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Day 5 - Weekend Done - Back to business!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Well after a bad Saturday and a down right pathetic Sunday I am happy to be back to normal Monday! I went over on calories, didn't get much exercise in and felt exhausted most of the weekend. Overall, not a lot of good to point out.

But today is Monday, it is recovery day. I already have been quite productive this morning. Scrubbed the kitchen, and the inside of the fridge, scrapped some old wallpaper border, vacuumed the house, and started sorting my teaching supplies. The pool opens up at 1pm, so after lunch the kids and I will make our way there and have a nice break, and I can get in some serious make up exercise! No use in trying to go back and redo, only to go forward and make better!

Having some veggies for lunch and packing some for snack at the pool. Tonight for dinner I am thinking my chicken salsa casserole. Need to put it into SparkRecipe calculator first.

Oh, I do have a highlight of the weekend. My daughters can up with a cool fitness game ( although they are not counting the pool!) for every 10 minutes I work out I get a sticker on this cool sticker chart they made me. Once I get 10 stickers they will do one of MY chores, but if I don't get any stickers in a day I have to do one of EACH of their chores... We'll see how this goes... but right now I need to get back to work.

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Day 4 - Weekends are Hard

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I think weekends are my weekly motivation. Saturday was going well, an hour of swimming, some house cleaning, took my notary test, but then all Hades broke loose at 9:30pm! Here I think I am done for the night and my wonderful husband runs out after we put the kids to bed. I thought he was going to get gas (cheaper at night) and some Coca Cola, but no, he comes back with Dairy Queen... A medium Butterfinger blizzard for him and a small smores one for me... I felt obligated to eat it, I didn't want to seem ungrateful but then this morning I look at OMG 840 CALORIES!!! UGH!!! Well there went all my good work yesterday, I would have swam for another hour if I known that was coming home!

Today no much better... I needed to go grocery shopping, but I wanted to eat first, well my eldest ate the last waffle, there was NO milk so cereal was out, my youngest had a pop tart and the last apple, and my hubby had the other pop tart, so here I am trying to think of what to eat, no milk, no eggs, and nothing quick. I found a breakfast bowl in the freezer that my hubby takes to work on occasion, problem solved and only for 490 calories :-( Lunch, after shopping was easier, but we had left over chicken from KFC the night before, so I had 2 pieces of that and 2 cheese sticks with my water. I think I am at my calorie goal for today and there are still over 8 hours to go!!! Looks like salad for dinner for me tonight, but I am going to try my hardest to hit my numbers and not go over.

I can't wait until Monday. Weekdays are so much easier to keep on plan! Mission for today: look up calorie content of Dairy Queen and see what I can get there that won't break the caloric bank!

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LALMEIDA 7/14/2013 9:44PM


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SUNSHINE084 7/14/2013 2:35PM

    Hi, I have been there too check out my blog on the dq smore milkshake. I looked up the ice cream sandwhich is I think 190 calories... I have so e ideas for weekend breakfast ideas.. Try pancakes and make them fr scratch and freeze. Then when you need a quick meal the kids can grab one too. Try making vegetable frittatas in muffin tins and freeze for a fast meal. I really like making vegetable soup. Low in calories and I always have enough left over for the week. Well if you want o connect up with me please do so.

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Day 3 - Slacker!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

After 2 days of swimming and eating right, I just wasn't feeling it today. I still met my calorie intake limit, but I didn't get me 33 minutes of exercise. I spent most of the day trying to find a teaching job. I did weigh myself and went down a bit which AWESOME, but I know not to expect it every week.

My goals for yesterday were to come under in Fat grams, which I did!!! But the other was to be productive in the house and wash walls/floors. I did the kitchen floor and cleaned out the fridge, but only did a base cleaning in the half bath. The house is looking better, but I know i could have done more. Step 1 - forgive myself for an off day. (DONE) Step 2 - plan to make today better.

The plan for today is another trip to the pool (once the dryer is done), and a nice healthy dinner off the grill of chicken and veggies. This morning was sort of wasted in that I took a Notary Public test and had Burger King on the way, but I tried to improve my slip up by having a ham instead of bacon or sausage which are both higher in calories.

Right now I am going to do a quick round of Wii Fit while I wait for the dryer and then off to the pool.

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GINAC0 7/13/2013 1:53PM

    Your energy seems endless! Way to go!

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MJRVIC2000 7/13/2013 1:36PM

    There is a Big difference between a DECISION and a COMMITMENT. God Bless YOU! Vic.

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Day 2 - Bump in the road, but quick recovery

Friday, July 12, 2013

Yesterday ended up being a good follow up from Wednesday. My challenge was to come closer to my Sparkpeople calorie goal and to get in 33 minutes of exercise. Well I did just that. I had about an hour (give or take) of swimming, I moved some furnature to clean around the house and played with the kids. All that activity earned, better yet burned me 1011 calories. As for nutrition, I had a few moments of weakness, actually they were consecutive moments of weakness. However, even with all of the exercise I still had 1543 calories which is less than the 1570 allotted to me not counting the addition of the workout allowance. Goals met!

Now today I am setting my goals a little different. The only category I was over yesterday was fat, so today my goal is to come under in at least that category while staying in my calorie range. As for exercise, well I need to be productive around the house today. The kitchen and the half bath need my attention and I plan to take a box of Borax, my bucket, and a scrub brush to them. 33 minutes - that is my everyday goal for activity, and I am SURE the cleaning process will take more than that!

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BUSYGRANNY5 7/12/2013 10:51AM

    Keep on keeping on!!!! You've got this!!!

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JAMBABY0 7/12/2013 9:47AM

    good luck

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Day 1 - Talk about a great start!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

First the facts: I ate 1457 calories (which is listed under my goal for SparkPeople) but I didn't feel hungry yesterday. I burned 1270 calories (half of my weekly goal) which doesn't count the walking, stairs or other household movement I had all day.

Next, the results: I had a ton of energy , wasn't hungry, and slept well. I guess there is something behind this exercise business (LOL!!!!)

Now if those were my achievements yesterday, they have become my challenges for today. Oh and what a challenge they are!!! Considering it is raining in Ohio and swimming isn't an option. So my goal for today is come closer to my Sparkpeople calorie goal, and do my 33 minute minimum exercise today, I may have a game of Quarter HORSE on the Wii Fit with the kids.

Quarter HORSE you say??? What is that??? Well we pick 12 activities on the Wii Fit, (there are 3 of us and we each pick 4 activities). And I place 12 quarters on the top of the TV. The winner with the best score for each activity gets a quarter for that activity. It only costs me $3.00 some of which I win back, and then with the beauty of $.50 cones and Burger King and McDonalds this summer, we head out for a treat after dinner. We get to have fun exercising together and the reward is cheap, sweet and low on calories!

To anyone who read my Blog, I welcome the friend and buddy and encourage you to visit my SparkPage.


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POSEY440 7/11/2013 2:21PM

    emoticon emoticon m emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon mm

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JUSTAMOMOF5 7/11/2013 1:36PM

    What a great idea!!!!! I wish Id have done that with my kids when they were younger!! Im also sick of all our rain =(

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    Wow that sounds awesome... and I love the idea of getting paid to finish workouts!!!
Keep it up! Don't forget how good you feel today!!!

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STUDLEEJOE 7/11/2013 10:30AM

    Great idea on the Wii Fit emoticon

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