself. Because I want to stay focused with the challenged I might try weighing myself on MWF. Right now, I weigh myself everyday - it is part of my morning routine. I am hoping after the contest that I can may switch to Tues/Thurs weigh-ins and maybe after that once a week.

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MS2SHA 2/16/2010 11:49PM

    I only weigh once a week. I've done it both ways and this works the best for me. I like the idea of going by pictures and measurements but if you want to replace that immediate feeling you get when you step on the scale try going by small goals. I set the 3 fast break goals and I work towards keeping up a streak. emoticon

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THECRAZYMANGO 2/16/2010 12:30PM

    Um, I don't know if cholesterol would be a good measure because every time I go to the doctor.. they say I am fine. Being overweight at 23 is not good and it is not fine. And, I am getting that now. After getting myself off the scale addiction, I may try using monthly pictures, like I was, and measurements to keep me on track.

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OPAL82 2/16/2010 12:25PM

  Only weigh once a week, or the scale will win by intimidating you. Health is the most important thing, have you had your cholesterol checked? Use that as a goal versus the pounds, when you do all systems will work together for success

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ALGALIAREP 2/16/2010 10:59AM

    I hope that hiding your scale works!

Personally, I've always had it drilled into my head that muscle weighs more than fat, so sometimes, weight gain isn't the issue that you think it is. I don't know if that fact will help you at all, but maybe if you find yourself on that scale, and you are a pound heavier than the last time you weighed in, you might wish to take into account that you are excercizing and working out. You are doing things that do build muscle, and you might not be gaining fat back at all, but just a little more muscle mass to help you burn the fat you want to lose. ^^

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THECRAZYMANGO 2/15/2010 1:54PM

    Hey thanks. It is actually hidden.. haha. I used to weigh myself several times a day but no longer do because the emotional rollercoaster was way too much!

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DASSCHUS 2/15/2010 1:51PM

    It's tough to walk past the scale. I know! I've decided to give it up for the rest of February.

Best of luck to you! Just stay motivated. :)

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