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July check in

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Again, less than a month from last check in. I realize I have gotten out of the habit of logging food - and I am probably eating far more processed food than I should but I don't think I am eating a lot more calories most days. Weight is consistently 3 lbs more than my last low on here and I seem to be maintaining that anyway.

I bought a Y pass for summer but have not been using it.

Husband and son are off backpacking for 2 weeks so I am home alone and alone eating is the worst.

I do find motivation hard - I should and could go to the Y but I am not doing it. Why? I don't know.

I so wanted to work on my weightloss and body this summer and I have not done that - it is just not a habit I have established - I feel like I am just spinning my tires and going no where. I got discouraged when the weight loss stopped which it ALWAYS does when I reach a certain point on the scale. I usually don't have the endurance to not give up.

I have accepted that I will never be that 120 bombshell and would be happy to lose 40 lbs but that is the most elusive 40 lbs I have ever seen.

Making no promises but just trying to stay aware.

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144AUTUMN 7/9/2014 11:19AM

  Keep up the good work!!

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June check in

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Well at least I am only a month between check ins instead of a couple of years.

I credit my little sister - she has really taken control of her life. And now weighs probably less than me - I have actually put on 4 lbs and I need to get back to daily logging and meal planning - I do so much better.

My husband is home and that is good and he is gorgeous, summer is barrelling down and going away far too fast.

I am acting in a play in July, going to Dallas in the middle of performances (between weekends) heading to Alabama and Virginia next week.

We just bought land to build our dream house on.

Need to get a routine estabilished.

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FITWITHIN 6/18/2014 12:18PM

    emoticon emoticon

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BYEPOUNDS 6/18/2014 12:17PM step at a time, best to you!

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Marshmallows do not make a healthy breakfast - time to start logging again.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

When I stop logging and blogging I blow it. It has been almost a month since my last blog because all of a sudden life got busy, groceries got scarce and I reverted to my old stress habits.

Fast food is bad - I really don't do well when I eat it but I still eat it.

Just to let you in on a little of my last month.

Cell phone broke - had to get it replaced - I was very lucky they said it was a software issue and not me and replaced it no charge - yeah!!!

Van stopped running - got a new alternator - $588 then the waterpump went bad another $500 then the fuel pump went out another $580 then my husbands car battery stopped - another $129, then the refrigerator quit - $300 - it has been a $2000 week, this all happened in the span of one week. I am blessed though that we got a bonus check that covered all expenses and everything was repairable and didn't need to be scrapped entirely.

Had to clear out our theater trailers before May 2 and I finished the job by hiring a few of my homeless students to help me and now my garage is full of leftovers that I am trying to give away on free cycle. Good news - one load went to our new storage space today and 2 loads are being picked up tonight so by Saturday everything hopefully will be gone.

Exercise has been non existant, I didn't take my thyroid for 4 days because it was waiting at pharmacy for pick up, I haven't had my fruit/green shake more than 4 times in the last month and yesterday I even ate a big mac (I haven't had gluten in 9 months). I have not logged my food or kept up on my water.

Today I was flying and I just was over stressed and I grabbed the leftover bag of marshmallows - about 10 and had that for breakfast but I can't count that as a healthy breakfast - I did better with lunch with chicken salad and crunchmaster gluten free crackers and water. Now that my refrigerator is fixed I will move everything back up from our bar refridge and try to plan some better dinners and lunches and get back to my smoothies - I did buy a new Magic Bullet.

Prince is in Onederland and will be home in just over 2 weeks -this weekend I am going back on a one week cleanse again to rejumpstart me - I am 5 lbs from onderland, maybe I can get there before he comes home - I will start walking again and getting back to the Y I hope. I have 2 big cleaning days with my lady that helps me planned for Tuesday and Thursday next week but I will at least try to walk daily.

I really do best when I own what I eat and write it down. I don't think I have eaten terribly over calories but my choices have been very processed and emotionally chosen.

I will do this, I must.


Cheetos, and Brownies and Cookies OH MY!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

This is the first time in 4 months that my food has consisted of total junk for the day. I broke my magic bullet and my blender was dirty so I didn't drink my protein shake. I didn't eat breakfast and took brownies and cookies to a going away party at my school and pretty much that is all I ate - I feel gross. I am craving protein and veggies but my calories are totally done for the day.

I have eaten fast food (other than salad) 3 times in the last week - these are the habits I stopped - I am out of food -must go to the grocery.

I am taking back control of my life.

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SPARKLINGHOPE 4/18/2014 9:55AM


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TRUCKERSMRS 4/18/2014 3:14AM

    Draw a line under it and start a new day. Take that control back. It can be hard when we are so busy but just focus on one day at a time and you 'll get there.

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GINNABOOTS 4/17/2014 11:21PM

    emoticon emoticon ,

I did the same thing today, I was doing so good then we went rollerskating and it always makes me so hungry so I had french fries and rib tips from Happy's Pizza.
I can only imagine how many calories it was.

Tomorrow will be a better day!

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Please let me function in a world that stands still for a few days.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Time is barreling out of control. I can't believe it is the end of April. I had to file a tax extension because I couldn't get them done in time. My classes are disorganized and I feel like I am chasing my tail. My exercise keeps getting usurped by other tasks. I am still stuck at 1 lb above my last low sighting - there is no way I will be below 200 by my birthday which is disappointing.

I am still logging but I am eating convenience more which is a no no for me. I may need to go through my fruit fast again to rekick start me and up my exercise if I could only figure out how to do that in my schedule.

I need a personal assistant. I have a house keeper who comes once a week for 3 hours and that helps.

I am behind on laundry, paperwork, Mary Kay paperwork, taxes, sleep, teaching planning and all I do is put out flash fires that pop up.

I must get my control back but have no idea how to regain my control until my husband returns.

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TRUCKERSMRS 4/18/2014 3:07AM

    I really know that feeling.
I find that if I take a little time out and write a list of what MUST be done and then add bits that would be good to get done and work from there, trying to ensure I get a little exercise done. It helps to bring a little focus to the day.
emoticon emoticon

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SPARKLINGHOPE 4/17/2014 10:57AM


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MARAGRAM 4/17/2014 12:09AM

    Oh, do I know what that feels like, except for the Mary Kay and maid. One thing I did was put jobs on a list and did them working exercise into them.

Hope you find what works for you!

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