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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hey all, what a surprise another month plus has past, haha... Maybe I should just start doing monthly blogs. I swear that I Spark weekly, though I don't blog. Another weigh-in and tonight I am down 3.8 lbs. I have lost a total of 62 lbs now and for that I am very proud. I couldn't do it without my support of my family and friends. The support truly does make a difference. I still can't believe that I have lost this much weight. I never though I could do it. I always gave up, when I had bad days I let it get to me and ruin me. I know now that it's okay to screw up and that one day can only make a difference if you let it. I stopped letting it. A big shout out/thank you goes to Weight Watchers, I couldn't do it with out that organization and support I get there!

To another great week!


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2BEFIT* 6/29/2010 10:59PM

    Great job Terri! Keep up the great work!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Alas, another month (plus a bit) has passed and I have lost 54.4 lbs so far! I am far too excited and proud of this. It was a rough month, haha, I love food wayyyyy too much and it's so easy to decide that the bad food is the better choice. Got back on track and lost a whopping 4.4 lbs this week, so that was very exciting to see. It still amazes me that I have made it this far, I usually have given up or decided against the better by now, but I am determined and I am ready to keep going. My current motto is that 'losing weight is hard, so hard, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. But I got myself into this position, no one but me to blame, so I better just keep going.' I know that all of you on here know that it's not easy but if we just keep going, we will ALL get through this. Keep going everyone, we can do this!

Until next time, Spark On!




Friday, April 09, 2010

Hi again it's me! Almost a month has passed. I am now down 49lbs, 1lb away from 50lbs lost, I cannot believe that I have come this far. It simply amazes me. I am so happy that I decided that day to join WW, best decision I have made for myself in a long time. It's the first thing that I have been able to stick to and make work. The accountability of weighing in every week really motivates me. It's so much more when someone else sees the sticker too. I am so thankful for the support of my family and friends, with out it I would not have done as well. I look forward to each week now, and am happy to have learned how to eat for life, not just as a diet. So that's my update for now, I am going to shoot for weekly updates again!

Have a good week!


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EDWARDS1411 4/9/2010 10:31AM

    BRAVO Terri - you are doing GREAT!!! Luv to hear the positive attitude and energy in your blog - it's very motivating to the rest of us. Keep up the good work - because GIRL YOU ARE DOING IT!!!

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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hello again,

Well I haven't updated via a blog in almost 3 months. I have now lost 43.2 lbs and I am absolutely stunned by this fact. In my head I was always the one person who couldn't lose weight, the one person destined to be big all my life but now, it's not me. I can do this and I am doing this. It baffles my mind each day, week as I look at myself and watch the number go down (sometimes slowly, sometimes a little faster) and I am the one enabling my body to do this. It has brought me so much more than a healthier me, though that is the most important thing, it has inspired me and brought me a sense of self that I didn't have. I never disliked my self and I felt comfortable where I was (which is the sad part) and now I see how I can be and how I am and it makes me incredibly proud of myself. When I was bigger I was happy, comfortable and I loved my self, but I was never really proud of my weight, and now I am completely proud to be me, and sad that at one point I wasn't. Of course I do have a lot further to go, but I will get there and it doesn't seem like such a daunting task to get there. Thanks for being a little outlet, where I can speak, errr I guess type, my thoughts because one day in the (near) future I will be able to read all of these and see how much I grew and changed for the better over my weight lose journey!

Good night all!




Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hey hey!

Well had another weigh in tonight and I am down another pound. It's a little frustrating and I know as everyone will point out a loss is a loss, a pound is a pound, and yes I agree but I can't help but be disappointed and wish that it was more than a pound. Talking to mom tonight I think I discovered why it bothers me so much. I still have a lot to lose (like 150*lbs) and when I see only a pound I think of how much I have to go still. Yes I'm proud of myself, losing 24.2 lbs is no easy feat and I still can't believe I've lost that much, but if the pounds were coming off at 3 or 4 a week, it would go off so much quicker, but alas life is hard so why should this be easy? I'll just keep going and hopefully it will pick up again.

Also earlier this week I hurt my back doing something, possibly shoveling and it hurts a lot... :(

Have a great week everyone!



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