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A Letter to My Future Self

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I've noticed quite a few of my spark friends have written letters of encouragement to their past selves. I love reading those letters. It reminds me that each and every one of us has a very brave past self that was hopeful enough to take the first step on this amazing journey to health and fitness. I wish I could go back and hug each and every one and tell them "Thank you" from all of us who are at the end of the journey and working to maintain, or still somewhere along the path like me. Still putting one foot in front of the other. So here's my attempt at the opposite. Hope you enjoy it.

Dear Future Terri,

Today I saw a picture of you. I couldn't believe my eyes. You are in better shape than I was in high school. You might be a tiny bit heavier but I can tell it's all muscle. You were crossing the finish line of a race. You were smiling with your arms stretched up in a victory salute. You looked so happy and healthy.

You're an inspiration to me. I'm amazed that you stuck with it this time. You obviously didn't give up when you were tired or in pain or when it would have been easier to throw in the towel.

I'm so proud that you kept at it, kept tracking even when it was a pain to drag out the measuring cups and scale, kept going to the gym every day even when it would have been sooo nice to snuggle back under the covers in the morning or drive straight home and crash on the couch after work.

I've gotta tell you, there were times when I felt like it was impossible to lose the weight now that I'm over 50 years old. I had so many people tell me that it was inevitable, that my metabolism was shot and I should just accept my older bigger body and be content. I'm so happy that you didn't listen to those people. You had faith in me. Faith I'm not sure I've found in myself yet, but I know YOU did, so it's there somewhere and I promise I'll find it.

I gotta ask, who is that mystery man in the picture there with you? Is he someone special? Do you go running, hiking, biking, swimming and horseback riding together? It looks like you're both very healthy and happy. I can't wait to meet him, but most importantly I can't wait to BE you.

Thank you for sending those pictures back in time to me. How did you know I was standing at the crossroads and trying to decide if this journey was worth all the pain, effort, and perserverance or if I should just settle into old age and accept my fate.

You take of yourself and I promise to take better care of yourself too.

Love, Terri

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TRIANGLE-WOMAN 2/6/2014 8:49PM

    Just caught this. Really enjoy it!

How are you doing?

♥«´¨`•* *•´¨`»♥ Spread the Spark!

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FLORIDASUN 1/18/2014 11:27AM

    I SO loved this blog. Keep it close and read it weekly! YOU are the best protector of YOU...I think I've FINALLY gotten that lesson at the ripe old age of 62..slow learner duh!

We can create the future we want but we have to be willing to do the things necessary to make it possible. I'll be here for you dear one cheering you on to victory! emoticon

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BOSS61 12/26/2013 10:28AM

    Had to read this twice to fully grasp the time travel component. More coffee needed, I guess!

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MIZPAM25 11/28/2013 9:20PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ARTJAC 11/27/2013 11:41PM


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MORTICIAADDAMS 11/27/2013 8:51PM

    Loved the blog!!

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DIANNEMT 11/27/2013 12:14PM


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PIXIE-LICIOUS 11/27/2013 11:52AM

    What an awesome blog, Terri!

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Blog-A-Day - Day ? - Cold or Allergies?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

If you have a sore throat, feel tired and achy all over, stuffed up sinuses, horrible headache and you can't stop sneezing, is it allergies or a cold? Does it really matter? Either way you're not going to feel well enough to go to the gym or even cook for yourself, much less anyone else.

So for almost a week I've been feeling this way only I wasn't able to take off because of my job so I just kept pushing myself, stumbling through my front door at the end of the day totally exhausted, falling asleep on the couch, (very near the front door) and worrying that I hadn't set any wakeup alarm for the next day.

You would think being sick I would lose some weight, but instead I gained a couple of pounds. I wasn't tracking so I'm not sure if I went over my calories or it's just because I wasn't exercising or maybe I'm retaining water because of the medicine I'm taking, but there it is. I broke my blogging streak as well so from now on I'll just blog when I have something interesting to talk about.

I AM feeling a bit better today, so I'm hoping to get to the gym in the morning.

My question is what do you guys do when you're not feeling well enough to go to the gym or even track calories to keep from losing any ground?

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CLPURNELL 11/20/2013 12:00AM

    emoticon emoticon

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MORTICIAADDAMS 11/14/2013 8:45PM

    I still try to exercise some when I am sick unless I have a fever or it's in my lungs but I keep it gentle. I hope you feel better soon.

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PIXIE-LICIOUS 11/14/2013 5:00PM

    I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. When I'm sick, I generally lose weight because I have no appetite. Hubby makes me eat lots of soup, tho. I hope you feel completely better soon!

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SPARKFRAN514 11/14/2013 4:38PM

    emoticon its hard to be a good Sparker get well quick. emoticon

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ARTJAC 11/14/2013 3:18PM


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BEBARB149 11/14/2013 2:23PM

    If I know for sure it's allergies, I try to keep to my routine but take it a little easier. If it's a cold I cut back, only doing what I feel up to and rest as much as I can. If it's the flu I stop doing anything that's not necessary to life mainly because that's all I can do. Glad you're starting to feel better.

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STARDUST_1970 11/14/2013 1:41PM

    I am in the same boat right now. i have had a head cold for a little over a week now. I haven't walked because my asthma and the cold have me unable to breath to easily. I have been trying to keep food issues under control but haven't had much luck there neither.
Hope ya feel better soon. emoticon

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Blog-A-Day - Day 9 - Sweet Sixteen!

Friday, November 08, 2013

I'm one of those crazy people that buys clothes a size too small to encourage myself to lose weight. This morning I was able to wear my size 16 jeans and I'm just as thrilled as I can be! Talk about a NSV (Non-Scale Victory)! I asked one of my friends to take a picture, but for some reason I couldn't email it so I could show you my big smile. I'll try again later. I hope everyone has a great Friday! Ü

The pic my friend took just arrived in my email yesterday. It's a bit blurry, but I think you can still see my smile!

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GRANJEREVA 11/17/2013 9:23AM

    Looking good! emoticon

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FIFIFRIZZLE 11/11/2013 12:56PM

    Yay you

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GLASSART43 11/10/2013 12:49AM

    emoticon emoticon

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ARTJAC 11/9/2013 12:04AM

    emoticon emoticon

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GRANJEREVA 11/8/2013 10:04PM

    Yea! Congratulations. emoticon

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PIXIE-LICIOUS 11/8/2013 1:08PM

    emoticon Congratulations, slim!

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HEYITSLISA 11/8/2013 1:02PM


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MJZHERE 11/8/2013 11:26AM

  emoticon emoticon

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MORTICIAADDAMS 11/8/2013 10:21AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Blog-A-Day - Day 8 - Everyone Knows About Salt, but What About Sugar?

Thursday, November 07, 2013

I almost had a heart attack when I stepped on the scale this morning. I was up a pound and a half! How is that even freakin' possible when I'm exercising and staying within my calorie range?

I ate a TV dinner last night and had some lightly salted mixed nuts as well. It's amazing how much sodium is in even a so called "healthy" TV dinner.

In my logical mind I know that it has to be water, emotionally it's devastating! So instead of throwing in the towel, I grabbed my gym bag and went to the gym to work off my frustration. When I got home I weighed half a pound less, I was really frustrated lol, but I was still determined not to have to raise my weight ticker a pound. So I started looking at natural ways to get rid of the extra water.
I found this wiki article (below) about diuretic foods and decided to include as many as I could into my diet today and tomorrow so my official weigh in on Saturday will be a happy one. What I wasn't expecting was the first sentence. "Salt and Sugar retain water in the body so to eliminate this retained water through urination, you should avoid salts and sugars in your diet."

Ok, I knew about the salt, like Geico's 15 mins, everyone knows that, but I had NO idea that sugar also contributes to water retention! Yet another reason to avoid sugar, right? Who knew? No really, did you know?

Other articles on Sugars & Carbs causing water retention:






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CIROHIO 11/8/2013 6:18AM

    emoticon good info!

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ARTJAC 11/7/2013 11:41PM


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SPARKFRAN514 11/7/2013 4:13PM

    thanks i am working on my salt intake right now to get my BP in a safe range i will have to add sugar ad my goal to cut down on. in my diet i am not prefect just need to watch what i eat. thanks for the information.

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    I'm a nurse and I have yet to find a healthy T.V. dinner. The quality is low and the sodium level through the roof. You will take a 600 mg sodium hit on some of the "better" ones. They gag me. The calories are really dense for such a small amount of food. They often make the list of worst foods. Some have over 75 ingredients. Totally gross. Frankenfood at it's worst.

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PIXIE-LICIOUS 11/7/2013 1:00PM

    Thank you, this is an eye opener!

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HEYITSLISA 11/7/2013 11:46AM

    You are not alone; I had no idea either! emoticon

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Blog-A-Day - Day 7 - Tears of a Clown

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

I'm a nice person, really nice, ok, too nice. I only know one person nicer than me and I KNOW she irritates people, so I'm sure I do too.

I'm funny too. I love making people laugh and laughing right along with them, usually at my own expense. It got me to thinking about "Fat and Happy" people and "Skinny Witches", (chose your own capital letter on that last).

I'm nowhere near as happy when I'm alone. I'm not saying I sit around boo-hooing when I'm alone, but my emotions run the gamut depending on what's happening, but not when I'm in public. Oh no, there I have my happy mask sucked to my face like Jim Carey.

I'm sure it has something to do with not wanting people to judge me as harshly for being so out of control of my own body so badly that I've ballooned up almost 100 pounds over the past decade or so.

Maybe I'm hoping like a magic trick or slight of hand, if I keep them focused on my cheerful persona they won't notice the sad physique behind the mask.

I remember when I was younger and thinner, I just didn't try as hard to make everybody like me. I took people into my life if they fit and if they didn't, "Next". Now, it nags at me if someone doesn't respond to me in kind when I give them a big cheerful "Good Morning". Why am I even compelled to do that?

In reality I'm a smart mouth. I’ve been a wiseacre since I can remember. My family used to call me Pixie because I was so impish. (No offense, Pixie. Ü) Now when I think of something cute or smart to say, I hold back. I don't want anyone to get mad at me or not like me.

What in the world happened? It's like I gained a few pounds, well to be honest, more than a few, but when I did, I lost part of my personality. A part that I really liked. I feel so boring now. I'm so ready to break out of this fat body but also this "Nice" rut and get back to being the thin wisecracking Smart Aleck I was meant to be. Ü

Do any of you guys find yourself being nicer than you would normally be when you're heavier?

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ARTJAC 11/7/2013 11:42PM


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FIFIFRIZZLE 11/7/2013 5:47AM

    I decided to stop being nice years ago, except when I feel like it. But I often feel like being funny. It passes the time, I find, if I can find someone to josh with.
People treat ME a lot differently now I have lost a lot of weight. Aside from the compliments, people are just nicer to me, especially men. I know I like to talk to a good looking man, and now I'm a better looking older lady, I'm getting a little polite flirting action going on.
It's kinda fun.

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    Nope, I'm still the same old obnoxious me. LOL. But I don't base my self esteem on my weight and I don't concern myself when people don't like me. I'm not everyone's cup of tea and vice versa. I think you should be yourself. Almost everyone can appreciate a good imp. LOL. You deserve to be happy, not wasting your time trying to make everyone else that way.

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DOGLADY13 11/6/2013 5:32PM

    I haven't noticed that I have changed the way I interact with people so much. I do know that when I encounter annoyingly cheerful people that I wish they would stop trying so hard because I like them anyway. It doesn't matter what their body type is (because overweight people haven't cornered the market on annoyingly cheerful people .)

If someone doesn't like you because you are overweight, then you don't need them in your life. Don't waste too much time on them. Be true to yourself. Only you can make yourself happy.

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PIXIE-LICIOUS 11/6/2013 4:25PM

    I've always been nice and tried to seek approval. It really has nothing to do with my weight. As a child, my older brother was the obvious favorite of my grandparents. My little brother and sister were favored by our parents. I never got noticed except when I was being nice or funny. It went on into my adult life, and I am trying to break out of it. Not that there is anything wrong with being nice! But sometimes I am nice to people who really don't deserve it.

PS: I like it that your family called you Pixie because you were impish! (I got the name because I was born with pointy ears, like an elf!)

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