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Thursday, October 28, 2010

emoticon I had a few comments on my fundraising so I thought I'd put it in a blog.

I'm actually working on 2 different things. I'm helping the freshman class with their fundraising. The way they do it in our high school is the Juniors have to put on the Senior Prom and Graduation so they have to start hustling in their freshman year. There was a mtg on Tues and they have to raise $7400 this year to stay on target! Yikes!

Then my son was nominated to go on a People to People trip last year to Europe. We had raised about $3000 towards the trip when a month before the trip several things happened at once. First they moved the trip up by 2 wks so he would have had to miss his last week of school, which that alone wasn't too big a deal since they don't do a whole lot that week. Then, how it works is, you have a leader who schedules mtgs from Oct-May so you and your child get very comfortable with that person. Well our leader knew she was going to have major surgery in May but didn't tell anyone. It didn't go as well as expected and she was scheduled for another surgery so they brought in a guy to take over. This is 3 wks before they were suppose to go. That gaves us a real "red flag" feeling. Especially since he kept calling my son by the wrong name (not even the name of a kid in the group) and told him to get use to it because he would probably keep doing it. Ok, and this is who was suppose to be looking out for our son in Europe?! Now, he could be the nicest guy in the world but I don't know that and first impressions ranked pretty low. Right after that, the volcano erupted several times over there and finally Greece started having riots. I had talked to God after the leader change and when the last 2 things happened, I told him that was a bigger message than I needed!! vbg

So back to my fundraising. He has been nominated again but this time to go to Australia. Totally different leader and she is so organized! We still have about $3500 to raise before April.

So.....we have been brainstorming, looking online, etc. For his trip, since it's one person, a lot of the regular fundraisers won't work because we don't have many people to sell things to. But I did come up with one idea. I found a website that has Christmas cards that you can print out for free. So I took this idea to the freshman meeting, that I would make up the cards on quality white card stock, add envelopes and they could sell them in packs of 10 or 12 (haven't decided yet) for $10 (by taking orders). Then I would give them 40% of whatever was made. That way, they have a chance to make a nice profit, will help us with my son's trip and the extra little bit will pay for whatever supplies --cardstock, envies, ink, etc., I have to buy. The teacher sponsor has to run it by the Vice Principal so I'll know if its a go or not next Tues. Keeping my fingers crossed because I think it could really be a good one for all parties.

I thought about trying to find a few craft shows and taking packs of cards with me to sell. I know from last year, it gets harder to fundraise after the holidays so I was trying to come up with things for now that wouldn't require a huge up front investment. I thought about a recipe book but that can get expensive up front and if you don't sell them you're stuck with the rest.

Another idea for a craft show was those jars where you decorate them and then layer stuff in them with a recipe card. I found a book at Barnes & Nobles that has a bunch of recipes from cookies to soups that most sound really good.

****But if anyone has any other ideas, I would LOVE to hear them.

I was going to see if all the kids from this part of Michigan going on this trip would like to do a group fundraiser but we won't be meeting them till Dec. 18th and that's too late to do a holiday one.

So that's where I'm at right now. One friend said she had seen a YouTube video where a girl was singing a song and she was really good. She told her story first, sang and then had a link to a ChipIn acct were people could donate a few dollars if they wanted to. Don't know about this yet, I haven't had time to look into it.

What do you think of these ideas? And do you have any we could take a look at. We live in a small town so things that require a huge amt of people to contribute don't work well.

I definitely would appreciate any input. Thanks in advance!!


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MCKATIE2 10/28/2010 12:43PM

    Well, if you haven't bought the book from B&N , they have the free recipes online for jar cookies/brownies etc.

Homemade jelly can go over well if you make it for the bazar - specialty jellies like jumping jalepeno, hopping habanero.. A couple batches would add variety to your table. Very easy to make. The tiny jars can easily sell 4-5 dollars a piece.

We just made Christmas ornaments. All you need is plaster of paris, a few jiggle ( jello )holiday trays - fill them 1/3 to 1/2 full, add metal loops , let dry, pop out, paint. I found our trays at the thrift store. I have plenty though so if you want to do this and can't find any I could mail the rubber trays to you.

I like the card idea.

I am painting rocks for the Humane Society fund raiser. Turtles, lady bugs, rabbits, etc.. These are river rocks that I go get myself. They generally sale for 5 - 7 dollars in the silent auctions.

I often buy frames from the thrift store and then get my photos printed for fund raisers. Sometimes my drawings or paintings.

I will be waiting to hear other ideas as I often donate to fundraisers.

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ELEGANT_BABE 10/28/2010 12:33PM

    Wow! Good Luck!

You already have some clever ideas.

The first thing that come to mind is supporting neighbors, etc. to do yard work like leaf raking, etc. Also, don't know how soon the snow falls in your area but some neighborhood shoveling would probably be helpful in the community.

Let me think about it. If I come up with something, I will definitely let you know.

PS: You are right about the "red flag" with guy that doesn't know your son's name....
I don't have kids but I wouldn't even think about leaving my children anywhere near him.


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How times change for a teenager!

Friday, October 22, 2010

I was able to volunteer for the past 2 days helping my son's high school band get the freshmen fitted for their concert tuxes and dresses now that marching band is over with.

My son is a freshman this year and it is amazing the changes in less than 2 months of high school. He was always one who could care less what he wore. I had to make sure things at least sort of matched!! vbg He was one of many teenage boys that came back and said the pants were baggy and wanted a smaller size. That's the way the pants fit. Tighter waist with a little bit of bagginess in the front.

What was hilarious to me was that not one of the girls said anything about the size we gave them or how it fit. I didn't think I would ever witness boys being more worried about the fit of clothes than the girls. I tried real hard not to grin every time a young man came back with his pants to try to get a smaller size.

I think I am really going to enjoy the high school years and watching the changes. I've known a lot of these kids since kindergarten so I have an idea of personalities.

My son actually said this week that he thought his hair was getting a little long. Ok, who are you and what happened to my son!! VBG

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GRACENFAITH 10/28/2010 3:25PM

    They grow up so fast. Sometimes I wish I could just have one kid to focus on, but then I reminder how blessed I am to have all of mine. My oldest daughter is a freshmen, too, so feel you with the changes. My oldest son is already a junior and his changes were so much more dramatic then my daughter's (as of now). I think it is weird how boys do seem to start focusing on things they never would have thought about before now. And to think I still have 4 more to go through the freshmen changes is almost scary. Anyways, I could go on forever.
emoticonWalking with God

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Generation life differences....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

When I watch the news, read a paper or talk to kids, it hits me how more difficult their lives are. With the bullying (my son went through several yrs of that in elementary), number of classes that have to be completed in high school just to be able to apply to a college and all the social drama!! I know there wasn't that much drama at my high school. But with that, I look at the opportunities the kids have now too. What a difference! We just got back from a PeopletoPeople in which our area's trip will be next summer to Australia. My son is so geeked about going (now we just have to pay for it!! vbg), but it got me to thinking about what can be available to the kids now. How different would you be if you could do some of the things kids can do today? Would you be more confident? More willing to take risks? Have more empathy or maybe be able to make friends easier? I'm so glad for some of the opportunities we have been able to provide our son especially when he lights up and says "Thanks guys"! He does make it easy because we've been through bad financial times as a family so he appreciates what we can do (but that's a-nother-story). I was just thinking it would be interesting to see how I would have turned out if I had had a few of those opportunities as a young person.

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MCKATIE2 10/11/2010 4:48PM

    There is a difference in our generations. We are also not our parents. And thankfully, our kids are not us. I like to believe, that they are better in the areas that we might have been lacking. My older daughter was the wild one of my 2.. Now she is older; stricter than I ever was... and I thought I was strict. Perhaps it is the methods that are different.

And yes.. if.. what if.. My father was an alcoholic... what if he had been different? We all would have been better off , yes, and different ourselves.

I decided long ago to be the Master of my destiny so to speak. Right or wrong.. at least I accept the accountability of my choices. To choose to be the person I visualize in my mind. :)

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DIANE7786 10/10/2010 11:57PM

    I think each generation has advantages and disadvantages. When I was in school (50's & 60's), life was simple and that was good. We all had the same frame of reference because classes were the same, there were three TV networks and a few radio station s (transistor radios!). It was easy making friends because we were our only entertainment. Today's kids have a lot more opportunities. I think some become so overwhelmed with choices they choose nothing. Their computer, blue tooth, personal TV keeps them isolated. It's nice having virtual friends, but real friends are the ones they can really count on. It sounds like your son is well adjusted, interested in learning new things and having adventures. He's one of the lucky ones. You are a good mom!

Comment edited on: 10/11/2010 12:13:19 AM

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MCKATIE2 10/10/2010 10:00PM

    I wonder about that too. Would I have been different if .. My father wasn't abusive? If, we didn't travel so much when I was younger.. If...?

Such a small word , yet it can change the world. Fortunately, I chose my lifestyle, chose to be an Explorer, Experiencer.. to live in Montana, to be happy.:)

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Beautiful day!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Today it was 79 out and pure sunshine!! I love it! That is unusual for Michigan in Oct. I always feel better when the sun is out especially since we have so many months of gray skies. My doctor once told me 98% of Michigan people are way depleted in Vit. D. So it's going to be time soon to go back on that vitamin.

It is just so great to see my vines still have flowers on them and the grass still green!

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SPIRITSEEKER2 10/20/2010 10:15PM

    Hi, yes when I lived in MD the winters were so dreary I had SAD.. don't have it here in SC.. its so nice..

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CAROL3SAN 10/9/2010 8:38PM

    Enjoy your day! emoticon

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MCKATIE2 10/9/2010 7:52PM

    YAY!!!! I agree with you on the grey skies!

Poured rain here but I was working anyway. Plus the grass is still green. :)

Did I tell you I have lots of relatives in MI? Including my mum and gram.. up in the Tawas area. :)

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7PASTORMIKE7 10/9/2010 7:35PM

    It's a wonderful day here in California ! I also use that Vit. D when it gets into the colder months ! Pastor Mike

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Yeah the weekends here!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Wow, crazy last 2 weeks. I don't remember high school being so busy. My son is in marching band and last week was homecoming so every evening had something going. This week drama club started so now will be busy 4 nights a week. Not that I'm complaining because I'm so happy he has found things he loves doing. Just not use to the pace yet and am so glad to have 2 days to spend with my guys!

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MCKATIE2 10/8/2010 10:10PM

    Life is great! emoticon

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JUSGETTENBY42 10/8/2010 5:28PM


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