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30 Day Photo Challenge....Day 3

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Day 03 - A picture of your inspiration for weight loss

My children and grand-children are my inspiration for weight loss.

In January of 2010 after blood test results that were way less than satisfactory I realized I had to do something to improve my health and lose weight. I want to watch my grand-children grow up, I want to dance at their weddings, I want to hold my great-grandchildren. I don't want my daughters to have to spend time caring for me while they are busy raising their children.

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WIFEALF 2/12/2011 7:28PM

    The guys should be wearing matching pjas too!

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WIFEALF 2/12/2011 7:27PM

    Great picture looks like a happy family!Enjoy!Cute pjas:-)

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ANNESYLVIA 2/5/2011 4:06PM

    Great inspiration...I too would love to be at my children Wedding and maybe one day have grandchildren.

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BUTEAFULL 2/4/2011 11:50AM

    that is a super photo

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FITGAL2010 2/4/2011 11:22AM

    This is my favorite! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MIKA016 2/4/2011 7:18AM

    What a fun picture! They are so beautiful. You are doing great. keep it up!

Comment edited on: 2/4/2011 7:18:49 AM

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THINRONNA 2/4/2011 2:32AM

    Such a cute photo! (although I think the men should be in patterned pj's too...) Really good reasons to be healthy too!

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ROCKMAN6797 2/4/2011 1:47AM

    This photo clearly shows the reasons why you chose to change your life Terry! Your hubby and you must be so proud! Thank you for sharing.


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GETTHEGAF 2/4/2011 1:42AM

    Great picture! Are you all Charger fans? If so why don't you join us on the Charger team page?

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PINKCIS 2/4/2011 12:59AM

    Great photo! You can do it.

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AJB121299 2/3/2011 11:54PM

    good luck

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SIMPLYMIA 2/3/2011 11:47PM

    You go girl!

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30 Day Photo Challenge

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Borrowed from friends and it sounds too fun to pass up.
Here's the concept - it's pretty simple - you post a photo a day based on the guidelines below:

Day 01- A recent picture of yourself
Day 02 - A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest
Day 03 - A picture of your inspiration for weight loss
Day 04 - A picture of the cast of your favorite TV show
Day 05 - A picture of your favorite animal
Day 06 - A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day
Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item
Day 08 - A picture of your favorite color
Day 09 – A picture that motivates you to do more
Day 10 - A picture of your closest friend
Day 11 - A picture of your IPOD or other music playing device on shuffle, and then list the first 10 songs that play.
Day 12 – A picture that defines you
Day 13 - A picture of your favorite band or artist
Day 14 – A picture of you now
Day 15 - A picture of something you want to do before you die
Day 16 - A picture of someone who inspires you
Day 17 - A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently
Day 18 - A picture of your biggest insecurity, and the reasons why it is the biggest
Day 19 - A picture of your nicknames you have; why do you have them.
Day 20 - A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel
Day 21 – A picture of an exercise you can’t do, but would like to try (and then try it if you want to)
Day 22 - A picture of something you wish you were better at
Day 23 - A picture of your favorite book; why is it your favorite?
Day 24 - A picture of what I would find in your bag
Day 25 - A picture of your favorite super hero and why
Day 26 - A picture of something that means a lot to you
Day 27 - A picture of yourself and a family member
Day 28 - A picture of something you're afraid of
Day 29 - A picture that can always make you smile
Day 30 - A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?

Day one:
Me at 159 pounds!

Day two:
My hubby & I with our oldest two grandchildren.......we've been married for 36 years

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BEEFSHAKE 2/12/2011 8:46PM

    I like this...might try it too

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WIFEALF 2/12/2011 7:29PM

    Interesting!!Can anyone do this or do you have to be in agroup???Congrats on being married so long!!!!!

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PELESJEWEL 2/6/2011 1:46AM

    Oh, wow, this is a great idea! I might have to "borrow" it! emoticon

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THINRONNA 2/4/2011 2:29AM

    What a great idea! I am looking forward to the pictures...

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ANNESYLVIA 2/3/2011 5:57PM

    I love the idea but I feel I would never get the picture taken than download then write a blog...Good Luck!

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RUNNER12COM 2/3/2011 3:31PM

    This is fun, right? Love it!


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TEDYBEAR2838 2/2/2011 9:06PM

    Sounds like a neat idea. Not sure I could keep up with it all, but might try some of them.

I love the NEW YOU!

Thanks for the idea. It's a good way to get to see our friends world.


Comment edited on: 2/2/2011 9:07:21 PM

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TEDDYBABE 2/2/2011 5:49PM

    Oh how fun can't wait to see all the pics! Will be watching!

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A quote (really a paragraph) I love

Friday, January 28, 2011

"I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It is my daily mood that makes the weather. I possess tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration, I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis is escalated or de-escalated, and a person is humanized or de-humanized. If we treat people as they are, we make them worse. If we treat people as they ought to be, we help them become what they are capable of becoming."
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

WIFEALF 2/12/2011 7:30PM


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    Boy, did I need to hear this today. I've been in a rotten mood since yesterday. emoticon

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AELARLEE1 2/1/2011 4:10PM

    Well two things jumped out:

I possess tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous - this is always true when I say what is on my mind without thinking and hurt others in the process.

it is my response that decides whether a crisis is escalated or de-escalated -is this true, or what????


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TEDDYBABE 1/30/2011 8:17PM

    Oh I will be back to read this often. Thanks for sharing!

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41SUSAN14 1/29/2011 11:37AM

    It's all about me.

Realistically, it is!

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ROCKMAN6797 1/28/2011 2:36PM

    This is a great quote Terry!
I love the fact that he is saying that we control our destiny and can influence the destiny of others. Thank you for sharing.

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TEDYBEAR2838 1/28/2011 2:01PM

    Very well said, thank you~!


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Another Survey........

Thursday, January 27, 2011

here was another survey going around the blogs

2. How do you like your steak?
Medium rare

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
True Grit.....Excellent movie

4. What is your favorite TV show?
Medium......it was cancelled

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Right where I live today.

6. What did you have for breakfast?
Yogurt, fiber one, blueberries, almonds

7. What is your favorite cuisine?
Japanese, Thai , Italian

8. What foods do you dislike?
Liver, wasabi

9. Favorite Place to Eat?
Cafe Allego in Upland

10. Favorite dressing?
Trader Joes spicy peanut

11.What kind of vehicle do you drive?
Honda CRV

12. What are your favorite clothes?
Jeans and a soft long sleeved shirt

13. Where would you visit if you had the chance?
The Netherlands

14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?
half full

15. Where would you want to retire?
Right where I live now.....I couldn't imagine moving away from my kids and grand-kids. Family makes life grand!

16. Favorite time of day?

17. Where were you born?
Cleveland, OH

18. What is your favorite sport to watch?

19. How many siblings?
Two sisters

20. Favorite pastime/hobby?
computer, listening to books on my ipod, spending time with my grand-kids, cross-stitch, walking

21. Bird watcher?
when I'm out walking.....

22. Are you a morning person or a night person?

23. Do you have any pets?
four cats

24. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share?
Nope, already share everything with you

25. What did you want to be when you were little?
a nurse

26. What is your best childhood memory?
mom playing piano and dad singing to us

27. Are you a cat or dog person?

28. Are you married?
Yes for 36 years

29. Always wear your seat belt?

30. Been in a car accident?

31. Any pet peeves
People who have no business driving.........

32. Favorite Pizza Toppings?

33. Favorite Flower?
Tulips, daffodils, roses.....it's hard to thing of any I'm not fond of

34. Favorite ice cream?

35. Favorite fast food restaurant?

36. How many times did you fail your driver's test?

37. From whom did you get your last email?
Best friend, Bonnie

38. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
Since I can wear regular clothes now, not tents, anyplace that sells cute clothes

39. Do anything spontaneous lately?
I can't think of a thing

40. Like your job?
not working at the moment.......

41. Broccoli?
I love broccoli

42. What was your favorite vacation?
A trip to the Netherlands to meet hubby's family

43. Last person you went out to dinner with?

44. What are you listening to right now?
Morning News

45. What is your favorite color?

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FITGAL2010 2/4/2011 11:29AM

    Nice to meet you!!! :) ~ This was fun! Could I copy this and do the same blog? ... Are we allowed to do that? Have a ~ Heart Healthy Day! Lori

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ANNESYLVIA 1/28/2011 11:43AM

    How lovely to learn a little more about you.

But you are killing me with not liking wasabi. Mixed with soy sauce and ginger and dipping my sushi or sushi rolls....Yum! emoticon Clear the sinuses like no other natural treatment can!

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ROCKMAN6797 1/27/2011 12:38PM

    Thank you for sharing once again Terry!
BTW, I love Subway, too!


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Three Things.....stolen from another blog

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I read this on several blogs today and found it interesting. So...here goes.

The names I go by:
* Mom
* Oma
* Bear

Three places I've lived in the past:
* Cleveland, Ohio
* Sherman Oaks, CA
* Manhattan Beach, CA

Three sports I have played:
* Swimming
* Walking/running
* Water Ballet.......way back in Highschool

Three things I love to watch:
* My grand-kids
* Sunrise & Sunset
* My family interacting with each other

Three places I have visited:
* The Netherlands
* Bryce, UT
* San Simeon, CA

Three people I love:
* My sweet husband
* My kids, grand-kids, dad & sons-in-law
* My girl friends

Three things I love to eat:
* Greek yogurt with fresh fruit & nuts
* Japanese food especially Teppan
* Pizza

Three things I am looking forward to:
* Walk/running a few races this year
* A trip to the Netherlands & Germany
* Watching my grand-kids grow up

That's a short summary my life. How about copying and pasting this and sharing some things about you with your friends?

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ANNESYLVIA 1/28/2011 11:46AM

    Hey maybe we should start asking some of these questions in our team? Learn a little of our team mates? What do you think? emoticon emoticon


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TEDDYBABE 1/26/2011 8:37PM

    I grew up in California, I LOVE San Simeon and Greek yogurt is my favorite! Knew there was a connection! Lol. Have a good evening SP friend.

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AELARLEE1 1/25/2011 8:12PM

    What a fun short "glimpse" into what has helped make you who you are. I appreciate the positive, consistent character you always display. Thanks -- it is an encouragement to me today.

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GINGER_LOSTALOT 1/25/2011 10:27AM

    I've been to Cleveland a couple of times, but I don't think I've tried Teppan. Thanks for sharing!

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TEDYBEAR2838 1/23/2011 8:12PM

    Thanks Terry, I saw this on someone else's blog too.


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ROCKMAN6797 1/23/2011 3:06PM

    Interesting blog Terry.
Informative and leaves you wanting more information :)
Thank you for posting.

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