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If it's not one thing...

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Oh my goodness these first couple of days of my 100 day challenge have had it in for me. Yesterday, I started off my day right, even make myself a smoothie with flaxseed and spinach and all this other yumminess. What did I do? Leave it on the counter--even AFTER I reminded myself to take it. Then, later that day, I was with the kids on a field trip, and they were running, literally RUNNING in the theater (it was a special field trip and I hadn't debriefed them before we went, big mistake). They walked, then decided to run down the stairs and as I was walking down the stairs ordering them to stop, I twisted my ankle--thankfully, I was holding on to the banister or I would have seriously hurt myself. Needless to say, my ankle is all twisty and sore today. Then today, oh today, the smoothie again. I was making it, forgot to steady the top before I let go, and it exploded all over me. Because of the cleanup, I missed my bus. Sigh. If it's not one thing, it's another. However, it's a beautiful day, I packed a yummy lunch (and managed to salvage my smoothie), and I'm going to shake it off and keep going. Hope your weeks started off better than mine!

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PAG2809 6/5/2013 11:56AM

    Yup, every time you try to get something under control, a certain amount of chaos ensues, doesn't it? I hope that the chaos is dwindling!

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ANGYAS 6/5/2013 7:57AM

    emoticon it seems that you just have one of those days :)

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    Wow! That sounds like a bigger mess than the smoothie haha. It definitely is worth it though!

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PRETTYPITHY 6/4/2013 1:37PM

    I can relate the to exploding smoothie. Yesterday, through a series of improbable events. the top of my tupperware popped off and exploded salad into my face. And on my suit. And my desk. And the floor. No joke! Sometimes this healthy lifestyle is a lot of trouble, but always worth it in the end! emoticon

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Finding Inspiration

Monday, June 03, 2013

You know what I love about sparkpeople? That it's always here when I need it. I have flaked out on this program so many times over the past 3 years, but it's always here when I need to come back. Sometimes with my head hung in shame, but whenever I come back, I feel forgiveness, and the community saying, "welcome back, we missed you." I love that about this place. I love that this was the first place where I found success with changing my life through tracking calories and exercising. And I just can't seem to shake this place. I always come back for more.

Over the past month, there's been a lot of interesting challenges in my life, and I've come out of that whole period knowing a few things.

1. God is faithful. I don't speak about my faith too much, mostly because it's MY faith and something that I don't need to shove in other people's faces to feel better, and because sometimes I think writing about it can seem disingenuous sometimes. However, I'm just going to say it--for me, it's working and real and has brought me out of so many hard times feeling stronger and more able.

2. I am lazy. A lot of things have come easy to me, so when it comes to things that are hard or challenging...not even that, more like tedious and boring, I tend to want to give up. But I'm realizing that those hard/challenging/tedious/boring activities are what lay the groundwork for truly beautiful and amazing things. This can be applied to so many areas of life.

3. Change is all about CHOOSING to be different. There isn't going to be some magical switch that makes me different, that changes my mindset, and that pushes me to be better. I have to choose everyday to be different, to change my mindset, and to push to be better.

I've been waiting for that inspiration, like I had back in 2010 when I was just so DONE with the shame and the lack of self control. It was such a drastic lifestyle change for me that I FELT like it was a switch. Losing 7lbs in the first week, and then consistently losing 3-6 lbs for the weeks after FELT like this amazing thing. Now, I'm starting again, and realizing, hey, I'm not where I was before--leading a totally sedentary life. So that change that happens isn't going to be so crazy. However, just because it's 1 lb vs 7 lbs doesn't mean that it's not inspiring and life changing. It's JUST as good, and I'm JUST as successful.

I'm also trying to get over that whole comparing myself to who I used to be a year or two ago. When I was 20 lbs lighter, I was running 5ks and 10ks like nothing. I was slimmer and stronger and could do more. I always tend to be bummed when I finish my 5k and am not running 11 minute miles anymore. But I can't compare myself to that other girl, I'm me, right now, in this moment. And the fact that I'm getting out there is awesome.

I have this goal of doing 100 days of healthy living: eating right, exercising, journaling, getting good sleep, and having fun. At the end of that, I have a 10k. I'm excited for this next step in my journey. These past 2 years have been up and down, but I have a feel that my journey is on the up, and I'm excited. Here's to accomplishing goals, no matter what.

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PAG2809 6/5/2013 11:59AM

    And we have missed you and we love you too! emoticon

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PRETTYPITHY 6/3/2013 1:03PM

    Always great to hear from you! You're 100 days is going to be life changing. Big numbers aren't the only game changers, as you know. It is about consistency. I'm on a 129 day streak and the consistency has changed my life as much as the weight loss.

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GUSGUS02 6/3/2013 12:22PM

    Bravo for you living in the present....instead of the past as I tend to do. Keep going and keep coming back as many times as you need!

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Checking In

Monday, May 20, 2013

Confession: haven't been so great on the whole food tracking thing. It's important, but I'm not sure I've made it a priority. Which is a problem. I'm not going to get very far if I undo all my hard exercise work with junk. I did wake up today and run a 5k. Not back where I was before, but I went farther than I normally do. I'm wondering if I should start doing Greenlake again. My neighborhood is HILLY and I think I could do more if I could practice on a flatter course. Howevver, I like that I can run hills and get that practice. We will see. I am excited that I'm done with my workout and it's only 730am. Anyway, just checking in!

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GYPSYROVER 5/20/2013 10:36AM

    Thanks for the inspiration! I learned a hard lesson this past week about not ensuring I prioritize my workout time! I also would be excited to have my workout over by 7:30 a.m.! Something to strive for! Best of luck on your tracking! emoticon emoticon

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Feeling on Track

Thursday, May 09, 2013

On Tuesday I had one of those days where I just didn't want to get up. So I didn't. I laid around the house all day, ignoring the fact that I had a 3mi run on my calendar. Cue 10:45 at night, after a long day, and a nice chat with my bff. I looked at my calendar and thought, I need to stick with this. Obviously it was too late to run (don't want to get kidnapped any time soon), but I could get one of my other workouts in. So I popped in Jillian Michaels (my weds workout) and got to work.

What was super awesome was that I was able to do more pushups, and, I was able to complete those dreaded armlifts that are always soooo hard. I actually said "wow" when I finished the first round successfully. It felt really good. Then I got up yesterday and did my 3mi run. I'm proud that I've been consistent in working out every day that I'm scheduled. Might not happen in the exact order I plan, but I'm doing it. Today is a 2mi run. Gotta get out there :)

Oh! Also, last week (might have been the week before), I had a HUGE sugar binge. Ate a bunch of cookies, candy, and wound up the the HUGEST headache. I felt like crap. After that day, I said, no more sugar at work--which is where the binge happened--we always keep so much crap at work. Since that day, I'm been pretty awesome at not eating sugar. The first week, I did eat a rice krispie treat. This past week, I was SUPER tempted to eat a slice of lemon pound cake (we get treats from starbucks everyday), and I decided, "eff it, I'm going to do it...let me just track this thing first." I went to track it, 500 CALORIES for one slice of that dang cake. No crusty old starbucks slice is worth 500 calories, so I said no and to soothe my cravings ate a could of vanilla hard candies. Definitely not worth it (pretty sure they aided in a headache later), but I was so happy I tracked that cake before I ate it. Good habits are starting to form :)


Exercise down, Tracking next

Monday, May 06, 2013

I had a great week of sticking to my training routine. For those who asked, here's a picture of my calendar.

Last week I did yoga, ran, got my butt kicked by JM, rode my bike, hiked Wallace Falls (gorgeous), and did my first Sunday of stair climbing at the Blair Street Stairs (ugh). It was such a gorgeous weekend, and the hike was awesome. I would definitely recommend it. It was nice because you would go hard uphill (or stairs), and then there would be a natural plateau where you could continue walking but catch your breath. I liked that. It doesn't have one of those 360 views that you get from other hikes, but it was a nice little workout, 5.5 miles roundtrip.

This was the first time I tried doing the Blair Street stairs, and let me say, it brought back flashbacks of koko head! That constant climb, your legs and butt feeling the burn...I was breathing hard when we got to the top. Stair climbing is such a different workout than anything else I'm doing. We went up and down those stairs 3 times, my goal is to be able to do it at least 10 times. My bum and legs better get FIT.

Now that I've gotten a pattern of working out on the books (very doable, I'm liking it), I'm going to focus on tracking my food. Food is 90% of losing weight (at least that's what I've heard and found to be true), so I'm trying to get all my water, and seriously track what I'm putting in my mouth. I feel much better when I'm eating right, and not eating out all the time. I'm looking forward to how I'm going to feel in the upcomign weeks :)


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