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Day 1- 29 to go!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Day 1-264.6 LB

Day one is finally here. I am kind of prepared:( My plan to prepare all my food after shopping last night did not work out so well. I panicked at first, but then took a step back and made some minor changes that will hold me until Sunday.

First I needed dry yellow beans which I thought was pretty common, well after two stores and no beans I came up with a back up plan to just finish up the veggie pasta salad me sister made. It is Clean with the exception of the Italian Dressing on it. (Dang, my first mistake-Oh well move on!) It could be worse! (Ranch).

I also needed fresh basil. Well there must be an Italian fest in town, because both stores where out of fresh Basil. This included the plants! Then I had a bright idea...uh duh...maybe use some of the overgrown herbs I have under my kitchen window.

Ok, so they need a little weeding and it is also time to cut them back. I will be working on that tonight!! I promise.Gardening=Exercise!

Well I was able to get all my veggies cut up, boil the eggs and get the yogurt cheese started (more on that later).

This morning I started to get the pork roast all ready in the crock pot. This lead to me 2nd Clean Eating mistake!

After I put in the potatoes, onion, mushrooms and pork I sprinkled Lipton Soup mix over it! (Dang it-Oh Well move on again!! These little mistakes are not going to derail me this time!!)

I did forget how much I hate measuring everything I eat and writing down everything I eat. I am hoping as time goes on I will know what and how much I can eat at each meal.

So after all that harried prepping this is what I brought to work this morning. I have put every thing in my Spark People tracker. I wish they had the 5 meal tracker and a place to put the time! But I found out that I could use the notes section to keep track of all that full stuff.

Here is my tracker for today.

I like to put everything in there right away in the morning, so I know if I have any room to wiggle. I adjust it and add notes through out out the day.

So far I am feeling pretty good. No head ache yet! (caffeine/sugar detox) I have been hungry more often today than normal. This is due to not eating my whole meal all at once. I will need to find the time in my day to eat each whole meal at a normal pace. This will be something I can work on in the coming weeks.

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THECLEANEATER 6/2/2012 10:10AM

    Yeah I did it!!! Thank you so much for the help! :)

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NEELIXNKES 6/1/2012 4:41PM

    Glad to see you back. You can add extra meals. On the nutrition tracker scroll all the way down and on the right there is a button for edit/add meals. You can add at least 3 different categories that I know of so you could have 3 meals and 3 snacks. You may be able to add more than that but I haven't tried it. I added one to track my vitamins separately instead of at meal time. Good Luck with your new adventure!

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Good Bye Old Friend! I hope I never see you again!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Yesterday I had my last McDonalds breakfast meal. Sausage McMuffin, Hashbrown and a Carmel Frappe. Oh it was so good!! Why can't vegetables and brown rice be this good?

Then at lunch I had another Carmel Frappe!!Oh Boy!

I enjoyed every last bit of it. It was like saying good bye to an old friend that I may never see again. I know I will defiantly have to experiment with a healthy version of this yummy goodness, since I am completely abstaining from soda. I will need a little bit of caffeine now and again.

I decided to add up my McDonald's calories for yesterday and I came up with 1700 Calories!!!! And 84 grams of fat!!!!


That was just Breakfast and lunch. That is not even counting my snacks or dinner. I so need to change the way I eat...I am so looking forward to getting started today.

Day one here I come!

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EICHSWIFE06 6/1/2012 1:21PM

    if you want a healthier beverage with caffeine, crystal light (and walmart brand lol) have a mix in that has caffeine (wild strawberry is my fav) and so does mio (and the walmart version too). you just put them in water :) i gave up soda too except for the extremely rare instance. after the first week its sooooo much easier :) have a great day!

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The Syptoms of a Bad Diet

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The holiday weekend is finally over and that means back to work. I woke up yesterday crabby, sick and tired. That was after 9 hours of fitful sleep. I ate my way through this fun filled weekend...soda, cake, chips, brats, more cake and soda, pasta salads, smores oh and more cake!

Yuck! No wonder I feel like a cow out to pasture! I know my new way of eating is going to make me feel spectacular and full of energy, but in my head I keep saying "only 2 more free eating days left" I am looking at this new way of eating as a prison sentence. Why? Why do a lot of us play this mental game in our head. (I say "us" because I know I am not the only one:))

Why do we think that healthy eating is so horrible? I was always the person that said that is was not the ads that made people eat processed food it was the person. This was their own fault that they did this to themselves. Now I am the person that needs a excuse for my weight gain. It has to be all the processed food not the actual amount. The processed food manufacturer is the only one to blame!

I need to change my mind set! This is the hard part. I love my cookies, cake, chips and diet soda. Yeah Yeah I know...MODERATION! I can't have them in moderation because as soon as I taste just a little bit I am off on a binge that can last for weeks. It will be all I want to eat. Some of you know what I am talking about.

So since I am at the height of a binge I am going to write down all of the symptoms I am currently having and them I am going to review that at the end of my 30-days to see if I am still experiences any of these symptoms.
Hopefully I will be able to enjoy a small amount of sweets at a time without binging, but once my 30-days start I will be abstaining from anything that is processed beyond recognition.

So here is the list:
1. Insomnia or waking many times during the night.
2. Headaches
3. Dull knee pain-they feel numb
4. Bloated
5. Constipated
6. Zits!
7. Tired all the time
8. Crabby
9. Not motivated to do anything but sit on my butt!
10. Missing out on fun things because I am feeling fat!

I encourage you to make your own list and then try the 30-day of whole foods with me. We can compare notes:)
Stay Tuned


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SEEWORD 5/30/2012 2:51PM

What a great plan. Making the list is a great way to start. I hope you can scratch some of those symptoms off as you progress on your plan.

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